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What They Neglect to Tell You About Mickey Mouse and Copyright

With the copyright to "Steamboat Willie" expiring in 2024 and Ron Desantis' crusade against Disney being a topic of conversation, plucky content mills are already fudging the facts.


13 Iconic Red Dresses in Cinema History

Throughout the history of cinema, there have been many notable red dresses that have graced the silver screen. From Audrey Hepburn to Julia Roberts, many of our favorite film stars wore these gorgeous numbers. Let's take a look at 13 iconic red dresses in cinema history.


The Life and Career of Frank Inn, Famed Hollywood Animal Trainer

A look at the career of one of the most famous animal trainers in Hollywood.


The Forgotten Early Film Adaptations of L. Frank Baum's "Oz" Series

Did you know that the mythical world of Oz has had a presence in film much longer than you'd think?


The First 10 Famous Dogs in Hollywood

Animals as well as humans have found fame on the silver screen, and have been beloved by audiences for over a century.


The First 10 Movie Crossovers Ever Made

Superhero crossover films have only recently become popular. But the crossover film itself goes back further than you might think.


History of the Drive-in Theatre

There were talkie movies and there were cars, and it took a man from New Jersey to make the extraordinary connection between the two.


The First 10 Films Ever to Be Based on Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have an enduring quality to be told and retold time and again. Here are the first ten fairy tales adapted to film during the earliest days of cinema.


The First 10 Movie Remakes Ever Made

Some moviegoers believe that remakes are a sign that Hollywood is out of ideas. In reality, remakes are about as old as cinema itself.


The First 10 Romance Films Ever Made

If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day movie, perhaps one of these old romance films will fit the part.


The First 10 Superhero Films Ever Made

Superhero films are more popular and lucrative now than they ever were. But these crowd-pleasers go back further than you might think.


The First 10 Christmas Movies Ever Made

Christmas films are a dime a dozen these days. But at some point in history, they were new, unique, and even innovative.


Top 13 Iconic Movie Dresses

When it comes to film, it's hard not to picture the characters wearing their beloved costumes. Whether it's Marilyn Monroe's iconic flowy white halter dress, Dorothy's gingham getup, or Audrey Hepburn's little black dress, costumes truly resonate with film fans. Here is a list of iconic dresses.


The First 10 Movies to Feature Dinosaurs

Wondering when dinosaurs first appeared on the big screen? Dinosaur movies are a lucrative genre - a genre that goes as far back as the 1910s.


The First 10 LGBTQ+ Films Ever Made

LGBTQ+ film is often considered a relatively new genre. But these themes have been present in cinema since the silent era, sometimes subtle and sometimes surprisingly overt.


The Golden Age of Slasher Films

In today's article, we take a look at one of the most important times in horror/thriller cinema history.


The First 10 Films to Have African-American Casts

Although racial diversity in Hollywood leaves something to be desired, minorities have achieved some victories throughout the years. Here are the first ten films to feature African-American casts.


The First 10 Horror Films in Recorded History

In case you're planning a horror movie marathon this Halloween, here are a couple more films to add to the watch list.


The First 10 Biopics in Recorded History

These days, biopics are a common means of Oscar bait, so it's not surprising that the genre goes back to the beginnings of film itself.


5 Older Films With All-Female Casts

With women still fighting for representation today, it may be hard to believe that female-dominated films existed as far back as the 1930s.


Little Hollywood in Kanab, Utah

Kanab, Utah's long association with Hollywood westerns began in 1924, when portions of "Deadwood Coach", starring Tom Mix, were filmed in this picturesque Utah town.


The First 10 Films Ever to Be Based on Novels

Though most films made before 1930 have been lost, these ten have maintained the distinction of being the first known films adapted from books.


10 Cinematic Milestones That Were Reached Sooner Than You Think

Color, sound, remakes, found footage - these are all part of the movie-going experience that we take for granted. Few realize just how far back some of these tropes and innovations go.


10 Abuses of Studio Power From the Golden Age of Hollywood

During the Golden Age, Hollywood actors and actresses were basically considered the property of major film studios, making this era a living hell for its most glamorous stars.


10 Old Movies That Changed Laws and Regulations

Movies can have significant social impact. They can educate, raise awareness, and alter public consciousness. Here are 10 films that took it a step further, inspiring laws, legislation, and politics.


When Sound Was New: Sound and Image in Tandem in 1930's Cinema

When sound first came on the scene, filmmakers were eager to take advantage of this new technology to captivate and manipulate audiences in innovative ways.


10 Influential Female Directors From the Silent Film Era

Back when the film industry was just emerging, gender restrictions hadn’t been established yet. Women could freely seize opportunities to work behind the camera.


The History Of Home Movie Entertainment

Read about the history of Betamax, VHS, LaserDics, HD DVD, Blu-ray and streaming. Look at the ways people watch movies at home.


Clark Gable Desegregated "Gone With the Wind" Movie Set

In 1938 megastar Clark Gable, Rhett Butler in "Gone With The Wind," was alerted by young actor Lennie Bluett to segregation on the lot during the making of the film, and demanded that it be ended.


The History of Philippine Cinema

Did you know that the Philippines has a rich history of cinema? This article will examine the artistic highs as well as exploitative "bomba" (erotic) films.


Gangs of New York: The History That Inspired the Movie

A brief look at the history of the gangs of New York that inspired the amazing film by Martin Scorsese. This article will detail the real historical events, attitudes, and figures that played a huge role in both history and the film.


The Real Rose Calvert From "Titanic"

Did you know that James Cameron based Rose Dewitt Bukater Dawson Calvert from the 1997 romance film "Titanic" off a real person? Here's a fascinating look at Beatrice Wood.