3 Cinematography Pointers

Cinematography is one of the most creative aspects of filmmaking, and also very complex. When hiring a professional isn't an option, here are three pointers to help broaden your cinematography skills.


How to Make a Feature Film Under 25 Grand

I sat down with Olivier Dalipagic, director of new film "Off the Record" to get some insight into how to make a feature film under $25,000. In this interview, Mr. Dalipagic also got an opportunity to discuss the making of "Off the Record" to aspiring filmmakers.


Working on Breaking Bad

For several days, I worked on one of the greatest television shows ever created, AMC's Breaking Bad. While those three days were not much, it is an experience I wouldn't trade for a lifetime.


What do "Best Boy" and "Dolly Grip" mean? Plus, Other Odd Film Terms

Have you ever watched the latest Blockbuster Film, and then whilst perusing the closing credits rolling up the screen at the end of the show, been amazed not only at the sheer numbers of personnel required to get the production onto the screen, but also by the sheer strangeness of some of the job titles?; Key Grip Dolly Grip Gaffer Best Boy Clapper Loader Focus Puller Well be puzzled no longer; Read on and all will be explained. It may also bring realisation of the pro