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10 Greatest Movie Bullies

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Bullies. Ugh. What's worse than a bully? Nothing, that's what. They are loathesome, evil creatures we'd all be better off without. Watching them on TV is certainly a lot easier than dealing with them in real life, and it's always nice to see them get what they deserve, so here is a countdown of the 10 greatest (or is that worst?) movie bullies.


10. Stan Gable

Alpha jock and torturer of nerds, Stan Gable comes in on our list as #10. A lot of people would probably pick Ogre for this spot, but Stan was the man behind it all. Ogre was just his muscle. A smooth operator who manipulates the school authorities deftly in order to get away with his atrocious treatment of the nerds, Stan is the epitome of a bully.

Played by: Ted McGinley

Movie: Revenge of the Nerds


9. Mr. Vernon

Mean, insulting, and totally comfortable with using his power to push around those weaker than himself, the principal from The Breakfast Club is the perfect example of a bully. John Bender from this same movie is often voted into a spot on this list, but Mr. Vernon is the real bully in this movie because he truly enjoys using his power to push others around and make them feel small. It is all the worse because the people he is pushing around are kids he has been entrusted to care for. Because of this, Mr. Vernon occupies the #9 spot on our list.

Played by: Paul Gleason

Movie: The Breakfast Club


8. Chet O'Donnelly

Everybody's nightmare of an older brother, Chet is rude, disgusting, obnoxious, possibly homophobic, and not above extorting money or other things from his brother. His eventual redemption is accomplished by no small magic, and the fact that it took so much to get him to apologize places him at #8 on this list.

Played by: Bill Paxton

Movie: Weird Science


7. Scut Farkus

Known as the terror of the neighborhood—complete with nasty little toadie—this guy may be one of the most well-known bullies on the list. In a small town in the Midwest, the name Scut Farkus strikes terror into every child within hearing distance; he's big, mean, ugly, and not afraid to beat somebody senseless. In fact, he enjoys it. His eventual just desserts do almost nothing to diminish the fear he inspires in the children in this story and for that reason, Scut Farkus is #7 on this list.

Played by: Zack Ward

Movie: A Christmas Story


6. Deebo

Oh, that squeaky bike. It was like the music from Jaws. You just knew something terrible was going to happen. And it always did. The terror of the neighborhood, the thug of all thugs... Deebo is not above knocking anybody out. He threatens a midget and a bunch of women, even beating up poor hapless crackhead Felicia because he thinks she was going through his pants pockets. This guy is just ruthless and evil. He deserves the #6 spot.

Played by: "Tiny" Lister, Jr.

Movie: Friday


5. The Heathers

Before there was Mean Girls, before The Craft, there were The Heathers. These girls—all named Heather, except one—are the quintessential mean girl clique. Popular, brutal, and cruel, they take the "mean high school girls" genre to a whole new level. They achieve no redemption, instead being dispatched in a somewhat more permanent way. These nasty girls sit in the #5 spot on our list.

Played by: Shannen Doherty, Lisanne Falk & Kim Walker

Movie: Heathers


4. The Socs

The rich jock bullies, always looking to beat up the poor blue collar guys. These guys go farther than most though, beating Johnny almost to death and trying to drown Ponyboy in a fountain in the park. This takes it beyond mere bullying to something worse, which is why The Socs are in the #4 spot on this list.

Played by: Leif Garrett & Darren Dalton

Movie: The Outsiders


3. John "Ace" Merrill

Ace is the bully of Castle Rock in general—even as an adult. He was conspicuously absent from the film adaptation of Needful Things, which was a shame because it finished his story very nicely. Be that as it may, Ace was the bully of bullies in Stand By Me where he terrorized not only the younger kids but his own crew of toadies. Ace puts his own "friends" in mortal danger and even tries to kill one of the younger kids by cutting his throat. Ace is a badass of the first water and has secured his place on this list.

Played by: Kiefer Sutherland

Movie: Stand By Me


2. Henry Bowers

Another Stephen King villain, Henry is often overlooked on lists of movie bullies, but it's easy to see that Henry Bowers is definitely one of the worst bullies ever to befoul the big screen. Tough as nails, dumb as a brick, mean as catdirt, and crazy as a bedbug, Henry terrorizes all of the kids in his hometown (seven of them in particular) with his motorcycle boots and switchblade. He takes it farther and farther, until he has actually attempted to kill the kids multiple times. Henry Bowers is such a bully, in fact, that he comes back as an adult and tries to kill them again. Henry Bowers is one of the most awful characters ever conceived and he sits at the #2 spot in our list.

Played by: Jarred Blancard (young Henry) & Michael Cole (adult Henry)

Movie: It


1. Biff Tannen

Who else is it gonna be, right? He may not be the most evil or the most violent, but this guy follows Marty's family through about 200 years of time to bully and harass them and it just doesn't get any worse than that. Can you imagine a bully so terrible that even travelling to the future or the past is not enough to get away from him?! He even bullies himself in Back to The Future II! Because of this, Biff Tannen is #1 on our list of greatest movie bullies.

Played by: Thomas F. Wilson

Movie: Back to The Future I, II, III


Craig Whyel from Charleroi, Pennsylvania on May 27, 2015:

Great job. I enjoyed reading this.

Ann Justis Forall on May 26, 2015:

Lots of good bullies on this list!