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Marriage Compatibility of Barack and Michelle Obama According to the Zodiac

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Barack and Michelle Obama remain influential despite Obama's completion of his presidency. They also seem very compatible with one another. Here we examine their marriage compatibility according to their zodiacs.

Barack and Michelle Obama remain influential despite Obama's completion of his presidency. They also seem very compatible with one another. Here we examine their marriage compatibility according to their zodiacs.

Barack and Michelle Obama: A Political Powerhouse

Barack and Michelle Obama are one of the most powerful couples in the world. Although they are no longer the political powerhouse they once were, they still remain extremely influential. Their marriage and family-oriented lifestyle have been the subject of countless conversations over the years they served as the President of the United States of America and The First Lady. Likewise, their personal relationship has been the source of endless intrigue as people are deeply curious about it.

The Obamas first met in 1989 through their mutual work at a law firm in Chicago. They were engaged in 1991 and were subsequently married the next year. Their two daughters were born in the next ten years of their marriage. The family was to become the subject of greater attention and focus in the years of Barack Obama’s rise through the ranks of government, culminating in his presidency that would eventually last for two terms.

Much has been said and written about the state of their relationship and marriage. Primarily it has been praised as a shining example of how a relationship ought to be in the face of a multitude of pressures and difficulties. The couple has talked extensively about how they’ve managed to maintain a sense of normalcy in their relationship despite the whirlwind that is their public lives.

In terms of the Zodiac, there is a great deal that can be analysed about their relationship and marriage compatibility. This can then be verified through their real experiences and how they’ve discussed these matters in disclosing them to the public. Although, it is true that not everything discerned from horoscopes is accurate, there are some interesting analyses and conclusions that can be drawn through studying people and relationships through this lens in an attempt to gain greater understanding about them.


Barrack Obama, The Leo

Barack Obama, born on the 4th of August is a Leo, making him a part of the fire signs along with Aries and Sagittarius. The positive traits associated with those born under Leo are those of passion, creativity, leadership qualities and warm-heartedness. However, on the flip side, they can also be stubborn, inflexible and arrogant. People with the Leo sign are said to be natural leaders as they exude confidence, charisma, and charm. These qualities make them attractive to others and allow them to gain admiration. They are also known for their strength of will and power to bring people together. All these attributes point towards people poised for leadership, such as Barack Obama. In relationships, each Leo is loyal, respectful and fun towards their loved one, but they do rely on a need to lead and take initiative as well maintaining their independency. This may lead to them imposing their will on their partner on occasion and to avoid this, they usually seek a partner that is equally self-aware and on the same intellectual footing as them, so as challenge the Leo in an effective manner.

Michelle Obama, the Capricorn

Michelle Robinson Obama, born on the 17th of January is a Capricorn, one of the three signs associated with the element of Earth and thus linked to pragmatism. Those born under Capricorn usually showcase positive qualities such as discipline, self-control, and awareness as well as having a sense of responsibility. They are seen as serious and mature, as well as possessing a sense of independence. These qualities enable them to be good leaders and manage people by bringing them together to work for common goals. However, this attachment to the material world and its practicality can make them can make stiff and stubborn as they are unwilling to bend or accept other perspectives than their own. Their sense of responsibility and practicality can also make them unforgiving and distant as other people may not be able to understand them, and they themselves might not make the attempt to understand others. Capricorns can be tough to crack in relationships due to their tough exterior and strong character. However, this makes well-developed relationships with them all the more rewarding when a partner manages to break through their walls and forge a genuine and lasting connection. They can be lacking in emotional output and compassion but they are devoted and reliable for their partner.

Leo & Capricorn

These characteristics are, however the most basic ones associated with the respective Zodiac signs and in reality, there are a number of intersections with other facets of the Zodiac that add on more layers to an individual’s personality and traits, based on the time of their birth within the larger context of the greater astrological cycle. Barack Obama’s birth chart thus has the power and charisma of a Leo but these strong characteristics are somewhat weathered by his moon in Gemini – a more adaptable and flexible sign. Thus, Obama deviates from the traditional Leo in being more inclusive and willing to lead in conjunction with the input of others. On the other hand, Michelle Obama is a more fitting example of a Capricorn – she is the embodiment of loyalty, capability, dignity, and grace. It is undeniable that she has her vulnerable side but ultimately she is not a frivolous person and commands authority and respect.

These two powerful signs put together seem as if it would have a disastrous outcome but it is evident that this is not the case. Traditionally, what they have in common is a high degree of self-awareness. Leo is a warm and passionate sign whereas Capricorn is more calm, collected and reserved. However, they both also have characteristics associated with the opposite sign as well but will not typically see them in each other. The desire to lead can potentially lead to a fall in self-esteem for the two of them as it may lead to conflict and insecurities. Let’s see how these traditional interpretations can be applied to the marriage between Barack and Michelle Obama by studying their astrological birth charts, which determine an individual’s destiny.

Birth Chart

Although these charts play with the idea of fate, it is important to remember that ultimately it is up to individuals to be self-determined and respond to situations out of their own free will. These charts simply show whether certain relationships are favored as opposed to being difficult but they don’t mean that difficult relationships are impossible to have. Relationships are not something that can be easily measured or quantified so these charts are not definitive by any means but merely serve as a form of guidance.


Marriage Prospects

Both Barack and Michelle Obama do not have favourable planets in their charts for marriage. This does not mean that they may not desire it or are not able to do so (as we have seen in real life) but simply that the five main positive planets for marriage do not occur in their birth charts. Both their charts indicate greater interest in other facets of life such as a focus on career and friends rather than marriage. However, this may ultimately make them more appreciative and grateful for marriage when it does occur. It is said in Barack Obama’s birth chart that he may have entered into marriage when he was young without fully taking into consideration the consequences and what it meant. Their birth charts fortunately signify that although their union may not have been favourable in the traditional sense, it’s all the more incredible that they’ve managed to overcome the challenges thrown their way and made their marriage work regardless of the trials and tribulations on their path. In fact, couples with more favourable indicators have invariably failed to keep the relationship going because they weren’t able to handle the difficulties that came their way.

Contrary Indicators for Marriage Compatibility

From an astrological perspective, whatever issues they may have faced in their marriage stemming from their personalities result from the positionality of the planets and what this means. Barack Obama’s Mars is in the 7th house, which means that there is a strong desire to be in the relationship and actively pursue its betterment. However, the passion and drive to lead can pose somewhat of an issue in seeing the marriage as a competition rather than cooperation. In this situation, it’s important for the partner to be someone extremely capable and headstrong in their own light so as to present a challenge and not allow themselves to be dominated. Michelle Obama, as a Capricorn with her own leadership qualities is exactly that. It’s important to note that if both their personalities were comprised entirely of strong and forceful attributes then it would be difficult to sustain even a regular marriage, much less one so public and with so many varied and exceptional pressures. Therefore, both the Obamas have certain characteristics that temper their harsher or more aggressive sides, allowing the marriage to be more a symbol of unity and a team working together rather than trying to dominate each other.

Apart from this, Barack Obama has two other contrary planets in his chart that may pose problems. Uranus and Pluto are both in the 7th house which signifies that the individual is freedom-seeking and may feel confined or uncomfortable settling into a committed relationship. Although these signs seem troublesome, they are soothed over by the fact that Michelle Obama has no contrary planets in the section of her astrological chart, indicating that as long as both partners are committed to making the marriage work, then unfavorable factors can easily be negated in favor of a more positive outlook. It is important that both partners give each other space to allow their own selves to materialize and not let the union take precedence over this actualization.

Sun and Moon Key Harmonizing Factors

A few other key points to be noted from their charts are that both of their moons are in the element of Air, which is indicative of a profound and long-lasting emotional bond. Communication is key and this factor ensures that positive communication and feelings take precedence above all else in this union. Both partners will feel deeply in tune with each other and enjoy simply engaging in conversation, doing chores together and take part in all the other supposedly mundane activities of life. Emotional compatibility is perhaps the most important component of any successful marriage and in this area, the Obamas excel. Other harmonizing factors related to the sun and the moon includes Barack Obama’s sun being in fire while Michelle Obama’s moon is in air. The elements can obstruct each other when they are polar opposites such as fire and water, or they can complement each other, much like air fans a fire. Overall, compromise is definitely involved but if both partners are willing to make effective use of communication and their emotional connection then there is no reason for the marriage to not succeed.

Indeed, in real life we have seen it succeed. Given their political roles and the pressures they face along with the contrary factors present in their astrological charts, it would have been easy for there to be roadblocks that they wouldn’t have overcome but they managed to do so. That is not to say they didn’t have their own problems. Michelle Obama has confessed to conflict in the marriage especially during the days of political campaigning, when Barack’s presidential career gained precedence over their personal lives, as suggested in their charts, although he did his best to make time for the family. However, things eventually settled down after the election was won as they were able to find a balance and routine in their lives at the White House, and their daughters greatly helped to maintain their strong and emotional relationship. Michelle has had to take on a supportive role within their political context and in turn, Barack has proven that he has the utmost respect for her.


It is evident then, that, while guidance can be obtained from astrology and the Zodiac, any marriage ultimately requires solid communication, friendship, and compromise. It is in implementing these concepts to the best of their abilities that they have made their marriage work, in conjunction with the favourable parts of their charts and in spite of the problematic elements.

Here's a video on Obama's zodiac chart reading:

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