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Prince Frederik of Denmark's Zodiac Compatibility With Wife Princess Mary

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I am a Scandinavian woman who loves to write about and research zodiac signs.

How compatible are Prince Frederik and Princess Mary, according to their zodiac signs?

How compatible are Prince Frederik and Princess Mary, according to their zodiac signs?

A Real Life Fairytale

How often would a young woman wandering through one of the flea markets in Sydney think that a tarot card reading would predict her future in such an apt manner? Whilst this surely does happen in fairytales, it happened for real in the case of Mary Donaldson.

Within a few hours of a prediction (which stated that she would soon leave her job in an advertising agency and move to Europe, becoming pretty famous), Mary met the Prince of Denmark, Frederik at a bar in Sydney, called Slip Inn. The prince introduced himself as “Fred” and the two seemed to get along well, right from the get-go. Mary would later describe the feeling as something “different yet magical."

It truly was magical. She later told that the handsome stranger was, in fact, the Prince of Denmark who was there at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Soon, the two embarked upon a long distance relationship and finally after four years, the new chapter in this modern royal fairy tale and the lives of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary began. They got married in 2004 and are the proud parents of four children: Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine.

Prince Frederik

Crown Prince, Frederik of Denmark, was born on 26 May 1968, in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the eldest son of Queen Margarethe II and is the heir apparent for the throne of Denmark. The Prince’s zodiac sign is therefore, Gemini. This makes him a highly creative person who can excel when provided with unflinching support and with an equally bright team. The prince tends to find great satisfaction in self-expression.

The prince has a taste for travelling and can effectively adapt to changes in lifestyle or ideology, quite gracefully. He is pragmatic and his sign indicates that he would seldom let emotions overpower him. Furthermore, the prince has a sharp inclination towards adventure and values new experiences since he believes them to be a vital part of the evolutionary process. The prince manifests a creative, emotive, receptive and imaginative nature. All in all, the crown prince has highly commendable traits and tastes, ranging from creativity, mannerisms, intellect, determination, good sense of beauty, good tastes, charming and seductive personality. He does indeed have all the traits one would want in a prince and look for in a future king!

Princess Mary

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, was born on 5 February 1972, making her an Aquarius. This means that she is a deeply motivated woman, keen to fulfill her goals and achievement and success in life remain her chief concerns. She can achieve her ambitions in very short times thanks to her friendly and amicable personality, and an insatiable urge to take actions in a bid to change the world. There is a dominance of air signs in her charts, accounting for a strong sense of communication and mobility.

The Princess loves to travel and is comfortable in adapting to new situations, thanks to her pragmatism. Her major personality traits are those of incredible self-confidence, courage, enthusiasm, and intuition. Furthermore, she has a strong yet dynamic personality, making her energetic, enterprising and assertive at the same time. The dominance of Uranus, makes the princess independent, determined, original and disciplines: all traits considered vital and fit for a position in the royalty.

Sun Signs

Both the prince and princess have a deep and mutual desire to improve and perform even better in their lives; this is complemented by their personalities, which make their relationship intense. Both tend to be emotionally compatible with an incredible sense of understanding. Of particular importance is Mary over here, as she plays a vital role in the evolution of the couple, ensuring a very bright future ahead. Furthermore, when Jupiter and Venus combine together, they bring about the most positive aspects of Prince Frederik’s and the crown princess’ characters, ensuring a vigorously strong and magnetic connection between the two. The prince highly value’s Mary’s sense of originality and creativity whilst Mary recognizes her husband’s charm. Their relationship is geared towards mutual excitement and a certain, special form of exoticism. Discoveries and amusement continue to remain vital nourishments for either of their souls. This explains the Prince’s keen interest in sport and their indulgence in tourist activities and especially, sports. This probably explains why the two met for the first time at the Olympic Games, 2000.

Jupiter and Venus combine to create a perfect combination of Frederik’s sociability and Mary’s equally friendly personality. Both play a complementary role in their family. Frederik might initiate projects and take action, in the shadow of Mary’s unflinching love and support. Moreover, Mary’s zodiac signs tell us that perhaps royalty was in her stars: as she runs the home and family matters showing incredible dedication, ease and grace. She is pretty warm when receiving Frederik’s numerous friends, this is of extra help during her assimilation into the royal family’s culture and traditions. Even Frederik realizes this devotion on part of his wife and appreciates her sense of responsibility and serious dedication. The princess too seems to take special care of their common interests. Frederik himself readily adjusts to Mary as she learns the rules and precepts of royalty: a strange world to her before. Moreover, the prince is always aware of his wife’s interests and needs and plays a pivotal role in her endeavors, encouraging and motivating her. This is truly indicative of a strong physical and emotional attraction; perhaps lays in tandem with the princess’ comment that right from the get-go, their relationship seemed different and “special”.

The pairing of Mars and Pluto indicates an empowering and deep attraction marked by spontaneity and straightforwardness on Mary’s side and an instinctive expression from Frederik. Furthermore, the prince continues to overpower the princess and guides her strengths. Thus, enabling her to release her positive ideas and creativity wherever its needed to achieve wonders in life. Furthermore, both have a great affinity towards each other, an assertion easily proven by their incredible mutual sympathy and closeness. Both of them tend to have similar tastes and reactions to certain stimuli, this helps generate a sense of familiarity and strengthens their bond. Whilst MAry tries her utmost to make her home and domestic life comfortable and warm, Frederik imparts all the vital and necessary energy and vitality into the house.

Given their fairytale romance, both of them value their unique bond. The royals appreciate their privileged and mystical relationship. Both continue to idealize their better half with a great deal of vigorous romanticism. Frederik continues to value his wife’s wit and abilities, helping her express herself and develop her intuition. Mary in turn deeply values this form of support and often reciprocates it by encouraging Frederik to achieve his dreams and helps impart a deep creativity in his life. Both enjoy participating in artistic endeavors, culture trips and sports as a result.


Moon Signs

Whilst Mary is a Libra, her husband is a Gemini, forming a particularly strong bond according to their moon signs. They continue to enjoy a harmonious and great relationship based on mutual interests and respect, intellect and a superb form of mental agility. Whilst Mary appreciates art, her husband equally enjoys presenting and appreciating positive ideas; forming a complementary and strong bond. Both tend to run high on mental-energies and the two continue to present each other with innovative ideas. This is incredibly handy when it comes to making family plans and organizing a number of royal events. Furthermore, the two continue to encourage and support each other’s positive ideas as a result. Since, both Libra and Gemini are air signs, both have plenty of material to feed on during intellectually stimulated debate. Furthermore, Libra tends to initiate projects with great zeal and zest but might lose fervor a little down the line; in the meanwhile, Gemini’s incredible adaptability accounts means they would love to finish of the task their partner took on thus, forming a complementary relationship.

Rising Signs

Prince Frederik is a Gemini, whilst Princess Mary is an Aquarian. The Prince considers his wife his perfect and complementary other-half and perhaps rightfully so. Although born as a commoner, the princess certainly had an inclination towards tradition. Like her husband, she deeply values domestic life and her family, making her an ideal candidate as a queen mother to raise a future monarch. Although the dominance of Uranus in her charts points towards a more impulsive and unpredictable personality; her sensibility, quick-wittiness and intellect reflect a very mature and determined personality. She can overcome disputes and differences via her superior sense of and ability of communication. Her husband, deeply values all these characteristic, whilst the princess herself motivates him in his endeavors, forming a completely balanced and perfect matrimonial alliance.


The Couple's Future

The Prince and the Crown Princess’ relationship until now have managed to achieve a utopian status: marked with unflinching love, mutual affection and deep harmony. Both seem extremely content with their lives and fourteen years into their marriage, the two still look madly in love in all their public appearances. Frederik considers himself as blessed, as he remarked at the birth of twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, in 2011 that he had been “blessed twice”. This is indeed a strong indicator of his affection towards his wife. However, due to the nature of their signs, the couple might get a bit delusion with the progress of time. The two might begin to feel that the vigor has died down and their relationship no longer feels bright and beautiful like it did before. The two might feel disenchanted with their fairy tale romance, as they might have to face “unsuspected realities” they might not have considered before. However, given their strong affection and confidence in each other, the couple can surely avoid this. If the two of them continue to look at each other realistically, they could indeed avoid subsequent disappointments.

Due to his background as a royal, Frederik might feel that he has to put in extra effort and cover up for Mary. This could lead to Mary considering her husband’s cooperation and contribution a little too forceful. This might have drawbacks as Mary could take this as an increased interference in her life and endeavors and a subsequent lack of personal space, vital for a healthy and positive relationship. Moreover, the prince’s eccentricity and non-conformism might clash with his wife’s beliefs and could result in a few disagreements over how they view certain things. However, their relationship so far, has avoided these traits and their romance continues to blossom and the bond strengthens between the two with every passing day. Both of them have actively ensured that the magic of their “good ol’ days” does not vanish over time, rather remains eternal. Not only do the two of them enjoy shared activities, Frederik’s sport-loving and creative nature feels Mary’s warmth when it comes to fields like creativity and support. This strongly indicates towards the positive aspects of their relationship. Moreover, the prince continues to play the role of an active confidant, accounting for Mary’s evolution of ideas and spirit. This also helps Mary feel much less vulnerable in times of hardship.

Both of them continue to hold a very positive mutual influence over each other. This has further strengthened their bond and the two will continue to sense the other person’s mood and desires. This will help either of them to reveal their inner-selves and let go of subsequent insecurities and complexes. Since both of them are keen to contribute towards family and domestic life, they continue to exchange ideas on the upbringing and the leisure activities of their children, and continue to plan trips and other numerous events, pointing towards the positive aspects in their relationship. Both continue to influence either of their ideas in this intellectually stimulating marriage, rendering a very positive effect on their thought-processes and personalities. Throughout the years, their strong point has been communication. Frederik and Mary should never let this fall and always engage in healthy discourse to avert any difficulties of disagreements between each other. Furthermore, Mary has a unique ability to spot her husband’s qualities-especially hidden ones-and enhancing them. This strongly improves the already excellent physical attraction between the two. The prince’s fame and sociability, when coupled with Mary’s friendly nature, enlarged their circle of relationships and helps boost the longevity and strength of their special bond.

The Danish Prince and his Australian wife’s marriage is nothing short of a fairytale and so far it has managed to ride the storm with ease and grace. As Mary and her husband are poised to take the Danish Crown, we wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors and wish them success. We hope their romance continues to blossom over the years and they have a very happy married life ahead, much like these 14 years of bliss they have experienced.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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