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Mika Inagaki and Ayumi Kinoshita: Two Awesome Gravure Models and Actresses From Japan

Updated on January 4, 2017

Mika Inagaki Beautiful Photos

Mika Inagaki in a 2009 photo session sends out some love to her fans!
Mika Inagaki in a 2009 photo session sends out some love to her fans!
This photo is also from that same 2009 photo session and she looks just as beautiful as before!
This photo is also from that same 2009 photo session and she looks just as beautiful as before!

Gravure Model in Focus: Mika Inagaki

Date of birth: August 15, 1986

Profession: Gravure model and actress

Scale of beauty on a 100 point scale: 90

About Mika Inagaki

If really pretty gravure models are one of your favorite things in life to look at, then look no further than Mika Inagaki. Another one worthy of mention is Ayumi Kinoshita but let’s focus on Mika for the purposes of this biography. Mika Inagaki is on a very exclusive list. She is featured on the list of the Top 50 gravure models in all of Japan. She was active for just a few years from 2006-2008 before officially retiring from modeling. This Japanese beauty was born in Saitama, Japan, the same city that stunning supermodel and actress Yoko Mitsuya is from. That’s a great way to have a claim to fame isn’t it? Mika’s entry into the entertainment industry is an interesting one. She got in through something called the Weekly Young Sunday Project YS B Girls High School. Mika Inagaki is known by her nickname MinMin and she is also famous for a great smile. She has released 7 DVDs including one in August 2008 called “Mika Inagaki Kaijitsu.” She has also 4 photo books to her credit. And like many supermodels or gravure idols, Mika has appeared in some movies. A few of these are Gravure Heroine Ninja USA 1 and 2 with a few other Japanese idols Serina Ogawa and Masayuki Toyama. Mika has also appeared on the TBS variety show called “Kami-summers.” For someone that reads about gravure models, I would say that Mika Inagaki is easily more beautiful than gravure models such as Ai Shinozaki, Anri Sugihara, or Yoko Matsugane. It is a shame that she retired from modeling because she has one heck of a figure!

Mika Inagaki: Time for a few photo sessions

Mika inagaki vs. Ayumi Kinoshita

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Photos of Ayumi Kinoshita

Ayumi Kinoshita: her life and career

And as for Ayumi Kinoshita, she is a supermodel/gravure idol and actress. She stands at 160 centimeters tall. A native of Mie, Aichi Prefecture Ayumi was born on December 13, 1982. She is signed to Stardust Promotion. She has released the videos PURO and Collaboration Box. She has the talents of being able to do snowboarding and to play table tennis. I’m sure some of you might ask how she compares to some of these other Japanese gravure idols. Well, for one thing, I can tell you that Ayumi does not have the big breasts of Yoko Matsugane or Ai Shinozaki. Her most beautiful attribute is her eyes which seem to sparkle. Her first big break in her movie career came in 2004 when she got her first leading role in the TV series Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. However, for the purposes of this biography, let us focus on her TV movie appearances. Often times, actresses start with TV roles. In 2008, Ayumi starred in two such movies. They are Miracle Voice and The Miracle of 300,000 People: The Second Happy Birthday. Ayumi has had several roles in drama series and these drama series have usually been about love, romance, and marriage (not a surprise there right?) These drama series include:

  • Wedding Dream Believer
  • Dr. Ume-chan

As of 2016, Ayumi Kinoshita is under contract with a new agency, Wave Management. So which one of these gravure models do you think is the most beautiful? I still think Mika Inagaki gets this writer's vote.

Ayumi Kinoshita in photos


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