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Lucille Ball Facts You Might Not Know

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Her Hair Color

Lucille Ball is known for her iconic red hair but did you know she was not actually born with that hair color? Ball is actually a natural brunette. Changing her hair to red was not her first dye job. The iconic star dyed her hair blonde before the red even came about. The reason she went with the blonde choice was for her modeling career and the start of her entertainment career. Ball dyed her hair to the legendary red color when she was asked to by MGM studios and she decided to go along with it. Good thing she did. Imagine if Lucy never had her red hair?


If you are a fan of Lucille Ball you probably are already aware of this. Ball and Arnaz have their very own museum created after them located in Jamestown, NY which is Ball's hometown. I actually visited this museum a few months ago and loved every second of it. They have things such as an exact replica of the house on I Love Lucy and so much of what any Ball or Arnaz fan would love! While you are in Jamestown you can also drive past her actual home, her statue, and visit her grave.

Every year they hold a comedy festival in Jamestown with huge comedians. People like Ellen Degeneres, Jerry Seinfeld, and many more have attended this festival over the years.

Her Big Break

Most people think of I Love Lucy when they think of Lucille Ball. But here's something that may blow your mind. The show didn't even first come out until she was already 40 years old! So if you think that all your dreams go down the toilet after a certain age, think again. Of course, she starred in many roles previously but she most likely wouldn't have been one of the biggest names in Hollywood if that show never existed.

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"I Love Lucy" Opening Credits

When you start watching an episode of I Love Lucy, you see the big heart that goes around the shows title. But did you know that wasn't even the original plan? The start of the show was supposed to be Lucy and Desi as cartoon stick figures. The heart idea was based on the heart shape lapel that she received as a gift on her 29th birthday from Arnaz.


Nowadays there are many actresses on TV who are playing roles as they are pregnant. Did you know Ball was the first ever though? During the second season of I Love Lucy, she was pregnant with her first child, Desi Jr. This made her the first woman to ever be pregnant on television. Just another TV moment that Ball goes down in history for.

Last Words

Many people know Arnaz said his last words to his ex-wife Ball. These words were "good luck on your show" before he died of lung cancer on December 2, 1986 at the age of 69. But did you know Ball's last words? Her last words were "my Florida water" when she was asked if she wanted anything. She ended up passing away after that due to abdominal aortic dissection on April 26, 1989, at 77 years old.

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