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Top 10 Scariest Clowns in Movies, TV, and Games

This article examines and ranks the 10 scariest clowns in entertainment history. It provides a brief overview of each clown, followed by a discussion of their general appearance and traits.


The 8 Worst Movie Remakes (Per Rotten Tomatoes)

Going by the critics' score on Rotten Tomatoes, these are eight of the worst-reviewed remakes of all-time, ranked from best to worst.


Top 10 Fastest TV & Movie Characters

Enhanced speed is a great ability to have. Here are 10 fastest characters we've already seen on TV shows and movies.


Why is it Important to Have Black Writers for Black Characters?

When you're a kid and you're only exposed to white people on the page and screen, that just becomes your reality: white people are the heroes and the others are their sidekicks (or villains).


Why Flawed Black Characters are Needed On Screen

Black people are human. We make mistakes, sometimes because of our circumstances and sometimes because of our bad decision-making skills. But, in film and television, black characters are often relegated to a one-dimensional "strong" black woman or man.


4 Things People Mean When They Say, "I Hate Disney Adults"

I'm not going to feel ashamed of liking stuff I like just because people want me to be.


11 Alternative World War II Scenarios in Modern Pop Culture

11 works of contemporary pop culture that reflect back on World War Two and wonder, "What if???"


The 500 Greatest Duos of All Time

Two can make a big difference, quite literally. Celebrate an epic list of the greatest duos of all time.


Is Watching Movies and TV Shows a Waste of Time in 2022?

Americans aged 18 and above spend an average of 4 hours per day watching movies and TV. But is there any actual benefit in engaging in this seemingly frivolous hobby?


The On-Screen History of "The Addams Family"

From their humble beginnings as comic strip characters, the Addams Family has proven their enduring popularity over the decades.


Mehran Karimi Nasseri: Inspiration for the Movie “The Terminal”

Mehran Karimi Nasseri is an Iranian refugee who lived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in the departure lounge area of its Terminal One. He stayed there for 18 years. He wrote a book about his life at the airport and inspired a movie starring Tom Hanks.


Rod Ansell: Inspiration for the Movie "Crocodile Dundee"

Rod Ansell was a buffalo hunter known for spending time in the Australian Bush. His life inspired Paul Hogan to create the movie character Crocodile Dundee.


Kim Peek: Inspiration for the Movie "Rain Man"

A Hollywood screenwriter named Barry Morrow met autistic savant Kim Peek during the 1980s. This meeting led to the creation of the movie "Rain Man."


18 Greatest Witches in TV and Film

Witches have captivated and fascinated us for centuries, and fictional spellcasters like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Hermione Granger have entertained us in TV and movies.


Narcissistic Parents as Depicted in Film and Television

These are depictions of narcissistic abuse in popular media, from Harry Potter to Cinderella.


10 Great Shows and Movies for Avengers Fans

If you're having superhero withdrawal while waiting for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, check out these ten TV series and movies for a healthy dose of action, adventure, and character development.


Cross-Franchise Character Analysis: Gollum, Frodo, Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targeayon

Both "The Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones" have revolutionized the art of fantasy storytelling, especially when it involves a great quest. Here is how both franchises skillfully show what costs their main characters endure in undertaking them.


Cross-Franchise Character Analysis: Boromir and Daenerys Targaryen, Noble Madness

Did you know that Boromir from "Lord of the Rings" and Daenrys Targaryen from "Game of Thrones" both exhibit the concept of noble madness? Here is how they both arrive at that point from different places and life experiences.


Cross-Franchise Analysis: Daenerys and Aragorn

In the second of the cross-character analysis series, I examine two characters that are both of royal lineage and exiled. Many parts of their arc parallel each other and then go awry, making it fascinating to compare their psychologies.


Cross-Franchise Character Analysis: Jon Snow and Aragorn

The hidden king trope has been a classic technique in literature and entertainment for centuries. In the last twenty years, "The Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones" have taken this idea and done very different things with it that are both unique and interesting.


The Addams Family A to Z

I provide facts about The Addams Family franchise including the comic strip, TV show, cartoons, movies, and merchandise labeled from A to Z.


What Is "Bad Faith" Media Criticism?

A lot of people have started to hate on CinemaSins on YouTube. But what should we expect from critics anyway? What's the difference between "bad faith criticism" and good faith criticism? Learn what aspects to look for in media criticism.


Robby the Robot Changed the Image of Robots in Movies Forever

Robby the Robot is a movie prop first seen in the 1956 movie "Forbidden Planet." It cost 7 percent of the movie's budget to build. It forever altered the way movie audiences viewed robots in cinema.


What's Toxic Fandom and What Creates It?

Almost every anime series, show, movie, comic book, book series, you name it has toxic fans among its fan community. Some more obviously than others. How does this happen, and how should normal fans respond?


The Muppets' Wilkins Coffee Commercials

I explore the history of the Wilkins Coffee commercials which featured early Muppets performed by Jim and Jane Henson.


The Tension of Brotherly Love: Why It Can Be Difficult for Men to Express Love

Saying 'I love you' is already a hard thing to say to people. Yet for men to say that to each other can be even more difficult because of the tribal, social contexts we live in today.


10 Amazing Similarities Between Ike From "Fire Emblem" and Luke From "Star Wars"

What does Ike from the "Fire Emblem" video games have to do with Luke from "Star Wars"? Here are ten surprising similarities these two protagonists share! Spoilers included.


Villain or Father Figure? "Treasure Island" vs. "Treasure Planet"

This article compares the portrayal of Long John Silver in "Treasure Island" and "Treasure Planet," exploring his character as both a father figure and a villain.


'Twilight' Spin-Offs

For fans of the "Twilight" series, there are spin-offs that can captivate you, with plots that truly belong in the Twilight universe.


Rant: I'm Sick of World War Two Films

There are exceptions, of course, but many films set in the World War II-era appear to be done for the purposes of "Oscar bait." Here's why I'm tired seeing this theme constantly appear in film.


"Catch Me If You Can": The True Story of Frank Abagnale

When people meet Frank Abagnale today, they meet a well-known security consultant. His life prior to starting his business made him one of the most famous con artists in American history.


Representations of Women in Film & TV: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, wife of the 35th American president, married to one of the richest men in the world--how was she portrayed on the screen?


Representations of Women in Film & Television: Maid Marian

Best known as the wife of Robin Hood, Maid Marian's on-screen character has evolved through the years from delicate virgin to woman warrior.


Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In this article, I rank the first ten years of the MCU from best to worst, including movies, TV and Netflix shows, one-shots, and shorts. It was an incredible ten years and I look forward to the next ten.


18 Best Survivalists on TV and in Movies

This article suggests a list of the 18 best survivalists in the world, as seen on English-speaking TV shows, documentaries and movies.


Famous Fictional Robots We Want in Real Life

We are fascinated, frustrated, and fearful of robots. But there are famous fictional robots which have become models for functions we want them to do in real life. What's your favorite from this list?


King of the Mountain: A Comparison Between "Star Wars" and "Star Trek"

These two legendary franchises have been around for decades. Why is there still an appeal, and are they more similar than different?


Top 15 Saddest Korean Dramas and Movies

Grab a box of tissues because these movies and shows are guaranteed to make you cry. Here is a list of the top 15 saddest Korean dramas and movies of all time.


So You Want to Be a Critic? Here's What You Need to Know!

Can anyone be a critic? While certainly, anyone with the time and internet can start a blog. But here's what you should know if you want to be a good critic on the internet.


Alice in Wonderland and Scott Pilgrim: What They Eat, Their Choices, and Defining the Self

Learning how to use food and drink theory in literature and film. What dinner time reveals about your characters, and subconsciously your food choices have more meaning than previously thought.


The Revolution of Brothers Grimm

This article is about how the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm have changed over the years and have been modified to fit into the modern times. I also look into why there has been a revival of this folklore today.


Top 10 TV and Movie Warlocks

The TV and movie wizards on this list all cast a spell on us. Find out which film warlocks made the top 10.


Circus Movies, TV Shows, & Documentaries

From the Big Top to the Arenas to the small tent shows, generations of people have always loved the circus. Check out these favorite circus movies, documentaries and TV shows.


How to Be a Film Buff - Your Guide to Becoming a Movie Nerd

Today we're going to get down to the nitty-gritty of exactly what it takes to start you on the road to becoming a true-blue movie aficionado. Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds.


Top Ten Fictional Animal Species

It's not as easy as it sounds to make up whole new species, and make them believable. This is a list of the top ten fictional animal species from television and film.


Comparing "Beowulf" and "The 13th Warrior": Book vs Movie

Comparing the Movie The 13th Warrior and the novel Beowulf published hundreds of years ago. The similarities and differences are clearly outlined, and are quite simple to understand.


Lacock, Wiltshire: 'Harry Potter' and TV Period Drama Filming Location

Lacock in Wiltshire is a beautiful, quintessentially English village. It is also a popular filming location for productions from 'Cranford' to 'Harry Potter'. Can you spot your favourite scene?


Best Harry Potter Spoofs, Parodies, and Fan Contributions

The best Harry Potter parodies show a familiarity with the characters and an obvious love of the series. Here are some of the most popular, enduring Potter spoofs available on the web.


Comprehensive Guide to "Jane Eyre" Adaptations

Since the advent of film, there have been over 20 film and TV adaptations of Charlotte Bronte's classic, "Jane Eyre." Here is an examination of "Jane Eyre's" film history and other adaptations on the stage and in other media.


Famous Gothic and Vampire Women From TV and Movies

Famous goth women and famous vampire women from "The Addams Family" to "True Blood."