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3 Cinematography Pointers

Cinematography is one of the most creative aspects of filmmaking. It's also very complex. When hiring a professional isn't an option, here are three pointers to help broaden your cinematography skills.


Movie Title Ideas for Filmmakers and Writers

Coming up with a good title for your movie can help make it more marketable to your target audience.


How to Make a Feature Film Under 25 Grand

I sat down with Olivier Dalipagic, director of the new film "Off the Record" to get some insight into how to make a feature film under $25,000. In this interview, Mr. Dalipagic also got an opportunity to discuss the making of "Off the Record" with aspiring filmmakers.


Author Sabina Berman Talks About the Making of "Gloria"

Here is an interview transcript with author Sabina Berman about the 2014 Mexican drama film "Gloria." It focuses on the story of the controversial Mexican pop/rock icon, Gloria Trevi.


Interview With Film Director Christian Keller

Christian Keller decided to make a biopic about Mexican pop/rock singer, Gloria Trevi, after reading her story in the L.A. Times. At the time, he was only 19 years old, and he had never made a film. Ten years later, he's only a few days away from seeing his dream come true.


The Top 10 Movie Production Companies of All Time

Hollywood is the place where dreams are made and all of the best production companies are located there. I'll list the top 10 and give reasons why they are there.


50 Film Production Company Names

Lights, camera, action! But wait! Slow down there, producer. Before you can begin building a name for your production company, your production company needs a good name!


Working on "Breaking Bad"

For several days, I worked on one of the greatest television shows ever created, AMC's Breaking Bad. While those three days were not much, it is an experience I wouldn't trade for a lifetime.


How to Get Free TV Studio Audience Tickets in Toronto

Information on how to obtain free tickets to be in a studio audience for television shows filmed in Toronto.


Fake Movie and TV GUIs: All About This Little Known Industry

An in-depth look at the fake GUIs that frequently appear in movies and TV programs. I try my best to describe what they are and how they are operated on set. I highlight some fictional GUI examples.


Your Survival Guide to Working on a Hollywood Movie Set

Ever dreamt of working on a big Hollywood film set? These tricks will help you prepare for your task ahead!


What Do "Best Boy," "Dolly Grip," and Other Film Terms Mean?

Have you ever watched the latest blockbuster film and been amazed not only at the sheer numbers of personnel required to get the production onto the screen but also by the sheer strangeness of some of the job titles?