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Top 5 Movies for Leonardo DiCaprio Fans

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Who Doesn't Love Leo?

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor who has charmed our television screens since the early 1990s and continues to be a popular actor today. He has won a large number of well-deserved awards, the most recent (as of August 2017) being the Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in The Revenant (2015).

According to his website, DiCaprio has been in 27 feature films to date and has been nominated or won 206 awards. He is most certainly a successful Hollywood actor.

He has appeared in various TV shows as well as movies, including Parenthood which ran from 1990 to 1991, and Growing Pains from 1985 to 1992. Since his early appearances, DiCaprio has established himself as one of Hollywood's most well-loved actors.

Aside from his acting work, DiCaprio is also an environmental activist. He has appeared in a lot of movies, and here are my top 5 favorites.

5. Blood Diamond (2006)

Blood Diamond tells the story of 1990s Sierra Leone ravaged by civil war. White South African mercenary (DiCaprio) and black Mende fisherman (played by Diimon Hounsou) join together to track down a precious gem that could transform their lives.

DiCaprio brought an already good script to life with his acting and his South African accent, which is a difficult one to imitate. I first watched this interesting movie in history class in school and it always stuck with me. Although the story is fictional, it sends a powerful story as to where diamonds really come from and their true price.

"Blood Diamond."

"Blood Diamond."

4. Titanic (1997)

Titanic is based on the true story of the famous huge ship, the RMS Titanic, that sunk after hitting an iceberg in 1912, killing between 1,490 and 1,635 people. Although the movie has some accuracy, the main characters, Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (DiCaprio) are fictional.

Rose is the daughter of a wealthy family and betrothed to an equally wealthy gentleman but is unhappy with her life. When she contemplates suicide, she meets Jack, an adventurous poor boy who loves to sketch and travel. Love blossoms amidst one of the most well-known ship sinkings in history.

It remains one of the most famous movies of all time. DiCaprio charmed audiences with his fun-loving character, Jack, who saved Rose in more ways than one. It's a tear-jerker that's great to watch with family or as a couple.

I first saw this movie when I was a child and my cousin cried thinking that DiCaprio really had died. It's one that I re-watch every couple of years and deserved its Academy Award for Best Picture.

3. Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island is a fantastic movie set in a fortress-like insane asylum on a remote island. After a patient seems to disappear from a locked room, Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) and his assistant (Mark Ruffalo) travel to the island to investigate. However, it seems that there are deeper secrets in the asylum and Teddy has to face his own fears to solve the mystery.

This action-packed thriller always keeps you guessing and is weird, entertaining, and exciting all at the same time. I recommend watching it with friends and seeing if you can guess the ending!

"Shutter Island."

"Shutter Island."

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2. Django Unchained (2012)

Django Unchained also stars Jamie Foxx and tells a powerful story of black slavery in the 1850s. An escaped slave (Foxx) sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal slave owner in Mississippi (DiCaprio).

The movie tells a fictional story based on real-life events and history. Some of the scenes are a bit upsetting but it's one of those movies you won't forget. DiCaprio plays a convincing role of a merciless rich slave owner who the audience just loved to hate. Fantastic performances were also given by Jamie Foxx and Samuel L Jackson.

"Django Unchained."

"Django Unchained."

1. Inception (2010)

Inception is one of those movies that you can watch again and again. The unique story is about Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) who has the rare ability to be able to enter people's dreams and steal secrets from their subconscious. This rare gift costs Cobb everything he loves but there's a chance for him to go back home if he can perform inception... the concept of planting an idea in one's mind.

This movie has some other favorite actors of mine such as Tom Hardy and Ken Watanabe, making the very clever story come to life. It's a somewhat mind-blowing movie with unique concepts and requires you to watch it more than once to get your head around it. This, in my opinion, is Leonardo DiCaprio's best movie.



Leonardo DiCaprio only seems to be getting better with time and has played many great roles that fans continue to enjoy. At only 42 years old, he still has many years of acting ahead of him and we hope to see more of this handsome Hollywood star in upcoming titles.


Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on October 25, 2017:

Thank you for commenting :) I haven't seen Catch Me If You Can, so I'll have to watch it and add it to this list. I agree, he's a great actor.

Thank you also for sharing that you lived in Japan, that's really cool! Would you like to visit again?

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on October 25, 2017:

He is a favorite of favorite movie of his is "Catch Me if you Can"....what I like about him is I feel he becomes the character....he makes me believe....and I do not feel he is 'acting.' Well done. thank you for sharing. Angels are on the way.

As an aside I lived in Japan on Tachikawa Air Base with my husband and daughter for 5 years in the seventies. Loved coming to Tokyo. Loved all this Japanese and still do.


Catherine Giordano from Orlando Florida on October 24, 2017:

My son loved Leonardo DiCaprio in "Catch Me If You Can." It is a really fun movie. Leonardo has made so many great movies. You mentioned a coupe that I have missed. I'll have to check for them on Netflix.

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on August 10, 2017:

Yeah there are definitely many DiCaprio movies to choose from. Thank you so much for commenting, it means a lot :)

Laura Smith from Pittsburgh, PA on August 09, 2017:

This is a good list. You could easily do another top five, and the movies would be equally as good. I just re-watched "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" last night, and his performance was not only Oscar-worthy but seemed to take on its own life. Arnie Grape feels like he's walking the earth separate from DiCaprio, still climbing trees and refusing to take a bath.

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on August 06, 2017:

Inception is definitely my favourite, too! Thank you so much for your comments!

Mamerto Adan from Cabuyao on August 06, 2017:

I'm never a Titanic fan, but I love inception and blood diamond.

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