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The Nasty Feud Between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker

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Kim Cattrall & Sarah Jessica Parker. Friends, or feuding?

Kim Cattrall & Sarah Jessica Parker. Friends, or feuding?

Unless you were living underneath a rock toward the end of the 1990s and most of the 2000s, you knew the names Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York.

Even if you didn't watch the show, Sex and the City was so popular that there was virtually no way to escape knowing at least something about the four vivacious characters and the women who played the roles.

If you watched the show, you know the girls were a foursome of tight friends who did absolutely everything together. They partied, laughed, grieved, and celebrated life together. In fact, the show was somewhat of a celebration of the bond between women who transcend friendship and move toward a sisterhood as tight as, and sometimes tighter, than blood.

Fans of the show adored the girls, they relished their bond, and most fans gained comfort in the feeling that the actresses who played the roles were just as close as their characters.

However, the fantasies of many fans have been crushed with the recent knowledge that Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones) cannot stand Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), and they've apparently never been friends. Stay with me for the details.

Kim Cattrall said no to a third SITC film, and later said no to the television reboot.

Kim Cattrall said no to a third SITC film, and later said no to the television reboot.

According to Kim Cattrall, she was approached by Sarah Jessica Parker and the producers of Sex and the City to participate in the third film in December of 2016. In a 2017 interview with television host and journalist Piers Morgan, Cattrall told him and the entire world that she politely turned down the offer to star in a third or any subsequent film.

During the interview, she stated she thanked them for the offer, wished the cast and franchise well, and that maybe they could get someone else to play the Samantha Jones role (as IF...).

The interview was memorable because she went on to say that perhaps they could get an African American or Latino woman to play the role and give someone else the opportunity that she no longer desired. Cattrall didn't seem to be throwing shade at all, she appeared to be very genuine in her words.

The actress further explained that she was in her early 60s, the other girls are at least ten years younger than her, and she was in a completely different place in her life. She felt that Sex in the City was at its best when it was a television show, and if the others wanted to move forward with a third film, it was their choice.

The press surrounding Kim Cattrall's stance on a third film painted her in a negative light. It seemed that Cattrall was dragging out her answer in hopes of getting more money, and being an overall diva by making the other women and the world wait for her answer.

However, Cattrall maintains that her answer was and always has been a respectful, but firm no to a third film. As the interview went on, Piers Morgan eventually asked Cattrall about the status of the women's relationship. That is when the plot got thicker.

The world was waiting to hear how well they all got along, but instead, Cattrall stated that they never got along, they were merely colleagues the entire time. She specifically called out Sarah Jessica Parker, stating that she "could have been nicer," and she helped fuel the flaming lie that Kim Cattrall was "the bad guy" for saying no to the third film.

The actress went on to state that she never asked for any money, and she never "held out" on her answer. When Morgan pressed her further and asked if she was at least friends with any of them, she stated that they all have children, she's much older, she spends most of her time outside of New York, and finally...the common ground they had was the series, and the series is over. She hadn't even spoken to any of them in years.

Then, she went on to say something that made her version of the events seem all the more truthful. She stated that normally when one turns down a role, there are well wishes all around. She stated earlier that she would be in the audience of any subsequent Sex and the City film, cheering them all on. However, no one wished her well, and she felt the result of her declining the third film created a toxic response. Sarah Jessica Parker should have simply been nicer about the issue.

The story had been out for almost a year about how Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker never really got along. We heard rumors for years, but this time the show was over, and the words came straight from Cattrall's mouth.

For her part, Parker did the talk show circuit and feigned ignorance about the two not getting along. She did, at one point, make a decent point that the show was on the air during the same time as The Sopranos, and no one constantly harped on how well the guys from that show were or weren't getting along.

The Catrall-Parker flame burned out. I mean, the show was over a decade ago, the last film was a flop, SJP was outed for being the mean girl that she is, and Cattrall had effectively killed Samantha Jones, so no one really cared anymore. But then, all hell broke loose.

In February of 2018, Kim Cattrall's brother, Christopher Cattrall, went missing. She took to social media to request that if anyone saw her brother, please alert the police. Unfortunately, Chris' body was found on his property, where he died of natural causes.

An outpouring of condolences came to Cattrall via social media from all over the world, including her celebrity friends and fans, and one from her former Sex in the City cast-mate, Cynthia Nixon. It appeared that Nixon had called Cattrall as well. But then, Sarah Jessica Parker, who apparently couldn't leave well enough alone sent tweeted "her love and support" to Cattrall, and that was the sin that did Jezebel in.

Kim Cattrall's Tweeted response to Sarah Jessica Parker's "love and support" after the death of Cattrall's brother.

Kim Cattrall's Tweeted response to Sarah Jessica Parker's "love and support" after the death of Cattrall's brother.

I don't know what more there is to say after that. It appears to some that Sarah Jessica Parker was extending an olive branch, genuinely heartbroken at the loss Cattrall must have felt due to the loss of her brother, or trying to save face in response to being outed as the mean girl.

I don't really know, no one knows except probably the cast and crew of the show. We can guess all we want, but that's all it'll be... just us guessing.

I do know this. Kim Cattrall, and apparently her family, are not fans of Sarah Jessica Parker, and they just want her to stay away from Kim. Cattrall clearly doesn't have time for SJP's nonsense, so Parker should just stop.