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A List of the 25 Best Romantic Movies

Casablanca -- one of best romantic movies.

Casablanca -- one of best romantic movies.

Looking for a Good Romantic Movie?

Each year, studios release a good half dozen films about love and romance. But really, most of them are trite and predictable. If you want to see one of the best romantic movies, you need a reliable list of those that have stood the test of time, or are simply unique love stories you'll enjoy again and again.

Outstanding romantic movies include just the right blend of drama, angst, longing, and even humor.

This list below, in no particular order, of the 25 best romantic movies includes classic films from the mid-20th century, as well as gems from over the past 20 years. I've also included a sadness rating to help you determine how many boxes of tissues you'll need. Keep in mind of course that this list is based on personal opinion and preferences. Feel free to vote in the poll below as to your favorite romantic movie. Also, if I didn't include one on this list, leave me a comment.

Now, pass the popcorn . . . and the tissues!

1. Titanic

We'll start with what I think is the best romantic movie of my lifetime. Not only are Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet perfectly cast as star-crossed lovers in Titanic, but the amazing soundtrack is a classic.

The 1997 film is based on the true story of the sinking of the "unsinkable" Titanic in 1912. A beautiful young upperclass woman, Rose, falls in love with a lower-class man, Jack, who clearly has more time to think about, sketch, and woo her than her self-absorbed fiancé. After he rescues Rose from a near suicide attempt, the two fall quickly and madly in love. When Jack is framed for burglary, he is locked in the basement of the ship.

As we knew it would, the Titanic runs into an iceberg and all of a sudden, the ship is going down into icy waters. Rose then rescues Jack from the basement. But, alas, there are not enough lifeboats for everyone on board. They cling to each other and for dear life . . .

Romantic? Beyond so!

My sadness rating: 5 boxes of tissue

2. An Affair to Remember

This classic romantic movie released in 1957 is the inspiration behind many more recent love story films. An Affair to Remember stars Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr as a couple who falls in love and promises to meet at the Empire State Building in 6 months, provided that each of them manages to ditch their current significant others.

You'll see this theme in several other romantic movies produced years after An Affair to Remember. Perhaps somewhat ironically, the movie itself is a remake of Love Affair, a 1939 film. An Affair to Remember often shows up on lists (like this one) of the most romantic movies of all time, according to the American Film Institute.

Will Nickie and Terry meet again in six months? What will happen? You've got to watch to find out.

My sadness rating: 4 boxes of tissues

Ending Scene of An Affair to Remember

3. When Harry Met Sally

I love comedy and romance combined. And, in my opinion, no film manages just the right balance of both better than When Harry Met Sally. This romantic movie stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as just friends who could . . . should? . . . be more. Spanning 20 years of friendship, will Harry and Sally ever end up as a couple?

Some of the funniest lines and scenes ever in a romantic movie are included. Who can forget the scene when Sally convinces Harry that he's probably not that good in bed? I saw this movie when it came out in 1989. With my mother. Oh yeah!

This is such a classic, fun film -- if you haven't seen it lately, time to rent it again!

My sadness rating: 2 boxes of tissues (unless you need extra to dab your eyes from all that laughing!)

You know... that scene in When Harry Met Sally

4. Ghost

Another amazing romantic movie from the 80s/90s. Ghost is the story about a couple (Sam and Molly, played by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore) who reunite through a medium after Sam is killed during a mugging. With the help of Whoopie Goldberg's character, Molly can communicate with Sam's ghost.

Sam tries to warn Molly that she is in serious danger and that the attack on him was planned. Oda Mae, Goldberg's character, is a con man who discovers that she can communicate with Sam. You've got to see the scenes in which she channels him. Only after his work is done on Earth can Sam pass onto the afterlife.

Just the right balance of humor is included in this mostly sad and very romantic film. Wonderful soundtrack. Swayze is oh-so-hot -- even as a dead guy.

My sadness rating: 5 boxes of tissues

Ghost: Romantic Movie from the 1990s

5. Sleepless in Seattle

This is another Meg Ryan romantic movie -- this time, with her playing the lead opposite Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle. Taking cues from An Affair to Remember, the 1993 film tells the story of a couple, Sam and Annie, who meet through the efforts of Sam's son who convinces Sam to call into a talk radio station to talk about how he is literally sleepless in Seattle, after the death of his wife.

Both Sam and Annie are dating other people, but decide to meet on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day (sound familiar?)

This is a great story of chance, meddling, and just pure fun. The chemistry between Hanks and Ryan is convincing, and you'll smile through your tears!

Trivia: I got to party in the houseboat that "starred" as the home of Tom Hanks' character when I was a young lawyer in Seattle in 1994.

My sadness rating: 3 boxes of tissues

Sleepless in Seattle

6. The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks is the king of heart-wrenching novels, including The Notebook, which was made into a film in 2004. The romantic movie stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as the young version of a modern-day couple who are now aged. Noah is a grandfather with a grown family who visit Allie at the nursing home in which she lives, because she has advanced Alzheimer's disease.

The film begins with Allie and Noah as two lovers in the summer of 1940 in South Carolina. They meet and fall in love, even though they run in different social circles. Allie's mother intervenes to interrupt the love affair and it seems that everything possible gets in the way of the lovers uniting.

Try to watch even the trailer below without weeping. This romantic movie illustrates the essence of true love.

My sadness rating: 5 boxes of tissues

Trailer for The Notebook

7. The Proposal

More romantic comedy than any other movie on this list so far, The Proposal stars Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, and Betty White. The hilarious film is a must-see, especially for fun and a change of pace. Reynolds as Andrew Paxton stars as the male secretary to Bullock as Margaret Tate.

The two work in a publishing house, with Andrew harboring hopes of one day becoming a published author. When Margaret is threatened with deportation to Canada, she forces Andrew to pretend that they are engaged to be married. But now she has to travel to Alaska to meet Andrew's entire family for his grandmother's birthday.

One thing leads to another, and the "couple" is soon engaged to be married! Betty White stars as the hilarious grandmother, and Oscar Nuñez (from the TV show, The Office) is the bawdry dancer who shows up everywhere in Alaska to help the engaged couple celebrate their weekend.

My sadness rating: 2 boxes of tissues

The Proposal

8. Amelie

I love, love, love this French movie, based in Paris, with English subtitles. Amelie breaks out of the mold of romantic movies and takes her bold personality to entertain us in her search for love.

The 2001 romantic comedy is the story of a Parisian waitress, played by Audrey Tautou, who wants to make her loved ones' lives better, even though she is struggling with her own isolation.

Romantics will love this story. People who love to travel will drool over the scenes of Paris, including Montmartre.

I can't say more other than to urge you to see this movie!

My sadness rating: 3 boxes of tissues

Amelie (with English subtitles)

9. 10 Things I Hate About You

We're talking about the movie, not the more recent television series. 10 Things I Hate About You is a teen film set in Seattle, Washington, and starring the late Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. Loosely based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, romantics will love the tension between Stiles as Kat, Ledger as Patrick, the frustration of their personalities, and overbearing parents who just don't understand. The plot twists and turns as jilted love interests and double date arrangements complicate matters.

Ledger shines as the male lead, which is particularly sad given his early death a few years ago. You'll love his serenade, a clip of which is shown below

My sadness rating: 3 boxes of tissues

Love Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You

10. Sabrina

Even though there was an original version of Sabrina (with classic beauty Audrey Hepburn), I love the 1995 version of this film, starring Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, and Greg Kinnear, even more.

Ormond's character Sabrina is a beautiful young woman who has grown from an ugly duckling into a stunning catch. She has been in love with Kinnear's character, David Larrabee, for years. Finally, he is showing some interest. But Ford plays the older brother, Linus, who is out to protect Sabrina, and just possibly falling in love with her himself?

Yes, it's a romantic movie, but with plenty of laughs, as well as eye candy in Kinnear and Ford. Great soundtrack, as well, including a song by Sting.

My sadness rating: 3 boxes of tissues


11. Dirty Dancing

It stars Patrick Swayze! It's a romantic movie! It's a musical! It's teen love and angst on the shores of a summer time lake! Wait a minute . . . you had me at Patrick Swayze.

Dirty Dancing is a classic, fun film for dancing enthusiasts (Dancing with the Stars has nothing on these guys). Starring Swayze as Johnny and Jennifer Gray as Baby, the story unfolds with Baby asking Johnny to teach her how to dance sexy like other staff members at the resort.

Beyond the amazing music and dancing though, a dramatic story is unfolding. Johnny's dance partner is impregnated by Robbie, a man who is dating Baby's older sister. Baby intervenes to help by asking her father for money, without letting him know that the funds will be used for an abortion. In the meantime, she is learning to dance and falling in love with Johnny.

Sure, you've probably seen the movie. But for those that haven't, I won't ruin the ending. But I will repeat its classic, often quoted line: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

Oh yeah. You'll have the time of your life watching this film.

My sadness rating: 4 boxes of tissues

Dirty Dancing - Time of My Life

12. Roman Holiday

Beautiful Audrey Hepburn pairs with Gregory Peck in this classic 1953 romantic movie. Roman Holiday consistently finds itself in top romantic film lists, and Hepburn won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1953.

Hepburn stars as Ann, a crown princess touring Rome and other capital cities in Europe. She decides to escape from it all after taking a sedative prescribed by her doctor. She wakes up when an American reporter -- Joe Bradley, played by Peck -- finds her on a park bench. Drugged and dozy. "Anya" is escorted by Joe back to his apartment for some rest. Ann/Anya takes over the bed, while he sleeps on the couch.

Things turn romantic comedy-funny when Joe goes to work and is assigned the project of getting an exclusive with the princess (whom he didn't recognize when he allowed her to sleep at his place). He returns to meet Ann at his place and continues to pretend he doesn't know her true identity. They tour Rome together through a number of fun and romantic scenes.

Of course, Joe and the princess fall in love, but its not meant to be. Or is it?

Watch Roman Holiday for fun, romance, and suspenseful drama.

My sadness rating: 3 boxes of tissues

Roman Holiday Trailer

13. City of Angels

City of Angels is a romantic movie, released in 1998, that could be described as the opposite of Ghost. Seth is an angel, played by Nicholas Cage, who falls in love with a living human being -- a heart surgeon named Maggie, who is played by Meg Ryan.

Seth "meets" Maggie when one of her patients fails to survive surgery and is guided to the other side by Seth. Seth is enthralled by her valiant efforts trying to save the man's life and decides to become visible to her, even though he's unable to reveal the fact he is an immortal angel.

Eventually Seth learns that there is a way that he can be with Maggie, through the process of "failing." He decides to become mortal to truly experience Maggie and her love, and they finally end up together. But, for how long?

This film is unforgettable. One of Meg Ryan's best performances in a romantic movie, and I really love Nic Cage's vulnerability and emotion. If you haven't seen this one -- it's time.

My sadness rating: 5 boxes of tissues

City of Angels Trailer

14. Casablanca

The 1942 film Casablanca is so well-known and popular that it's not only one of the 25 best romantic movies, but it's also regarded as one of the best films ever. Winning the Academy Award for Best Picture was only the beginning.

Casablanca stars Bogart and Bergman, as well as other notables of mid-20th century Hollywood. The film places the lead character, Rick Blaine (Bogart) in the quandary of choosing between his love interest and his moral and political beliefs.

Rick owns a nightclub in Casablanca that is involved with more than just entertainment. While issues regarding letters of transit are arising, Rick's ex-lover Ilsa Lund, played by Bergman, walks into the club. She asks Sam, the pianist, to play "As Time Goes By," which perks Rick's attention. He then finds out that Lund needs the letters to exit the country for America with her husband.

One thing leads to another and the ex-lovers discover they still carry flames for each other. Will Rick and Lund be able to reconcile? What will happen with her husband?

You'll have to watch Casablanca to see how this romantic movie ends. Even if you already know, you'll enjoy hearing the classic lines: "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

My sadness rating: 4 boxes of tissues

Clip from Casablanca

15. Moulin Rouge!

I love, love, love this romantic movie. But, let me just say that Moulin Rouge! is not for everyone. The 2001 film is a dark musical, starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan MacGregor, set in the famous Montmartre district of Paris, France. The music and dancing are divine -- no wonder it was the first musical nominated for a Best Picture Oscar in 22 years.

Moulin Rouge! is based on the opera, La Traviata. A young poet, Christian, falls in love with a terminally ill star, Satine, who is a cabaret actress and courtesan.

The movie begins with Christian presenting a new play to Satine, who has mistaken him for a new client, the Duke of Monroth, promising investment in the cabaret. Satine begins seducing Christian, but things get a little interesting when the Duke shows up. Yet now, she is falling in love with Christian as her health is failing.

Christian and Satine convince the Duke that they are rehearsing a new play, which he agrees to finance, provided that only he gets to see Satine.

What is going on with Satine's health? Will she and Christian stay together, or will she be forced to spend her life with the Duke?

And what about that new play? You've got to watch this amazing musical performance.

My sadness rating: 5 boxes of tissues

"Your Song" sung by Ewan McGregor

16. Pretty Woman

You've got to love Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. In this first romantic movie pairing of the two actors (they later get together again in Runaway Bride), you'll fall in love with the naïve prostitute, Roberts' character Vivian, and her hapless client, Edward Lewis, played by Gere. Released in 1990, Pretty Woman is now one of the highest grossing romantic movies ever.

I love the classic lines, the beautiful costumes, and the transformation of Vivian from streetwalker to the gorgeous woman she is. If there's one scene you'll enjoy, it's the one of her telling the retail storekeeper that it's too bad she was so rude to her earlier since she works on commission.

The relationship between Vivian and Edward is touching and sweet. He has asked her to be solely a social escort, but time spent together results in an emotional bond.

In short, its a Cinderalla story with a gushy, romantic, happy ending. Any man who climbs a fire escape ladder for me is certainly a knight.

My sadness rating: 4 boxes of tissues

Pretty Woman Trailer

17. Ever After

Drew Barrymore stars in a break-out role as Cinderella in this 1998 romantic movie. What sets "Ever After" apart from other films based on the classic fairy tale is that it's rendered as a true-life story that took place in 16th century France. The elements and characters are largely similar to those in the Cinderella story -- a wife dies, leaving her husband and daughter, for example. The husband remarries a horrible woman, with two daughters of her own, who is jealous of the daughter. Then, following his untimely death, she forces her husband's daughter to be a servant in the household.

The story begins when Drew Barrymore's character Danielle is 18. The King and Queen of France are desperate to have their son, Prince Harry, get married. Sure, you may know the general story line here, but there are some additional plot elements, including appearances in the story by Leonardo da Vinci and a botched arranged marriage to the daughter of the King of Spain.

Danielle is publicly humiliated by the baroness (her stepmother) and her stepsisters, as well as by Prince Henry, who believes her to be an imposter, at the Masquerade ball. She is then sold to an evil landowner.

Will Danielle and Prince Henry end up together? What is the fate of the evil baroness and her daughters. The fairy tale appears to be real.

My sadness rating: 4 boxes of tissues

Ever After

18. The Princess Bride

Another great movie that you'll want to see again (don't tell me you've never seen The Princess Bride)! The 1987 film was produced by Rob Reiner and its story is rendered as a bedtime tale told by a grandfather, played by Peter Falk, to his grandson, played by Fred Savage. It's hilariously funny and poignant.

According to Wikipedia:

This film is number 50 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies" and number 88 on The American Film Institute's (AFI) listing the 100 greatest film love stories of all time.

The Princess Bride is the tale of Buttercup, played by Robin Wright, who falls in love with the farmhand, Westley, played by Cary Elwes. Westley heads off to find fortune so that he can marry his beloved, but the ship is attacked by pirates and Buttercup believes him to have died. Years pass, and Buttercup eventually decides to marry Prince Humperdinck.

Before the wedding, Buttercup is kidnapped by three outlaws. They are pursued by Humperdinck who manages to kill them all, and then he reveals that he is actually Westley. Of course, the real Humperdinck arrives on the scene and Westley ends up in prison. When its the date for the wedding, will Buttercup end up with Humperdinck or her true love?

You'll have to watch the movie with its fun cast of characters including Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, Mandy Patinkin and others. Shot in England and Ireland, the scenery is stunning too.

My sadness rating: 2 boxes of tissues

Princess Bride Clips

19. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The third movie in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was released in 2010. Fans of the book trilogy love the movies just as much, which star the beautiful young adult actors Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner (they play, respectively, characters Bella, Edward, and Jacob).

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse brings the story of a woman, her vampire lover, and werewolf friend full circle, following New Moon and Breaking Dawn. In the film (and the book), romantic tensions between human teen, vampire and werewolf love are on the rise!

Who will Bella end up choosing?

My sadness rating: 3 boxes of tissues

20. Leap Year

I saw Leap Year last spring, and if you missed it, you're probably not alone. The romantic comedy movie stars Amy Adams of Enchanted and the scruffy, handsome Matthew Goode. Set in beautiful Ireland, even the scenery is romantic.

Adams' character, Anna, decides to follow her boyfriend, Jeremy to Dublin (where he is speaking at a conference) so that she can propose to him on Leap Day (February 29). This is based on an Irish tradition which dictates that a man who receives a proposal on that day must accept it. Her travel plans get significantly off course and she ends up on the Dingle Peninsula, desperate to get to Dublin by the 29th of February.

The innkeeper she meets, Declan, is also a taxi driver. They fight and argue most of the way across Ireland, while falling in love with each other. Will Anna figure out that her boyfriend is self-absorbed and will never be the husband she deserves? Will Declan accept Anna again after her rejection?

Leap Year is a fun, lighthearted romantic movie.

My sadness rating: 2 boxes of tissues

21. An Officer and a Gentleman

I'm convinced that Richard Gere can't get any hotter than he is in An Officer and a Gentleman. Really, watch the preview of this 1982 movie below and let me know if you disagree.

The story is based in my home state of Washington, in the Pacific Northwest. The chemistry between Gere and Debra Winger is more than convincing. Add an amazing soundtrack, and you have yet another romantic movie from the 1980s that tops the chart.

My sadness rating: 5 boxes of tissues

An Officer and a Gentleman

22. The Wedding Singer

I'm sure some people will disagree with my choice of The Wedding Singer as one of the 25 best romantic movies. After all, Adam Sandler isn't exactly an Academy Award winning actor. But, don't let that deter you from enjoying this entertaining and fun romantic comedy that also includes Drew Barrymore as the female lead.

Although The Wedding Singer was released in 1998, it is set in the mid 1980s. Hard rock and punk music from the era plays as much of a role in the film as any of the actors do. If you grew up in the 80s (like me), you'll get a kick out of hearing the tunes from back then.

Sandler is a wedding singer named Robbie who entertains crowds at the festivities. He meets and falls in love with Barrymore's character Julia, who is a sweet and innocent waitress. Of course, both Robbie and Julia are engaged to other people at the time. But, we all know that they are both meant for each other. Will they figure it out before it's too late?

My sadness rating: 2 boxes of tissues

The Wedding Singer

23. Love Story

Love Story is the first romantic movie I recall seeing, and perhaps also the one with the longest lasting impression on me. Starring Ryan O'Neal and Ally McGraw, it's the tragic love story of a college couple in the 1960s from different backgrounds and social statuses.

Wealthy Harvard law student, Oliver Barrett IV, and "lowly" Jennifer Cavilleri, a music student, have fallen in love. Despite the fact that Oliver's father has forbidden him from seeing Jennifer, the two get married. Tensions rise when Oliver is threatened with being disowned. Jennifer attempts to get the two men to reconcile, but is unsuccessful.

Love Story is as much about the love between a couple as it is about familial relationships. It's conditional versus unconditional love. "Love means never having to say you're sorry."

My sadness rating: 5 boxes of tissues

Love Means Never Having to say You're Sorry

24. The Bridges of Madison County

I don't know if I've ever cried harder during a romantic movie than when I saw The Bridges of Madison County. The 1995 film was directed by and stars Clint Eastwood, with Meryl Streep playing the female lead.

It's the story of how two lives change unexpectedly and dramatically when a photographer, Robert Kincaid, stays at the home of a housewife, Francesca Johnson, for four days. Based on a true story, Kincaid is a photographer visiting from Washington State, on assignment to take pictures of covered bridges in the area. Francesca is an ignored spouse in Iowa who takes Kincaid in, while her husband and children are away at the state fair. Over the course of four short days, the two fall madly in love.

Will Francesca leave her spouse? Will the secret romance be discovered?

My sadness rating: 5 boxes of tissues

25. Breakfast at Tiffany's

Everything about the 1961 romantic movie Breakfast at Tiffany's is beautiful. I love Audrey Hepburn's portrayal of the effusive Holly Golightly. I love the beautiful music. I love the film's setting in New York City. I even love Tiffany's jewelry!

The classic movie is based on a novella by Truman Capote. Adorable Holly Golightly may be a phony and a bit naïve, but it just adds to her charm. Plot twists and turns are enjoyable -- just to watch Hepburn in her iconic role is worth the price of admission, or the DVD rental fee.

My sadness rating: 3 boxes of tissues

Breakfast at Tiffany's


Heather on July 12, 2018:

Avatar is a great one as well!

Lola Bleu on April 15, 2018:

You guys forgot "Pride and Prejudice"(2005)

yankee on July 14, 2017:

Sweet Home Alabama

Rick on April 07, 2017:

I can't believe there is no mention of "Somewhere In Time" with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. It easily beats out half the films on your list. I had 2 girl friends who couldn't get enough of that film...the story..the music...son enchanting.

Joseph on November 06, 2016:

I think "Life is Beautiful" is a world classic love story, showing the "power and endurance" of true love through adversity.

Also, "A Walk In The Clouds" is often times overlooked..but has real depth of the power of true love.

rafik on October 14, 2016:

I may seem silly ,but i would add a movie I saw recently"take care"

sri on August 14, 2016:

romance movie is the no 1 movie all time why did u not mentioned

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I think you're missing "How to steal a million".

Neha from India on March 24, 2016:

Amazing List !!

I feel serendipity should've been there on the list !

mahdi jafarian from newcastle on March 24, 2016:


Aron Graves from America on April 26, 2014:

That's so great!! And I have watched some of them, for sure, all of them are fantastic, and also, in my opinion, each one have their own style of the time, but they all have a pure love, witch can touch our heart most. Sometimes, love isn't complex, but only little people can reach that state. If you love someone, you will love all of him/her. Maybe it's a little irony that nowadays, people always yearn that pure love, however, our practical action is on the opposite: most of us are astricted by vanity, money, position and so on. Although when we calm down and realized that we maybe are wrong, but we have to cause we are in a cruel world. Those warm picture in the movie become a kind of drug that heal our broken soul.

Sophieae on February 05, 2014:

The Randomers

banni on January 09, 2014:

great list but there shuld be .

Serendipity and

Sweet November

Luke on January 04, 2014:

No Gone With The Wind?? For shame.

Levy Tate from California, USA on December 09, 2013:

What an epic list! Thanks for compiling this one, pal. Voted up :)

Marko Vucinic from Cuprija, Sebia on December 07, 2013:

Great article, my favorite romantic movie is Dirty Dancing.

Anna Stevens from USA on September 21, 2013:

This is a great article and I must say that the topic which you have shared is really unique and interesting. From all these romantic movies which you have discussed, I love Titanic.

Avinesh Prahladi from Chandigarh on September 20, 2013:

I am a big movie lover, I explored the whole list and found that the movie 'A walk to remember' is missing... Starring Mandy Moore... Anyways, I haven't watched most of the romantic movies mentioned in the list. I am quite lucky that now I have the list of these great movies and I will ensure that I have watched all these movies.

Toy Tasting from Mumbai on August 26, 2013:

Brilliant list,haven't seen all...But I have been a great fan of- A Roman Holiday and The Proposal (Sandra Bullocks was amazing) My other favorites include: Sweet Home Alabama, Letters To Juliet and much more. Looking forward to watching the remaining ones from your list.

Thanks for sharing! :)

amandajoyshapiro on August 22, 2013:

You have good taste. I was happily surprised to see Ever After: most people don't realize how excellent it is. A re-imagination of the Cinderella story, this couple is a more realistic foundation for fairytales than the Disney cartoon. And those costumes!

Marwan Asmar from Amman, Jordan on July 23, 2013:

What a list, very interesting, I think I'll write it down and see many of the movies you mention. Of course I already seen quite a few, and who hasn't loved Casablanca, or an Officer and a Gentleman, but I am ashamed to see there are others which I haven't heard about.........Good job

Mahaveer Sanglikar from Pune, India on July 22, 2013:

It is a great collection of Romantic Movies, thank you for sharing. I have watched few of them, and this list will help me to watch rest of the movies.

Shared with followers.

Larry Wall on July 22, 2013:

Few would probably agree with me, but the second version of A Star is Born with Judy Garland, has to count as a great love story. Both leading characters were willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of the other. I will admit I am prejudice. I like almost everything in which Judy Garland performed.

Carlo Giovannetti from Puerto Rico on July 14, 2013:

Other recent favorites: Once and (500) Days of Summer

Dolan Frazier on July 13, 2013:

No films from the "Before" trilogy? Those are arguably the greatest romance movies ever made

Carlo Giovannetti from Puerto Rico on July 04, 2013:

Some favorites of mine here, most notably When Harry Met Sally. Good hub.

lederly catubay on May 15, 2013:

I so love the "mannequin" in should see it guys..

Sidd on April 18, 2013:

walk to remember ??

Gordon Thorne on April 15, 2013:

I liked looking at your list, and you obviously put a lot of time and thought into it. The fun about any of these lists is how everyone has their own favorites and you can have an endless discourse of which movie is "better" than another. Of course, you have to define "better." Better acting, better storyline, better, sharper writing, better directing, better sound, and so on. While I do agree with many on your list, I would take off a few of them and replace them with:

*From Here to Eternity -- the sizzling beach love making scene is worth it by itself.

*Gone With The Wind -- probably the lushiest love story movie ever, and all within the context of the Civil War raging around them.

*The African Queen -- come on now, two of the screen'sl immortal actors playing against each other, starting out not even liking each other but in the end wanting to be married before they're hanged? How could you not include this all-time classic?

*Harold & Maude -- This May/September romance still remains as a late night movie cult classic.

So without further ado, my list of the Top Dozen best romantic movies of all time are, and quite different from you and others, not rated from s#1 on up. They are given equal weighting, because trying to say this movie is #3 but this one is # 7 is just beyond subjective. Agt least this way, you can simply either agree or disagree with the overall choices.

So here thery are in no particular order, and all of these are on someone's Best Romantic List:

*From Here to Eternity

*An Affair to Remember

*The African Queen


*Gone With The Wind

*Harold & Maude

*Dr. Zhivago

*Annie Hall -- Woody Allen at his all-time best.


*Ghost -- never-ending love from the afterlife

*Roman Holiday

*The Ghost & Mrs. Muir -- a ghostly romance

Nasturally, when you peel it down to just The Best Dozen, you have to leave off a lot of really good films as contenders, but I feel comfortable in going with these. Any comments or changes?s

Harry L. Friedman on March 18, 2013:

What about DOCTOR ZHIVAGO???

Elias Zanetti from Athens, Greece on March 03, 2013:

Ooh...there are many I ought to watch. Bookmarking it to see them all :)

Well done and keep up with the good job, voted up and shared across!

FreeMoviesFan on January 31, 2013:

I rather like "French Kiss" & "You've got Mail" both with Meg Ryan

David on January 05, 2013:

You left out Somewhere in Time

Ruchira from United States on September 27, 2012:

Great hub, Stephanie.

I am happy to see my few listed here...casablanca, pretty woman, ghost.

Voted up as an interesting hub.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on September 26, 2012:

No kidding, RealHousewife! So many of these films are my favorite. You cannot go wrong! And yes, Gone with the Wind, for sure!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on September 26, 2012:

Great list! I've seen most of them - Amelie is my favorite - and I loved Dirty Dancing, An Officer and a Gentleman...oh what about Gone With the Wind? Rhett and Scarlett?

I'll have to double back and watch the ones I missed!

Brogan on August 08, 2012:

Ps I love you

Romeo and Juliet

Moulin Rouge


Leap Year


Pearl Harbor

One Day

Pretty Woman

Pride and Prejudice

Officer and a Gentleman

Pearl Harbor

Indecent Proposal

How To Lose a Guy in 10 days

JMNorris from Camby, Indiana on July 08, 2012:

Moulin Rouge is my all time favorite movie! Never gets old. I strongly disagree with Twilight being on this list though. I dont believe that it comes close to classics like Casa Blanca and Dirty Dancing.

cawstudio on July 07, 2012:

just watched Closer again, make sure to listen to the Blower's Daughter

video at the end.

MariMari on June 02, 2012:

What about Pearl Harbour?

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on May 22, 2012:

Thank you Keeley! I love both of those movies too. Cheers, Steph

Keeley Shea from Norwich, CT on May 22, 2012:

Loved this hub! I forgot about so many of these great movies that I need to watch again! The Notebook & Titanic are two of my favorites! Great article - a lot of work! Thanks for writing it!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on May 08, 2012:

Thank you Kelley and Egrove! All the best, Steph

Egrove Sys from Nashua, New Hampshire on May 08, 2012:

I like this Hub! Recently i saw "The Proposal" movie, gotta check out "The Vow"

kelleyward on May 08, 2012:

Steph this is a fantastic hub! There are many here you listed that I haven't seen. I love Moulin Rouge one of my all time favorite movies. Voted up and pinned! Take care, Kelley

ana on May 07, 2012:

I agree with most of your choices but what about '50 first dates'? :)

shea on April 23, 2012:

"A Walk To Remember" is my all time favorite romance movie. I cry like a baby every time i watch it and it never gets old.

sagar on April 03, 2012:

titanic is a such romantic movie that leaves an unforgetable impression on your mind. portrayal of love birds in the movie is highly fantastic. both have become living legend.god bless them.hope both would be paired in some movie to entertain their well wishers.thanks.

John on March 24, 2012:

We forgot "A Walk in The Clouds" wit Keanu Reeves

Archie on March 22, 2012:

Twilight??? You should have named it 25 Favorites not 25 Best

Rick on March 22, 2012:


where's Cinema Paradiso. Does a movie need to have a fairy tale ending to be a romantic movie?

A. Shah on March 22, 2012:

I love the movies P.S. I love you and Message in a bottle. They touched my soul...Even Casablance, The Notebook and many others are really good too.

hira on March 20, 2012:

A walk to remember u should wrote it up :P

Jan on March 07, 2012:

My favourite romantic movie is Somewhere in Time (1984)... it's the only one that I've seen more than three times (I think eight :))). Great list otherwise, thank you for sharing!

stessily on February 23, 2012:

Steph, You've made some really great choices here; there are some proven classics as well as some which surely will stand the test of time.

Two of my favourite romantic movies are "Message in a Bottle" and "Gladiator." In "Message", the soundtrack, Paul Newman's role, the spectacular ocean scenery, the dialogue, Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn --- all combine to create an incredible romantic movie. Along with its tight plot and great costumes, "Gladiator" has so many, intriguing love triangles, of which Russell Crowe's is the most poignant and which conveys the depth of a love which transcends death.

A movie which is among my favourite romantic comedies is "Hitch" with Will Smith and Eva Mendes and Kevin James; it's so funny and so-o-o romantic, with a great wedding dance scene during the credits.

Well done.

janelux on February 22, 2012:

the Holiday is awsome :-)

Nina L James from chicago, Illinois on February 19, 2012:

You have included one of my favorite movies in your list of great love stories, "The Bridges of Madison County". Have you ever watched "The Thorn Birds"? This movie stars Richard Chamberlain. He plays an ambitious priest who falls in love with a young lady named "Meggie". This film plays out in four parts. It seems that with every tragedy that happens within the McCleary family, Father Ralph grows more and more closer to Meggie. Great movie to watch. Great hub.

Me on February 19, 2012:

Great list, but... you're missing:

Before Sunrise.

I urge you to watch it. :)

Megan on February 17, 2012:

Where is Pride and Prejudice?

inah on February 17, 2012:

i think Benny & Joon should be in the list

Sandi on February 15, 2012:

Classic (korean) is the best romantic movie ever made with a truly heartwarming story and great performances by all the actors

Luiza on February 14, 2012:

Jeux d'enfants (Love me if you dare)

(500) Days of Summer

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Mozart and the Whale

Pearl harbor

A Lot Like Love

Vanilla Sky

Cruel Intentions

Edward Scissorhands


New York, I Love You

An Education

The Butterfly Effect

Up in the Air

Something Borrowed

Love and Other Drugs

Music and Lyrics

Deena on February 11, 2012:

I was a little bit dissapointed cause "the holiday" and of course " a walk to remember" wasn't on the list! Both of them 5 boxes of tissues! Absolutly!

anonymous on February 02, 2012:

Nice list, but where's "A Walk to Remember"?

It definitely should have been on the list.

pam on January 27, 2012:

Love the more recent Claire Dane movie, "Stardust"!

andy on January 26, 2012:

awesome list .. but i m lil surprised how come u did not put following movies in your list ...

1 : if only

2: sweet novemeber

3: notting hill

4: a walk to remember

5: serendipity

6: one fine day ...

Heather on January 20, 2012:

You definitely need to add Roman Adventure to your list!

Suzanne Pleshett & Troy Donahue & the song Al Di La make you want to live in this era.

Mia Culpa on November 10, 2011:

Letters to Juliet, P.S. I love you, Becoming Jane :P

mike on November 10, 2011:



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Hailz on November 01, 2011:

What! No Ps I love you!!

arunii from Delhi on October 25, 2011:

Titanic is my all time favorite movie and many scenes still fresh in my mind !

MickeySr from Hershey, Pa. on September 27, 2011:


Thanks - please let me know (even if it's a while from now) what you thought of "Random Harvest" after you've seen it - and, don't neglect any of the others I mentioned if you've not seen them, they are all great films.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on September 27, 2011:

Hi Mickey - Wow - great comment and input on some of the best romantic movies. I will definitely take your advice and rent Random Harvest. I'm always looking for great movie recommendations. Best to you, Steph

MickeySr from Hershey, Pa. on September 26, 2011:

I like "The Princess Bride" and "The Wedding Singer", and, not merely because it shows-up on every list, but "Casablanca" really is a great film classic - but if you think "Roman Holiday" and "An Affair to Remember" are great romantic films, I'm hoping my suggestion for you will provide you a memorable night of wonderful movie watching.

Before I get to the best romantic film ever made; I love Cary Grant, but "An Affair to Remember" doesn't hold a candle to his far superior romantic comedies "The Awful Truth" and "My Favorite Wife" and "Bringing Up Baby", and his less comedic "Holiday" and "The Philadelphia Story" - and, "Talk Of The Town" is a now largely forgotten classic gem.

There's also the Oscar record setting "It Happened One Night", the sweepingly moody "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (I think there may not be anyone who ever looked more lovely on film than Gene Tierney in this movie - the lighting, her age, whatever it was, she's stunning to look at like in no other movie she's in) and the simply edge of your seat entertaining "Here Comes Mr. Jordan". And if you prefer a more contemporary, color love story, "Two for the Road" will stay with you for days - weeks. And if you want an ever newer film - "Stanley And Iris" is beautiful in it's simplicity, a beautiful love story.

But, seriously, "Random Harvest" will make "Pretty Woman" and "An Officer and a Gentleman" and "Dirty Dancing", etc, dry-up and blow away. Some night, when it's a bit cool, get cozy on the couch under a blanket and watch "Random Harvest", 1942 with Ronald Colman & Greer Garson - it's the best romantic film ever made.

andrebreynolds on July 21, 2011:

Titanic, The Notebook, The Proposal, and The Twilight are my favorite movies. Nice hub! Thanks.

Lawrence Carter on June 13, 2011:

awesome!. I always liked watching films. Films are interesting.

eventsyoudesign from Nashville, Tennessee on March 27, 2011:

Good article. Enjoyed reading it and the videos too. I love romantic movies.

naoma on March 20, 2011:

How could you forget "Two for the Road?" Audrey and Albert. A real love story.

LaZeric Freeman from Hammond on March 17, 2011:

Just saw Roman Holiday on TCM a few months ago, good stuff. Here are two to check out: "Penny Serenade" starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne and "For Keeps" starring Molly Ringwald. As well, Rock Hudson and Doris Day have some cool movies that they've done together; especially, "Lover Come Back".

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on February 13, 2011:

Thanks Kristen! Love these films too! Nothing like romantic movies, huh? :)

KristenGrace from Philadelphia, PA on February 12, 2011:

Sleepless in Seattle, The Notebook, Pretty Woman... All great choices. I LOVE reading top movie hubs. Must admit City of Angels makes me cry EVERY time as well!

Mimi721wis on February 12, 2011:

An officer and A Gentleman was my favorite on this list. Happy ending for one couple and the classic tragic ending with the other. Casablanca is my next choice. I love movies.

Nosheen on February 12, 2011:

great work..Nice list of movies....

KimberlyAnn26 on February 11, 2011:

Nice Hub. This is a great list of romantic movies. Notebook is by far my favorite Romance movie.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on January 25, 2011:

Hi kmcmichael, I thought about "You've Got Mail" too, but decided on Sleepless in Seattle instead. Thanks for the comment! Cheers, Steph

kmcmichael from Athens, Georgia on January 25, 2011:

GREAT list! I love An Affair to Remember and When Harry Met Sally. I think You've Got Mail would be a good addition to the list.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on January 24, 2011:

Thanks Husky - I think that is incredibly romantic you've been married to your sweetheart for 41 years! Happy Valentine's Day and best to you - Steph

Husky1970 on January 24, 2011:

What a terrific list. Something for everyone. My personal favorites are Love Story and The Notebook, simply because they are so relevant to my life. I was a college student in Boston when it came out and was from Southeastern Massachusetts and very familiar with RI and families like Jennifer's. Now in my 60's and having been married to my h.s. sweetheart for 41 years, The Notebook is easy to relate to.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on January 04, 2011:

Oh, I came so close to 50 First Dates! I had even drafted a capsule for it, but then replaced with the Wedding Singer. :) I had forgotten about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Another great movie. Cheers, Steph

Malcolm_Cox from Newcastle, England on January 04, 2011:

Great list but I would definitely have Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and 50 First Dates on there!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on January 04, 2011:

Thanks catwhitehead! Glad you enjoyed the list. :)

Sligobay - I think its great that you have such good taste and enjoy these movies too. Chick flicks, or whatever you may call them (IMHO) are smarter movies than those violent action films that guys say they prefer. You are right that they don't know what they are missing. Best, Steph

sligobay from east of the equator on January 04, 2011:

This Hub has been bookmarked under My Favorite Hubs because we share a taste for most of the same romantic films. Some of my gender might call these "Chik Fliks". These are the same ones who scoff at 'Chik Lit'. Some guys just don't know what they are missing which is quite sad. Thanks for the list.

catwhitehead on January 03, 2011:

Excellent list! Many of the movies on your list were included in my hub, Top Ten Romantic Love Movies. I like that you included many old classics and links to scenes from movies--well done!

IdeaMorphist from Chicagoland on January 02, 2011:

Definitely a great list, and I noticed a lot of blockbusters, so the general public most definitely agrees with you

Sranunta Lamduan from Bangkok, Thailand on January 01, 2011:

Twilight Saga?? Stupid Vampire with idiot gal from outer space. Nooooooo

Editorsupremo on January 01, 2011:

Super hub. Casablanca, Titanic and Officer & a gentleman get my top 3 vote.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on December 31, 2010:

Thanks so much - glad you enjoyed the list of best romantic movies!

Anjili from planet earth, a humanoid on December 31, 2010:

A well researched hub on some of our best romantic flicks. Well done and keep up with the good job

Mike Marks on December 30, 2010:

I'm lucky that my fiancé was never much of a movie watcher and hasn't seen many of the classics, so I get to see them again for the first time through her eyes... the only Clark Gable she ever saw was GWTW a couple of years back with me, so last night we snuggled, after some lasanga and pizza, in bed and watched, for her the first time, It Happened One Night. Of course she loved it. I had forgotten how much of Clark's technique I myself absorbed while watching such films in my teenage years.

"The stars so close overhead you can stir them with your finger... if I could only find a girl who felt that way," says Clark, and socialite Claudette gets on her knees from off her highhorse and confesses she feels that way too.

...actually, a portion of reason why I probably chose IHON last night is because I went to see the new True Grit, which led me to redbox the old True Grit, which led me to wanting to watch some Jimmy Stewert westerns, which led me to watching the 1930's Frank Capra film You Can't Take It With You. And that film reminded me of the running theme of 30's movies which are depression era movies of the poor vs the rich no middleclass times we are reentering, the community of wellwishing between the poor those movies depict, the respect for one another they have that is not based on the size of their bank accounts or the prestige of their jobs but rather on kindness and empathy. Toward the end of It Happened One Night Claudette and Clark are reduced to hitchhiking because Clark gave away his last $10 bill to a boy whose mom had just died, and the empty pocket does not make Clark less of a man while Claudette learns about stirring the stars with thumb out. I think my next rewatch of an old flick may be Meet John Doe (while I stir the vault of movies in netflix's instant download sky for under 10 bucks a month... I see netflix is one of your pages' advertisers, consider it a plug, even though (I checked for you) they don't offer Simply Irresistable as an instant download)