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Prince Håkon of Norway and Metter-Marit’s Zodiac Compatibility

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Compatible, or no?

Compatible, or no?

Norwegian Royals

People everywhere are obsessed with the royals. Their entire lifestyle, those incredible ball gowns, the birth of their first child as well as all their incredible tours, are usually all televised moments, with the whole world waiting impatiently in front of their TV screens. However, if you are looking for a royal family which fits into the definition of fun and living their lives at the best, you must definitely follow the Royal Family of Norway, belonging to the House of Glücksburg. Whether it is Prince Hakon shaving his beard in the middle of Queen Sonja’s 80th birthday bash, or all the unconventional marriages in the family, the Norwegian Royal family knows how to live life and have loads of fun while they are at it. Hence, for all those astrology lovers out there, here is a bit of insight into the zodiac profile of the famous Crown Prince Hakon of Norway and his wife, Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby.

Getting To Know Prince Hakon

The Crown Prince of Norway, Haakon Magnus, was born on the 20th of July, 1973 at Rikshospitalet in Oslo to King Harald V and his wife, Queen Sonja. He is the only son and the youngest child of the couple, following his sister, Martha Louise. Prince Haakon is the heir apparent to the throne of Norway. The Crown Prince is known for setting his own precedence as a royal. After his four-year naval career, he opted to go to the University of California, Berkeley for his Bachelors in Political Science, unlike Balliol where his father and grandfather studied. He later also studied law and social science at Oslo University. He is someone who is great at everything; someone one would call an all-rounder. Prince Haakon is known to be quite sporty and athletic, like his father and many other royals. He loves surfing, skiing, cycling, and paragliding. In addition to this, Prince Haakon also loves theatre, music, and literature.

Getting To Know Mette-Marit

Mette-Marit was born on the 19th of August, 1973, and is the youngest child of Marit Tjessem, a bank officer, and Sven Olav Bjarte Hoiby, a journalist. Married to Prince Haakon, she is the Crown Princess of Norway. Growing up in the southern part of Norway, Mette-Marit found the love of sailing. Like her husband, she was a natural sportswoman and even became a volleyball coach later on in life. Mette-Marit does not share the typical princess pedigree like other additions to the royal family and was quite a controversial figure at the time of her engagement to Haakon in 2000 due to her wild past. She was a waitress back then, and also had a son named Marius Borg Høiby. Despite her eventful past, she has taken part in several humanitarian projects and visits, showing a great side to her now.

Prince Haakon’s and Metter-Marit’s Wedding

The Crown Prince is a rebel just like his father, who insisted on marrying a commoner and was ready to fight for his love. Similarly, Haakon set another precedence by marrying not only a Norwegian commoner but a single mother who has a disadvantaged past. When Prince Haakon returned from the United States in 1999, he was introduced to Mette-Marit at a concert at the Quart Festival in Kristiansand by a friend. The couple soon fell in love and moved into an Oslo apartment the next year with Mette’s four-year-old son, Marius. This was one of the many precedents Prince Haakon had set. Although they lived their life happily as a normal family, grocery shopping and enjoying themselves, moving in with an unmarried single mother caused a lot of controversy for Prince Haakon. However, the couple got engaged in December 2000, and later married on the 25th of August in Oslo. They now live in Prince Haakon’s childhood home of Skaugum, with Marius, and their own two children Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus.

The royals.

The royals.

Their Sun Signs

The Crown Prince Haakon’s zodiac sign is Cancer. He shares all the traits of a Cancer by being sentimental, imaginative, dreamy, loyal, romantic, and dedicated. For most Cancers, life is a pursuit for intimacy and this desire of building a life that is secure. People of this sign crave intimacy and like to spend time with their loved ones; a lot of their hobbies are home-based. They even like art like Prince Haakon. Being a vulnerable yet protective sign, Cancer finds it hard to trust strangers and are most comfortable in revealing his or her true self to those he or she trusts. Prince Haakon was also born in the year of Ox, which makes him a straightforward person, who though persistent in his pursuit can seem a little stubborn as well.

On the other hand, Mette-Marit is a Leo. According to astrology, Leos are a natural star, and being royal is definitely a lot natural to them; this explains Mette-Marit's transition into a royal. Those who share the Crown Princess’ zodiac sign, are creative, passionate, and warm-hearted. Her humanitarian endeavors also explain her generosity and kind-heartedness as a Leo. Moreover, Leos also love the theatre, everything that glitters, and the royal treatment. Nonetheless, a Leo can also be quite arrogant and inflexible. Mette-Marit was also born in the year of Ox.

A Cancer Man and a Leo Woman

This relationship is a great example of opposites attract, where the fire and water mingle together they can actually share a great bond of love and friendship amongst them. Their differences complement one another, making the relationship work, just like in the case of Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit. You will find a cancer man to be the king of romance. You can see this gentlemanly behavior and the tenderness in Prince Haakon when he tells his wife that he loves her at a glittering reception. Whereas, a Leo woman is full of passion is a complete royal by nature.

The powerful personality of a Leo woman is attractive to the shy and emotional cancer man. She demands respect and loyalty from her counterpart, who certainly does not fail to give her the best. With this, the cancer man is able to fulfill the most important needs of a Leo woman and that is her need for attention; she can be the star of his show at all times because he would have all this attention for her. Moreover, a cancer man might step into a relationship quite guarded and unsure. It will take him some time to reveal his two soft nature. However, with both being quite strong and hard-minded personalities, they will achieve that compatibility in their relationship if they set their mind to it. Cancer men, though capable of taking charge, will step back when necessary for the Leo. Plus, a relationship between a Leo woman and a Cancer man is based on the right mix of a lot of heavy emotion. However, being a Leo, she will be empathetic and offer true love as well as value to their Cancer partners. She will be able to understand his need for security and emotional support well enough to respond back.

Although the Leo woman might seem to be in charge in the public eye doing the daily activities, it is the Cancer man who takes charge in the romantic aspect of the relationship. Being with a Cancer man means a lot of candle-lit dinners, romantic evenings, and a great time in the bedroom. Hence, the deeply emotional nature of the Cancer man and the tender heart of a Leo woman can make these two people like Prince Haakon and Mette-Maria quite attached to one another and in love.

Royal family.

Royal family.

The Way Forward

Although the couple in real life and the compatibility between their zodiac signs forecasts a promising relationship, there might be still some issues that the couple has to deal with together. The fluctuating moods of a Cancer man might make it hard for the Leo woman to understand him at times. This might lead to her getting frustrated and stressed out. It will take some time for her to comprehend his nature; however, once she does, it is all flowers and happiness after that. The ability of the male Cancer to let the Leo Woman feel in power when she needs it can also help the relationship to flourish. The key for these two strong individuals to live together in peace and love is to find the right balance between them. This, most importantly, involves understanding one another’s nature and offering much-needed acceptance.

Therefore, the Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and his wife, the Crown Princess Mette-Marit, are a power couple, we all love to follow. It is a great pleasure seeing this unconventional couple from the start grow together with a beautiful bond of love and harmony. Their love story has set precedence for many and shows how love as well as acceptance triumphs everything. We wish them all the happiness in the world.