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The Life of Anna Nicole Smith

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Anna Nicole with her first husband and her son.

Anna Nicole with her first husband and her son.

Anna Nicole, the Girl From Texas

Anna Nicole Smith was born on November 28, 1967, in Houston, Texas. She was raised by her mother in extreme poverty. Anna Nicole eventually had five half siblings and due to lack of parental discipline, she began failing in school which led to her eventually dropping out.

At the age of 16, Anna Nicole Smith was a high school dropout who lacked parental support and guidance, which led to her drifting into minimum wage jobs such as at her local fried chicken restaurant where she met Billy Wayne Smith, the 17-year-old fried chicken cook who was also drifting through various stages of poverty, as he found work and lost jobs on a regular basis.

It is unclear what brought the 17-year-old to marry Anna Nicole so soon into their relationship, but the couple was married while Anna Nicole was only 16, and she gave birth to a boy just nine months after the wedding. Her son's name was Daniel Wayne Smith.

In 1987, just one year after their marriage, the couple separated and Anna began working in Wal-Mart to support Daniel. She then found employment at the Red Lobster restaurant, but being undisciplined, her money was being spent faster than she could earn it. Anna was a girl with a naturally pretty face but her figure was nothing great, however, knowing that her own expensive tastes would mean that her earnings as a waitress could not sustain her alone, not to mention she and her son both, Anna Nicole began to diet so that she could find employment as a stripper. With the money she was making by giving lap dances and being kind to strange men, Anna was able to afford acting and modeling lessons as well as diction classes. She may have been from humble beginnings but she was thinking like a true capitalist while still in her early 20s. In the early 90s, she posed for Playboy and she began to receive some attention.

Anna was asked to strip at one of the more expensive strip joints in Houston, but was not well received due to her adequate-looking big body with small breasts. Her career was blossoming but not really moving along the fast track. This led Anna to try a number of stage names and personas, most notably, "the new Marilyn Monroe" to help gain some recognition. Anna moved on to another strip joint called Gigi's where she met a billionaire oil tycoon in his late 90s and began an affair with him. His name was J. Howard Marshall and he lavished expensive gifts on the beautiful Anna Nicole, even buying her extra large sized breast implants. In 1994 when she was only 26, Anna Nicole Smith married the billionaire oil tycoon when he was 98.

Her big break came when she landed a Guess Jeans contract. Her photographers knew what to do with her as they shot her in stunning black and white and compared her to Jayne Mansfield. Smith was an overnight hit, but her life was not running smoothly as she was involved in a lawsuit early on in her career. The very liberal New York magazine told Anna Nicole that she would be used for their magazine and portrayed as the all American girl, but when the magazine was published, the caption read, "white trash nation," referring to her race, and the fact that she originates from a red state. Anna was heartbroken by the deception and the incident hurt her career.

Now that Anna Nicole was married to a man in his 90s, and she had been photographed as "white trash," she was becoming the subject of gossip all over the country. In 1995, when her husband died, she would endure endless court battles with his children who claimed that they had more right to their father's fortune than his young wife who was never around.

Anna Nicole, Guess Model

Anna Nicole, Guess Model

Anna Nicole and Her Billionaire Husband

Anna Nicole and Her Billionaire Husband

Anna Becomes A Model & Faces Tragedy

For the rest of the 1990s and 2000s, Anna Nicole did very little as far as modeling or acting in any movies. She seemed to average about one performance per year, yet made regular appearances on talk shows attempting to gain a persona for herself that did not need to be fueled by regular appearances in movies, in the fashion of the celebrated Gabor sisters. But things never seemed to go smoothly for Anna Nicole, as she was constantly in the spotlight for her battles with her late husband's children, and her enormous weight gain. It seemed that Anna Nicole lost her stunning looks as soon as she gained them.

Photos of Anna in her glory, Guess years and her ballooned look being compared side by side were on every newsstand. It seemed that Anna Nicole knew how to get publicity but she did not know how to gain respectability.

She was used as often as Los Angeles tap water once she arrived in Hollywood and quickly became addicted to prescription medications. Her outlandish behavior combined with her larger-than-life figure made her the butt of all jokes in Hollywood. She soon was given a reality television show called simply, "Anna Nicole" in which she is obviously out of her mind and slurs her words often. A strange, shadowy figure is at her side throughout this part of her life, her attorney/freeloader friend, Howard Stearn. He shows no concern for what is clearly a problem with either alcohol or drugs and seems to cheer her on when making a spectacle of herself.

Anna surprised everyone when she went on a crash diet and ended up looking much as she did in her prime. She then surprised all when she announced that she was pregnant. The father of her unborn baby was shrouded in mystery.

Anna's life seemed to be getting back on track when she went to the hospital to give birth to her daughter, but as was the pattern in her life, one good thing was replaced with a tragedy.

Her daughter Dannie Lynn Hope Marshall Stern was born and Anna's son came to the hospital to visit his mother and new half sister, then died suddenly at the age of 20 due to an overdose of methadone.

Anna had always thought that her son was the most important person in her life and was lost after his death.

Anna Nicole Smith Gaining Weight

Anna Nicole Smith Gaining Weight

Anna Nicole Was Stunning in Guess Ads

Anna Nicole Was Stunning in Guess Ads

Anna Nicole Overdoses

Just over one year after the death of her son, Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in a Florida hotel. Her death was ruled as a drug overdose. She was taking several benzodiazepines, including Valium.

After her death, the subject of who her one-year-old daughter's father really was became the talk of Hollywood. Legal battles were turning up along with obscure fortune hunters claiming to have had an affair with Anna Nicole. Her lawyer, Howard Stern, has been criticized for having a secret relationship with Anna Nicole, and never admitting that he was intimate with her until after her death. Some friends even blamed him for her death, while many men still battle over Anna's money and custody of her daughter.


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