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"Aquaman": Nathan's Movie Review

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Have you ever seen a sequence in a film and wondered how they possibly captured that? How they turned that footage into something magical? I was wondering that through 90% of this film. It was exactly what a first-solo-superhero film should be: origin, backstory, and main story with a couple flashbacks to parallel the hero's struggle. The outcome was nearly perfect. Nearly.

The film follows Arthur Curry, who the world knows as Aquaman, as he is visited by Mera and told that his brother Orm is dead-set on waging war on the surface-dwellers. It's up to Arthur and Mera to find the Trident of Atlan and stop Orm.

When I saw the trailers, I was concerned that the writers were attempting to stuff way too much into one film. There was enough material here for two films but there was never a time where things felt overstuffed or rushed. Everything flowed smoothly and played out exactly the way it needed to.

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Director James Wan has been known mostly for horror films but after seeing how beautiful and magnificent Aquaman was, I would love to see him do more superhero movies. I think it's apparent that there's not much the man can't do. Every year I look forward to seeing what his next project will be.

There's only a couple parts that caused the film to falter. One of them was the dialogue. Certain lines could be a bit on the cheesy side and others could be unnecessary. There wasn't really one specific character at fault. It was spread out among everyone. The other part that caused the film to falter was that one particular event kept being repeated. Any time our heroes were standing still, figuring out their next move, there would be an explosion knock them backward and a fight would ensue. That almost became predictable, otherwise, I had no problems with the rest of it.

The cast was outstanding. Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, and Dolph Lundgren headlined the film. Jason Momoa of course returned as Aquaman and we were also introduced to promising newcomer Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as the villain Black Manta. Out of all of them, the standouts were Momoa and Wilson. Jason has that disposition both on and off set that makes him seem like just the coolest guy ever. He's always smiling and he never has a bad word to say about anyone. Patrick Wilson, on the other hand, seems like a kind guy but also can get dark real quick. He can be a great hero and a fantastic villain and I'm always happy to see him in a new role.

In conclusion, I highly enjoyed the film. I'm happy Aquaman has finally gotten the respect he deserves. 60 years ago, he was a joke. Now, he's an underdog and arguably one of the strongest beings in the multiverse. I give Aquaman a 3.5 out of 4.

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