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Best Gymnastics Movies

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Tawnya is a freelance writer and mom of a tiny gymnast. When it comes to buying gymnastics-related gear, I'm an industry pro.

Whether you are a gymnast or parent, you have probably searched for a great gymnastics movie to watch. Your results probably included at least one cheerleading movie. Many gymnasts are cheerleaders, but a cheerleader movie isn't the same. Check out my six gymnast-recommended movies here and add your favorites below.

Stick It is a 2006 dramatic comedy featuring Jeff Bridges and Missy Peregrym. Haley Graham (Missy Peregrym), like many teens her age, has strayed from the gym. Some events with law enforcement force Haley back to the gym and back to gymnastics.

An elite gymnastics program run by Burt Vickerman (Jeff Bridges) is happy to have her, but only if she performs at a superior level. Unfortunately, Haley isn’t feeling the vibe at the gym and is resentful. Unwilling to give up on this gymnast/juvenile delinquent, Vickerman refuses to let her quit,. He smooths out conflicts between Haley and teammates, and coaches her the best way he can. To find out if Haley can rise above her behaviors, you’ll have to watch Stick It.

If you are in America, you may not have heard about A 2nd Chance. This gymnastics film is an Australian made for TV movie. A 2nd Chance is based on tween gymnasts and is centered on what one gymnast will do to overcome adversity. In the film, a young, talented gymnast is thrown for a loop when her coach becomes ill and another takes over.

The younger coach has a troubled history and one of the judges seems to hold a grudge against her gymnasts. The talented, young gymnast’s scores begin to fall at the hands of the new coach, and both the gymnast and the coach do what they have to do to overcome adversity and make it to the elite team.

McKenna: An American Girl Shoots for the Stars is a 2012 drama directed by Vince Marcello and starring Jade Pettyjohn. This film is one of many American Girl films in which the dolls that little girls all over the world love come to life. McKenna Brooks is an American Doll character and the star of this gymnastics movie. In the film, McKenna (Jade Pettyjohn) is in 4th grade and dreams of competing in the Olympics someday.

McKenna loves gymnastics, but is struggling with advanced skills. While McKenna’s coach, Isabelle, is worried about her skills in the gym, McKenna’s parents are worried about her grades. As a result, McKenna’s parents tell her to improve her grades or forget about gymnastics. If McKenna wants to get back to the gym and put in the time she needs to improve her gymnastics skills, she’s going to have to impress her parents with better grades.

Gabby Douglas won the hearts of everyone when she became an All-Around Champ in 2012. The Gabby Douglas Story is a Lifetime Original movie that first aired February 1, 2014. Douglas' fans get a glimpse into what it was like for her growing up including the struggles and sacrifice she and her family made to make her a champion.

This film also delves into the historic significance of Douglas’ 2012 win. Not only was Douglas able to win gold in the AA, but she also won gold medals in other events as well. On top of all that, Douglas is also the first black woman to win gold for America’s Olympic team.

Kelly is an Elite gymnast with high hopes. After a series of unfortunate events, Kelly quite the Elite program and moves to Australia. In Australia, Kelly refuses to join a team and shuns the sport she once loved.

When a new friend is struggling in the gym, Kelly lends a few tips. Later, she learns that one of her biggest rivals in competing in a competition that Kelly wanted to dominate. Can the chance to help a new friend and beat her rival return Kelly to the podium or is she done for good?

Like the Gabby Douglas story, Full Out is a biography. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the same happy ending. Full Out is a family movie based on the life of Arian Berlin played by Ana Golja.

The movie begins while Berlin is a favorite to join the American women's gymnastics team and compete in the Olympics. Unfortunately, Berlin is involved in an accident that nearly takes her life and crushes her dreams of winning Olympic gold.

Unlike the other movies above, you won't want to watch The Bronze in mixed company. In fact, I recommend kids don't watch it at all. On the surface, it is about gymnastics. But, there is a bit of adult humor, nudity, and drug use, which makes it inappropriate for kids.

In the dramatic comedy, Hope is a foul-mouthed former Olympian. Her claim to fame and the reason for her local celebrity status is a bronze medal she won for the US in gymnastics (many years before).

When an aspiring Olympic gymnast shows up in her small town everyone assumes Hope will train her. However, no one asked Hope and she isn't really into it. Eventually, Hope feels pressured to meet with the young athlete and watch her work-out. Only time will tell if she will help train the gymnast.

Tell Me Your Favorites

Thanks for checking out my favorite gymnastics movies. Whether you love them or hate them, I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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American Anthem is a great one you should watch and add to your list.

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