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The Life and Career of Kenya Moore

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Kenya Moore is a woman of many careers: a model, actress, author, entrepreneur, and TV celebrity. Here we examine her life and career.

Kenya Moore is a woman of many careers: a model, actress, author, entrepreneur, and TV celebrity. Here we examine her life and career.

Who Is Kenya Moore?

You may know her from the hit Bravo TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but unlike many of the other women on the show, Kenya Moore was somebody decades before the show began. Don't get it twisted now...we all are somebody, I just mean that she was somebody famous long before the Bravo TV show began.

Kenya Moore first gained exposure as a model when she was a teenager. She moved on to major success on the pageant circuit, then she slid into acting by guest starring on many 90s TV shows. Kenya appeared in several high profile movies, she produced a work-out DVD, she was a reality TV contestant, and her current role is "twirling" around Atlanta on the super popular Housewives franchise.

The highlights already listed will go a long way towards answering the question of "Who is Kenya Moore?" But let's dig deeper to get an in-depth view of the beautiful black woman who has managed to build an empire out of her brand.


An Educated Young Lady

Kenya Moore started out in this world in Detroit, Michigan, on January 24, 1971. She was abandoned by her mother when she was only days old. In the interest of being fair, her mother was only 15 years old at the time she gave birth to Kenya, so she might not have felt equipped to raise a child. However, Kenya has stated that her mother refuses to acknowledge her presence, even to this day.

Fortunately for Kenya, she has a paternal grandmother and aunt who stepped in to take care of her. She might have started out on shaky ground, but with the support of her relatives, she pulled it together. Kenya headed down the right path and she eventually graduated from Cass Technical High. She went on to earn a degree in psychology from Wayne State University.

A Bona Fide Beauty Queen

Kenya Moore started modeling when she was 14 years old. She scored big in her early 20s when she obtained the coveted cover girl spot on Ebony Man (EM) magazine in 1992. She moved on to modeling for Fashion Fair cosmetics, and she won the title of Miss Michigan USA in 1993.

She achieved a major milestone by conquering the title of Miss USA (1993), because she was only the second black woman to earn the title in the history of the pageant. Carole Anne-Marie Gist was the first black Miss USA, she had won her title just three years prior. Kenya ended her pageant career after she went on to place fifth in the Miss Universe pageant.


A Bona Fide Actress

By the time the 1990s came along, Kenya Moore did a round of guest appearances on popular 90s TV shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Parent 'Hood, Living Single, and Girlfriends.

Eventually, she moved on to the big screen where she had cameo roles in films like Waiting to Exhale (1995), opposite Angela Basset and the late, great Whitney Houston and Deliver Us from Eva (2003) opposite Gabrielle Union and Terry Crews.

It was also during this time in her career that Kenya Moore caught the attention of music video producers, so she was cast in music videos from Shai's "I Don't Wanna Be Alone" in 1995 to Tupac's "Temptations," also in 1995.

While she was making regular television, film, and music video appearances, Kenya was also still making a living as a model and she appeared on the covers of Glamour, Seventeen, Ebony, and Essence.

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A Real Atlanta Housewife

2012 was the year that brought Kenya Moore into the forefront of the consciousness of many people who may not have already been familiar with her, because she signed on as a cast member of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

From the moment Kenya first appeared on the show, she's presented herself as a person who could easily stir the pot and cause trouble for others. This is exactly the type of behavior the producers of the Housewives franchise want, because drama is what their viewers crave.

Being a troublemaker, she fits right in with the rest of the group. The latest gossip about Kenya on The Real Housewives of Atlanta is that she and co-cast member Eva Marcille have gotten "into it" and are throwing serious shade toward each other, with Eva attempting to slight Kenya by saying she's over-the-hill. These types of antics are common.

Hopefully, given all she has accomplished in her past, the behavior she displays on the show are mostly for ratings. One positive aspect of her time on the show, besides the fact that she draws a handsome salary, is the fact that during the course of the show we have seen her create a family.


A Wife and Mother

Kenya Moore married restaurant owner Marc Daly in June of 2018. There was an air of mystery surrounding Kenya and Marc's marriage right from the start. Even her Real Housewives bestie, Cynthia Bailey, was in the dark about her relationship status.

Kenya introduced Marc as her husband out of nowhere. No one knew of their nuptials, because the pair had apparently eloped to a beach in St. Lucia.

We later learned that Marc Daly is a restauranter with a Southern fusion restaurant and bar in Brooklyn called SoCo. In the beginning, the handsome couple appeared to be perfectly suited and on November 4, 2018, they welcomed their beautiful daughter Brooklyn into the world. Although Kenya seems to be a happy, dutiful mother, her relationship with her husband was clearly strained.

Kenya's woes with her husband went public during her filmed emotional breakdown to co-cast member Kandi Burruss, where she cited a lack of intimacy as the main issue in her relationship. She further suggested that the issues began when she became pregnant, and she believed Marc had issues with her body when she was pregnant.

Kenya voiced several times that she was more than willing to work on her marriage to make it a success, but Marc wasn't as willing as was she. In the end, the couple decided to separate. Kenya recently announced their pending divorce.


At Last...A Beautiful Family for Kenya

Although Kenya and Marc's marriage probably will not last, she has shown herself to be a loving, caring mother. She has displayed many times her wish for a stable family, especially given the fact that her relationship with her mother is virtually non-existent.

Kenya has also repeatedly stated that Marc is a wonderful father, so there's no doubt that the two of them will be able to successfully co-parent baby Brooklyn in a positive environment.

Kenya Moore is still stirring up trouble on the Housewives, but of course, that's what they pay her to do... Regardless of her antics and her failed marriage, she seems happiest when she's with her child, so we wish her and her little family the very best for the future.

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Jacqueline G Rozell on December 06, 2019:

Beautiful women. I hope they get the best out of life. For some reason, though reality shows appear to be one of the most popular genres on the air, people tend to want to tear down those starring in the roles, to take pleasure in their bad and worse days and hardships. Perhaps that is what sells the audience points, but I'm rooting for success.

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