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Capture Kill Release Review (2017 Found Footage)

Movies with themes that shock often don't work because there is no relief for the viewer. Some filmmakers know exactly how far to go.

#JenniferFraser # FarhangGhjar #CaptureKillRelease

#JenniferFraser # FarhangGhjar #CaptureKillRelease

What's It About?

They say love is blind.

Jennifer and Farhang are in love. They talk trash about murder and joke about buying weapons to do the deed.

What if one person is more into it than the other? What if one person starts a ball rolling that you can't stop?

Trailer - Capture Kill Release

Quick Film Facts

Release Date: Released at film festivals before a DVD release in the UK in September 2017.

Origin: Canada.

Director: Nick McAnulty also wrote this with Brian Allan Stewart as co-director.

Starring: For Jennifer Fraser, this is her debut role, Jon Gates, Farhang Ghajar, Christina Schimmel and Rich Piatkowski.

My Thoughts on the film

Firstly the synopsis that comes with the title gives the surprise away. I like my movies fresh and unadulterated so I hadn’t seen the trailer prior to watching this. You shouldn’t either. Just watch it.

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I'm pleasantly surprised to find that this is Jennifer Fraser's début film as she has one of those faces that you feel like you've seen before. In point of view and found footage films, it’s usually one of the directors or writers names among the cast. This time it’s actors/actresses and they go by their real names. I like that, it’s a nice touch of realism.

I am a huge fan of this style of film. Most, either love them or hate them. In this, Jennifer, has an almost addictive hold over the camera. She wants the camera to see. She wants it to see everything. A tiny glimpse into her childhood reveals a very real fascination with video cameras that has bubbled underneath for some time.

Audiences who’ve seen this are polarized and those are the best kinds of films. It’s usually an indicator that it won’t be middle of the road. Divisive cinema lends itself to two emotions; those who think it’s great and those who don’t.

The people who disliked it were somewhat repulsed by the concept, but I found Farhang and Jennifer two characters who I both loved and hated depending on who was pushing who. By the end, I really needed to give one of them a very hard face-smacking at a minimum. And for the other, thankfully some redeeming qualities crept in to overtake the sourness left by the first, but not by much.

This movie is hard to swallow for a few reasons. There are some difficult social issues taken advantage of and something else of the meow-persuasion which ends badly for the meow.

At times I was reminded of a favorite film, The Last Supper (1996) and saw mild undercurrents of some of its tone. The difference between the two though, is that The Last Supper gives some comedic relief in its reveals. There are lessons found within it. Capture Kill Release beats you up with a big stick and when you plead for some mercy, it hits you again.

Sure there are more graphic movies out there, more blood-filled bath-time horrors but this leaves a weird grimace on your face when it's finally over. It pushes right to the edge of your comfort zone.

I couldn't help but love it for arriving at its intended destination. I felt that it set out to do exactly what it did. This movie humanizes the antagonists so much that it leaves a feeling of total disbelief.

How can you not applaud it for that?

I give Capture Kill Release 4 hardware-store shopping sprees out of 5.

Where do you buy your murder weapons from? #CaptureKillRelease

Where do you buy your murder weapons from? #CaptureKillRelease

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