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Sandra Bullock Is More Than "the Bird Box Lady"


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I'm not actually much of a Sandra Bullock fan. In fact, I hate a lot of her movies (I still haven't forgiven her for The Blind Side). But the fact that people today only know her from that trashy Bird Box film really bugs the hell out of me.

Whether I like Bullock or not, the fact remains that she's done some films I actually did enjoy. These were famous films that went on to become classics. That people have forgotten them is a travesty.

So I'm here to remind you.

1994, Speed


1994's Speed is a romantic action thriller starring Sandra Bullock alongside Keanu Reaves. The film is about a bus that's rigged by a (American cop!) terrorist to explode unless it stays at the same speed.

Bullock's character winds up being the one to drive the bus after the driver is shot during an altercation, leaving her to head the film alongside Reaves' character.

It's a funny, heartwarming, thrilling film with a happy ending. What more could you ask for? It's fantastic! It's only a matter of time before I've written an article about this movie, given my love of 90's classics.

That people have forgotten this film is criminal.

1998, The Prince of Egypt


The Prince of Egypt is a 1998 animated musical drama and is probably the best film DreamWorks ever did (and ever will do). It's about the Biblical Moses and how he led his people out of Egypt after bringing the Ten Plagues to the great nation.

Bullock voiced Miriam, the sister of Moses and the one person who continues to believe in him and support him throughout the film. Like most of Bullock's characters, she is often hysterical and high strung (constantly shouting and having to be calmed down), though she is the voice of reason.

This is an utterly beautiful film in animation, song, and story. Much care was given down to the last detail. Looking at it over and over is very rewarding, as you're guaranteed to notice things going on in the background that you never noticed before.

Also, Egypt wasn't whitewashed (though the Egyptians should have been darker).

2000, Miss Congeniality


Miss Congeniality is a 2000 action comedy film in which Bullock plays a kickass cop who goes undercover to infiltrate a beauty pageant.

While the film has been hailed as "feminist" for years, I consider a lot of things about it to actually be sexist, namely the fact that the film actually supports beauty pageants and scolds Bullock's character, Gracie Hart, for daring to criticize them for what they are.

I especially hate her love interest, Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt), who is her partner and only takes an interest in her when she performs oppressive and misogynistic femininity -- high heels, make up, dresses, fake boobs.

The entire film has the guise of being feminist while it's really just pseudo feminist at best. It makes a half-assed attempt to criticize misogyny and the objectification of women while at the same time actually embracing it.

I decided to add the film despite its flaws because it is pretty entertaining regardless. Also, it's one of Bullock's most memorable roles.

How could people have forgotten it?

1995, While You Were Sleeping


While You Were Sleeping is a 1995 romantic comedy about a woman whose crush goes into a coma and she is left with caring for him at the hospital. While he's sleeping, she fabricates an entire life with him and lies to his family, telling them she's engaged to him. She is a very lonely woman and loves her crush's family so much, she doesn't want to tell them the truth. To make matters worse, she winds up falling in love with her crush's younger brother.

I haven't seen this film in years, but I remember it being a good one. Also, I seem to remember it being one of the more popular romantic comedies of the time.

How did we forget it so fast? Being of a younger generation isn't an excuse. I'm a Millennial and I know and love classic films that came out long before I was born, so what's up Generation Z?

There is also Hope Floats, probably the most famous of the films she ever did, but I've never seen it, so I can't comment on it.

All in all, Sandra Bullock is a f****** A-list celebrity with an entire career to her name. Stop referring to her as "the Bird Box Lady."

It's embarrassing.

© 2019 Ash

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