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Updated on May 30, 2018
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Blond Sex Symbol and Rival to Marilyn Monroe

Jayne Mansfield, a 1950s blond sex symbol and rival to Marilyn Monroe, had a film career that lasted from 1954 to 1966 with a total of 27 films to her credit.

She was thought of as a Marilyn Monroe clone, but in reality she was no such thing, she had a style and personality all her own. It looked as though, with a few hits under her belt like Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? and The Girl Can't Help It, that she was in for a long and prosperous career.

Because of Monroe's "temperamental attitude" 20th Century Fox was always on the lookout for her replacement. At first, they thought that Sheree North was the one for the job, but when things didn't work out well, Fox was on the lookout for someone else and they settled on Jayne. It all seemed to be falling into place, but sadly, a few wrong film choices and her career seemed to lose steam and she found herself making films outside of the USA, many of which were low budget and simply not worthy of her time and effort.

Jayne died in a car crash June 29, 1967 in Slidell, Louisiana. She was only 34 years old.

(1955) The Female Jungle

Lobby card showing Jayne
Lobby card showing Jayne
  • The Plot: A young starlet has been murdered and it’s possible that off duty cop Jack Stevens (Lawrence Tierney) just might be the culprit. Witnesses claim to have seen him leaving a nightclub with the young woman who turns up dead a few hours later. Stevens has no recollection of of what transpired as he was simply too drunk to remember. His investigation leads him to several suspects who all have motives for wanting to kill the young actress. There is gossip columnist Claude Almstead (John Carradine), artist Alex Voe (Burt Kaiser) who painted a beautiful portrait of her, Voe’s wife Peggy (Kathleen Crowley) who works at the club where the starlet was last seen alive and finally Voe’s own mistress the beautiful and sexy Candy Price (Jayne) who desperately wants Voe to divorce his wife and marry her.
  • Other info: This was a B grade film noir movie and the original title was to be The Hangover , which to me makes for a better title. It was her first movie role and she was super excited. The budget was extremely low and the movie was filmed in 10 days. She received $100 per week, some sources claim she was paid $150 for her work. Jayne herself states in some interviews that she earned less than $200 for her first role.

(1955) Illegal

  • The Plot: Edward G. Robinson stars as Victor Scott, a district attorney who has a reputation for winning every case. When he realizes, at the last minute that he has sent the wrong man to the electric chair, he tries in vain to have the execution stopped. His failure begins to eat away at his conscience, he quits his job and begins to drink heavily. He eventually begins to work for the mob as their lawyer, defending hoods and murders and the like. Scott comes back to the side of “good” when his former associate, lawyer Ellen Miles (Nina Foch) is accused of being an informer to the mob. She also has killed her own husband in self defense, but the cops think she murdered him because he found bout about her secret and she had to silence him. Jayne has a small role as Angel O’Hara, a young woman whose testimony on the stand clears Ellen and reveals the real informer.
  • This is a remake of a 1932 film The Mouthpiece . W.R. Burnett scripted the film and he also scripted such films as High Sierra, Little Caesar, and The Asphalt Jungle.
  • Jayne’s role was small and received very little attention and when she was mentioned, it seemed that the reviewers were comparing her role to the role that Marilyn played in The Asphalt Jungle. Though they acknowledged that Jayne was a beauty, they saw her role as a feeble intimation of Marilyn’s work.

(1955) Pete Kelly's Blues

Jayne in Pete Kelly's Blues
Jayne in Pete Kelly's Blues
  • The Plot:It’s 1927 and jazz musician Pete Kelly (Jack Webb who also produced and directed the film) works in a Kansas City speakeasy and is being strong armed by mob boss Fran McCarg (Edmond O’Brien) into hiring his alcoholic girlfriend, Rose a role played by singer Peggy Lee, that earned her an Oscar nomination. Rose and Pete fall in love, but even love can’t cure Rose’s alcoholism
  • Jayne has another very small role in this film, in fact she is on screen for about 20 seconds as a cigarette girl working in the speakeasy.
  • If you like jazz then you just might enjoy this film. Co starring Janet Leigh, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Lee Marvin and Martin Milner.
  • Peggy sings: He Needs Me, Somebody Loves Me, and Sugar. Ella sings Hardhearted Hannah and Pete Kelly’s Blues

(1955) Hell on Frisco Bay

Jayne with Perry Lopez
Jayne with Perry Lopez
  • The Plot: Alan Ladd is Steve Rollins a former cop who has been set up by the mob for murder and sentenced to a prison term. When he is released, he determines to go in search of the real killer, who turns out to be dead. But, Rollins discovers that the man who masterminded the set up, Victor Amato (Edward G. Robinson) is still very much alive. It’s your typical tale of a man seeking justice that is tainted with revenge.
  • This 1955 film had Jayne in a very small role. She is having dinner at a night club when her date is taken into the men’s room by Ladd’s character and beaten up. She has a few lines of dialog when a she asks a stranger passing by if he has any transportation..his reply is “no, but I do have a whip”. Jayne received no credit for working in this film.
  • This movie was produced by Alan Ladd's own production company, Jaguar Productions.

(1955) The Burglar

  • The Plot: Nat Harbin (Dan Duryea) is a professional thief who has set his sights on an emerald necklace that spiritualist “Sister Sarah” (Phobee MacKay) has inherited. Getting his apprentice, Gladden (Jayne) to pretend to be an admirer of the Sister, she gains entrance to her home and cases the place, then in turn gives Harbin the info necessary to successfully steal the necklace. It seems like they have made their escape, but as it turns out there is a police detective who is just a crooked as Harbin and who happens to want to get his hands on the necklace, too.
  • Jayne was loaned out by Warner Brothers to make this independent film. She was really happy with this role because it didn’t involve anything but acting. There was no emphasis on her breasts or her body, just her work as an actress.
  • Based on the book of the same name by author David Goodis. This movie was filmed in 1955, but not released until 1957, after Jayne had become a star.

(1956) The Girl Can't Help It

  • The Plot: Jayne plays Jerri Jordon, the girlfriend of one time top mobster Fats Murdoch (Edmond O’Brien) His desire is to turn his nobody of a girlfriend into a singing sensation and he hires one time top agent, but now down on his luck, Tom Miller (Tom Ewell) to promote her and make her into a success. The problem is, Jerri doesn’t want anything to do with a career, she just wants to be a wife. Things start to go wrong as Jerri and Tom realize they are falling in love with each other…where does that leave Fats?
  • Jayne was hoping that Warner Brothers would offer her good quality roles after seeing her work in The Burglar, but was surprised and upset when they dropped her. Her agent told her to not worry, he would get her work on Broadway, but she wasn’t too impressed with that idea. She wanted to be a movie star. But, she went to New York and auditioned for a part in George Axelrod’s Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? and got the part of Rita Marlowe. The play was a success and while working on it, she was offered a role in the film The Girl Can’t Help It . So, while not working on Broadway, she was busy filming The Girl Can’t Help It . The play, Rock Hunter, eventually closed after 20th Century Fox bought the rights to it, so they could turn it into a movie starring you guessed it… Jayne.
  • While working on the Broadway show, she was called "Broadway's Smartest Dumb Blonde".
  • Mansfield wore 18 different costumes in the film, all designed by Charles LeMaire.
  • This 1956 movie is considered one of the earliest rock and roll films.
  • Song List:
  1. "Cry Me a River'-Julie London
  2. "Blue Monday"-Fats Domino
  3. "You'll Never Never Know I Care"-The Platters
  4. "She's Got It" and 'Ready Teddy'-Little Richard
  5. "Be Bop a Lu"-Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps
  6. "Rockin' is Our Bizness"-The Treniers
  7. "Cool It Baby"-Eddie Fontaine
  8. "Cinnamon Sinner"-The Chuckles
  9. "Spread the Word"- Abbey Lincoln
  10. "I Ain't Gonna Cry No More" and "My Idea of Love"-Johnny Olenn
  11. "Tempo's Tempo"-Nina Tempo
  12. "20 Flight Rock"-Eddie Cochran
  13. "Blue Suede Shoes"-Barry Gordon
  14. "Rock Around the Rock Pile"-Ray Anthony and his Orchestra

(1957) Kiss Them For Me

  • The Plot: It's World War II, and Lieutenant Commander Andy Crewson (Cary Grant) and two of his ship mates have a four day leave in San Francisco, but the problem is all of the hotels are booked solid. But Crewson comes up with a plan, he will just borrow a very expensive suite that is reserved for someone else. The boys decide to throw a big party and the end up meeting all kinds of interesting people, including Alice Kratzner (Jayne) who has come in search of free nylon stockings. Also showing up is the beautiful and icy Gwinneth Livingston (Suzy Parker) who is there looking for suite’s intended guest.
  • Jayne was advised to refuse this role for several reasons: It was too small. Her character didn't get Grant's character at the end of the film and she didn't receive top female billing, this went to Suzy Parker. But, Jayne didn't want to miss the chance to work with Cary Grant and she was afraid that if she was out of the limelight for too long that it would hurt her career.
  • Based on the book "Shore Leave" by Frederic Wakeman.

(1957) Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

  • The Plot: Adman Rockwell Hunter (Tony Randall) needs to come up with an ad campaign for Stay Put Lipstick or the company is going to take their business elsewhere and Rockwell will be without a job. One day he sees beautiful actress Rita Marlowe and he immediately gets an idea…she has kissable lips and would be the perfect spokeswoman for the lipstick brand. He approaches her and makes the sales pitch and she is willing to do it, if he will pretend to be her latest boyfriend (Lover Doll) in order to make her ex, Bobo (Jayne’s real life hubby at the time, Mickey Hargitay) jealous. Rock agrees and things really take off and one has to ask, will success indeed spoil Rock Hunter?
  • The play was written by George Axelrod (who also wrote The Seven Year Itch). The original title of the play was to be "Will Success Spoil Rock Hudson?", but it had to be changed because his studio would not allow the use of his name. (1)
  • While many said that the character of Rita Marlowe was a spoof of Marilyn Monroe, there are many who disagree and believe that it really was a spoof on Jayne herself, at least in the film version of the play. It is interesting to note that in real life she would sometimes introduce herself as Jayne Marlowe.
  • Jayne originated the role of Rita Marlowe on the Broadway stage in 1955 and this film was originally released to American audiences on July 29, 1957.
  • This was Mickey Hargitay's big screen debut.


(1) "Story Written on Rock Hunter and His Success." Sarasota Herald Tribune 9 Oct. 1955: 12. Print

(1957) The Wayward Bus

Jayne with Dan Dailey
Jayne with Dan Dailey
  • Bus driver Johnny Chicoy (Rick Jason) makes a run twice a week between Rebel and San Juan. His wife, Alice (Joan Collins) operates their cafe an gas station and has a little bit of a drinking problem, too. Most of the action, if you can call it that, takes place on the bus ride. We then meet Camille Oakes (Jayne) who tells fellow passenger, traveling salesman Ernest Horton (Dan Dailey) that she is a dental assistant. But, as the film progresses, we learn the truth, she is really a dancerand is heading for a new higher paying job in San Juan.As the bus moves along, each passenger has a life altering moment. The bus does eventually get stuck, thanks to bad weather and the passengers have to be rescued by helicopter, but not before Camille and Ernest discover they are in love and want to marry.
  • This 1957 black and white film, when released received lukewarm response from critics. 20th Century Fox wanted to keep Jayne busy and in the public eye and they were also hoping that this popular Steinbeck novel turned into a movie, would appeal to audiences the same way that Marilyn Monroe’s dramatic turn in the Bus Stop did.
  • A June 1956 newspaper article speculated that Robert Mitchum would get the lead male role of the bus driver. The same article said that while Jayne had been considered for a role in the film, that her Broadway commitment would not allow her to take the role.

(1958) The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw

  • Plot: Jonathan Tibbs (Kenneth More) is a Londoner who has inherited the family gunsmith business. He decides that the best place to show off his wares is in America’s Wild West.When he gets to Fractured Jaw he is tricked into taking on the position of sheriff. Jayne plays sharpshooter, Kate who falls in love with this stiff upper lipped London transplant and is going to do her best to keep him alive.
  • This English film was shot in Spain and Jayne loved the story line. It was a comedy that emphasized her body of course, but it was a totally different kind of comedy role for her. She performs two songs in the film that were actually dubbed by singer Connie Francis.
  • Henry Hull who has a part in the film was also the wolfman in the 1935 Universal film Werewolf of London which was 6 years before Lon Chaney Jr would make the role forever his own!
  • Jayne was pregnant during the filming of this movie. The role required a lot of movement and Jayne would joke that her son probably got more exercise before he was born than he will ever again. One of the reasons that is given for her career fizzling out, is that she was pregnant a lot and the studios found it difficult to push her a sex symbol. Jayne wanted a large family, she dreamed of having at least ten children.

(1960) The Challenge

Jayne in The Challenge  sometimes known as It Takes a Thief
Jayne in The Challenge sometimes known as It Takes a Thief
  • The Plot: Jayne is Billy, a tough cookie for sure. She is the boss of a gang of burglars. Anthony Quayle is Jim a member of the gang who is in love with her. After a very profitable job, Jim hides the loot and is then caught by the police. He goes to prison for five years, but meanwhile some of the members of the gang are searching for missing money. When Jim is released from prison, his young son is kidnapped by a member of the gang in an attempt to make Jim reveal the hiding place. Working with Jayne and the authorities, he gets his son back safely and is able to break up the gang.
  • This is a British crime drama and when released in foreign markets it was done so under the title The Challenge and when released in the USA the name was changed to It Takes a Thief.
  • Jayne sings one song in this film The Challenge of Love .

(1960) The Loves Of Hercules

  • The Plot: While Hercules is off being a hero, his village is invaded and his wife is killed by the army of Licos (Massimo Serato) as part of his diabolical plan to become King of Ecalia, never mind the fact that it already has a ruling king on the throne. His plan is to have Hercules, in his desire of revenge, come to Ecalia, kill the current king, leaving the throne empty and just waiting for a new ruler to take over. When Hercules learns of his wife’s death, he does indeed seek out the King of Ecalia, but before he can kill him, Queen Deianira (Jayne) steps in and offers herself to Hercules. He can take out his horrible revenge on her and leave the people of Ecalia in peace. He agrees and ties her to a wall and proceeds to throw axes at her, but each one misses revealing that she and the people of Ecalia are innocent pawns in the plans of Licos.
  • Jayne 4 months pregnant while filming this movie. She agreed to star in it only if Mickey was accepted to play Hercules. The movie was probably inspired by the success of the series of Steve Reeve movies. It was a big hit in Italy.
  • Movie is also know as Hercules Vs The Hydra.

(1961) The George Raft Story

  • The Plot: George Raft (Ray Danton) is a dancer and he finds himself mixed up with the mob. When he finds himself in hot water with mobster Frank Donatella (Joe de Santis) he decides to take off for Hollywood where he ends up getting a role in the 1932 film Scarface as the coin tossing henchman and the rest as they say is history. Jayne is Lisa Lang, the woman George lives with at least until his mother dies, then he and Lisa part company. George’s career takes a turn for the worse but it saved when he is offered the role in the Marilyn Monroe film Some Like It Hot.
  • Supposedly the character of Lisa Lang was based on Betty Grable who used to date George. The movie itself seems a little bit messy as it can't seem to decide if it should focus on George’s life as a member of the mob (some question just how deeply ingrained he was) or whether it should tell the story of his rise to fame in Hollywood. I am really not sure if either of these events is all that interesting enough to deserve a movie about them?
  • The title song, Lonely Gal Lonely is performed by Julie London.
  • Blond sex symbol Barbara Nichols portrays Texas Guinan and she performed You've Got to See Mama Every Night.

(1962) Playgirl After Dark

  • The Plot: Johnny Solo (Leo Genn) runs the successful nightclub The Pink Flamingo. His star attraction and love is Midnight Franklin (Jayne). Things turn dangerous when Johnny is threatened by the local mob to pay protection money or else some bad things might happen.
    Also troubling Johnny is his main competitor rival club owner Diamonds Dielli (Sheldon Lawrence), who would love to see Johnny out of business.
  • Jayne sings “Too Hot to Handle”, “You Were Made For Me”, "Monsoon and Midnight”.
  • When shown in foreign markets it was titled Too Hot To Handle , but when shown in the US, the title was changed to Playgirl After Dark, which to me is a simply horrible title for a movie.
  • The movie was banned in some cities, because Jayne's costumes were simply too revealing!
  • Ian Fleming who would go on to write the James Bond series of books has a small role in this movie.

(1962) It Happened in Athens

  • The Plot: The story revolves around Spiridon Loues (Trax Colton) a young shepherd boy who decides he wants to enter the 1896 Olympics. While in Athens, he meets a pretty girl from his village who is the personal maid to Eleni Costa (Jayne) Greece’s most famous movie star. In a publicity stunt, Eleni promises to marry the winner of the 26 mile marathon as she is confident that her lover, Lieutenant Vinardos (Nico Minardos) will win.
  • While filming in Greece, Jayne often "complained" that she could not go anywhere without being followed by hoards of photographers.
  • This comedy was Jayne’s last film to be released by 20th Century Fox and though released in 1962, it was actually filmed in 1960 in Greece. The movie received mostly negative reviews and was not a box office hit.
  • This was the last film allowed to be filmed with the Acropolis as the background. A decree issued by the Greek government to ban filming at religious shrines went into effect immediately after photography was completed.
  • Jayne had only a rather small part in the film, but because the studio (20th Century Fox) was in dire need of cash, her billing was bumped up in hopes of attracting viewers. It didn’t appear to work.

(1963) Homesick for St. Pauli

  • The plot: Jayne is Evelyne in this film made in West Germany. She plays an American singer who is traveling to Hamburg Germany by ship when she catches the attention of Jimmy Jones (Freddy Quinn) who is coming back to St. Pauli because he is homesick.
  • Jayne’s speaking voice was dubbed by another actress, but her singing voice is her own as she performs two songs.
  • More info: This film was never released to the general public in the US. It was shown in some theaters in Yorktown,a predominantly German neighborhood in New York.

(1963) Promises! Promises!

Dream sequence from Promises! Promises!  Jayne with Tommy Noonan.
Dream sequence from Promises! Promises! Jayne with Tommy Noonan.
  • The Plot: Sandy Brooks (Jayne)is married to script writer Jeff (Tommy Noonan) who is so stressed out that he can’t make love her, which is a problem considering she wants to have a baby. In an attempt to get hubby to relax so they can try for a baby, the couple decide to take a pleasure cruise where they meet up with another couple, Claire and King Banner (Marie McDonald and Mickey Hargitay). After a night of drinking too much, the couples end up switching partners and both woman eventually discover they are pregnant and now the big mystery is just who is the father of their babies?
  • The most famous thing about this movie is the nude scenes that Jayne has, which is why the film was banned in a few cities. This “bad” publicity didn’t bother Jayne one bit, she felt it was good for the film as it got folks interested in seeing it, who might have originally passed it up and I think she was probably right.
  • The movie isn't really a bad film but it is probably best known because of Jayne’s nudity. She does sing two songs "Lu-Lu-Lu" and "Promise Her Anything". It was rumored that Jayne and Tommy had an affair while the movie was in production.
  • Playboy magazine did a pictorial and small write-up after visiting the set of the film. They ran the story in their June 1963 issue and they titled it "The Nudest Jayne Mansfield". Supposedly, she received no monetary compensation for the story.

(1964) Panic Button

  • The Plot: To solve his tax problems, businessman Frank Pagano (Michael Connors) decides to finance a movie about Romeo and Juliet that will be a complete bust. He hires Philippe Fontaine (Maurice Chevalier) Louise Harris (Eleanor Parker) and Angela (Jayne) to star in it putting all the wrong actors and writers together he is bound to have a flop on his hands. The film gets made, the audiences and critics love it thinking its is a witty parody and it even wins awards!
  • If this idea sounds a little familiar to you, yes Mel Brooks took this same idea and employed it quite wonderfully actually in the movie The Producers.
  • This film was made in 1962, but was not released to theaters in the US until April of 1964.

(1964) Dog Eat Dog

Jayne from Dog Eat Dog
Jayne from Dog Eat Dog
  • The Plot: Three thieves, Lylle Corbett (Cameron Mitchell), Dolph Kostis (Ivor Salter) and Darlene (Jayne) make off with one million dollars and flea to a deserted island. Each one is scheming to come up with a way to get the entire fortune for himself. As it turns out their island isn’t all that deserted as they find themselves up against several other folks who want the money for themselves as well and who will go to great lengths to get it.
  • This movie is based on the best selling book "When Strangers Meet" by Michael Elkins. Before the movie was released, Jayne told her friend Ray Strait that she thought it was Oscar material. But, once the movie was finished, nothing really came of it.

(1964) Primitive Love

  • The Plot: I am not certain as to how to explain the plot of this film, I think it is safe to say that it really doesn’t have much of one. Jayne portrays Dr. Jane an anthropologist who discusses the love lives of primitive and modern man. She intends to prove that no matter the time frame involved or culture, that mankind loves and makes love the same way the world over.
  • Along for the ride are Franco and Ciccio, an Italian comedy team (Martin and Lewis they are not!) as bellhops who spend a lot of time trying sneak peaks at Jayne, in various states of undress while she is in her hotel room.
  • The film uses a lot of stock film footage.

(1965) The Loved One

Jayne with Robert Morse
Jayne with Robert Morse
  • The Plot: This is a satire on the funeral industry. Robert Morse stars as Dennis Barlow, a young Englshman who visits his uncle (John Gielgud) in Los Angeles who eventually hangs himself after being fired from a job he held for thirty years. Dennis is then convinced to bury his uncle in the Whispering Glades Cemetery, owned by Reverend Wilbur Glenworthy (Jonathan Winters) who is, in public, a revered religious leader, but who in private really views the cemetery as nothing but a business venture.
  • Jayne had a brief appearance in the film, playing the receptionist at the cemetery, but unfortunately, all of her scenes were cut from the film.
  • Jayne would have a cameo appearance in another Robert Morse film, A Guide for the Married Man.

(1966) The Fat Spy

  • The Plot: This is a low budget comedy film that has Jayne in the role of Junior, the daughter of Mr. Wellington (Brian Donlevy) the owner of a small island off the coast of Florida that reputedly is the home of the legendary fountain of youth. When a group of teenagers on a scavenger hunt invade the island, Wellington sends his daughter, Junior, to get rid of them. Junior, loves the idea because she gets to spend time with the love of her life, Irving (Jack E. Leonard) who lives there. Irving has a twin brother, Herman, who happens to be in love with Camille Salamander (Phyllis Diller), a rival of Wellington’s who wants to get her hands on the fountain. Somewhere along the way, some music does get thrown in for good measure, I guess in reality this movie was an attempt at a beach movie that was so popular during the 60′s. Singer Johnny Tillotson (as Dodo Bronk) sings a song to a mermaid. The real life musical group The Wild Ones treats us to their song "The Turtle". These guys were a band from New York City who never really made it very big. They are most noted for being the first group to record the song "Wild Thing" which would become a big hit for The Troggs in 1966.
  • The is most certainly a Z-Movie a term that popped up in the mid 1960′s to describe low budget films that had standards that went below those set for B-Movies . Of course, this film was more of a vehicle for Phyllis Diller as the tag line is It’s a killer… a Diller… a blast of laffs!

(1966) The Las Vegas Hillbillys

  • The Plot: Woodrow Wilson Weatherby (Ferlin Husky) inherits a badly in debt casino in Las Vegas from his uncle. On his way to check the place out, he meets up with Jayne. Once they find the casino the realize that it’s really nothing but on old run down barn. So, with help from his buddy Jeepers (Don Bowman) they decide to organize a country music show and make their casino, the Golden Circle, a success.
  • Country singers Bill Anderson, Sonny James, Connie Smith, Del Reeves, Roy Drusky, and Wilma Burgess make appearances.
  • Mamie Van Doren is “Boots Malone”, the barmaid and Jayne plays “Tawny”. Yes, it’s a bad as it sounds. Jayne did not like Mamie and never spoke one word to her on the set. Actually, there is a story, how true I don't know, that Jayne and Mamie did their scenes at different times and they were simply edited together for the film.

(1967) A Guide For the Married Man

  • The Plot: Paul Manning (Walter Matthau) discovers that his best friend and neighbor, Ed Stander (Robert Morse) is cheating on his wife, and Paul who has been married for 14 years decides he wants some pointers on how it’s done as he decides he might just want to give cheating a try, too.
  • So Ed takes on the task of teaching the art of successfully committing adultery. There are various segments throughout the movie acted out by a multitude of big name stars like Art Carney, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Sid Caesar, Joey Bishop.
  • The part of the movie that concerns us though, is Jayne’s segment with Terry-Thomas. He brings her home to his house to have his little bit of afternoon delight and Jayne promptly misplaces her bra when its time to get ready to go home.

(1967) Spree: An Escape From Reality

  • I am not entirely certain as to the basic plot of this movie other than to say it was supposedly a travelogue of Vic Damone and Juliet Prowse and their adventures in Las Vegas. The documentary, if that is what you can call it, features acts from two casinos, The Dunes and the Tropicana. Guest stars which include of course Jayne and Mickey as well as Constance Moore and Clara Ward.
  • During some of the lowest points in Jayne’s career she would often do nightclub acts that were really very profitable for her and at one time she was earning $35,000 a week for her shows in Las Vegas. In fact, she earned more for her Las Vegas acts than she did for all her movies combined.
  • This film is sometimes known as Las Vegas by Night.

(1966) Single Room Furnished

Classic one sheet for the movie
Classic one sheet for the movie
  • The Plot: First we see her as Johnnie, married and with child, but then her husband leaves her. Eventually she changes her name to Mae in hopes of changing her lot in life. She meets a man, falls in love and plans to marry, but he too leaves her before the wedding bells chime. She changes her name one again to Eileen and gives up on the idea of love and marriage and becomes a lady of the evening.
  • She dons a brunette wig in the film for the last segment (she was a brunette in real life, too). While not the best written movie, she does her best and while not the best actress in the world, I don't think she was the worst, by any means.
  • The film was released in 1966 but only played at a few theaters before being pulled. It was released again in 1968.
  • Single Room Furnished was one of Jayne's last films. Written and directed by her then husband, Matt Cimber.

(1967) The Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield

original one sheet for the film
original one sheet for the film
  • The Plot: This is a documentary and we follow Jayne around in Paris and Rome and at the Cannes Film Festival. We tour the Pink Place (which was torn down several years go, sadly), we get to see footage from her two films "Primitive Love" and "Promises!Promises!" and a mixture of all kinds of stuff that, I guess Jayne found fun, amusing and exciting.
  • Filmed in 1967 and not complete at the time of her death. The film wraps up with some scenes of her family in mourning. It was released after her death and has become a cult movie and is really something that only real die hard fans of Jayne could appreciate. It has been released on both VHS and DVD.

A Few of Jayne Mansfield's Television Appearances

  • Burke's Law March, 1964 "Who Killed Molly"?
  • The Red Skelton Hour February, 1963 "Advice to the Loveworn"
  • The Alfred Hitchcock Hour December, 1962 "Hangover"
  • The Red Skelton Hour September, 1961 "Will Success Spoil Clem Kadiddlehopper"?
  • Monte Carlo (TV Movie) August, 1961
  • Kraft Mystery Theater August, 1961 "The House of Rue Riviera"
  • Follow the Sun February, 1962 as Scottie in "The Dumbest Blonde"
  • After Hours December, 1959
  • The Red Skelton Hour 6 October 1959 "Clem's General Store"
  • Shower of Stars January 1957 "Star Time"
  • Sunday Spectacular July, 1956 "The Bachelor" TV Movie
  • Lux Video Theatre 21 October 1954 "An Angel Went AWOL" . She sat at a piano and said 10 lines of dialog and received $300.

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