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"Manos: The Hands of Fate" (1966) Is Destined to Fail

If it weren’t for films like “Manos,” the horror genre would be a lot less entertaining.


Top 10 Halloween Horror Movies

If you are looking for something to watch this Halloween or want to count down to Halloween with a horror marathon, this is the list for you!


"VampyrZ On A Boat" (2019) Movie Review.

This "VampyrZ On A Boat" (2019) Movie Review Will Add A Capital Z To Your Name! Starring Dallas Valdez, Carrie Keagan and VampyrZ! Directed by Mark Allen Michaels!


"Dolls" (1987) Won’t Awaken Your Inner Child

Despite its unimpressive title, "Dolls" isn’t quite as bad as it sounds.


Watch the "Dragonheart" Movies in Chronological Order

The "Dragonheart" franchise spans centuries, but they can be watched in chronological order if you're interested in the series' history.


"Monkey Business" (1931)

The Marx Brothers in one of their better movies create mayhem one a cruise ship with the help of Thelma Todd and a couple of gangsters.


Remembering "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" (1958)

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad is Ray Harryhausen magic at it's finest. Adventure and fantasy are in store, so climb aboard!


"Charade" (1963)

"Charade" (1963) has been called the greatest Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock didn't make. I don't know if it quite lives up to that high praise, but it's a fun watch.


"The January Man" (1989)

"The January Man" is a mediocre thriller with a great cast. It's worth watching just so you can wonder how it wasn't better.


"The Comedy Of Terrors" (1964)

A horror comedy starring some of the heavyweights of classic horror is a can't miss. A great family movie for the Halloween season, or any season really.


Revisiting James Whale's "Frankenstein" (1931)

One of the classics of horror still holds up even as it closes in on its 100-year anniversary.


"Barbarian" (2022) Movie Review

This "Barbarian" (2022) Review Comes With Free Ice Cream for the Kids! Starring Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgard and Justin Long! Directed by Zach Cregger!


'Goodnight Mommy' (2022) Review: The Lipstick on a Pig of Horror Remakes

Goodnight Mommy has been remade with a ton of changes that likely won't satisfy fans of the original 2014 film. Naomi Watts attempts to do what she can with the material, but this remake overlooks what made the Austrian horror film work so well.


"Microwave Massacre" (1979) is Lukewarm

Though "Microwave Massacre" is billed as a comedy, I never felt the urge to laugh.


"The Wrecking Crew" (1968): Fun Product of Its Time

Dean Martin plays Matt Helm, a secret agent that makes James Bond look like a teetotalling prude. Sharon Tate plays his sexy and clumsy sidekick.


Our Top 10 Most Anticipated Films at TIFF

The films we are most excited to see at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.


"Puppetmaster" Will Leave You With More Questions Than Answers

With its wooden acting, stilted dialogue, and hilarious fight scenes (not to mention the puppets themselves), "Puppetmaster" has something for everyone to hate.


"Samaritan": A Reluctant Superhero Film

Looking for a different kind of superhero film? One NOT based on "corporate" comics? Well, you found it with "Samaritan," now playing on Amazon Prime.


The 10 Best Horror Movies of All Time

This article will cover some of the greatest horror movies of all time and some genre-specific films that will interest readers who are tired of the older classics you see on every list.


"Mansion of the Doomed" (1976) Doesn't Live Up to the Hype

Though “Mansion of the Doomed” does its best to create a spooky atmosphere, it’s more goofy than scary.


The Top 10 Sexiest Movie Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest movie characters of all time. It provides a brief overview of each character, followed by a discussion of their personality, traits, and general appearance.


Jane Schoenbrun: Director of Future Cult Classics

A discussion about the up-and-coming non-binary director Jane Schoenbrun, whose critiques of the internet has us on the edge of our seats!


“V/H/S/94” Is a Solid Addition to the Iconic Franchise

“V/H/S/94” delivers a clear and compelling message which will resonate with viewers long after the credits roll.


"Emily the Criminal" (2022) Movie Review

This "Emily The Criminal" (2022) Review Just Stole…Your Heart! Starring Aubrey Plaza, Theo Rossi, and Dinosaurs! Directed by John Patton Ford!


10 Inspiring Christmas Movies to Watch

Whether you enjoy watching Christmas films during the holidays or year-round, here are ten uplifting and inspiring movies to watch.


"Prey" for a Better Movie

It's hard not to compare this movie with the original when so many have done just that...


"Romeo and Juliet" (1968): Why Is Zeffirelli's Film So Beloved?

Countless film adaptations of "Romeo and Juliet" have been created, but Franco Zeffirelli's version is considered the best. The following article explores why.


The Protagonist of "The Video Dead" Is a (Literal) Fool for Love

“The Video Dead” may be a comedy, but it's difficult to believe that the ridiculous dialogue and impractical scenarios were all deliberately contrived. Still, the film is mindless, nostalgic fun--as long as you don't think too hard.


"Bodies Bodies Bodies": Screen Zealots Film Review

A fun genre thriller that exceeds all expectations. It’s psychological horror with a body count.


"Vengeance": Screen Zealots Film Review

The film has a terrific premise that’s mostly well-executed, even if suffers from a general smugness.


"Nope": Screen Zealots Film Review

A sci-fi film with incredible thematic depth presented in summer blockbuster fashion.


Movie Review & Analysis: “Legally Blonde” (2001)

Having been released in 2001, the movie “Legally Blonde” was ahead of its time. 20+ years later, it still holds up. Elle Woods is charming as the lead. The way she embraces her femininity in a rigorous environment leads to many powerful messages.


"Prey": The Rise of Amber Midthunder

A review of Hulu's "Prey" and how Amber Midthunder is establishing herself as an action movie star. Also, I discuss the film's impact going forward on making movies with Indigenous characters.


Why Black Villains Are Needed on Screen

Black audiences have been crying out for more representation on screen for years, and Hollywood has finally begun to listen. In recent years, we've seen more black superheroes appearing in leading roles, like Black Panther and Spider-Man.


Watching "The Advent Calendar" Made Me Feel Like a Grinch

Although I admit I’ve seen worse, I wouldn’t recommend "The Advent Calendar" unless you’re looking to waste ninety minutes of your life.


"Resurrection" (2022): Movie Review.

This "Resurrection" (2022) Mixes Condiments! What’s In That Mustard Bottle? Starring Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth! Directed by Andrew Semans!


Ranking Phase 2 of the MCU (Worst to Best)

Phase 2 of the MCU gave audiences four sequels and two origin stories. I rank these six films from worst to best.


3 Modern Indian Thriller Movies to Watch at Least Once

A good thriller movie should make you uneasy and that uneasiness should continue to bother you right until the very end. It should be simple in the plot as viewers have not come to solve puzzles. And lastly, it should be unique and unrepeatable.


10 Absolutely Iconic Movies Everyone Should Watch

All people should watch these movies at least once, but 4–10 times is recommended.


The Early Cinematic Life of "Alice in Wonderland"

Lewis Carroll's classic novels have been brought to life on screen since the early days of cinema.


10 More Incredibly Underrated Movies Everyone Should Watch

Don’t miss out on these movies, they’re worth their run-time. A list of 10 movies I recommend you check out on your next movie night. Let me know if you’ve seen any of these flicks, and let me know any movies you’d recommend for me to check out!


"Prey": How to Correctly Bring Indigenous Characters Into an Existing Franchise

"Prey" is able to be its own standalone story in an existing franchise while giving all the love and attention for the Comanche characters in the movie.


Top 10 Sad Movies That Made Me Ugly Cry

Because sometimes we all need a good cry. Grab the tissues, you’ll need them, trust me.


10 Incredibly Underrated Movies you Need to Watch

The following list contains disturbing and obscure content. Fellow film-buffs, self-proclaimed or otherwise—the following is a list of movies which are both criminally underrated and provide quite the viewing experience.


Top 5 Ti West Films Ranked

Writer/Director Ti West’s Top 5 Films Ranked.


Fantasia 2022: "Legions" Review

Despite a few janky special effects, Legions is an extraordinary blend of absurd comedy and riveting supernatural horror. The film features a massively cool werewolf like demon obsessed with blood during a blood moon and a jaw ripping sequence that is a must-see.


Fantasia 2022: "Next Door" Review

Chan-woo takes one break from studying and has one drink before waking up next to a dead body without any idea of how it got there. Next Door capitalizes on the hectic tension we'd likely all experience in that situation and makes it so much worse while also making it captivating and hilarious.


Ghosts, Squalor and Love: “Grey Gardens” (1975) Review

A look back at the controversial 1975 documentary about two women living in a destitute mansion by the sea that became a cult hit.


"The House" (2017): Movie Review

"The House" is a comedy that aired in 2017, written and directed by Andrew Jay Cohen, and starring Will Ferrell. An interesting movie about parents who succumb to bad influence, but it's not for the faint-hearted.