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Top 7 Tom Hardy Performances


Tom Hardy

Edward Thomas "Tom" Hardy is an English actor, film producer and former model, born September 15th, 1977, in Hammersmith, London. He made his feature film debut in "Black Hawk Dawn" in 2001 and his television debut in "Band Of Brothers" the same year. Hardy received his first Oscar nomination for "The Revenant" in 2015.

He has a son born in 2008 with ex-girlfriend, assistant director Rachael Speed. He married actress Charlotte Riley in July 2014. Their first child a son was born in October 2015.

1. Inception (2010)

Playing the sharp-tongued Eames, whose speciality is forgery and identity theft, Tom holds his own against stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The crowing moment comes when he one ups Joseph Gordon-Levitt by pulling out a weapon twice as big as his. Tom describes his character as "an old Graham Greene-type diplomat, sort of faded and shabby." His performance got him a lot of notice in the industry as well as mainstream recognition. Eames is known as one of Christopher Nolan's most underrated characters brought to life by Hardy's charm and wits.

Eames (Tom Hardy) and Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

2. Locke (2013)

This is an 80+ minute film where Tom Hardy is the only actor you see on-screen. He is just driving and talking on the phone. It sounds unbelievable, right? This piece is weirdly captivating, almost too real. It brought him the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards for Best Actor for his performance. It feels more like a documentary or a video diary then a traditional film as Hardy talks to his wife and sons, his boss, and his coworker, who is giving birth to his child. He imagines his dead father next to him in the car, cursing him for leaving his family. This film is unreadable, well acted, and very well written.


3. Peaky Blinders (2014 - 2016)

Joining this period crime-drama during its second season as Alfie Solomons, a Jewish gang leader, Hardy becomes one of the key characters as well as one of the most loved ones by fans and critics. A little funny and very much insane, his scenes consist of longer monologues which seem to be written specifically for him to enjoy and us to barely understand. As always, Hardy's charm can be felt though the screen. Even the viewers fall for his simple but clever lies.

Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) & Alfie Solomons ( Tom Hardy)

4. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Easily the coolest character in the film, Tom was practically unrecognisable as Bane. Commiting to the role to his fullest, he gained a massive amount of muscles in a few short months. But his physical transformation wasn't what blew everyone away, it was his mesmerizing portrayal of the comic book villain. Described as "a person jumped straight from the pages of the comic," his performance, including his way of speaking, has remained iconic in the superhero film genre.

Bane Blackgate Prison Speech

5. Warrior (2011)

A broken family and a great underdog story, accompanied with MMA fights and mystery. Warrior is set in such a way that you just cannot choose who to root for. Hardy's performance is brilliant. He starts off as the less-liked brother, hidden by a mysterious past. He is a damaged man who doesn't want anything to do with people, especially his family. As the film progresses, Tom's past is revealed and you start to feel his pain, so you're left with feelings of sympathy. Tom (Tom Hardy) vs. Brendan (Joel Edgerton), two brothers, face each other in the final battle. This is an emotional film that will surely bring you to tears in the end.

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Tommy meets Brendan - Forgiveness

6. Mad Max : Fury Road

Joining an already decades-old trilogy is nerve-racking, but replacing the lead is a completely different ball game. Tom Hardy comes on as a very different version of Max. It's a really strange film, and its minimalistic dialogue doesn't help at all. His performance, or lack of, sets the film in a different narrative. Max is just another human in this dystopian world rather than a shining film star. Rather than pushing the action, he guides the plot, shifting the audience more towards Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and the wives. This is one of the best action films out there. Every second is full of explosions and car chases though a desert.

Max vs. Furiosa

7. Legend (2015)

Set in London in the 1960s, and based on a true story, Hardy played the gangster twins to perfection. The film shows the underworld and its lifestyle. While it's wrong, you can't help but be sucked in. As Reggie Kray, he is slick and smooth, making sensible decisions but still being feared as a gangster. And as Ronnie Kray, he is just plain crazy and out of his mind. He does an amazing job at separating the twins. This is a film where Hardy shines more than the film itself.


His Upcoming Projects

The force that is Tom Hardy isn't stopping any time soon. The 41-year-old actor has some big projects coming in 2018/2019, such as:

Sony's Venom (2018): One of the most beloved anti-heros is hitting the big screen soon.

Cicero: Hardy will play Al Capone, Chicago's biggest gangster in the 1920s.

Mad Max - The Wasteland: A very much-needed action sequel.



Venom Trailer 2 - Out October 5th

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