13 Twisted Movies Like Shutter Island You Must Watch

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Shutter Island - A Movie That Messes With Your Mind

Do you love mindfuck movies like Shutter Island? Do you love the way they push your buttons? If you love mindfuck genre, then you are a movie pervert, and so am I.

It was all going good just like a normal movie until the twist in the end that left us guessing even after the credits rolled.

The suspense, tension and some excellent acting is what makes Shutter Island a must-see movie for everyone. If you have not seen it, you should. If you have seen it, though, it’s only fitting to look for more movies like Shutter Island.

Being a fan of Shutter Island, I have created a list of some other similar movies. They are just as good as Shutter Island, if not better.


This thriller follows Leonard, an amnesic man who has made it a mission of his life to get to those who brutally raped and murdered his wife. The only issue is, he suffers from shot-term memory loss. He can’t remember anything for more than 15 minutes. So he decides to tattoo every clue on his body. Will Leonard find the killer?

The unexpected twist at the end makes everything clear. I am not going to spoil it for you though. Nearly everyone has watched it. If you haven’t, you should too.

The Prestige

The Prestige is one of the best works of Nolan (Memento, Inception). The plot revolves around two rival magicians whose friendly competition evolves into a fierce battle. They sabotage each other’s performances on stage. When one of them performs an ultimate illusion, the other delves deep to disclose the secret behind it with unforeseen repercussions. Their intense rivalry turns them into murderers, jeopardizing the lives of everyone.

The movie begins like a camera out of focus as it flips forward and backward in time making everything more puzzling. It all seems so random until the last few minutes when everything finally starts falling into place. The Prestige will agitate you, but you will fall in love with it.

Fight Club - One of the best movies like Shutter Island

From its name, it sounds like that the movie would be about fights. It is, to some extent. There are fight clubs, brawls, sex and lots of drama. If you are only focusing on the violence, though, you are not getting the point.

I am not going to give you anything related to plot. But I would tell you this – it has a sick twist at the end, which will make you want to watch this movie again with more attention.

It’s disturbing and dark, but at the same time, it manages to be quite stylistic and smart. The attention to every detail and hidden clues will blow you away. If you haven’t watched it, go watch it. If you have, watch it again with some of your smart friends. They might be able to point out something that you completely missed.

The Fountain - One of the most puzzling movies like Shutter Island

The premise behind the story is pretty simple, which revolves around a man who is desperately trying to save his wife from dying. And that’s where the simplicity ends.

The whole story takes place in 3 different times – one in past, one in future and the other one in future. There are 3 different men representing one man’s pursuit as these 3 stories are interwoven. Are you confused? Get used to it.

The Fountain is like a Chinese puzzle where you’d have to put all the pieces together yourself to make sense of it.

Inception - One of the best movies like Shutter Island

While Inception is far from perfect, it’s certainly ambitious and courageous. Don’t worry too much about the plot and spoilers. It’s so complicated that you won’t get most of it even after watching this movie once. It's totally worth watching a couple of time though.

The plot revolves around Dom Cobb and his team of operatives who enter into people’s subconscious and steal their ideas. In their latest mission, they are assigned with the task of planting and idea inside someone's head instead of stealing it. The idea must be planted deep enough in the victim's brain so that he starts to believe that he thought of it himself.

The only problem is, if they go too deep in his thoughts, there is a risk that they will be stuck in limbo – the dream world. Knowing all he risks, how far would they go? the deeper they go in the dream, the more the chances of them not waking up ever again.

Source Code

The plot revolves around Colter Stevens, a US pilot who finds himself waking up on a commuter train bound for Chicago. The woman seated across him seems to think he is her boyfriend., but he, of course, has no idea how he got here all of a sudden. Overwhelmed by the situation, he decides to go to the bathroom to take a moment and get to grips with what is going on. To his horror, he sees another man’s face in the mirror instead of his own. Apparently, he is embodying someone else. Last thing he remembers is his plane crashing down in Afghanistan. Is this a dream?

Things only get more puzzling and intriguing from thereon as secrets begin to unravel. It’s certainly going to keep you hooked until credits roll.

A lot of movies waste so much time in getting to the point, but Source Code definitely isn't one of them. It feels as if there is no opening - it just gets going from the very first minute. No twenty minutes wasted on setting up the plot.

The Game - One of the best thrillers like Shutter Island

What can you do for a man who already has everything in his life? What should be a good birthday present for such person? The Game tries to answer that question.

The premise involves a rich, middle aged man who has everything he ever desired, but it all came with a cost. He is cut-off from the rest of the world. When his brother tries to turn his life around by gifting him a live-action game, things start going awry as all sorts of strange things start happening. Ultimately, this game starts consuming his life.

It’s sort of a brain-teaser. You only have 2 hours to solve the puzzle, but if you are like me, there is no chance that you will put all the pieces together until the very last movement. You will have to hang on for the solution.

Whether you love it or hate it, The Game is going to entertain you. If you love movies like Shutter Island, though, you'd certainly love this thriller.

Donnie Darko - One of the smartest movies like Shutter Island

A parallel universe has been created by mistake and it could mean the end of real world if it doesn’t collapse safely. Donnie, a troubled teenage boy, finds himself vested with all the powers to get the job done. This is his world where he makes and breaks rules to save the real world from collapsing.

Who is Donnie Darko? What kind of name is that? Maybe he is a superhero. Maybe he is just like us. He could be brilliant, or he could be insane. What is real and what is not? This movie is going to compel you to find answers to all these perplexing questions by yourself.

At the end of the movie, I felt overwhelmed and beaten. I couldn't wrap my head around it at all. I had to watch it a couple of times to get the message its trying to convey. It's more than likely that you'll also have to watch this movie more than once to get the hang of what's going on, and you'll love it more each time.

Overall, Donnie Darko is one of the best movies like Shutter Island – a movie that will have you searching online for more explanation.

Primer – One of the best time travelling movies like Shutter Island

The plot revolves around a group of hard working scientists who have finally built some sort of useful device, but they don't know what it does and how it works. They are, however, sure that there is more to it as the device starts behaving strangely. Eventually, they realize that they have built something that is too valuable to market.

Determined to delve deeper and find out more, they decide to explore the potential of the machine, and that’s when things start to get more puzzling, not only for them, but for viewers as well.

Yes, it's way too complicated for someone who likes to have his hands held throughout the whole movie. But not for you and me. I found it pretty entertaining, and I am sure you'd love the whole puzzling journey too. With mediocre production values and a very low budget, this is the best you can expect. Granted, it’s not easy to follow, but this movie is utterly satisfying if you love time-travel genre.

Jacob’s Ladder - One of the most underrated movies like Shutter Island

The plot revolves around Jacob Singer, a Vietnam war veteran who is struggling to separate delusions from reality.

The movie begins with Jacob and his platoon being suddenly attacked in Vietnam. Jacob is stabbed while the rest of his team is affected by some kind of chemical warfare. It’s chaos everywhere.

Just seconds after that, we see Jacob in New York. He is back from the war and have been trying to get his life back on track ever since. However, things continue to go downhill as he keeps having freighting experiences and close calls with death. He sees odd, frightened people around him frequently. He can’t tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. What happened to him in Vietnam?

This is easily one of the best movies directed by Adrian Lyne that will leave you reeling with turmoil and despair, and these are the notes this movie strives for. A job well done.

eXistanZ - One of the most underrated movies like Shutter Island

The premise involves Allegra Geller, a leading game designer who has created a virtual reality game, which is just a few tests away from being launched in the market. Before she could do any of that, she is forced to flee with his marketing trainee as a fantastic assassin tires to murder her. Unfortunately, the game gets damaged along the way. Now she must play the virtual reality game with her trainee to fix it.

I am not giving anything else away. Just know that it’s a brilliant movie with an amazing twist at the end.

American Psycho

The plot revolves Bateman, a troubled guy with everything in his life one can wish for. He has his own apartment suite, a limo, a personal secretary and lots of girls. What more could a guy ask for? Still, there is something he desperately wants – he doesn’t know what it is though.

Appearing quite normal on surface, Patrick is a monster inside. His lack of empathy for human beings leads him to commit murders and other petty crimes. Those poor girls wish they knew more about him before spending coming with him to his apartment.

Is Partick really a criminal or is he just imagining those things? Is he going insane? The perplexing ending leaves a lot up to you for interpretation. Look closer; answers are there.

Black Swan

Ballerinas live a really tough and disciplined life. They dedicate it entirely to their craft. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan portrays the story of a young ballerina who struggles to cope with the pressure of performing well.

Apparently, she is doing well with the white swan role, but she needs to be better at being a black swan, which is all about being reckless and free from all the boundaries. She delves so deep in her role that she starts losing grip of reality. She forgets who she really is and start behaving more like a black swan - the character she is supposed to play. The result is total chaos in her life.

Black Swan might not look like similar to Shutter Island in any way, but both movies have a lot more in common than you think. The protagonists in both of the movies are struggling with a flawed sense of reality. Will they come to their sense before it’s too late?

Whether or not you care about dancing or art, the engrossing tip-toe moments will keep you hooked until credits roll. So If you are looking for some beautiful movies like Shutter Island, you should give Black Swan a go.

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Grass 12 months ago

Nice list. I love all of them above movies so grat for it. :)

Mytho 10 months ago

You should add Now You See Me. Just saying. Haha. Great list tho. I love all of them.

hclpd profile image

hclpd 10 months ago from Delhi, India Author

Thanks guys.

gurdit singh 10 months ago

every times u watch shutter island , u come to a different conclusion. i dont think there is any other movies like this. but these all are great one.

Danny 9 months ago

Butterfly effect?

blackgrass 9 months ago

I think you will also love the machinist......

LOLA 9 months ago

Great List!! Thank you :)

WindRealmRanger profile image

WindRealmRanger 7 months ago

This is a pretty awesome list of movies, some of my favorites are on here, I still haven't seen some of them though, but I'm definitely going to check them out. I know you probably didn't put all the movies you've seen that belong on this list, but just incase you haven't seen this one, you should definitely watch Mr. Nobody, it's very engaging.

Bob 5 months ago

LOL never thought I would see a twist-ending movie list with out the Sixth Sense on it.

hclpd profile image

hclpd 5 months ago from Delhi, India Author

@Bob Movies like The Sixth Sense and The Others are pretty well-known for their twists. Nearly everyone I know has watched them.

CYong74 profile image

CYong74 4 months ago from Singapore

I watched most on this list, and I have this to say. ( :P)

Most, if not all of these movies are great. Provided you don't know the ending. I was bored silly by Jacob, Memento, etc, because I read the synopses beforehand. On the other hand, Prestige etc thrilled me.

So for those who's going to watch, do yourself a favour! Don't read spoilers!

GURURASAD 4 months ago

i need a movies like wrong turn and hostel. . .please suggest. . .

Ujwal 2 months ago

Yo guys ,,juat saw movie andi was baffled at the end .I think Interstellar is also a good one .

2 weeks ago

A pretty good movie also low budget is Exam

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