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"The Lie" (2018): Movie Review:

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The premise of The Lie, explores challenges of being a parent to teenagers and the things parents do for their children. Just how far can parents go to protect their children? How far can children go to protect their parents?

Directed by Veena Sud, The Lie stars Joey King, Mireille Enos, Peter Sarsgaard, Cas Anvar, Devery Jacobs, Patti Kim, and Nicholas Lea.

Main Characters in The Lie

  • Kayla Logan: Number one suspect in a murder
  • Rebecca Marston: Kayla's mother
  • Jay Logan : Kayla's father
  • Sam Ismali: Britney's father
  • Britney Ismali: Kayla's best friend

And even if somehow she survived, she drowned

— The Lie (2018)

The Plot

The Lie is about the parents of a teenage girl going to great lengths to support their daughter and protect her from being arrested and charged with the murder of her best friend, Britney.

She confesses that she pushed her off a bridge but the body cannot be found. However, Britney's purse and phone are recovered. Also, Kayla's inhaler is found at a very suspicious location.

Kayla is interviewed by detectives, who after investigations at the scene of the murder, are very suspicious of the teenager. They try to build a case against her while working carefully because of her age.

For the same reason, her parents are very supportive and willing to help Kayla not be found guilty of her best friend's murder. They think they know their daughter, so they try to be supportive parents in the best way they see fit for the situation.

Meanwhile, Britney's father is looking for her, and the first place he cheks is at her best friend's house. He suspects that there is something weird going on and that Kayla is not revealing everything. Kayla then adds that he was abusing Britney, and therefore, tries to create suspicion that he could have murdered her daughter.

Her mother was wondering how Kayla could be so calm. When they find themselves in a similar situation, they have a very strong reaction.

At the start, small lies are told, but they keep piling up lie after lie to cover up the previous one.

In the end, the viewer is shown what resonates well with the title of the movie, which is the ultimate lie that the entire plot is based on.

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Review of The Lie (2018)

Setting: New York

Genre(s): Drama, Thriller

Themes: deception, family ties, crime, murder, parent-child relationships, divorce, mental illness

Warnings: blood scenes

What I liked about The Lie is the storyline. It's thrilling to watch the family as they work through the strategies of protecting their daughter. then the mistakes and lies that they get caught up in, some without the other party knowing that they are lies.

The movie goes from scene to scene in a well-arranged sequence that keeps the viewer on track of the events. Various objects like Kayla's parent's vehicles, blood-stained rugs, and a balloon kite are shown in the movie as significant.

Whatever this game is that you are playing, it's over

— The Lie (2018)

The actors playing Kayla's parents have perfected their facial expressions. Watching their faces when the truth comes out, and they discover the web of lies they have created, and irreversible actions taken, is a great performance from them.

They do not have to use words, as you can see the feeling on their face and body language. I find this a strong feature of good acting.

The use of various eerie sounds at various scenes in the movie was well-timed accordingly. for example, the car noises like screeching of tires, engines starting; the sound of the flowing river and birds squeaking.

There are some sickening revelations and a suspenseful end, that keep you longing for a sequel to find out what happened to the various families; and at least have some closure regarding the deaths that occur in the movie.

I would recommend this movie to viewers who are fans of drama or crime movies with a heavy deception theme, cover-ups, and worthy cliffhangers.

The lie is quite an enjoyable movie with a moral lesson for both parents and teenagers. It does not qualify as horror per see but falls more on the thrilling side.

The viewer is taken through the resigned feelings of actions that cannot be reversed. None of this had to happen, but a single lie spun out of control. Will there ever be an end to the lies? I give The Lie (2018) 4 out of 5 stars.

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