Ten Marvel Superheroes That Desperately Need Representation in the MCU

Updated on October 22, 2018
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Marvel has recently become a ubiquitous and imposing presence of complete and utter benevolent beauty and indulgent joy within the paragon of the zealous clamouring for quippy, fantastical and cosmic action-along with the nuance of subtlely integrated poignancy and emotional gravitas, in scenes that accommodate such a highly elevated stake, that the pure, raw weight of every single piece of effectuated action is immediately palpable and compelling.

Whether the expertise in the conveyance of a character's persona through the masterful performances of Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, or any other custodian of the extravagant roles; The intricate fable weaving that has been influenced by the source material with cues taken from the original comic book publications worn very proudly on the sleeves of the entire production team, without completely plagiarising them; The on-screen spectacles digitally rendered to perfection, or simply the amalgamation of it all-The spawn of Stan Lee's conceptual ingenious and perspicacity in it's transition to the cinematic realm of societal pop culture has evolved to fabricate and encompass an era-defining zeitgeist that brought many of the dignified and established characters to the forefront of both mainstream and niche adoration.

With all these fascinating guardians of justice allocated attention and representation they so rightfully deserve, there have been many omissions that just far too ecstatic in their realisation, that to resist the visitation of them and their escapades would be sacrilegious. So the following list is an acknowledgement of ten Marvel superheroes that desperately require representation in the MCU.

10. Arachne


A very upstanding and righteous superhero that possesses powers of enhanced stamina, speed, agility, strength and reflexes-Julia Cornwall Carpenter is an integrally significant component factoring into the transpirations of the Secret Wars first depicted in 1984 and was inducted into the Commission on Superhuman Activities(or the CSA) by her college friend Valerie Cooper to be granted her meta abilities, and eventually defected to join the Avengers when the CSA engaged in conflict with them.


Also a contributing figure in the disparity and lack of unity of the Superhuman Registration Act as a proponent of Iron Man and his agenda-A consistently perpetuated morality that she refuses to capitulate upon is comparative to that of Captain America's, and would be very apt in filling the void that would potentially be left by Steve Rogers' predicted departure through death or any other means. The potential fabrication of a rapport with perhaps Black Widow could also be interesting and would be more than sufficient in the justification of her introduction to the MCU.

9. Madame Web


Casandra Web's loss of vision in the literal regard was compensated for by the perfect perspicacity in her ability to project the future. And as a perennially familiar character to anyone acclimated to the various exploits of Spiderman is renowned for being one of the most invaluable allies and mentors throughout the web-headed whimsies, and would serve as a stalwart embodiment of virtuous tutelage most proficiently and appropriately as a model for aspirational magnanimity for the current young Peter Parker-Should Tony Stark's eminence be relinquished. And as an evidently favoured feature of Marvel's on-screen representation other than the silver screen(with the incredible animated series) would likely be a judicious implementation to issue upon strong advice.

8. Captain Britain


An astute ally and trusted member of Captain America's is, of course, one of the manifold manufactured Captains tasked with the protective preservation of the realms of the multiverse, Brian Braddock was raised in Maldon, Essex, and soon saw the enshrinement atop the exalted echelons of reverence as the champion of Great Britain, as deemed by Merlin and his Daughter, Roma. He eventually became a member of Excalibur, and another pertinent accolade of his is his succession of Roma as the ruler of the Otherworld, and the claim to the commandership of the Captian Britain Corps.


He has since used his abilities of superhuman strength and durability, flight, and control of a forcefield to succour the preservation of the welfare of the Otherworld during its incursion from the army of Skrulls as a repercussion of Secret Invasion-And as a possible narrative arc that could occur in the MCU, it could be a catalyst for an excellent stage for the introduction of brilliant Brit, and also to unite him with his cross-Atlantic ally.

7. Union Jack


Quite similar to his preceding peer in this inventory, at least by namesake; Joseph Chapman was the first of three heroic individuals to adopt the moniker and implicated mantle of the adventurous athlete wielding handguns and a dagger in the first issue of Captain America's 1981 comic book succession as another feature in common with his fellow Brit. Affiliated with the Knights of Pendragon, MI5 and MI-13 among others as the employed application of his impeccable physical prowess and condition, after the humble origins of a study of art in Manchester.


The scholarship inadvertently lead to the subsequent introduction to Captain Britain's grandson. An assault on them inspired the surmounting of the honourous and ominous responsibility of becoming the Union Jack made him a worthy initiate and a fierce adversary to the vampires, neo-nazis and other foes in his alliance with Captain America and other honourable peers. He would be utilised as an initially secondary character to bolster the aptitude of the established heroes, but could definitely contribute a considerable magnitude of tenacity in the protection of the various worlds within the multiverse.

6. Doctor Spectrum


Very resemblant of DC's Green Lantern, and worthy of the equivalent extents of deference; Joseph Ledger first appeared as the chivalrous and noble incarnation of the originally evil Kenji Abatu in 1971-Exhibiting his incredible flair and capability and prerogatived facility for flight, energy synthesis and emission and intangibility as derived from the omnipresent power prism in full force during the tenure of the Squadron Supreme(the alternate iteration of nefarious universe's Squadron Sinister) in their alliance with the Avengers.


This all consolidates to make him a more unconventional asset to incorporate into the Avengers canon paradigm to assimilate sublime submission of unorthodox endearment. Not the first on this list to emerge from an alternate universe, and not the last-So a potential instigator for the introduction of alternative universe fables. Especially as the current contemporary universe is in a state of very turbulent and perturbing vulnerability, to say the least.

5. Hyperion


A specimen of the Eternals within his alternate universe-Hyperion, or Mark Milton(as sometimes referred to colloquially), was oblivious to the knowledge of his heritage as an upbringing heralded from a human cultural tradition, and a deeply ingrained philosophy for altruistic endeavours consequently founded the Squadron Supreme; Emancipating endangered innocents from the wrath of the heinous overlord, and restoring the world to glory by establishing a government to a manufacture a utopian atmosphere. The dissent into a chaotic corruption of the governing body ensued altercations with the defected Knighthawk and impelled a rebellious libertarian regime from the group with Hyperion as one of the more prominent members of the group.


A beneficial influence on the MCU would be assured through both his introduction a furthering of the development of persevering positivity, stoicism and benevolence-mimicking that of DC's Superman, with a similar origin and virtually identical powers to Kal-El as well. And also through his contributions through his flight, super speed and endurance, unlimited strength, as well as an ostensible invulnerability and radioactive projectile vision.

4. Black Cat


Felicia Hardy encompasses more of a broadly vague definition of the word "hero", but justifies her induction into this registry on the virtue of her hand in the transpirations of Civil War, while a munificent member of the third iteration of the Heroes For Hire group-Exemplary of the statement made by Colossus in the admittedly not MCU film, Deadpool; But the sentiment is still relevant: "People[mistakenly] believe that, in order to be a hero, you must wake, brush your teeth, and go to bed a hero. When in actuality, all it takes is one or two moments of heroism".


Her affinities with Spiderman could be an intriguing dynamic to possibly explore as the character matures, and the ambiguity between the summons from both what she knows is the righteous course of action, and her inherent proclivity for mischief after her upbringing as the daughter of a cat burglar, with technological suit implants to enhance her speed and agility make her formidable as a mere human, but all too easily underestimated nemesis not to be trifled with. It would be a quandary not given much attention in others characters in the current MCU landscape.

3. Spiderwoman


Yet another of the sundry of constituent members of the Spiderman zeitgeist, but so dominant that a more emphasised pronunciation of her significance is the only veritable justice that can be done in recognition of Jessica Drew, and her powers identical to that of Spiderman's own; But with the additional benefit of flight, dischargeable venom blasts, and the ability to emit pheromones to attract both genders. They were derived prior to birth as a laser containing strands of spider DNA penetrated her mother's womb instead of receiving them from the conventional spider bit of course. She spent ten years as a private investigator, a bounty hunter and a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent following her defection from the manipulative Hydra who exploited her after the discovery of her powers at age six.


It validates her credentials for consideration in her induction to the iteration of the Avengers lead by the Bucky Barnes incarnation of Captain America-Which is a viable direction for the MCU to proceed in in the near impending future. Along with her admirable adroitness in confrontational situations that are marred only by her past.

2. Moon Knight


Mark Spectre-The real handle of both the billionaire playboy, Steve Grant, and the modest taxi driver, Jake Lockley. As fabricated by the mercenary imbued with the superhuman Egyptian powers of access to an arsenal of scarab throwing darts, a golden ankh and an ivory boomerang that were granted by the disciples of the god Konsuh, to be influenced by the orbital cycle of the moon as a necessity to conceal his true identity while confronting Werewolf Man and Black Spectre-While providing the succour of both Spiderman and the Punisher, along with his girlfriend Marlene Alraune, and his friend Frenchie.


Also having flirted with retirement for a temporary period before being revitalised to reconvene with his escapades through the dissemination of his destiny to return more invigorated than ever with the galvanising reinforcement of the Superhuman Registration Act; He is capable of contributing an invaluable asset of more surreptitious endeavours to participate in, for more covert and thrilling tonalities to the films. He is a Marvel doppelganger of Batman, after all.

1. Namor the Submariner


In one of the earliest and most legendary fables to be constructed to depict a most prestigious origin, the opportune copulation between an Atlantean princess and an American sea captain resulted in the conception of the future lord of Atlantis-Namor. As an extremely distinguished and revered machination of the comic book monolith, his adventures assisting the allies during the second world war(following an initial disdain for humanity) were followed by a loyal alliance with the Fantastic Four(after being on less than amicable terms with them), participation as an integral member of the All-Winners Squad, and responsibility for the thawing of the frozen Captain America; Subsequently preceding his indoctrination into both the Illuminati and the Kabal, and seeing him enshrined at a zenith of adoring adulation amongst the most highly beholding legions of avid fans.


His powers consist of superhuman strength, stamina and endurance, underwater traversal at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour accompany a perfect vision beneath the surface, and seamless communication and chemistry with marine life, as well as flight-Abetted by the wings on his ankles. Many of these are hallmark blueprints that DC have pastiched with Aquaman, and they are only occasionally supplanted by his sporadic impulses of aggression due primarily to the burdensome responsibility he is frequently tasked with, his parenthood to his son, Kamor, and his romantic entanglements with Invisible Woman, Emma Frost, Lady Dorma and Marinna-Ultimately facilitating an indispensible feature for on-screen portrayal.

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