The Accountant Film Review

Updated on December 27, 2016

Who is The Accountant?

People seems to be divided on this one, some are expressing a positive opinion and saying that “The Accountant” is very good action thriller while others are saying it is less than average. I can see this one pleasantly surprising a good chunk of the audience and at the same time disappointing many movie goers. I was kind of disappointed in this one but I clearly see why many people liked it, it is certainly different than any other action movie this year, it is unlike most of the action movies we see these days and that should guarantee it a few extra points but not enough to recommend it as a good movie in my opinion.

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a mathematical genius who is very bad with people but very good with numbers. he is a small-town CPA by morning and a very dangerous freelance accountant for many criminal establishments by night. He is not only an accountant, he is a trained killing machine since he was a little boy, he makes Jason Bourne looks like a rookie agent. Here we have Mr. Wolff finally deciding to take on a challenge of uncovering a monetary discrepancy in a perfectly legitimate entity but unfortunately for him things are far different than they seem in that particular entity.

The Positives and The Negatives

I will start with the positives, Ben Affleck’s performance is particularly good in this movie and that is mainly because he is playing a character who is autistic, smart, physically strong, and good-looking. His limited acting abilities suit the socially awkward part very well and his good looks and strong shape are spot-on. The action scenes are not bad, the cast is solid, and the movie keeps moving at a good pace without any boring moments.

The story is full of under-developed and boring characters, while the interesting ideas and twists are put there not to make sense or impress but just to surprise the audience. They are just a set of ideas with no real maturity or logic. The final twist is the biggest proof of what I just said, it continued the film’s streak of weird and rather funny conclusions to a serious story-line. Even though for an action movie the story is certainly unique and different, I did not find it particularly interesting or engaging and that is due to the director’s focus on the showy twists and action scenes.

“The Accountant” is not a terrible movie but it could have been a more balanced experience with more effort and thought put into the storyline and the characters.

Rating: 5.5/10


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