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Olivia Munn Fashion Icon With Stunning Style and Figure on the Hollywood Red Carpet

Fashion blogging about the most beautiful celebrities in revealing and stylish attire showing off their curves and shapely legs.

Olivia Munn closeup

Olivia Munn closeup

Olivia Munn Geek Goddess

I first noticed Olivia Munn back when she was a co-host on the fantastically entertaining geek show, Attack of the Show. AOTS was an afternoon technology, entertainment, comedy program that came on the old G4TV in the afternoons. I loved watching the show particularly when Olivia Munn was not as popular as she is now. You knew that her star was rising but the geek show had her for a few great years.

She was obviously eye candy. She is beautiful but what set her apart for the show was how knowledgeable and interested she was in all things geek. She claimed to like video games, comics, movies and anything that nerdom enjoyed. She became a darling of that cultural set as she was gorgeous but really cool.

Olivia had great style and fashion on that show. She knew the boys wanted to see a little skin and she certainly dressed to show off her lovely legs and curves. It was always classy and fashionable but there was a typical amount of sex appeal that a stunning woman like her would display for her fans.

Olivia's Movie Career Beckons

Alas, it wasn’t to last as she got too popular and other projects called. Plus Comcast bought the channel and shut it down anyway. She took a gig as a correspondent for the Daily Show for a couple of years. I never cared for the show and never once saw her on it but I understand she was successful.

She managed to find herself on a variety of TV shows and got her own show, Perfect Couples which didn’t last long.

I think her big break was when Aaron Sorkin tapped her to appear as Sloane Sabbath on The Newsroom. That was a great HBO show set in the world of TV news. She played a “money honey” type with vast knowledge and credentials as a financial analyst/newscaster. It was a great part for her. She played it straight with some really outstanding lines. She kept up with Sorkin’s rapid fire dialogue just fine.

She’s appeared in a few movies since including a big budget X-Men project, a dismal Johnny Depp romper called Mordecai and the forgettable Ride Along 2. None of which I have bothered to watch. Her latest project is Office Christmas Party which appears to have potential to entertain.

The nice thing about Olivia is that any success she has had has not gone to her head. She seems to take herself seriously when she needs to but otherwise is happy to continue to be a darling of the nerd-verse..

She seems to have a great personality. She obviously wants the next acting gig and is as professional as they come but she seems to recognize the folly of Hollywood stardom. In her various TV talk show appearances she enjoys the attention and has a lot of fun with her celebrity status. The girl even got the pro quarterback!

Glamorous Olivia Munn

Olivia in a strapless cleavage baring gown

Olivia in a strapless cleavage baring gown

Beautiful Exotic Appearance

She has exotic looks that comes from her Anglo dad and Vietnamese mother. I have read interviews with her where she indicates she does not care for working out. Her body says otherwise as she has kept it toned and fit. She may or may not work out but she clearly does something right in keeping up her curvy and tight body.

In my book there are not many celebrities that are as consistent in embracing their sex appeal as Olivia Munn. True, there are plenty of physically beautiful women in the entertainment industry but few works hard at presenting themselves as movie stars past the red carpet or mandatory promotional appearances. The mark of a true star ala 1950’s glamour is how they are seen every day, “street style” as they say. You will not find many photos from the paparazzi of Olivia Munn looking anything less than stylish and pretty. She cares and I think those that follow fashion and celebrity stardom culture appreciate that in her. I think there is only a handful that is in her league on a daily basis. Of those celebrities I follow Maybe Jessica Chastain. Emily Blunt. Elizabeth Hurley. Kate Beckinsale. Regardless, the list is short.

I think Olivia Munn has great legs in high heels. As most of these photos posted show she loves to show them off. She also has fabulous curves which she obviously enjoys displaying. She’s been in numerous “lad mags” in various states of undress. Never overtly nude but showing plenty of her lovely cleavage. She understands the business and knows that her sex appeal will get her noticed and keep her fans interested. Her talent will keep her employed and reading scripts.

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Olivia Munn Sexy Legs in High Heels

Olivia Munn Hot Red Carpet Style

I follow her on the red carpet and across social media and other print materials. I find her one of the most attractive women tooling around the planet. She is a standard member of any best dressed list. I can only imagine that any fashion house would be pleased to put their dress, shoes and makeup on her. She has a perfect figure and seems to do a nice job of keeping herself fit and healthy. Her hair is gorgeous and has wonderful skin.

I find that in this day of celebrities wearing vulgar and indecent fashion attire parading on the red carpets and out in public, it is refreshing that she remains classy. I think she enjoys her femininity yet being a public person in a profession that seemingly requires certain physical standards in their talent; she certainly hasn’t sold out for attention like many other actresses. She keeps it classy which I greatly admire.

Her fashion sense trends toward curve hugging attire. She is not shy about showing a modest amount of cleavage and she enjoys showing off her sexy legs as well in short dresses and sky high heels.

Olivia Munn Great Legs on the Red Carpet

Oivia Munn wearing a short ballerina inspired dress and sky high heels showing off her stunning legs on the red carpet

Oivia Munn wearing a short ballerina inspired dress and sky high heels showing off her stunning legs on the red carpet

Olivia Munn in a Black Romper on the Red Carpet

Olivia Munn in a black romper and ankle strap high heels on the red carpet

Olivia Munn in a black romper and ankle strap high heels on the red carpet

Olivia Munn's Notable Projects

Attack of the Show



Daily Show



The Newsroom

Sloane Sabbath


X-Men: Apocalypse



Olivia Munn Everyday Elegance

Olivia Munn in a Skirt and Loose Top

Olivia Munn in a Skirt and Loose Top

Olivia Munn Street Style

Olivia Munn in skinny jeans

Olivia Munn in skinny jeans

Olivia Munn in skinny jeans

Olivia Munn in skinny jeans

Olivia Munn's Bright Future On Screen and in Fashion

I do not know if she will make it as a movie star. I do think given the right vehicle she can be a TV star. I’m not sure why her agent and studio execs haven’t pushed a really good project to her. With her looks and comedic, goofy talent she should be gracing the screen every week. With Amazon and Netflix getting in the content game, along with outfits like Apple TV, there should be plenty of opportunities to get this woman a fun gig. There are plenty of talented folks who just do not care for the TV grind preferring to rake in a nice paycheck for a few weeks’ worth of movie filming. TV is hard work. Maybe Olivia prefers the big screen. All I know is the more we see of Olivia Munn and her great legs, tight curves and exotic looks the better off it will be.

Olivia Munn in a really short mini skirt and high heels on TV

Olivia Munn in a really short mini skirt and high heels on TV

Olivia seems to be enjoying herself as a cultural icon. She’s brave in that she’s not afraid to do crazy entertaining things like Lip Sync Battle. I mean, how dumb is that show, but she gives it her all in entertaining the herd. But even in performing in dubious programs she still brings the sex appeal and looks great.

I saw a couple of posts where she took her training for a part in X-Men Apocalypse quite seriously. She had fun with it but she wanted to be credible in wielding a sword. From what I could tell from the promos she did a nice job.

I continue to look forward in seeing Olivia in future projects. It appears her future is quite bright in both the fashion and acting arenas. The more projects she is involved with the more chances of seeing her parade down the red carpet or appear on TV talk shows or in print, not to mention social media, in glamorous and sexy attire.

Olivia Munn in a scoop neck dress on the red carpet

Olivia Munn in a scoop neck dress on the red carpet

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