Seven DC Supervillains That Desperately Need Representation in the DCEU

Updated on November 5, 2018
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Of all the versatile features comprising the fabulous fictional fantasy realms of the many media formats for the broadcast of creative self-expression, there is a sundry of virtues available for capitalisation upon in advantageous exhibition of all their veritable merits. Paragons that have manufactured the zeitgeist of several generations, and have impacted and influenced them to no bound. Of course, throughout the vast array of all the dignified establishments responsible for the exposure of all these wonderful elements to the world, DC(or Detective Comics) is atop the paramount pinnacle of the prestigious iconography on the credit of their purveyed privileges, and are virtually unrivalled in that regard from any contenders throughout the various media environments-except from Marvel. It's well established that within the comic books, merchandise and animated series' and features, they have been perceived as the dominant force, but the current condition of their cinematic universe is tumultuously tenuous, and has been in a state of reconciliation and rebuild on a trajectory that has only been in gradual ascent. Of their luxuries for source material that have been subject to many an inspired tributary that have either maintained a precise fidelity to the original intellectual property, or lauded it with a unique interpretation that has simply retained the quintessential essence of the constituent assets. And the heroes contained within the DC paradigm are certainly virtues to behold, in their indelible impact on any and every consumer through their raw and compelling fleshed-out backstories that can be riveting, repulsive and galvanising, all at once. What's more astounding however, is that the less than virtuous of the virtues(the villains) are antithetically and equally enticing and fascinating to invest in. And in the interest of recuperating some good will to suffuse the DCEU, the following list is comprised of subjective submissions for the Seven DC Supervillains That Need Representation In The DCEU.



As children, Thomas(Tommy) Elliot and Bruce Wayne were an inseparably intimate dynamic duo of friends that relished in their galavanting escapades of strategically attempting to outwit one another in healthy competitive contests-particularly in games of chess. Their rapport with one another was only exponentially increased through these activities, and a chemistry and bond was formed between Tommy and Bruce's parents in no time at all. The subsequent hindrance to this was made explicit when the envy toward Bruce for the intimacy he shared with his parents, as opposed to the resentful dynamic between the Elliot's and their progeny, was displayed by the young billionaire, and eventually lead to his friend being forced into the prevention of a premeditated manufactured assassination attempt on his parents' life in a staged car crash-impelling the resent now being fostered to transition toward his former friend.


As Elliot developed, so did his autonomously-trained abilities of marksmanship, gadget mastery, the peak physical capability of unarmed combat, stamina, stealth and agility. His obsessive vitriol toward the Dark Knight reached it's full realisation through the constant attempts at exterminating the flying rodent with the alliance with the most ominous and imposing member of the rogues gallery of Gotham in his very first escapade, and even the synthetic production of a face graph identical to that of Bruce that he stitched to his own face in order to tarnish the legacy of the altruistic playboy when committing his heinous acts(as abetted by his acquired abilities as a surgeon where he purported the facade of merely being that benevolent doctor and nothing else with the knowledge of Batman's alter ego). The in depth examination of his broken psychology and faulted morality would be a magnificent asset to feature in the DCEU.

6. Hugo Strange


Doctor Hugo Strange's obsessive vendetta on the Batman is very comparable to that of his predecessor in this catalogue as exemplified very adeptly by his motives and fiendish penchants for constructing catastrophic methods of destruction and despair for his foe. Using his enigmatic intellect, escape artistry, agility, stamina, strength, gadget proficiency, tracking, hypnosis, and even unarmed combat to a degree to become comparable to Hush in another regard, in that he is one of the very privileged few to deduce the true identity of the great detective.


His endeavours of subjecting Batman to the most affronting scenarios where he also attempted to ruin the fame and adoration of the figurehead of fabled morality and justice by revealing the identity to his worst adversaries, and even infiltrating the Batcave to induce a coma-rendering stroke in the loyal butler, Alfred. Those escapades of mayhem more than justify an appearance for the malignant mastermind in a more cerebral adventure for the member of the DCEU.

5. Nekron


Deemed the harbinger of the Blackest Knight on the virtue of his sovereign rulership of the dimension occupying the space between the realities of hell, purgatory and limbo, and the founding of the Black Lantern Corps, and of his abilities of creating and vanquishing life at will, immortality, invulnerability, necromancy, darkforce, darkness and energy manipulation, death touch, invisibility, energy shielding, fire control, marksmanship, stamina, tracking, telepathy and unarmed combat-Nekron has been responsible for some of the most abhorrent aggressions inflicted upon the regions of Oa, and many others throughout the universe.


Perhaps the most epitomising example of the use of the full extent of his power(where the souls devoid of corporal forms inhabiting his domain are exploited for the derivation of energy from-causing his insatiable gluttony to seize more) was when the Maltusian scientist, Krona, was abolished by the other members of his species to languish in a form of pure energy, and miraculously breach the confines of Nekron's realm, where the consequent paradox as a result of the mere presence of Krona's immortal energies created a splinter between it and the mortal world, where the fracture enabled the re-incarnation of the scientist as a near-omnipotent entity by Nekron, tasked with the spearheading of an entire legion of beings of a similar nature as minions-all in the pursuit of Nekron's malevolent ambition of gaining supremacy over the space and time of the universe. The exact antithesis of Green lantern's powers of will to oppose the fear that he consistently instils within every specimen he encounters; Nekron would be a perfect adversary on the grandest of all scales for the entire Justice League, as a formidable opponent not to be trifled with.

4. Gorilla Grodd


During the 19th century, an unidentified spacecraft crash-landed in an African city, and inadvertently imbued all of the gorillas inhabiting the area with supreme intellect and telepathy, and eventually, the leader Solovar emerged in the emanation of the newly-deemed "Gorilla City"-only to become captured while on a curiously investigative endeavour, and incarcerated in the Central City circus, as believed to be a primitive and feral creature. One of his subjects, Gorilla Grodd, pursued the hostile captors to make usage of the basis for the palpable intimidation factor he is prided upon.


He used his powers of intellect, telepathy, hypnosis, animal control, telekinesis, psionic abilities, psychosis, blast power, invulnerability, super strength, speed hearing, agility and unarmed combat to steal Solovar's secrets of his ability to influence the minds of others instead of rescuing him, and was imprisoned in his indigenous city as the repercussions for his successfully amoral actions due to the interference from the Flash. The majority of his time is spent in the custody of the authorities, but he is essentially liberated due to the fact that he absconds as and when the penchant for inflicting further chaos(usually in retribution against his nemesis) takes his fervency, and having also lead political parties within Gorilla City, has a remarkable resume that would validate his candidacy for being the thorn in the side of Barry Allen and his allies in the DCEU.

3. The Riddler


Not a more astutely appropriate name could be designated to Edward Nigma as the enigmatic super genius criminal mastermind that he is, and when the consideration for his undying, relentless compulsion for the obsessive manufacturing of scheming machinations designed specifically for the provocation of confounding despair within his villain-lifelong nemesis, as to prove his intellectual superiority over the Dark Knight is taken. Using escape artistry, gadget mastery, affluent wealth, intellectual integrity, weapons proficiency and expert swordsmanship to compliment his mental instability and facilitate the construction of the elaborate plots that consist of subjecting the innocent inhabitants of Gotham to intricately astonishing and bemusing riddles-That would spring a fatal death trap upon an unsuccessful attempt to solve. And resulting in just another liability for Batman to perpetuate his toilsome conquest upon.


Uniting with Hush to assemble the most heinous assailants within Gotham's rogues gallery in the terrifying plot of Thomas Elliot's preliminary endeavour of villainy, and all the various and versatile schemes he has devoted his life to make the Riddler a formidably frustrating adversary that would introduce a more insularly cerebral turmoil for both Batman and his peers within the League, and he cannot be omitted for much longer, due to the sacrilege his lack of exposure veritably is.

2. Bizarro


The volatile lack of refinement and unrestrained disarray of the mental and psychological integrity, coupled with the mimicry of the godlike potent abilities of Superman all consolidate to make Bizarro a blundering, moronic sheer force of synthetic nature that cannot and should not be interfered with. The pure impulsiveness of El-Kal(the imperfect Superman duplicate as created by Lex Luthor) is perhaps the most invaluable component that causes the dreadful devastation he leaves in his backward(in almost every regard) wake. Duplication, blast power, energy absorption, flame breath, super speed, strength, sight, smell, stamina and hearing, ice control, invulnerability, wind bursts and healing are his inherent faculties.


The aforementioned physical enhancements have astonishingly complemented his character, and have assisted his attempted kidnap of Lois Lane when he became hopelessly infatuated with her, his indoctrination into the Secret Society of Supervillains, and the Injustice League-being a vital party member, despite his ambitions to be the greatest hero of his adopted home, Bizzaro World(they being thwarted by every course of action he takes being absolutely, definitively oppugnant).His characteristic traits resembling that of a zombie, both behaviourly, mentally and as a physical zombie iteration of the man of steel, are a kind of embodiment of everything he represents, and of what he could potentially contribute to the DCEU-perhaps lending himself to a horror-orientated tale, or just a side plot that would be simply "bizarre".

1. Deathstroke


Former soldier Slade Wilson volunteered to become the subject of a secret military experiment-following his impressive record amidst the ranks that elevated him to the esteemed position of Lieutenant Colonel for particular talents in Guerrilla warfare and subsequently lead to the romantic entanglement with his commanding officer, Adeline Kane, and their conception of a child-that endowed him with adaptive agility, immortality, berserker strength, cosmic and danger awareness, mutation, escape artistry, healing,intellect and charisma, stamina, weapons and gadget mastery, marksmanship, stealth, swordsmanship, tracking, heightened senses, super speed, strength, hearing, sight and smell, and unarmed combat prowess to eventually become Deathstroke upon his defection and assumption of the roguish lifestyle of a mercenary assassin.


Acrimonious encounters with the Teen Titans, the Justice League and even the proverbial universal gods have added an invaluable degree of experience to supplement and bolster his expertise in all strategic and confrontational pursuits, and an anarchic foray of altercations with any groups of individuals from the available plethora would be perhaps the most intensive and immersive action thrill experience that any of these suggestive propositions could provide.

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