Supernatural: Top 10 Times Misha Collins Was Amazing At Life

Updated on July 15, 2016

Misha Breaking The Safety Pin Chain World Record

1. Misha Collins Has Organized Guinness World Record Breaking Events

Misha Collins is the founder of the "Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen," also known as GISHWHES. It's with his followers through GISHWHES that he and his fans have broken numerous Guinness World Records.

GISHWHES holds the following records:

  1. The largest media scavenger hunt with 14,580 participants.
  2. The largest online photo book of hugs with 108,121 photos.
  3. Record for the largest chain of safety pins with 3,582 pins.
  4. Most pledges to do a random act of kindness with 93,378 pledges.

Every year he and GISHWHES make plans to break new records. He also uses his organization helps to bring in donations to help charities like Random Acts which helps people all over the world who are in need with acts of kindness.


2. He's Married To His High School Sweetheart

Misha has been married to his wife Vicki (full name Victoria) since 2001. Vicki and he originally met in high school. They were both in the same English class. He ended up being the only boy in the class in an English class full of girls. He thought Vicki was pretty and he would flirt with her every day. In interviews he's stated that he wrote her poems about how beautiful she was. He ended up asking her to go out with him on a school trip on the school bus.

Cooking Fast and Fresh With West

3. He's A Great Father

Misha has shown in stories and videos how much he loves his kids. He and his wife have two children, West and Maison. He has even made several videos with his son West where he allows his young son to pick all the groceries for the day and help him cook a meal. In his videos you can hear how calm and loving he is towards his kids.


Misha's Supernatural Bloopers

4. He Has A Great Sense of Humor

Even though he plays Castiel, a character with a serious personality, Misha has an entirely different personality. He is very lighthearted and enjoys joking around. On the set of Supernatural it is well known that it is very easy to make him laugh. Even at Supernatural Conventions, Misha is a fan favorite cast member because he is always joking around with fans and sharing funny stories about himself and his friends and family.

Misha's Illegal Doings At the White House

5. He Was An Intern At the White House and Stole Security Badges

In the mid-90s Misha worked as an intern at the White House. Everyday when he went to work at the White House he was given a security badge to wear to show he was allowed to be there. He was supposed to give back the badges every time he left. For a while he only pretended to return the badges but actually kept them and used them to make a mobile that he hung from his ceiling. When he found out he could go to jail and could be fined he stopped stealing the badges.



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Misha's Bus Story

6. He Use To Hitchhike As A Kid

Misha and his younger brother would visit their dad as children by taking a 3 hour bus ride to where he lived. The two of them would get rowdy on the bus. They were so troublesome that after a while, certain bus drivers wouldn't let the two onto their buses and their mom had to drive them to their dad's house. As they got older they got into even more mischief. Their dad would give them money for the bus ride home and would drop them off at the bus station. Instead of riding the bus they would hitchhike to get home and keep the money for themselves.

7. He Was Once Arrested For Reading A Book On Top of A Bank Because It Had Good Lights

He once shared this story at a convention for Supernatural. Misha was out on the town at night wanting to read a book of his. Because it was dark outside he walked around to find a place with good lighting where he could sit down and read. He saw on top of the local bank they had a nice bright light on the roof. He climbed up to the roof and settled down to read. Shortly after he saw cop cars showing up, a helicopter flew overhead, and spotlights where shined on him. He was arrested because they thought he was up there trying to break into the bank. He spent a night in jail for the incident.

Operation Stealth Nugget: Tree Burial

8. He And His Friends Held A Funeral For A Tree

When Misha, his wife, and some of their friends found out that a tree was killed in a fire in Los Angeles they decided that it needed a proper funeral. The went on a secret mission to take this tree to Hollywood and bury it. They went out in the woods and cut the tree down, then took it to a grassy area in the middle of a street in Hollywood. They illegally dug a hole, planted the tree in it, and poured cement in the hole. The group decorated the tree in solar lights and left behind a plaque with the phrase “Subite vene in Orem” which when translated means “And Now We Cum in the Mouth.” The tree was left up for 3 months before being taken down.

Coin Pranks

9. He Once Paid A Debt to Jared Padalecki with $1,970 In Coins

Jared Padelecki (who plays Sam Winchester) and Misha started betting on the game "Words With Friends." On one game they played, Misha ended up losing to Jared. He lost a total of $1,970. Jared didn't expect him to pay but joked around for a while about how much Misha owed him. Deciding to pay him back for harassing him, Misha went around to several different banks and collected $1,970 in coins and dumped them in Jared's trailer on the set of Supernatural. Jared ended up getting the last laugh though. He got a large bucket and put over $600 in coins in it then dumped it in the driver's seat of Misha's car. Misha ended up driving around town sitting on the coins for a while instead of cleaning them up.


10. Random Facts of Awesomeness

  1. He's visited Tibet and spent time in monasteries there.
  2. He built his own house and a lot of the furniture inside of it.
  3. He and his family were homeless when he was a child for a period. A kind man offered them a place to stay and bought them food. This inspired his to spend his adult life helping those in need.
  4. He put himself through college by working as a carpenter.
  5. His fans on Twitter are called his "minions."


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