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"Always Be My Maybe": A Netflix Rom-Com Perfect for Date Night

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Poster for Netflix's 'Always Be My Maybe'

Poster for Netflix's 'Always Be My Maybe'

"Always Be My Maybe"

Always Be My Maybe stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as childhood friends whose lives have landed in two completely different worlds after 15 years. Wong moves back home to San Francisco to open a new restaurant where she runs into Park when he installs her air conditioning system. Their old friendship takes off but can they stay friends when old feelings begin to come back to them?

I have been avoiding this movie for quite a while now because I did not want to watch another cliched romantic comedy. I have watched a handful of the teen rom-coms that Netflix has made and they all seem to be the same movie with different actors. I have heard great things about this film and the trailer made the film seem unique.

With that being said, is this movie worth your time? Does it live up to the hype? Read more to find out what I thought about Always Be My Maybe.


The Characters

The best thing about this movie is the two lead actors, Ali Wong and Randall Park. Without the amazing chemistry between these two actors, this film would fall into the pile of forgettable romantic comedies.

There were times in the film when the dialogue felt like something you would really say to a crush. It feels like you are watching Wong and Park really go through these events in the film because they work so well together. This really made me buy into the characters and care about whether they end up together or not.

I do not want to put down any of the actors who had smaller roles. Even the friends of Wong and Park were great and had their own funny moments in this film. There is also one character who shows up that creates the funniest scene in the entire film. It IS in the trailer, but I will not spoil it because I wish they would not have spoiled it in the trailers. It is an incredibly funny part in the movie!

After watching this film, I want another film with Wong and Parker immediately. If I see a film that they will be the two leads in, I am in and I don't care what for. If they are together, they can have my money!

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I am a newfound fan of Wong after this film. I have enjoyed most of the films Park is in and I am glad to see him in a leading role. I guarantee, if anything, you will become fans of these two after watching this film.


The Story

The thing that I did not love about this film is the cliche-filled story. This movie is predictable as hell! If you have seen any romantic comedy ever then you can probably guess how this movie ends.

It feels like you have seen this movie before just with different characters and different events. This is very disappointing. This film could have been something special if it had an original story and took risks at the end.

However, I liked how the story never went too cheesy though. It felt very down to earth as if these are real people going through these events. I got over the cliche ending because of how likable the characters were. Like I said above, the two lead actors save this film from being lost in the mix. The story sets up the events for why these two never ended up together and creates great dialogue throughout that we feel the love they have for each other.



I give a lot of credit for this movie to the director, Nahnatchka Khan. According to her IMDb profile, this is Khan's first feature-length film debut. Khan handles the film very well for being her first film, especially with making the characters seem so down to earth.

Khan is able to make these likable characters shine in a film with very cliche beats. In order for this to work, Khan really had to nail the characters. In my opinion, she succeeded beyond my expectations.

Final Thoughts

I am only 22 years old, however, I already have "that one that got away." I feel as if a lot of people have that one person who they fell in love with but didn't make it for whatever reason. Some people get stuck in the past wishing they would have worked out in the end. Life has a funny way of working itself out and sometimes those roads cross paths again for you to get a second chance at that love that you hold near and dear to your heart.

This film is really hopeful and shows that two people who are meant to be for each other will always find their way back together. If this sounds like your cup of tea then this movie will be perfect for you. If you think that is all fairy tale stuff then I would not recommend this one. No matter, this is a great romantic film that is not cheesy but real and down to earth. Give it a watch!

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