Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's Zodiac Compatibility

Updated on April 10, 2019
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I am a Scandinavian woman is interested in the compatibility of different astrological signs.

Even though we may not take horoscopes and zodiac signs seriously, that does not mean we can’t find amusement in their triviality. It’s like learning the meaning behind your name, finding out about celebrities who share your birthday, or taking a personality test on Buzzfeed. It’s the little things that we can find delightfulness in.

So it’s always fun to consider just how our zodiac signs may be affecting our relationships with others. In the case of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, their zodiac signs might be doing quite a few favors for them. The couple have been going strong from almost forty years, have had a son, and have pretty much become a goal for other celebrity couples.

Kurt Russell, Pisces

Kurt Russell was born on March 17th, so we find ourselves with a Pisces. The defining traits of a Pisces is that they are creative and spontaneous. They do not shy away from new experiences, and take interest in a wide array of subjects. Their charismatic nature is infectious.

The astrological sign of people born on this date is the fish, which embodies their tentativeness and versatility as a human being. There’s a constant change in direction for them, as they set plans for themselves but change them in a moment. Sometimes you’ll find them to be motivated and persistent towards one way, only for them to drop it all for the sake of pursuing a new direction. There’s a certain boldness in their character, yet also a sense of intellectual disposition.

There’s nothing more they enjoy than being surrounded by an artistic environment with people who share their interests. However, they may sometimes appear as impressionable and naïve, and also quite sentimental.

There’s a lot of positive things to say about a Pisces. Their sentimental nature means that they are capable of developing deep feelings for others, causing them to devote themselves towards those who they care about. They are loyal, trustworthy, and can be depended upon. Sometimes, their visionary nature causes them to lean towards the idealistic side, but they always remember that it is sometimes necessary to keep yourself rooted to the ground.

Besides sometimes failing to respect reality, they also tend to be a little too gullible. They are quick to trust others and convince themselves that others carry good intentions even if their actions don’t reflect such notions. This leads them towards placing their trust in the wrong person quite often. They can also be quite dramatic at times, exaggerating reality and attempting to build a bigger story out of something small.

Goldie Hawn, Scorpio

Goldie Hawn only just managed to land herself on the Scorpio sign, having been born on the 21st of November. And what does that say about her? She is empathetic and always ready to lend a helping hand. As a Scorpio, she also searches for transformation and is always looking for change.

That’s not all. The sign of the Scorpio is the scorpion, which represents a strong will, a resilient nature, and also clarity in their actions. They are diligent in working towards their goals and display a general sense of productivity. They are faithful towards their loved ones and honour their relationships. Being with their significant other gives them a sense of stability and cheerfulness that they share with their partner.

They are jolly-natured, so much so that they can charm others with their amiable personality. They are also naturals at multi-tasking and can keep themselves focused for an enduring amount of time.

However, sometimes their desire to achieve a goal may cause them to become a little too supervising, especially when things do not go their way. They can become stubborn, and may refuse to listen to others. When it comes to their relationships, they can quickly become possessive. They can become spiteful towards those they blame for hurting them, and they rarely forgive and forget.


So now we have a clear idea of what we are looking at. It’s now time to examine how these two complex individuals match up and what is it that makes their relationship such a success.

The first thing that should be noticed about these two signs is that both of their elements is water, so their outlooks and views on life almost always happen to align with one another. They both tend to find it difficult to start a new relationship and then to commit. But once they find themselves feeling attracted to the other person, that person becomes the very center of their life. They each shower their significant other with attention and affection and seemingly never run out of either.

Communication is always strong between a Pisces and a Scorpio and is a key contributor to their successful relationships. They are both great with their words and know how to express their feelings. The fact that both are so willing to support their significant other helps establish the foundations of their relationships.

However, there are always hurdles that must be overcome in relationships, and the relationship between a Pisces and Scorpio is no different. Scorpios can sometimes be a little too secretive and sometimes hesitant in sharing certain details about themselves. This can sometimes rub off the wrong way on Pisceans, who are quite sentimental and are firm believers in transparency between partners. That is why it is so important for Scorpios to express their love towards their Piscean partners and to make sure they never feel ignored.

Pisceans, on the other hand, can be quite quirky at times. Their idealistic and artistic nature can sometimes drive their partners crazy, especially Scorpios who like to feel as if they have a certain level of control over their partner. That is why a Scorpio must exercise patience and remember to sometimes let things go.

There’s no doubt that Kurt and Goldie have successfully managed to climb over these hurdles and have used the best of their characteristics to build a strong and intimate relationship. They are understanding of each other, faithful towards each other, and more than enthusiastic about building a future together.


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