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Terror and the Shield-Maiden: How Eowyn Deals With Her Fear

I find many many characterizations in "Lord of the Rings" to hit me in personal areas. Inspirations of who and where I want to be and dealing with life that, while not involving a Ruling One Ring, can still be quite ominous. Eowyn has such moments and these are why.


Should I Watch..? 'Sin City'

Robert Rodriguez's long gestating adaptation of Frank Miller's series of graphic novels was well worth the wait. Benjamin Cox looks back at a revolutionary picture that promised much and ultimately delivered.


Top 20 Movie Predictions That Actually Came True

Predicting the future can be a tricky business, especially in the movies. But just sometimes, they happen to get things right! Benjamin Cox goes all Nostrodamus and looks back at some predictions made in films that actually happened.


The Stubbornness of Gimli: Why He Is Not Just Comic Relief in the Movies

In many movies, characters that are perceived as background placeholders because they're not the front and center are seen as undesirable. They're expendables or there to make the hero look good. "Lord of the Rings" is not one of those movies, and I expound why Gimli exemplifies this.


Should I Watch..? 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'

This all-action, Bond parody bears all the hallmarks of its director - cartoony violence, comic dialogue and working class heroes coming good. So why does it underwhelm as much as it does, asks Benjamin Cox.


Should I Watch..? 'True Lies'

James Cameron's follow-up to the blockbusting 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' was another blockbusting action thriller but with more giggles. Can it too stand the test of time? Benjamin Cox tells the truth and nothing but the truth.


Should I Watch..? 'The Exorcist'

Nearly fifty years after its release, this film is still revered by many as the scariest film of all time. But why is that and is this claim justified? Luckily, Benjamin Cox doesn't suck anything in Hell...


Should I Watch..? 'Dune' (2021)

With much anticipation and plenty of great review, this epic sci-fi finally arrives on the big screen. But for someone who has never read the book, can the film bring Benjamin Cox on board with its scope, visuals and atmosphere?


Should I Watch..? 'Drunken Angel'

Kurosawa's breakout film was arguably the first post-war yakuza film made in Japan, but it lacks much of the director's typical scope and focuses instead on its characters much more. Benjamin Cox takes an intrigued look.


"Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.": A Forgotten Marvel Movie

The 1998 TV movie "Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." was the first attempt to bring Marvel Comics' super-spy to the screen, starring David Hasselhoff.


10 Must-Watch Christmas Horror Movies

Halloween may be over, but the spooky season is just getting started.


Ranking the "X-Men" Movie Franchise

Ever wondered which X-Men movie is the best? Look no further. We'll rank them all here.


Should I Watch..? 'Don't Say a Word'

This film has been unfortunately overshadowed by events beyond its control, both when it was released and tragically much later. Benjamin Cox speaks out to tell you about this oft-forgotten thriller.


12 Authors Who Loved & Loathed Their Big Screen Adaptions

It can be a daunting task bringing beloved literature to the silver screen. With not only moviegoers to please but the authors themselves, it can be a tall order for directors and producers. Let's take a look at 12 authors who loved & loathed their big screen adaptions.


Should I Watch..? 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'

Forget the sequels, prequels, spin-offs and remakes - this iconic horror classic is every bit as terrifying as its reputation suggests. Benjamin Cox peeps through his fingers enough to bring you his review...


Ranking Jason Reitman's Top 9 Films

I rank Jason Reitman’s directorial films 1-9


Ranking the "Star Wars" Movies

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we tried to rank the Star Wars movies. Let's see how we did.


36 Magical Behind-the-Scenes Facts About the "Harry Potter" Films

In honor of the 20th anniversary of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", the hit film that spawned a record-setting franchise, let's take a look at some magical behind-the-scenes facts about the films.


Should I Watch..? 'Pretty Woman'

Largely responsible for the rom-com boom of the nineties, this fairy-tale romance feels like an updated version of "My Fair Lady" but with fewer songs. Benjamin Cox drove all night to deliver his verdict.


25 Enchanting Facts About Your Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Films

One of the most influential filmmakers in the history of cinema, Sir Alfred Hitchcock directed over 50 feature films and earned six Academy Awards. His films are regarded as some of the best created, and his career spanned an impressive six decades.


Should I Watch..? 'Underworld: Evolution'

The sequel to unpolished gem 'Underworld' delivers even more style over substance as the war between vampire and werewolf wages on. Benjamin Cox rises from the dead to look back at this disappointing follow-up.


9 Infamous Real Houses From Iconic Horror & Halloween Movies

Check out some of the real life houses that served as sets & exterior shots for iconic horror and Halloween movies.


Ranking the "Star Trek" Movies

The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voya... oh, wait, ranking the Star Trek movies? Well, two of those still count...


Should I Watch..? 'Snakes on a Plane'

Whenever Hollywood tries to make a good B-movie, things invariably go wrong. Benjamin Cox has had it with this monkey fighting film on his Monday-to-Friday screen!


15 Horror Movies With Ridiculous Titles

The line that divides horror and comedy is often very thin. Check out this list of 15 horror films with titles so ridiculous that you won't believe that they're actual movies!


Ranking the "Halloween" Movies

Michael Myers is on the loose? Not so groovy, baby. Find out which Myers flicks are the scariest below.


Should I Watch..? 'Black Widow' (2021)

After all this time, Marvel finally pull their finger out and release a solo Black Widow entry in their Cinematic Universe. But have they left it too late after the character's fate in 'Avengers: Endgame'? Benjamin Cox reveals all...


Ranking the "Terminator" Movies

"I'll be back", he says, but how many times, Arnie? And which appearance was the best? We'd better rank the Terminator movies and find out.


Ranking Edgar Wright's Best Films

I rank Edgar Wright’s directorial films 1 through 7.


Should I Watch..? 'Audition' (1999)

With Halloween approaching, families will be looking for a horror movie that everyone will enjoy. This isn't it - only the strongest of stomachs need apply for this brutal J-horror thriller from Takashi Miike. Benjamin Cox reaches for a bucket...


Should I Watch..? 'Cliffhanger'

This Stallone vehicle may be little more than 'Die Hard on a mountain' but if it ain't broke, why try and fix it? Benjamin Cox gets his crampons and looks back at a big, dumb action picture that's actually quite fun.


Ranking the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" Movies

One, two, Freddy's coming for you... but how scary was he when he showed up? Time to decide.


Should I Watch..? 'No Time to Die'

Bond is back for his biggest ever assignment - saving cinema itself in this post-pandemic landscape. But is it a task too much even for him? Benjamin Cox tells all in his spoiler-free review.


"Venom: Let There Be Carnage" Review

After finding a host body in investigative reporter Eddie Brock, the alien symbiote must face a new enemy, Carnage, the alter ego of serial killer Cletus Kasady.


Ranking the "Friday the 13th" Movies

Jason Voorhees has been a busy bee over the years, but which of his movies rank the highest? Let's find out.


Should I Watch..? 'Assault on Precinct 13' (1976)

John Carpenter's follow-up to his trippy sci-fi film 'Dark Star' was a gritty urban thriller with more than a hint of the western about it. Benjamin Cox settles down for this aging B-movie that suggested Carpenter's stock as a director was about to rise.


Should I Watch..? 'The Peanut Butter Falcon'

This low budget, indie effort makes up for its financial limitations with plenty of heart, soul and positivity. Benjamin Cox has been waiting patiently to see this for some time and is glad he did...


"Fear Street" Trilogy Review

After a series of brutal slayings, a teen and her friends take on an evil force that's plagued their notorious town for centuries. Welcome to Shadyside.


Ranking Mike Flanagan Films 1-7

I rank Mike Flanagan’s directorial films from best to worst.


"Prisoners of the Ghostland" (2021) Review: An Oddball Samurai Infused Jambalaya

Nic Cage tries his hardest to make Prisoners of the Ghostland worthwhile, but it just isn't. It has a lot of influences, but fails to provide its own narrative. Apart from taking away that it's a super bizarre film experience, it is otherwise mediocrity constructed around an insane concept.


Should I Watch..? 'Leon'

Benjamin Cox finally revisits one of his all-time favourites and is delighted to find that it remains arguably Luc Besson's best film. But how does it stand up to today's standards for action cinema?


"Kate" Review

A female assassin has 24 hours to get vengeance on her murderer before she dies.


Revisiting "Rock Star" - Mark Wahlberg Goes Metal!

In 2001's "Rock Star," Mark Wahlberg plays Chris "Izzy" Cole, a yokel tribute band singer who gets to live out his dream of fronting his favorite heavy metal band.


Ranking James Wan Films 1-10

I rank James Wan's directorial films from best to worst.


5 Extremely Disturbing Movies for Horror Fans Who Think They've Seen It All

Think you've seen it all? Looking for a horror movie that pushes the envelope? Check out this spoiler-free list of five extremely disturbing movies that will haunt and horrify even veterans of the genre.


"Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" Review

Shang-Chi, the master of unarmed weaponry-based Kung Fu, is forced to confront his past after being drawn into the Ten Rings organization.


The Two Muses of an Assassin: The Portrayal of Two Relationships in "Kenshin The Beginning"

Rurouni Kenshin is a series I've followed since it came out in America years ago. And the live-action franchise is one of the best anime adaptions ever made. The final movie explores his past as an assassin and relationship to Tomoe. A relationship I believe that defines the series overall.


Top 7 Most Adorably Shy Male Characters

Who says shy men can’t be charming?


Ranking Wachowskis Films 1-7

The Wachowski Siblings films ranked 1-7.


Storytelling Through Violence: The Battle Between Blade and Nomak in "Blade II"

I was a big fan of the Blade franchise back in the day. Like with many trilogies, the second movie, "Blade II," was the best of the three. A large portion for this reason comes from the final battle of Blade and Nomak.