Best Movies of 2019

Updated on February 3, 2020
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There are many movies that are worth seeing, but there are a lot of stinkers as well. My goal here is to weed out the good from the bad.

Best Movies of 2019

2019 has come and gone, and a lot of movies were released during this time. There were a bunch of stinkers, there were a lot of average movies, but only my favorite movies that were released this year made list. I ranked my favorite movies of the year from worst (10th place) to best (1st place). I looked at all the movies that I reviewed, and ranked them based on the grades that I gave them.

When I encountered a couple movies with the same score, I just decided which movie I liked better. I had to give an honorable mention, as I only had one spot left and two movies that had the same score. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this list, and be sure to comment at the end if you think this list is dead wrong. I am sure there will be some on this list that I liked a lot more than most, so I am sure you will disagree with some of the movies that made this list. Nonetheless, I always enjoy talking movies, so let me know what your favorite movies were this year in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Honorable Mention: "Glass"

Theatrical Release: 1/18/2019
Theatrical Release: 1/18/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


A deranged man who kidnapped and killed a bunch of girls is still at large, and David Dunn (Bruce Willis) is on the hunt to find him. When he eventually finds the man responsible, he discovers the man, named Kevin (James McAvoy), suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and that one of his many personalities is superhuman. Unfortunately, David Dunn is not the only one looking for Kevin. Authorities are on his trail, and plan on apprehending David Dunn as well.

Once captured, David Dunn and Kevin are sent to the same mental institution that currently holds the criminal mastermind Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson). Each of the men are contained in a room that is specifically equipped to contain them, and they are all under the supervision of Doctor Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson). The doctor specializes in a mental disorder in which people believe they have superhuman abilities. What is her mission? To treat David, Kevin, and Elijah to make them come to terms with the reality that none of them possess superhuman abilities and that everything they have experienced can be explained scientifically. What the doctor does not anticipate is what could happen if Elijah manipulates Kevin’s animalistic personality, known as The Beast. If that happens, and Ellie Staple is wrong about her theory, David Dunn may be the only one capable of stopping them.

Grade: B+ (88pts)

Glass was one of my most anticipated movies of this year. I liked Unbreakable, and I thought Split was great, so I was naturally looking forward to this one. We get the returns of Bruce Willis as David Dunn, Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, and James McAvoy as Kevin Crumb. It was a great cast playing iconic characters. Each performance was strong, and the characters were a lot of fun to watch, but it was James McAvoy that was the obvious standout. Take nothing away from the other two actors, but James McAvoy was just incredibly impressive and incredibly entertaining.

The movie got a lot of backlash regarding its ending, but I was okay with the direction that the filmmakers went in, to an extent. I thought the conclusion made sense for the three main characters, but I did not think M. Night Shamalan had earned this particular method for making that conclusion happen. The ending just felt anti-climactic and like it came out of nowhere. Additionally, Sarah Paulson’s character did not work for me, and I did not understand the need in bringing Anya Taylor-Joy’s character back in this manner (as she felt very out-of-place). I had a lot of fun in this movie, but it did have a few characters that did not work, and it ended in a pretty random way that felt like an anti-climactic let down.

10. "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum"

Theatrical Release: 5/17/2019
Theatrical Release: 5/17/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


The Continental has served as a haven in the assassin community for decades. Assassins live a wild, violent, and unpredictable lifestyle, but The Continental is an assassin hotel with a very simple set of rules. Part of those rules state that business may not be conducted on the property (meaning an assassin may not kill a target on the property). Additionally, fighting and murder (of any kind) is strictly prohibited on the property.

The Continental strictly enforces its rules, as anyone who breaks them becomes excommunicated by the assassin community. John Wick (Keanu Reeves) has broken these rules, is being excommunicated, and a massive bounty has been placed on his head. With the excommunication, and the bounty, going into effect shortly, John Wick will have to be on alert. He is feared within the assassin community, but the bounty is large enough to make every assassin put their fears aside. John Wick is injured, he is desperate, and he needs to rely on his skills (along with old promises) to survive. However, how long can he survive the seemingly endless number of assassins who are hunting him?

Grade: B+ (88pts)

I liked the first movie quite a bit, and I thought the filmmakers dropped the ball with the second, but I thought they knocked it out of the park with John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. It is not perfect, but it was pretty darn entertaining and was easily my favorite movie in this franchise. The action was outstanding, as is to be expected if you have seen the other two movies. There was a ton of action, right from the beginning of the movie, but this action never felt stale or redundant. The filmmakers did a fantastic job of making each action sequence feel different from the ones that came before it in one way or another. The movie also has two new, memorable characters (with Zero and Sofia) that were both entertaining and compelling to watch.

I enjoyed seeing more of The Continental and I enjoyed seeing Ian McShane reprise his role as Winston, but I thought that the filmmakers dropped the ball with Winston's story (as his actions did not make sense for the character). I also thought the filmmakers dropped the ball with John’s plan, as it did not seem like it had been thought through very well (by either the filmmakers or John Wick himself). These issues, combined with a poorly executed primary antagonist, made a movie with its share of issues. That being said, all of these issues were relatively minor and were far outweighed by the movie’s strengths. This movie was packed with action that always felt fresh and exciting, and had plenty of interesting characters doing really cool things. If you like action movies, or were a fan of the last two movies in this franchise, then this movie is a must see.

9. "Frozen II"

Theatrical Release: 11/22/2019
Theatrical Release: 11/22/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


Although everyone believes that they have already reached their happy ending, Elsa (Idina Menzel) begins to hear a strange voice singing to her. It is a voice that only she can hear, but she knows it is trying to pull her away from her happy ending and the ones that she loves. It also seems to be pulling her to the enchanted forest. However, that forest has been shrouded in a magical fog that does not allow anyone in or out.

The fog has been there since Elsa's father was just a boy, and Elsa knows little of the events that led to the fog's appearance. She knows that the fog is connected to a conflict between her people and the natives of the forest, and she knows that the forest created the fog as a result. Despite her best efforts, Elsa knows that she must put her happy ending on hold to discover the source of the voice and what it wants from. Despite Elsa's best efforts, Anna (Kristen Bell) will not let her sister go alone. Thus, accompanied by Anna, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad), and Sven, Elsa sets out to find the source of the strange voice.

Grade: B+ (89pts)

After the massive success of Frozen, and after the way that Frozen ended, I was curious to see what the filmmakers would do with these characters in Frozen II. I liked what the filmmakers did with this story, but I had a few issues with the plot. To start, it felt like the filmmakers had no idea what to do with Kristoff, but wanted to force the character in here anyway, so they gave him a storyline that was as typical as it was one-dimensional. The next issue I had was that there were two reveals that I saw coming from a mile away. Then the last issue that I had was how convenient the ending of the movie was for both the protagonists and the writers of the movie.

Based on my issues with the movie, it may sound like I hated Frozen II, but that could not be further from the truth. It had some plot related issues, but it is a kids movie, which makes me a bit more forgiving of such issues. There was a lot that I liked about the movie. Olaf got some interesting character development, and he was still the lighthearted, entertaining character that you know from the first movie. Then there was the inclusion of the spirits, which provided a sense of adventure and provided Elsa with formidable obstacles. This movie was about two sisters trying to unlock the truth, while desperately trying to protect each other, and while singing great songs along the way. It had some minor plot related problems, but it was a fitting sequel to the now classic Frozen.

8. "Spider-Man: Far From Home"

Theatrical Release: 7/2/2019
Theatrical Release: 7/2/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is still struggling after having suffered a loss during a battle with Thanos and his forces. However, with the snap having been reversed, Peter must try to go back to his normal life. That being said, Peter's normal life is far from normal. He has to try to go back to balancing his life as a high school student with his life as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Unfortunately, with everything that he has been through, he is unsure if he wants to live the life of a full-time superhero.

Instead, Peter is focused on telling MJ (Zendaya) that he likes her, but he wants to do it in the perfect way. Despite Peter's intentions, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) needs a hero. During a school trip to Europe, a few dangerous elemental monsters begin wreaking havoc, coincidentally, in Europe. With these monsters risking the lives of so many civilians, and with the absence of Tony Stark, Nick Fury is more desperate than ever for Peter's help. Fortunately, a new and mysterious hero (Jake Gyllenhaal) has emerged. He brings valuable intelligence about the monsters and where they came from, is gifted with abilities of his own, and is absolutely devoted to taking down these monsters.

Grade: B+ (89pts)

Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker is in a very different place, mentally, than he was in Spider-Man: Homecoming. He is struggling after a devastating loss, and is struggling with whether or not he wants to live the life of a superhero (with all of the fame and responsibility that comes with being an Avenger). I really enjoyed what the filmmakers did with this character, but I also enjoyed what they did with Mysterio. Without giving anything away, Mysterio has an interesting story, and Jake Gyllenhaal gave the character a captivating screen presence.

In addition to the two primary characters of this story being so great, the movie had plenty of great action, excellent visual effects, and I enjoyed (as always) Happy Hogan’s presence in this movie. I did, however, have a few minor issues, although they were so minor that it may be unfair to refer to them as “issues”. Basically, there were just a bunch of side characters that I thought could have used some more work, as I did not think they fit into this story naturally. Despite these very minor issues, I had a really good time in this movie. It had great main characters, great stories, awesome action, great visual effects, and plenty of humor. It was, simply put, a great time at the movies.

7. "Alita: Battle Angel"

Theatrical Release: 2/14/2019
Theatrical Release: 2/14/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


In the twenty sixth century, civilization has taken a major step back. Civilization had reached a peak, with incredible technological advancements (such as cybernetic enhancements that replace human limbs, organs, and even entire bodies). After the end of a great war, known as The Fall, the city has been split into two sections. The upperclass live in a floating city just above the rest of the society. There, they have comfortable lives, vast resources, and tremendous wealth. The lower class lives in poverty just below the floating city. The only way to ascend from the lower class and into the floating city is to become final champion in a sport known as motor ball.

Dr. Ido (Christoph Waltz) uses scraps from the junkyard to help give necessary cybernetic enhancements to people in the lower class. One day, he is searching the junkyard when he finds the remains of a young girl. Her mechanical body has been almost completely destroyed, but her brain is completely intact. He gives the girl a new body, but (when she wakes) she has no memory of who she is or where she came from. The doctor takes her in, names her Alita (Rosa Salazar), and tries to teach her about the world while keeping her safe. However, they will both soon realize that Alita is fully capable of defending herself. She was created to be an incredible weapon, and her instincts take over as she tries to save the ones she loves from evil forces.

Grade: A- (90pts)

Alita: Battle Angel was visually stunning with a solid main character and great action. The digital effects were both visually pleasing and impressive. The main character was all CGI, but it looked so realistic that I found myself forgetting she was computer generated. Alita was relatable, honorable, and she knew how to fight. The action sequences were incredibly entertaining and left me completely unaware of how quickly I was eating my popcorn (always a good indicator of how entertaining a movie is).

The movie was not perfect, however. There were two antagonists which essentially served the same role, but there was not enough room in this movie to develop both of them, so both suffered. The big bad of the movie was frequently eluded to, but was always a whole city away and never did anything noteworthy, which made him feel detached from everything else that was happening. Again, the movie was not perfect, but it was a lot of fun. This was largely due to having such a strong main character. Yes, the action was great and the visual effects were outstanding, but Alita was the kind of main character that kept me interested in the movie and left me wanting more.

6. "Us"

Theatrical Release: 3/22/2019
Theatrical Release: 3/22/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) has not quite gotten over a trauma from her childhood. As a child, she found herself stuck inside a carnival’s hall of mirrors. The power was out, and no one else was around, or so she thought. Faced with many reflections of herself, there was one reflection that did not respond to her movement. She soon realized she was not looking at a reflection, but was looking at a copy of herself. The copy was wearing almost identical clothes, and was extremely terrifying. Adelaide got out of the hall of mirrors as quickly as she could, but it was an experience that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

In present day, Adelaide and her family are going on a summer vacation near the very same beach where Adelaide found herself stuck in the hall of mirrors all of those years ago. After her son has a strange experience with a man outside the hall of mirrors, she tells her husband, Gabe (Winston Duke), about the trauma she experienced as a child. Adelaide thinks that her doppelgänger is coming after her, although Gabe is not convinced that what Adelaide saw was real. However, that night, four shadowy figures appear at the end of the driveway of the vacation home. The figures form a family that looks a lot like theirs and, after creepily standing there for awhile, the shadow family make their move. Before long, Adelaide’s family comes face to face with the mysterious family who looks exactly like them. It is unclear what this family of copies wants, but they clearly want to do Adelaide and her family harm.

Grade: A- (91pts)

I liked Get Out and, although I had a few issues with it, I was still really excited to see Jordan Peele’s second movie. I liked Us even more than I liked Get Out, but I had a few issues with this movie as well. The main issue with the movie was that some of the concepts and ideas were not thought all the way through. The idea of the “tethered” was a good one, on paper, but the connection between characters seemed to be utilized or abandoned whenever it was convenient for the filmmakers. I had my issues with the ending as well, with respect to it not feeling entirely justified, but I do not want to get too much more into that to avoid spoilers. While I thought the plot definitely had some issues, Jordan Peele's story was still one that I found compelling.

The movie had a unique idea so was naturally unpredictable, but it was also interesting on the surface and was packed with interesting metaphors (if you are someone who likes to look for those). The main cast also did a fantastic job of each playing two very different characters, but Lupita Nyong'o was the obvious star of this movie. She is a very talented performer and absolutely crushed the roles of both Adelaide and Red. Adelaide was relatable, but had a mysterious and traumatic past. Meanwhile Red was creepy and unstable in the absolute most entertaining way. The movie had an interesting story, but Lupita Nyong'o made Us very captivating. This is the kind of movie that will stick with me and will have me talking about for a while. Get Out was solid, and I liked Us even more, so I am definitely excited for whatever Jordan Peele has in store for us next.

5. "It Chapter Two"

Theatrical Release: 9/6/2019
Theatrical Release: 9/6/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


It has been 27 years since they defeated Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard), and The Loser’s Club have since gone their separate ways. They have grown up and moved on from Derry, Maine. Yet, strangely, as they have left the town, their memory of it has become more and more hazy. Their memories of their respective childhoods are hazy, their memories of their friendship with the other members of The Loser's Club is hazier, and their memories of the monstrous clown and how he tormented them has all but vanished. As children, they made an oath that, should Pennywise return someday, they will all come back to Derry to stop him. Unfortunately, they do not recall making that promise.

One member of their group, Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), stayed in Derry and has spent the better part of his adult life studying Pennywise in the hopes of finding a way to stop it for good, should it return. When Mike hears the news of a dismembered corpse in town, he knows it could only mean one thing. He cannot stop Pennywise alone, so calls the other members of the club, asking them to fulfill their promise and return to help defeat the clown once and for all. They do not remember making the promise, but they all experience an overwhelming sense of fear that they cannot otherwise explain. Thus, Bill (James McAvoy), Beverly (Jessica Chastain), Richie (Bill Hader), Ben (Jay Ryan), and Eddie (James Ransone) return to Derry in an attempt to stop the clown for good.

Grade: A- (92pts)

It Chapter Two was a strong follow-up to the last movie. Bill Skarsgard is back in the role of Pennywise, and is as captivating as he was in the last movie. Pennywise is such a great horror monster, and Bill Skarsgard has mastered the role. The movie was not perfect, however. There were a ton of close calls, which somewhat make sense if you are familiar with the book, but just feels like lazy writing if you are not. The flashback sequences then do not seem to have any stakes, seeing as how we know the kids make it to adulthood, and the ending could have been executed better. Regardless, all of my issues with this movie were minor and, to me, its pros far outweighed its cons.

As I have already mentioned, Bill Skarsgard is outstanding in the role of Pennywise, and that really cannot be understated. Additionally, this movie brings a stacked cast for the adult versions of The Loser’s Club. James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and Bill Hader all gave great performances that added a lot of compelling depth to their characters. However, do not let that take anything away from Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, and James Ransone who each delivered strong, interesting, and entertaining performances. I do not think it is possible to scare adult horror fans to the extent that it keeps them up at night (by wanting to be scared, you are less likely to be scared). This movie did have a lot of intense and unique horror that fans of the genre, and fans of the previous movie, will eat up (pun very much intended).

4. "Togo"

Disney+ Release: 12/20/2019
Disney+ Release: 12/20/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


The year is 1925, and a plague is ravaging Nome, Alaska. Nome is a quiet remote town in Alaska that celebrates its local dog-sledding teams. During the winter, travel in and out if the town is nearly impossible due to the extreme winter conditions. During those seasons, it is up to the dog-sledding teams to travel between towns to get things like mail and supplies when necessary. The town also holds annual dog-sledding races to show support for the local teams. It is a remote town—with no neighboring towns anywhere nearby—and it is peaceful. At least it was peaceful before the plague outbreak.

Many in the town have become very sick—including many of the town's children—and while a cure for the virus has been discovered, Nome’s remote location has made it difficult to get the cure to the town. If they do not get the cure quickly, many of those who are sick will not survive. Thus, Nome must once again rely on its dog-sledding teams. However, a terrible, deadly storm is on its way, and only one team has a chance of making it through. Leonhard Seppala (Willem Dafoe) and his renowned lead dog Togo have a chance at making the run. However, even for the best team around, this storm is deadly and Togo is now too old for long runs like this—even without considering the storm—but Seppala knows that he does not stand a chance without his lead dog. There is a very real possibility that they do not make it back alive, but for many in town Seppala and Togo are their only hope.

Grade: A- (93pts)

I liked this movie a lot and honestly struggled to find problems with it. One problem was that I felt that the other dogs on Seppala’s team got too little credit. Another problem was that the ice scene felt over-dramatized. My last problem was that some of Constance’s present day scenes seemed like they could have been cut. However, I cannot put enough emphasis on the fact that these were all extremely minor issues.

This was a story about a man and a dog. We got to see their bond grow, and got to see them risking their lives to save others. It was an intense, emotional story, but it had a ton of heartwarming moments as well. Then there was the mission these two were on, which had stakes that were easy to get behind, and danger that set me on the edge of my seat for much of the movie’s duration. It was an emotional roller-coaster that I had a really great time watching. If you have Disney+, then I highly recommend giving this one a shot, and if you do not have Disney+, then I suggest trying to arrange a movie night with someone who does.

3. "Joker"

Theatrical Release: 10/4/2019
Theatrical Release: 10/4/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is a struggling clown in Gotham. He lives with his mother in a small apartment, in an especially rough part of town. He also suffers from a rare mental disorder, which causes him to laugh randomly and uncontrollably, and it is completely unrelated to how he is feeling at the time. Fortunately, Arthur has a job as a clown, in which he takes various jobs. Sometimes he is performing for kids, while other times he is spinning signs, advertising for local businesses.

His job does not pay much, but it is all he has. His life is not easy, but he goes through a rough patch (even by his standards). He runs into problems at work, he runs into problems with his medication, and he even loses faith in his idol, the host of Gotham's late night show, Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro). Arthur has always been an outcast, and he has always been overlooked by society, but this recent string of events is about to send him down a very dark path in which he will not be so easily ignored.

Grade: A- (93pts)

This was a truly great movie. It was a really strong character story about an iconic character. We got to see how a troubled man falls into darkness after he is outcasted, beaten down, and neglected by the city that he lives in. The story touches on so many culturally relevant issues, and ties them all together masterfully to form a coherent story. There was so much about this movie that I enjoyed, from the culturally relevant issues, to the very well-written character story, but Joaquin Phoenix was undeniably the best thing about this movie.

Do not let that last statement take anything away from the other things that I liked about this movie. Joaquin Phoenix was truly outstanding in this role. Sure, I had some minor issues with the movie, but they were just that, minor issues. The filmmakers had a very well-developed main character, a very talented lead actor, and a plot that tied together a ton of culturally relevant issues that made the fictional city feel so real. The movie was great, and being about the iconic Joker in the iconic Gotham was really just delicious icing on an already delicious cake.

2. "Doctor Sleep"

Theatrical Release: 11/8/2019
Theatrical Release: 11/8/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


Dan Torrence (Ewan McGregor) has grown up, but he is still haunted by what he experienced when he was a boy. Dan has a gift that he refers to as The Shining. It allows him to communicate, telepathically, with other people, but it also makes him a target to hungry spirits. Spirits want his shine, and when he was a boy, Dan’s father took him to a haunted hotel, known as the Overlook Hotel. The spirits there were hungry, and while he made it out of the hotel alive, the spirits formed a connection to him, so they seem to follow him wherever he goes. By adulthood, Dan has found a way to deal with these spirits, and now works as a hospice nurse. He uses his ability to help dying patients find peace in their final moments, for which they have given him the nickname "Doctor Sleep."

One day, Dan is contacted by a young girl, named Abra (Kyleigh Curran), with a powerful Shining of her own. Abra has learned of a group, led by a woman known as Rose The Hat (Rebecca Ferguson), who feed off of other people's Shine in order to live forever. Rose The Hat has immensely powerful Shine, and uses it to track other individuals so that her group can feed. Rose The Hat is powerful, and has sensed Abra's power, so Dan needs to find a way to protect Abra from what is coming. Unfortunately, Rose The Hat is far more powerful than he is. In order to save Abra, Dan may have to take her to the most dangerous place in the world for her, the Overlook Hotel.

Grade: A+ (95pts)

Doctor Sleep is a sequel to two different versions of The Shining. There was the novel, written by Stephen King, and there was the movie, written and directed by Stanley Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick based his movie on Stephen King's novel, but made some significant changes to the story. Then, decades later, Stephen King wrote a sequel to his book version of The Shining, and that sequel was named Doctor Sleep. This movie is based on the book Doctor Sleep, which is a sequel to the book The Shining, but is simultaneously a sequel to the movie The Shining. I know, it is confusing, but the filmmakers of this movie had their hands full. I had a couple extremely minor issues with this movie, but I ultimately thought the filmmakers pulled the movie off very effectively.

I liked seeing how Dan's experiences during The Shining still affect him in adulthood, I liked seeing how Dan used his gift in the hospice, and I liked seeing Dan take on a mentor role to Abra. The dynamic between Abra and Dan was entertaining, and the actors (Ewan McGregor and Kyleigh Curran) did a great job in their respective roles. Then there was Rose The Hat, who was played enigmatically by Rebecca Ferguson, and was an antagonist whose motivations you understood, but whose actions were beyond forgiveness in any way. This movie is a sequel to the story from The Shining, but if you are going into this movie expecting another The Shining then this movie will disappoint you. This movie is its own thing, with its own vibe, and a very different story than The Shining, but it is really entertaining. It had compelling characters, a compelling story, nostalgic references from The Shining, and plenty of horror. I had a really great time watching this movie and highly recommend it if you are fan of Stanley Kubrick's movie, Stephen King's novels, or just well-written horror movies.

1. "Avengers: Endgame"

Theatrical Release: 4/26/2019
Theatrical Release: 4/26/2019 | Source

Official Trailer


Thanos (Josh Brolin) achieved exactly what he set out to do. The Avengers were unable to stop him and, as a result, half of the universe’s population (including many of their friends and loved ones) have been wiped from existence. Unable to accept this loss, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) tries to reunite the surviving members of the team. Along with a powerful new ally in Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), the team may still be able to take down the titan. However, Tony Stark is very far away, on a spaceship with an unlikely ally and running out of oxygen.

The team is still strong, but Thanos has taken steps to ensure that what he has done cannot he undone. All hope may be lost, and the surviving members of the team struggle with coming to terms with that possibility. However, the arrival of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) brings a glimmer of hope. Scott Lang has a sort of wild card idea that Thanos definitely could not have counted on, but it is certainly a long shot. They may not be able to save the lives of those affected by the snap, but the surviving heroes are willing to risk everything to avenge them.

Grade: A+ (96pts)

This movie was amazing! It was a massively epic movie, with incredibly high stakes, an entertaining plot, and compelling character development for some iconic characters. I did, however, have a few very minor issues with it. Thanos’ story felt a bit underwhelming, the second act of the story slowed way down (which may temporarily bore some audience members), and the plot seemed to open the door for potential plot inconsistencies (I personally do not believe there were any, as everything made sense to me, but these things could have used more attention). Fortunately, these were all very minor issues, as the film’s strengths far outweighed its weaknesses.

This movie followed the original group of The Avengers, as they struggled to deal with their previous loss to Thanos. They each got really strong and compelling character development that I enjoyed every second of. The writing was strong, and the performances were equally strong, which made for a great combination. The plot of the movie (as in the plan that The Avengers came up with) was a very entertaining one, and the final battle was absolutely epic and full of surprises. This movie was fantastic in the most satisfying way and served as a fitting conclusion to this saga ( if Marvel plans on stopping any time soon).

Best Movies from 2019

Avengers: Endgame
Doctor Sleep
It Chapter Two
Alita: Battle Angel
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Frozen II
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum


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