How Tom Cruise Became the Celebrity Face of Scientology and a High-Ranking Leader in the Religion

Updated on May 27, 2018
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I'm fascinated by celebrities and their impact on culture. Whether it's fashion, gender, sexuality, or politics, stars influence society.

Tom Cruise enjoys many perks as a celebrity in the religion including a free Scientology workforce to clean his homes and fix his vehicles.
Tom Cruise enjoys many perks as a celebrity in the religion including a free Scientology workforce to clean his homes and fix his vehicles. | Source

The Religion of Tom Cruise

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled it a religion. In France they call it a cult. The German government perceives it as a threat to democracy. Other countries view it as nothing more than a money-making venture. While some say it's a force for good and others say it's dangerous, the controversial Church of Scientology is unanimously recognized worldwide as the religion of Tom Cruise. While many titillating rumors circulate about the actor's involvement within the organization, here are 7 questions and answers that set the record straight.

1. How Did Tom Cruise Become Involved in Scientology?

The actress, Mimi Rogers, introduced Tom Cruise to the religion when they started dating in 1986, and the two eventually married. Mimi's father was a friend of Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and helped build the Church in the 1950's. Mimi was born into the religion and grow up with its practices. She has since left the faith.

Because Cruise's star was on the rise at the time of their meeting, it's possible that Mimi targeted the sexy young actor. Cruise had skyrocketed to fame when starring in the teen blockbuster, Risky Business, and was a hot property in Hollywood. L. Ron Hubbard's strategy to promote Scientology included bringing celebrities into the fold. He believed they would shine a light on the religion and make it highly appealing to potential members. He even created Project Celebrity that offered rewards to those who recruited famous people. Through the decades, Scientology reportedly tried to recruit Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Will and Jada Smith, U2's Bono, David and Victoria Beckham, and Brad Pitt.

His first wife, Mimi Rogers, may have recruited Cruise into Scientology. He was a hot up-and-coming actor at the time and would have been coveted by the religion.
His first wife, Mimi Rogers, may have recruited Cruise into Scientology. He was a hot up-and-coming actor at the time and would have been coveted by the religion. | Source

2. What Did Tom Cruise Find Appealing about Scientology?

In most religions, members get treated the same regardless of their economic and social status. But Scientology sets itself apart by unabashedly giving preferential treatment to its celebrity followers. It even has set up Celebrity Centres for "artists, politicians, leaders of industry, sports figures and anyone with the power and vision to create a better world." It's not surprising that aging stars such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley love this universe where they're placed high above everyone else despite their poor box office receipts, cancelled television shows, and panned performances.

While Tom Cruise has clout in the movie business, it's paltry compared to what he enjoys within Scientology. In that bubble, he's treated like a demigod who—after thirty years of practice, study, and huge amounts of fees—has achieved the status of Operating Thetan VII. He now allegedly has super powers that include moving inanimate objects with his mind, leaving his body at will, and controlling the behavior of both animals and humans. It's also been reported that he now ranks high in the religion's leadership. Hubbard, although deceased, is still considered number one. David Miscavige, the current leader, is number two, and Cruise is number three.

Even though Elvis was wary of Scientology, his ex-wife, Priscilla, and daughter, Lisa, became long-time members. The religion reportedly tried to recruit Michael Jackson, Will Smith, David Beckham, and  Brad Pitt without success.
Even though Elvis was wary of Scientology, his ex-wife, Priscilla, and daughter, Lisa, became long-time members. The religion reportedly tried to recruit Michael Jackson, Will Smith, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt without success. | Source

3. Why Does Tom Cruise Date and Marry Women Who Don't Share His Religion?

While Cruise's first wife, Mimi Rogers, was born into Scientology, wife number two, Nicole Kidman, and wife number three, Katie Holmes, were both raised Catholic. This begs the question: Why would someone as devout as Tom Cruise choose to marry women outside his faith? Once again, the answer is found in L. Ron Hubbard's plan to expand Scientology by recruiting celebrities who, in turn, would attract new followers.

In the period between marriages two and three, Cruise dated actresses Penelope Cruz and Sophia Vergara. If he had been able to recruit these women into his religion, it would have been a tremendous accomplishment as they were considered “trophies.” Cruz from Spain and Vergara from Columbia would have brought attention to Scientology in their homelands, two countries where the religion hoped to expand.

It's been widely reported that Scientology played a significant role in finding Cruise a third wife, vetting young actresses such as Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba for the job. Ultimately, Cruise and his matchmakers settled on Katie Holmes—an actress 16 years his junior—who could bring a younger, hipper crowd to the faith.

4. What is Tom Cruise's relationship with Honcho, David Miscavige?

Tom Cruise has battled gay rumors for decades so, not surprisingly, some have suggested his close relationship with Scientology honcho, David Miscavige, is something other than best buddies. Those acquainted with the men, however, say neither one of them is gay but rather fiercely heterosexual and ultra-macho. They love to spend time with one another in manly pursuits such as parachuting, riding motorcycles, working out, gambling, and smoking Cuban cigars.

Miscavige keeps a close eye on Cruise, knowing the actor is key to Scientology's success. The duo worked together to open a new $50 million movie studio in Hollywood. They collaborated on Scientology Media Productions with the goal of controlling their religion's message and spreading it far and wide to followers.

5. What's Tom Cruise's Relationship With His Daughter, Suri?

According to supermarket tabloids, Cruise hasn't seen his daughter, Suri, in many years. This is impossible to verify, however, since the pair may get together in private—far away from photographer's lenses. What seems pretty certain is that Katie Holmes got deemed a suppressive person by the church after divorcing Cruise. As is the religion's practice, all members had to disconnect from Holmes following her excommunication.

Mike Rinder, a former high-ranking Scientologist until he left in 2007, believes Cruise received a special dispensation from the church that allows him time with Suri. Rinder believes Cruise chooses not to use it, though, because he doesn't want to look weak in the eyes of his buddy, David Miscavige. Since Holmes blindsided her husband with the divorce—secretly plotting her escape for months—Cruise doesn't want to kowtow to any of her requirements to see Suri.

6. Is Tom Cruise's Religion Hurting His Career?

While giving interviews to promote his movies, Tom Cruise was always the professional—talking about the dangerous stunts he performed, praising his co-stars, and discussing his character. But, this began to change in 2004 when Cruise fired his long-time publicist and replaced her with his sister, a fellow Scientologist. With this move, he began to use interviews to promote his religion and not his movies.

In 2005 Cruise went on a publicity tour for War of the Worlds, a science fiction thriller directed by Steven Spielberg. He gave his now infamous interview with Matt Lauer on Today—criticizing actress Brooke Shields for taking prescription medicine to treat her postpartum depression and proclaiming Ritalin a “street drug” that shouldn't get prescribed to treat ADHD in children. While coming off pompous and preachy during that interview, he left an even worse impression during a visit with Oprah Winfrey. He jumped on her couch, fell to his knees, and acted like a blathering idiot while declaring his love for Katie Holmes. This all seemed rather disingenuous for a twice-divorced 42-year-old man who had only been dating the actress for a matter of weeks.

According to insiders, Spielberg was less than pleased at how Cruise presented himself on the publicity tour. The director felt his behavior hurt the film. The two have not worked together since, and Cruise has never lived down those unhinged moments that live forever on youtube.

7. What Does the Future Hold for Tom Cruise?

Now in his fifties, Tom Cruise's days as a sexy leading man are behind him. He doesn't get to eye the best scripts any more and hot young directors no longer yearn to work with him. Therefore, he stays busy with series such as Mission Impossible and Jack Reacher.

Although rumors pop up from time to time that he's leaving Scientology, it seems extremely unlikely. In his religion, Cruise enjoys tremendous power and privilege, and it would be difficult to walk away from that. With his involvement in their new Hollywood movie studio, it seems Cruise's commitment to his faith is stronger than ever.

Thoroughly Fascinating Documentary

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison Of Belief - The HBO Special
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison Of Belief - The HBO Special

After reading Lawrence Wright's book, I couldn't wait to watch this documentary based on it. Believe me, it didn't disappoint and won multiple Emmy awards including Best Documentary. I felt like I was getting the true scoop since both the book and documentary were thoroughly researched to prevent lawsuits from the hyper-litigious leaders of Scientology. I loved hearing how Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and other celebrities get treated like royalty while regular members scrubbed toilets and detailed Cruise's motorcycles for chump change.


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