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Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Paedophilia and Jimmy Savile's Psychological Profile

Mary Kelly Godley is a freelance writer from Ireland. She studies psychology and specializes in narcissistic personality disorder.

Jimmy Savile was a BBC Presenter both on TV and Radio since 1968.

Jimmy Savile was a BBC Presenter both on TV and Radio since 1968.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Paedophilia and Jimmy Saville

On Wednesday, the 3rd of October, 2012, a documentary was aired on British TV Channel ITV1 and its revelations shocked a nation. The program focused on details about the life of former BBC Presenter and 'Top of the Pops' frontman Jimmy Saville.

The testimony of many women was included in this documentary and since the documentary was aired many more are now also coming forward and claiming that they were sexually assaulted or raped by the now-deceased Jimmy Savile. These revelations are causing even more scandal because Jimmy Savile is much loved in Britain because of the huge amount of charity work that he was involved with all his life. In fact, in 1991 he was actually awarded a knighthood by the Queen for his huge contribution to many British charities.

Jimmy Saville is used as a case study for narcissism and paedophilia - and Jimmy Saville certainly ticked many of the boxes for having both of these conditions.

The truth will only be known for certain when the alleged victims seek justice through the English courts and we will have to wait and see what the conclusion of this scandal will be.

However, since this scandal erupted many within the UK’s BBC TV station itself are now also coming forward and revealing that there had been rumours of Sir Jimmy Savile’s inappropriate behaviour with teenage girls from as far back as the 1950’s.

What Is Narcissism?

A person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is described as having ‘extreme self-involvement to the degree that it makes a person ignore the needs of those around them. While everyone may show occasional narcissistic behavior, true narcissists frequently disregard others or their feelings. They also do not understand the effect that their behavior has on other people.

What Is Paedophilia?

Paedophilia is usually described as being an inappropriate sexual attraction to children or teenagers under the age of consent.

Paedophiles enjoy the feeling of power that they have over the helpless. Also, they have a Narcissistic total lack of empathy for their victims. To the narcissist, only their desire matters and they have no regard whatsoever for those they damage. As far as the Narcissist is concerned people are just there to be used and cast aside by them.

Narcissism and Paedophilia

A paedophile is a person who is only interested in their own gratification and doesn’t have any empathy for other people they are almost always also considered to be narcissistic. A Narcissist on the other hand is not necessarily a Paedophile but the two can and do co-exist in some instances.

A Paedophile gains their satisfaction from preying on the helpless and having power over a younger person who does not have the knowledge or the ability to stop them. Whatever else they are there is no doubt that they can definitely be considered to be extremely disturbed individuals.

Celebrity Narcissism

Since a Narcissist craves public adoration and needs to have an admiring audience of Narcissistic supply, so it is inevitable that a lot of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder do actually end up in the public spotlight.

After all, a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder spends their life perfecting their craft and that is to appear alluring, charming and charismatic to make everybody love them. Therefore for them turning on the charm and performing for the camera is as easy as breathing. Putting on a spectacular public face is as natural for the Narcissist as getting up in the morning. It is the reason they are alive.

When you have a Narcissist who is also successful and becomes a high profile celebrity then they become difficult to call out. Naturally, if everybody is constantly telling a Narcissist that they are wonderful, they will of course believe it and will feel totally untouchable. They will then assume that rules don’t apply to them because naturally, they are too unique and special to have to follow the same mundane path as others.

When you have a Narcissist who is also a Paedophile you are dealing with an individual who is extremely dangerous, someone who is a fantastic liar, and a person who will stop at nothing to get their way and never feel any remorse for their actions. A person every parent dreads their child coming into contact with.

Sir Jimmy Savile who is now deceased was the subject of a highly controversial ITV1 Documentary on October 3 2012

Sir Jimmy Savile who is now deceased was the subject of a highly controversial ITV1 Documentary on October 3 2012

Was Jimmy Savile a Narcissistic Paedophile?

For those of you who are not familiar with the current scandal that has shocked the world and put the spotlight on the UK’s BBC here is the background to this story.

Background on the Jimmy Savile Scandal

Many are now saying that Jimmy Savile used his reputation as a tireless charity worker to hide the fact that he was a paedophile. He hid behind this saintly image and also often insinuated that he was going to go down he would take an awful lot of other influential people down with him. . .

Jimmy Savile was clearly protected by his reputation as a “doer of good deeds”. He raised millions of pounds for worthy causes. It was a terrible mistake, however, to think that he could not also have been a dangerous man. - The Telegraph, 14/10/2012

This is a common mistake that people have made when dealing with a Narcissist. Take the case of the former wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills was also noted for her worthy charity work.

Then there is also the matter of Jimmy Savile’s autobiography that he wrote in 1974 and reading it now it seems astonishing that nobody saw any clues of his behaviour after reading this book. Only now is it being highlighted that during the 1950s Jimmy Savile was working as a DJ in the Mecca Locarno ballroom in Leeds. One night a female police officer came into the club and showed him a picture of an attractive young girl who had just run away from a remand home.

In the book, Jimmy Savile actually writes '"Ah," says I all serious, "if she comes in I’ll bring her back tomorrow but I’ll keep her all night first as my reward."'

Jimmy Savile then goes on to write that this girl did in fact come into the club and he told her that she could stay for the night and dance and then go home with him. He said she could stay with him until the next morning and then he would take her back to the remand home.

Then he did take her to the female police officer the next day who was appalled when she heard the full story. She wanted to press charges against Jimmy Savile but he then goes on to write in his autobiography

...the lady of the law…[who] was dissuaded from bringing charges against me by her colleagues, for it was well known that were I to go I would probably take half the station with me….

Such a statement smacks of Narcissistic gloating and it is now unbelievable to think that this book was published and widely read and yet still nobody felt that young girls should be kept away from this dubious individual. Anyone that knows a Narcissist will be aware that they often embroil themselves in good works and do lie continuously to preserve their pristine images.

The Story of Jimmy Savile

In summary, Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile was born on the 31st of October, 1926, and died on the 29th of October, 2011. In his younger days, he worked as a coal miner during the Second World War to avoid going into active service. After this, he started playing records in dance halls and later managed some of these dance halls.

In 1958 he began working as a Disc Jockey on Radio Luxembourg. Then in 1960, he started working on Tyne Tees TV where he was seen to be both very eccentric and unique in his approach to presenting. This led to him being noticed by the BBC and he was subsequently offered the job of presenting 'Top of the Pops' in 1964.

From 1968 he also began working on the BBC’s Radio 1 Channel. Then, in 1975, he landed the TV series that many including myself remember him from, i.e., ‘Jim’ll Fix It.’ On this show children from all over the UK wrote in to the series and asked Jim to fulfil their dreams by allowing them to do something they had always wished they could do such as meeting a celebrity, visiting a place or owning something. This show ran from 1975 to 1994 and was hugely successful. Unfortunately, it also gave Jimmy Savile unlimited access to children and teenagers.

Jimmy Savile photographed while in hospital that he did charity work for.

Jimmy Savile photographed while in hospital that he did charity work for.

Jimmy Savile and Charity Work

Jim Savile also became well known when he became one of the first celebrities to run marathons and fundraise for charity. During his lifetime he is believed to have earned £40 million pounds for charity. Some of his favourite charities were the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire in England, the Leeds General Infirmary and the Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire, England. He was awarded an OBE in 1971 for his tireless charity work and subsequently received a Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth in 1991.

Most shocking of all are the alleged allegations now being uncovered that suggest that Jimmy Savile may have abused patients in some of the hospitals that he raised money for. Apparently he also often did voluntary work in these hospitals. He was a voluntary porter in the Stoke Mandeville hospital for many years.

Staff at some of these hospitals had reputedly said that Sir Jimmy Savile would search the wards for young children that he could abuse and that staff actually told their patients to always pretend to be asleep if Jimmy Savile approached them. Also Jimmy Savile even had his own room at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital and the Broadmoor Hospital.

However, it is now being reported that Jimmy Savile thwarted many attempts to prosecute him during his lifetime and that because he was such a high profile celebrity as well as being ‘Sir Jimmy Savile,’ it was well known in certain circles that such a scandal would have created many, many ripples that would have implicated many more influential and well known people.

Also Jimmy Saville had seen an awful lot during his lifetime and many also feared that revelations about him might incur his wrath and that he would certainly not go quietly. Instead, he was likely to bring down a lot of other influential and high-profile people with him. Which begs the question how many predatory Paedophilic Narcissists still remain out there to prey on our children?

Jimmy Savile’s Family

The reaction of Jimmy Savile’s family to the current revelations suggests that the news about the real Jimmy Savile may not have been news to them at this stage.

After Jimmy Savile’s death a memorial plague was placed on the wall of his former home in Scarborough however it was removed a few months ago because it was constantly being defaced with graffiti.

Then his family requested that his headstone be removed from his grave and crushed at a nearby landfill site.

When Jimmy Savile’s family were asked why they did this with his headstone they said it was for ‘respect for public opinion.’


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Suzie from Carson City on April 20, 2017:

These stories are always quite upsetting and they are also rampant. This one reminds me very much of the relatively recent scandal on Bill Cosby here in the U.S. His victims were not underage, but the rape and abuse was just as egregious.

While the majority of Cosby's fans were adoring, I personally could never stand him from day one. He always gave me the "creeps!"

Apparently I'm pretty damned astute!

I'd never heard of Saville or Glitter. They sound like disgusting individuals. Men I refer to as "scum bags."

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on April 20, 2017:

I may be three years late responding to that last comment about David Icke, but hey - better late than never! I've been watching David Icke very closely for many years and certainly wouldn't call him a narcissist. A bit delusional perhaps, but he's definitely not a narcissist.

Kieran on April 21, 2014:

" David Icke has been talking about this for years and years but no-one has ever taken him seriously until now."

And this is quite a grimly funny comment as David Icke is himself quite clearly a narcissist.

may on April 03, 2014:

i just hope it teaches a lesson for those implememnting child protection. its really an abhorrent act he got away with.

Gail Meyers from Johnson County, Kansas on December 18, 2013:

Wow, this is a compelling story. I am just disgusting by these cases where people knew for years someone was molesting children and nothing was done about it due to influence or money. They know they can not cure pedophilia and by the time one is caught he generally has molested many children over decades. Voted up.

Mary Kelly Godley (author) from Ireland on January 21, 2013:

Is is amazing even now Davidwork what is going on that we know nothing about. There is a hell of a lot that is not portrayed in the media because certain interersts keep it from being public knowledge.

Jimmy Savile was a truly articulate Narcissist who undoubtedly would have used what he knew about people to get them to keep quite, like in his autobiography years ago where he said if he was going to be arrested for wrongdoing then he would be taking half the station with him. They seem to have been shocking times in some ways where there was a scary acceptance of abusing young girls in some quarters. Jimmy Savile took full advantage of this, a very callous individual definitely.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on January 20, 2013:

Police investigations started in 1980 but they could never prove anything.

Davidwork on January 20, 2013:

Many people here in the UK have been shocked by this. However, apparently, some young victims of Mr. Saville complained about him decades ago, but were not taken seriously.

Personally, I am just absolutely amazed that he managed to get away with the things he did for so very long. His first offence is alleged to have taken place in 1955.

Mary Kelly Godley (author) from Ireland on November 04, 2012:

Yeah now that the media spotlight has been really shone on this shocking scandal big time they are finally taking these victims more seriously. It is terrible that only public opinion will move those in the know to act I know too that this is so true. Thanks for your comment.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on November 04, 2012:

When I commented on this article previously there wasn't much being said. Now the whole thing has been blown wide open and the links to parliament are shocking. David Icke has been talking about this for years and years but no-one has ever taken him seriously until now.

Avanto on October 25, 2012:

The majority of people drawn to work in high profile positions on in show business in particular, could be thought of as having a narcissistic personality disorder to some degree. Indeed, by the time many are household names, quite extreme personality traits begin to emerge. Treating them like gods makes such conditions worse. It's the same with political leaders - Blair is a good example.

The human condition for some children (depending on family conditions and parenting) is to exhibit individual displays of neediness, tailored to the parental response. This is extremely common in large families where there is not enough love, attention or resources to go round, and the din of needs erupts by each competitve child appealing for care on an individual tack. Saville's childhood demonstrated this perfectly. His sexual preference was pre-determind by the behaviour and background of his devout Catholic mother; this configured his survial methodology.

Mothers and fathers would run screaming from any suggestion that their rearing could have created a 'sex monster', but such political correctness keeps concealed the primary reasons that kids go off the rails.

Politicians and schools and psychologists are timid about addressing parent culpability, as labelling the child or drugging them with Ritalin seems so much kinder to poor old mum and dad who 'will have a breakdown' if someone points out that they are damaging their kids. We are in a mess on this, and as a psychological practicioner working in schools, I am sorry to say, that for 95% of childhood anti-social conditions, the path usually takes us right back to the parents. Politics does not address this and skirts around the issue - because parents are also voters! Who would be so brave?

Mary Kelly Godley (author) from Ireland on October 16, 2012:

Thanks very much for your comment. Yes it would seem there were constant rumors within the BBC about his inappropriate behaviour. I saw an interview with one ex-employee who says she saw Jimmy Saville molesting a girl that she thought was 14. She told her superior but he just laughed it off so she said she knew nobody would believe her and she would lose her job. That seems to have been the general attitude in those days. He was also a good friend of known Paedophile Gary Glitter and defended him when allegations against him were first made by saying he didn't think he did anything wrong. Its shocking now when it is coming out how many people helped to cover this up.

Kate McBride from Donegal Ireland on October 16, 2012:

I heard a radio show about this last week and from reading your hub as well the worst thing about this scandal is how it was allowed to go on for so long while people knew about it. Other people he worked with must have had something to hide too if his threat to bring others down had so much leverage. Voted this up and interesting

Mary Kelly Godley (author) from Ireland on October 16, 2012:

I watch Sky News and it has been on that everyday for ages since the documentary was on British TV on 03/10/12. Plus its in all the UK and Irish papers. When I read it I just remembered him from seeing him on TV growing up so it caught my eye and then when I read a bit more I thought OMG this screams Narcissist to me.

Apparently his mother was a huge influence on him all his life too and lived with him and ruled the roost until she died. He used to call her the Duchess and they were very close. Could have been a co-dependency going on there I suspect. We'll be hearing a lot more over the coming months I imagine. If you know Louis Theroux he interviewed him too and that was very interesting to watch. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on October 16, 2012:

Wow! I'm surprised these cases haven't received more coverage. I know there are an awful lot of them but the mainstream media haven't mentioned anything about this yet. Maybe they're waiting for the right time.

Mary Kelly Godley (author) from Ireland on October 16, 2012:

I suppose it is impossible to say conclusively at this stage but there have definitely been allegations reported which would have invovled young teenagers and even one in relation to a ten year old boy. The others I read related to a 15 year old girl. Also one of The Nolan sisters who sang on Top of the Pops claimed he propositioned her and wanted her to come back to his hotel room and she was 14 at the time? I too have only read some of the reports so that's where its at now anyway.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on October 16, 2012:

You have aired very similar views to myself on this subject. However, as far as I have heard none of Saville's victims were under-age so he wouldn't be classed as a paedophile... as far as I have heard.