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Prince William and His Wife Kate's Zodiac Compatibility

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I am a Scandinavian woman who loves to write about and research zodiac signs.


Once Upon a Time . . . in College

Prince William and Catherine Middleton started as friends and classmates, studying art history at St. Andrews College in Scotland. The Prince developed romantic feelings for Kate in 2002 when she flounced on the ramp during a charity fashion show. They moved into the same building later on that year, alongside two of their friends. Catherine began to reciprocate the young prince’s love, and by the Christmas of 2003, their romance had blossomed to love. Though the two managed to keep their relationship discreet, the paparazzi finally caught up and shot pictures of the couple on a skiing trip.

As the world came to know of their fairytale relationship, the two youngsters entered their professional careers, making appearances for cameras, which showed them all “loved up.” Millions around the world, waited for the news of an engagement, which came after a lengthy wait on 16 November 2010. Kate wore Diana’s engagement ring as the wedding date was announced a week later. The whole world was hit with wedding fever as the two married in Westminster Abbey, on 29 April 2011. The two are now happily married and parents of three children. Throughout the past seven years, many have turned to astrology to predict the future of the wedding and whether or not it will be a successful affair.

Prince William

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge was born on 21 June 1982 in Paddington, London. This makes him star-sign Cancer. This means the Prince is driven by emotion and sensitivity and is deeply motivated. The abundance of air signs enables him to communicate effectively and amplifies his affinity towards travel. Prince William is quite apt at adapting to changes and would be able to express ample flexibility in life. When coupled with self-assertion and pragmatism, the Prince’s character traits become even more desirable.

Moreover, the dearth of Earth signs means the Duke’s enthusiasm and liveliness make him have little interest in materialism, making him an extremely sociable and down to earth person. Prince William has a predisposition to action and is very keen to implement his plans, making him a natural candidate for the British Crown. His individualistic side enables him to take charge and effectively carry out plans, making him an enthusiastic, yet powerful personality.

Duchess Catherine

Duchess Catherine Middleton was born on 9 January 1982, making her a Capricorn. This favors vigorous creativity for which the Duchess is well known. Like her husband, Kate is quite amicable and not only enjoys but is also pretty strong at communication. Much like the prince, the abundance of air signs enables her to enjoy travel, both real and symbolic (new innovative ideas etc.). Catherine Middleton has a strong desire for security and durability, one reason why she earned the title of “Waity Kate” during her 10 long relationship with Prince William, before their marriage.

However, the Duchess tends to look for structure and often imparts it in various situations, always looking to strengthen her relationships in all possible ways. Her strong intellect is what probably wooed the Prince in his quest for a bride. Overall, the Duchess manifests signs of intellect, creativity, and the ability to start afresh every time things take a negative turn. She has an aversion towards impulsiveness and tends to work slowly yet steadily, with a strong desire for quality.


The Couple’s Compatibility

Whilst Cancer and Capricorn are a bit far apart on the astrological wheel-indicating a lack of affinity between signs-Prince William and Catherine have been happily married for seven years now. They almost seem like the yin to each other’s’ yang!

Sun Signs:

Venus and Mercury combine for the royal couple to make a positive and strong couple. When Catherine’s gentleness is paired with William’s easy communication, an incredibly pleasant comprehension is brought about. The Duchess’ warm attitude imparts a great deal of confidence in the Prince who loves to talk and express his ideas. Therefore, Catherine can, not only encourage the Prince but would also continue to be a source of creativity and confidence for him. William will always find his wife’s affectionate support in moments of distress, or whenever he is looking for inspiration. Furthermore, the couple is freely able to express all of their desires with each other and experience them with a great deal of pleasure and harmony, together. Both of them are highly sensitive, and appreciate each other’s presence in either of their lives. Whilst William might be more active and dynamic, Catherine would be successful with her charm. Another strong character of their relationship is that of appeasement and esteem. William is amicable around Catherine and adjusts his moods according to his wife’s strong, benevolent personality. Catherine too, tries her utmost to protect her husband. Both seem to be lenient towards each other, with promising compatibility.

As mentioned before, the couple’s strong communication is a major factor in explaining their particularly strong relationship. Their relationship is marked with dynamism making their wedding geared towards success, right from the get go. Both put in a collective effort to boost their partner’s ardor and temperament. This encouragement enables the two to enjoy sharing activities like sport. This explains the couple’s enthusiastic presence in basketball courts, rugby games and tennis courts together. Since Catherine is apt at teamwork, she can adjust to ensure that common projects the two undertake are a success. Not only this, William manages to trigger intellectual excitement within his partner, which in turn allows William to work on and overcome the criticisms that Catherine poses for him. This should explain a constant improvement in his already immaculate verbal strategies. Furthermore, the couple’s availability for each other, not only enables an efficient expression of ideas, but also helps maintain professional cooperation. This is particularly helpful for members of the royalty, since communication and words play an important role in their daily lives.

Passion is another factor, which shall draw the two together; both tend to experience a strong physical or sentimental fascination. Whilst William’s signs means that he tends to hold a deep fascination for his partner, Catherine is also instinctively drawn to her husband, as soon as the two are together. It was therefore, highly unlikely that the two could avoid each other. Perhaps, this is what happened when Prince William noticed Catherine at a fund-raiser event at St. Andrews, where she walked down the ramp, catching his eye. Furthermore, Capricorn is a sign that fosters unconditional support and benevolence, thanks to this trait in William’s character, Catherine is able to achieve her personal or professional objectives. Not only this, it helped the Duchess adjust to a new social circle, after their relationship began, with William regularly boosting her self-confidence and morale. The mobility and activity element of Catherine’s Capricorn, is effectively moderated William’s with stability and patience. This enables the couple to fit into their respective roles not only as a couple but also in their daily lives.

Moon Signs:

William’s moon sign is Taurus, like his mother’s, whilst Kate’s sign is Aquarius. Taurus is an earth sign, so Taurean love is rooted in the terra firma of earth sensuality. The quite opposite of this, is the fixed Aquarian love which seems to be elusive, ethereal and transpersonal. Whilst these might indicate opposite signs; however, the couple’s ability to communicate effectively and Catherine’s intellect is a reason for their strong union. Of particular importance however, is the fact that Catherine’s moon sign, naturally equips her with family, traditional and strong matrimonial values. This eases her royal path, which is a pretty tightrope to walk given her personal life and her royal duties to the people. Therefore, her moon sign helps her to emerge as a nurturing and relatable figure to the masses on a global level.

Rising Signs:

Prince William is a Cancer, whilst the Duchess is Capricorn. Kate enjoys, tradition, history, rituals and structure, making her a perfect mother for a royal child all set to become a monarch. This also means that she will enjoy all her royal duties and would prosecute them with zeal and zest. Furthermore, her sign indicates a desire for a strong and stable family. Prince William in the meanwhile is expected to take on the role of his father, quite seriously. He was a distinguished rescue pilot in the air force and resumed his services months after marriage. Like his wife, Prince William also attaches deep significance to home and family. Both of them also seem to lay an emphasis on international travel along with improved multi-cultural relationships, with a strong drive to help the impoverished across the globe, much like Princess Diana.


The Couple’s Future

So far, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had a harmonious, fairy tale relationship. The birth of their third child is a clear proof of the couple’s commitment to each other. However, due to the nature of their signs, it is likely that the strong communication between the two declines and loses vigor. Catherine might sense a lack of warmth from her husband whilst William could be piqued by Catherine’s nature, deeming her non-serious. Due to his royal upbringing, it is likely for the Duchess to feel that William is too disciplined, too tidy, and a little hard in his judgments. His wife’s lightness and triviality on the other hand, might irritate the Prince. It is however, evident from their relationship that the two have not allowed time to wear out the excitement of the early days of their relationship. Both of them continue to impart significance to their home, family and security; continuing to recognize the pertinence of fulfillment too, ensuring that their bond never fades away. The couple has continued to maintain a raw and direct form of communication, which is vital to their relationship. This incredible communication continues to mold the couple’s personalities. Given the fact that Kate is a Capricorn, she continues to influence the prince’s spiritual and religious ideas. He admits to this having brought about a positive transformation in his personality. Catherine’s ideas surely favor an enrichment of thoughts and increase mutual knowledge in matters of a higher order. The Prince isn’t far behind either in this aspect. He continues to try and impart a sense of renewal and evolution in his wife’s life.

This in turn, has strengthened their already strong, mental connection. Moreover, the fact that William and Kate dated a long while and where friends before they started their relationship helps explain the deep bond between the two. Due to their astrological signs, both can easily develop sympathy and mutual closeness and usually react in a similar manner to circumstances. This nurtures a feeling of similarity, which adds to a mutual trust and a feeling of familiarity that enables them to form a very strong, positive bond. This feeling of trust enables the couple to develop feelings of self-confidence, Catherine being a very active pole in this trait, due to her abilities as a good listener and an affectionate personality. Moreover, the two continue to try and impress each other; therefore, both of them continue to emphasize and point out the strong points in each other’s nature, taking time out to appreciate their partner. This feeling of self-confidence has been particularly beneficial to Catherine as she set foot into royalty and was introduced into a very different sphere. Therefore, William’s intuition and help has proved beneficial for Catherine.

In addition to this, William and Kate make a very modern royal couple. They are a part of the Facebook generation and represent new roles, values and images for the future. Their relationship has tried to overcome the ancient traditions and has managed to break the rigid shackles, which kept royalty reserved for the bluebloods. This has enabled both of them to experience a particularly unique relationship. Not only this, their early friendship is probably the bedrock for their relationship as Kate continues to motivate William. The Prince surely reciprocates, enabling a spirit of mutual tolerance and respect to evolve between the two. Consequently, both continue to practice dynamic and enthusiastic initiatives, the fact that both love to travel, further helps their relationship.

With the birth of their third child, Prince Louis, the two have embarked on a journey, which has further strengthened their bond. We wish the Duke and Duchess good luck and a happily married life ahead.

Here is a video revealing Prince William and Kate Middleton's zodiac compatibility:

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