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Which Disney Princesses Would the Duggar Daughters Be?

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Jessa, Joy-Anna, Jill, Jana, and Jinger Duggar

Jessa, Joy-Anna, Jill, Jana, and Jinger Duggar

It might seem odd to try matching up Counting On stars Jana Duggar, Jill Duggar, Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, and Joy-Anna Duggar with Disney princesses since the Duggar daughters grew up in a household where they weren’t allowed to watch TV. However, while it’s unlikely that they saw any Disney movies when they were younger, they have quite a bit in common with the House of Mouse’s animated royalty, besides the lack of a television in their family’s massive tin castle.

For one thing, the female offspring of fertile Christian fundamentalists Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar seem to consider themselves royalty of the kingdom of the Christian Patriarchy. Jana likes to talk about how she’s still waiting for her “Prince Charming,” and the girls have listed two books that cast virginal young women as princesses as some of their favorite G-rated reading material with a religious flavor: Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity and STAY IN THE CASTLE THE STORY OF ONE TEENAGER'S DECISION TO: STAY IN THE CASTLE. The former is a collection of short stories about sheltered teenage princesses with controlling fathers who want to keep them ignorant of the evils of the world (or what they perceive to be the evils of the world), and the latter teaches girls “the value of purity” and to listen to their fathers, according to reviewers on the Good Reads website.

Much like Disney princesses, the Duggar daughters also have fabulous hair, sheltered upbringings that include separation from males, and wardrobes full of skirts. As mentioned above, they also spend a lot of time waiting for Prince Charming. However, instead of being saved from wicked queens or evil stepmothers, what the the fundie princesses needed rescuing from was controlling parents who allowed their older brother to sexually molest four of them when they were children.

So, after that dark turn, let’s lighten things up by taking a look at what each of the adult Duggar daughters have in common with specific Disney princesses.

Jinger Duggar and Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid'

One thing that all the Duggar daughters have in common with Ariel is that they have a lot of female siblings whose names start with the same letter. However, It’s safe to say that Jinger, Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna probably weren’t dressing up like Ariel, Andrina, Arista, Aquata, Adella, Alana, and Attina growing up because the sea princesses are “defrauding” men with their scandalous, belly-baring attire. In case you don’t know, “defrauding” means “to stir up desires in someone else that cannot be righteously fulfilled.” The Duggars believe that a woman is responsible for making a man think sinful thoughts if she’s wearing something that doesn’t cover her body from the neck down to the knee (I’m not sure how this rule would be applied to fish-tailed Ariel).

But while Jinger doesn’t share Ariel’s passion for skimpy undersea fashion, she did once share the mermaid’s desire to be part of a world far different from her own. Once upon a time, Jinger said that she wanted to trade her life in rural Arkansas for one in a big city. In other words, she wanted to be where the trendy people are.

Jinger's mother played the role of Ursula the sea witch by offering the poor, unfortunate soul a bad bargain: The only way Jinger would get to live in sprawling metropolis under her watch was if she spent some time with her abuser brother Josh in Washington, DC.

Just like Ariel, Jinger eventually found a way to get everything she wanted; she found her Prince Eric in soccer star Jeremy Vuolo, and he recently whisked her away to live the big city life in L.A. However, first she had to convince her own controlling father to let her marry a man who was a part of a world quite different from her own. Unfortunately for Jim Bob Duggar, being overprotective and domineering is pretty much all he has in common with King Triton; he can’t boast having a buff bod like Ariel’s dad does.

Jinger had something else in common with Ariel before she left home: a desperate desire to change the way she looked below the waist. However, while the little mermaid wanted her fish tail split into legs, Jinger simply wanted her skirts split into pants.

Jana Duggar and Cinderella from 'Cinderella'

Fans of Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting have already given Jana Duggar the nickname “Cinderella Duggar,” so choosing her Disney doppelganger was a no-brainer. Jana often gets compared to the princess who was once an ill-treated scullery maid because the 29-year-old’s family members expect her to do so much housework; she’s basically an unpaid maid for her parents and siblings. Because Jana’s parents don’t allow their daughters to leave home to go to college or pursue jobs outside their family businesses, she’s expected to live with her massive family until she gets married. Sometimes, this kind of seems like punishment for not providing the Duggars with another TLC wedding special to help them make bank.

Jana also knows what Cinderella felt like when she was left at home while her evil stepmother and stepsisters went to the ball. She’s confessed that her married sisters often leave her out when they go out together with their spouses, and she had to miss out on a special tea party that her family attended before Jill Duggar’s wedding. While everyone else was having a good time, she was tasked with sewing nine bridesmaids dresses!

Unfortunately for Jana, no fairy godmother has magically appeared to help make her life more tolerable, and she hasn't found her Prince Charming. Maybe she needs to try losing a leather sandal at the next family wedding in hopes that he will pick it up and come find her.

At least Jana has a sense of humor about being the only unmarried Duggar princess. One of her Instagram followers recently let her know that they want Jana to meet a “handsome prince,” she responded by writing, “Maybe he’s riding in on a green turtle instead of a white horse.”

Turning a slow turtle into a fast steed sounds like a job for a fairy godmother (or, in Jana’s case, a guardian angel who specializes in matchmaking). Jana is also really into gardening, so perhaps she’s growing plenty of pumpkins this fall in the hope that one of them will get turned into a golden carriage that will help “a plain country bumpkin” find a prince to join in marriage. She might also want to start befriending some mice.

Jill Duggar and Princess Anna from 'Frozen'

When Jill Duggar first met Derick Dillard five years ago, it was love at first sight. Many 19 Kids and Counting fans also liked Derick at first, thinking that he was a sweet guy who might be good for Jill since he was more worldly than her family.

But what Derick had in common with Prince Hans from the movie Frozen was that his good guy act was hiding something dark and ugly. While he didn't try to kill any of Jill's sisters, he did turn some Duggar fans against him by tweeting a bunch of hateful things about a transgender teenage girl named Jazz Jennings. Like the Duggars, Jazz stars on a TLC show, and Derick's tweets got him fired by TLC. Unfortunately, he didn't learn his lesson; he further cast himself as a villain by calling Nate & Jeremiah by Design stars Nate Berkus, his husband Jeremiah Brent, and their two young children a "travesty of a family."

Much like Princess Anna, naive Jill seemed oblivious that she was falling in love with a villain who possibly had ulterior motives in pursuing her. Some fans think that Derick is manipulative and ambitious just like Prince Hans. However, instead of pursuing a crown, they believe he's interested in using the Duggar name to make money and fund a jobless lifestyle that includes going on mission trips paid for by donations from Duggar fans.

Just like Hans, Derick caused a rift between Jill and her family. However, while the Duggars were thrilled that Derick popped the question just four months after he and Jill began courting, Hans's insta-proposal to Anna was a point of contention between her and her sister Elsa. Derick wouldn't put a strain on the relationship between Jill and her family members until years after his proposal. Because of his hateful tweets and subsequent firing, the Dillards have had to distance themselves from the rest of the Duggar family while they are filming special events for Counting On. There's also been speculation that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don't want the couple around because Derick has generated so much bad publicity.

Unfortunately, Jill Duggar never got the chance to fall for her own Kristoff; she has so many sisters, but not one of them pulled an Elsa by warning her not to rush into marrying the first guy who paid attention to her.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Princess Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty'

I wish Joy-Anna Duggar, the tomboy of the family, had pulled a Merida from Brave by rejecting all suitors and avoiding marriage for at least a few more years, but what's a girl to do when her only other option is to keep living in a house full of rowdy kids and controlling parents?

It was difficult thinking of a Disney princess Joy-Anna has a lot in common with, but what she has in common with all of them is her young marriage age; she wed Austin Forsyth at age 19. Princess Aurora is the best I could come up with, but she beat Joy-Anna in the rush to the altar; Sleeping Beauty was just 16 years old when she got hitched to Prince Phillip.

I can see an outdoorsy type like Joy-Anna enjoying living in a cottage in the woods and running around barefoot like Aurora/Briar Rose does in Sleeping Beauty, but she'd be more likely to shoot the woodland critters around her than to befriend them and dance around with them. Actually, she wouldn't be doing any dancing at all since her family thinks that it's sinful.

What Joy-Anna most has in common with Aurora is the evolution of her relationship with her future husband. In Sleeping Beauty, Aurora and Philip's fathers are close friends who decide to unite their kingdoms by betrothing their children when Aurora is just a baby. Philip first meets his future bride when she is an infant and he is a young child, and he's less than impressed. Joy-Anna and Austin also first met when they were younger. Austin was eight and Joy-Anna was five, and the Duggar daughter was not a fan of her future husband at first. However, just like Aurora and Philip, they eventually became romantically interested in one another.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been friends with the Forsyth family for many years, and while they didn't promise one of their daughter's hand in marriage to Austin, the thought of joining their families through marriage had to be in the backs of their minds. The Forsyths are the owners of a family camp that the Duggars like to frequent, so it was sort of like the joining of two fundie royal families, that of the Christian Camp Kingdom and the Realm of the Religious Reality Show Stars.

Kissing is very important in Sleeping Beauty, and touching lips is also a big deal to the Duggars. However, if the only away to awaken an unwed Joy-Anna was with true love's kiss, she'd have to sleep forever; a Duggar daughter is expected to wait until her wedding day to experience her first kiss. Joy-Anna also didn't have to deal with a curse from an evil fairy that kicked in on her sixteenth birthday, but she probably had to experience a different horror when she became a teen: extra warnings about the evils of sex from her parents.

One more thing Joy-Anna has in common with Aurora is her upbringing. Instead of being raised by her mother, Aurora spent most of her life being cared for by three fairies. Joy-Anna didn't have magical mommy stand-ins, but she has pretty much admitted that her older sister, Jill, raised her. However, her unusual upbringing wasn't the result of her parents' fear of a sleeping curse; because the Duggars have so many kids, the older girls are simply expected to act like sister moms to their younger siblings.

Jessa Duggar and Princess Jasmine from 'Aladdin'

What Jessa Duggar most has in common with Princess Jasmine besides her incredible head of hair is her personality. Much like the Disney princess, she's headstrong and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's the least demure Duggar daughter, and, just like Jasmine, she seems to have her man wrapped around her little finger. She also comes off as being more mature than her husband, which is similar to the dynamic between Jasmine and Aladdin.

Ben Seewald is a lot like Aladdin in that he fell in love with Jessa's looks first. He saw her on 19 Kids and Counting, and it sounds like he devised a way to meet her again. However, instead of using a genie to pose as a prince and get inside a castle, he began attending her family's church. He also visited her home in Arkansas under the guise of hanging out with her brothers.

Ben had something else in common with Aladdin. The "street rat" worried that he didn't have a chance with Jasmine because he was poor, and money was also an issue for Ben when he was pursuing his fundie princess. According to the Duggar husband, he worked overtime at a country club so he could make enough cash to drive down and visit his future bride. And just like Aladdin, Ben tried to hide something from Jessa because he was worried that it would hurt his chances with her. However, it wasn't the lack of a royal title; it was his age. He was 17 and Jessa was 20 when he first met her, so he grew facial hair in the hope that it would make him look closer to her age.

"I didn't want her to write me off as a possibility just because she thought I was too young," he wrote on his blog. "I wanted her to truly get to know me first and then I would reveal my age."

Do do you think these pairings of Duggar daughters and Disney princesses are accurate? Sound off below!