5 Devoted Celebrities Who Are Still Scientologists Even Though Others Have Jumped Ship

Updated on December 20, 2017
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I'm fascinated by celebrities and their impact on culture. Whether it's fashion, gender, sexuality, or politics, stars influence society.

Tom Cruise: Scientology Celebrity

Tom Cruise receives the "Freedom Medal of Valor" from his good buddy, David Miscavige, the Church of Scientology leader.
Tom Cruise receives the "Freedom Medal of Valor" from his good buddy, David Miscavige, the Church of Scientology leader. | Source

The Church of Scientology and its Negative Press

Scientology has received a lot of attention during the past five years—most of it negative. Some have called it a dangerous cult, requiring its members to disconnect from friends and family who obstruct its mission. They cite Tom Cruise as an example of this practice, claiming he no longer sees his daughter, Suri, because ex-wife, Kate Holmes, got deemed a SP (suppressive person) by the church. Others claim it's a scam, fleecing its members for classes, materials, and auditing sessions. Auditing, the practice of hooking up members to a device called an E-meter so they can rid themselves of negative thoughts, costs thousands of dollars to reach the desired state of "Clear." Still others assert it's a fraud, not a religion at all. They argue Scientology sought status as a religion only to get tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Scientology and Science Fiction

Lawrence Wright's Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief tells how the religion sprouted from its founder's imagination. L. Ron Hubbard, the prolific science fiction writer, devised a convoluted tale about Xenu, a galactic overlord, who faced problems of overpopulation on the planets he controlled. The fantastical story includes frozen bodies dumped into volcanoes, implanted false realities, and alien spirits called Body Thetans. While it all sounds quite outlandish to an outsider, it begs the question: What is it about Scientology that causes celebrities to defend it so passionately and swear by its practices? Here are 5 celebrities who stand by their religion and credit it for their success:

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is the face of Scientology, good buddy to its leader, David Miscavige, and recipient of lavish gifts and preferential treatment bestowed on its celebrity members. In Going Clear, Lawrence Wright makes it abundantly clear why Cruise stays in the religion, even though his involvement led to high-profile divorces from Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes as well as estrangement from daughter, Suri. Within the celebrity ranks of Scientology, Cruise is a king among kings with low-level members taking care of his every need (for little or no compensation): detailing his cars and motorcycles, preparing his meals, and, most importantly, stroking his ego. Higher-level members were even charged with finding him a suitable girlfriend!

Unlike other religions that exalt the virtues of humility (blessed the meek, for they shall inherit the earth)—Scientology lets celebrities enjoy their overabundance of fame and wealth without guilt. While Tom Cruise has received lots of kudos for his acting, it doesn't compare to the attention he receives from within Scientology, where he has achieved godlike status. Having reached the rank of Operating Thetan or OT, members believe he possesses superhuman powers such as the ability to move objects with his mind, leave his body at will, and communicate telepathically.

The Scientology Video Below was not Meant to be Viewed by the Public. It Received a Lot of Attention with Cruise Getting Ridiculed for his Arrogance.

2. John Travolta

While Tom Cruise is known for his intensity on and off-screen, his fellow Scientologist, John Travolta, is a study in contrast—gentle and laid back. But both actors share a commonality in their long-time devotion to the church, its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and it mission to spread Scientology's message throughout the world. In the 1970s, a young Travolta shot to fame by starring in the sitcom, Welcome Back Kotter, and the blockbuster movie, Saturday Night Fever. He became the religion's first superstar spokesman, crediting it for helping him conquer his fears and find success.

Travolta is such a dedicated Scientologist he even starred in 2000's Battlefield Earth based on L. Ron Hubbard's book of the same name. In addition to his acting duties, he co-produced the film, throwing millions of his own money into it. It was an enormous flop, earning seven Razzies, including Worst Movie of the Year and Worst Actor for Travolta. Critics called it a recruitment tool for Scientology because Travolta was promoting the film by signing copies of Hubbard's book and not granting media interviews.

Despite the controversy, Travolta stays steadfast in his loyalty to the church, claiming it helped him immensely after his son died. He said about Scientology in a recent interview, “It's a beautiful thing for me and I've saved lives with it. Saved my own life several times. Through the loss of my son (Jett), it helped me every step of the way for two years solid."

John Travolta Defends Scientology, Saying it's a Target Because it Works

3. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is one of Scientology's most passionate and vocal supporters. Like many who come into the fold, she entered at a low point in her life when battling a cocaine addiction. It was 1979 when she attended Narconon, a program that uses techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard to free people of their dependence on drugs. She credits Narconon and the church with freeing her from cocaine and letting her focus her energies on becoming an actress. She says, "To tell you the honest-to-God truth: without Scientology, I would be dead. So, I can personally highly recommend it."

Unlike other celebrities who quietly defend the church, Alley doesn't hesitate to go on the attack when she thinks her religion is getting maligned. When actress, Leah Remini, left the religion and wrote a book critical of it, Alley blasted her as a “a repulsive bigot.” Alley has also spoken out against the religious bigotry she believes her church faces in countries such as Germany, where they consider Scientology a cult, a money-making venture, and a threat to democracy.

Alley puts her money where her mouth is, donating $5 million to the church in 2007. She also spent $1.5 million to buy a waterfront mansion in Clearwater, Florida, the spiritual home of Scientology. In a recent interview, she spoke about reaching one of the church's highest levels, OT-7, explaining that she's now free of all aberrated behavior that caused her distress.

Kirstie Alley Calls Those Who Attack Scientology "Bigots"

Kirstie Alley credits Scientology with saving her from an addiction to cocaine.
Kirstie Alley credits Scientology with saving her from an addiction to cocaine. | Source

4. Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley, the actress and former wife of Elvis, got recruited into Scientology in the late 1970s by her friend, John Travolta. She has remained steadfast to the religion ever since, bringing her daughter, Lisa Marie, into the fold. Presley has become an outspoken champion of her religion, especially its hard-line stance against psychiatry.

Presley has actively supported the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, an organization founded by the Church of Scientology and dedicated to exposing the harmful effects of psychiatry. It has its own museum on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood with exhibits showing the “horrors” of psychiatry including psychoactive drugs, electroshock therapy, and straight jackets. Their mission is to expose psychiatry as an “industry driven by profit” with no regard for human rights.

Although it's rumored Lisa Marie has left the church, Priscilla remains a faithful and active member. Ironically, Scientology tried to recruit Elvis into the church but failed miserably. After visiting the Celebrity Centre, he reached this conclusion, “There's no way I'll ever get involved with that son-of-a-bitchin' group. All they want is my money."

Priscilla Presley Was Recruited into Scientology by John Travola

Priscilla remains in the church, but it's rumored Lisa Marie has left.
Priscilla remains in the church, but it's rumored Lisa Marie has left. | Source

5. Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis, an actress best known for her role in Cape Fear, is a second generation Scientologist. Her late father, the actor Geoffrey Lewis, was a long-time member of the church. As a teen, Juliette started using marijuana and moved on to cocaine. She credits her religion with helping her lead a drug-free life today, saying, “Scientology keeps me rooted and grounded—it's been an amazing force in my life.”

Like Tom Cruise, she speaks out against the big pharmaceutical companies, claiming they control the mainstream media, which is why Scientology never gets a fair shake in the press. She believes they're hooking people on drugs by prescribing Ritalin for kids with ADHD and anti-depressants for mothers with postpartum depression.

Juliette Lewis Has Spoken Out Against Prescription Drugs and the Big Pharmaceutical Companies

Like Kirstie Alley, Lewis was a cocaine user who says Scientology helps her stay clean.
Like Kirstie Alley, Lewis was a cocaine user who says Scientology helps her stay clean. | Source

I Highly Recommend This Book to Understand Scientology and Its Relationship With Celebrities

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief
Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief

From its very beginnings, Scientology has courted celebrities and given them preferential treatment. Life is good when you're a famous person in the religion. It's no wonder Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley are staying put despite lesser stars fleeing. This fascinating book gives the lowdown on this secretive faith, its connection to science fiction, and how it uses famous faces to recruit new members.


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