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'A Bad Moms Christmas' Review

Christmas is a great time to watch some movies. Allow me to steer you in the direction of some films that you should add to your watch list.

The second film in this series was surprisingly better than the first!

The second film in this series was surprisingly better than the first!

A Better Sequel

I really didn't like the first Bad Moms film. Loads of people liked it, but I was one of those that felt that a lot of the jokes fell flat. I wanted to like it more, but I guess the moms just weren't really bad enough for me. Although that's kind of the point, it just didn't hit the heights of what it could have.

I avoided the second film, obviously, because I only saw it yesterday, so imagine my surprise when it was actually pretty good!

Quick Film Information

Directed and written by Scott Moore and Jon Lucas.

Starring: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Cheryl Hines, Christine Baranski, and Susan Sarandon.

Released: November 2017.

Budget: $28 million.

Distribution by STXFilms and Produced by Huayi Brothers Pictures and STX Films.

#milakunis #badmoms2 #badmomschristmas

#milakunis #badmoms2 #badmomschristmas

How Was It?

This did not start well. I almost gave up when a conversation between Amy and her daughter turns into something from When Harry Met Sally and the small child drops the F-bomb over and over. I get it, I do, kids drop curse words when they hear their parents say them. In this instance, Jane seemed old enough to have already had the conversation about good words and bad words. My four-year-old understands the difference, so the joke toppled over. But then the old ducks join the party, and things began to change.

I think I mostly watched both of these films just for Christine Baranski, who plays Mila Kunis's mother. The lady is exceptional in a comedy. The other mothers are still good, but there is just something about Baranski that oozes both style and the ability to seem like she's drunk 24/7.

Mommies don't ENjoy, they give joy. That's how being a mommy works.

Cheryl Hines, who plays Sandy here, is the mother that represents a stage five clinger as I've never seen before. Her quietly spoken antics are both scary and endearing and her mommy-daughter pajamas would make a great gag-gift worthy of any family Christmas.

With all these things set in motion, I went from a half-frown to full-blown laughter during a scene with the drunk bad moms as they steal a Christmas tree from Footlocker. Half because I was jealous and half because it's an amazing idea that I wish I could make happen. Seeing them run from the store carrying the tree was funny for reasons unknown to me. I guess I just secretly want a Christmas tree covered in shoes. The previous scenes involving them sexually harassing Santa didn't do too much for me, but Santa didn‘t seem to mind so I guess he won’t be pressing charges anytime soon.

Overall, the writing was a bit weak. It felt like the writers weren't really connecting with the average Joe family. One example is Carla, who plays the mother whose mother is not self-sufficient (to say the least). She was too relaxed and over-the-top sexually in front of a room full of people at Christmas dinner. Maybe I’m wrong— but I’d like to think generally that people have a smidge of decorum around the dinner table. Her antics would have been better suited to an off-scene hallway.

Another example is being upset about rich parents. They're so well off that Kenny G was organized to play at the house party and camels were somehow present. Amy's kids wanted a quiet night in. Both of them. It's moments like those that took away from the premise. Or perhaps I'm just jealous again. Maybe I want a rich family to buy me a camel for a Christmas party and enough money to buy Chinese food for a dozen or so people.

It's Relatable

What I really liked was the portrayal of the minefield of hanging out with your children's friends' mothers. That stuff is really close to home. As a mother, you really have to make sacrifices and put it out there for your kids to make friends. Being friends with some of their moms though is tough work. I would absolutely dodge-ball half of those hoity-toity ladies in a heartbeat. They can take their made-from-scratch, no jars of sauce used here pizza rolls and place it somewhere the sun doesn't shine.

The highlight for me in this film was when the psychiatrist explains why moms are crazy. Now there's a true story. One you just have to see for yourself.

Overall, this film is a mood lifter you can definitely watch at Christmas time. Stupid moments encased in some very funny ones is a pass from me.

And if someone has directions for the sexy Santa bar, hit me up in the comments.

Overall, this film is a mood lifter you can definitely watch at Christmas time.

Overall, this film is a mood lifter you can definitely watch at Christmas time.

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