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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's Zodiac Compatibility

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What do you think of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's compatibility? Here we examine their zodiac compatibility.

What do you think of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's compatibility? Here we examine their zodiac compatibility.

Compatibility Is a Tricky Thing

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been in an on again, off again relationship since 2016. They were seen in January 2016 at the Golden Globe afterparty together. Their relationship was confirmed in May, the same year, and even attended Kate Hudson’s Halloween party together in October.

In March 2017, their fans were distraught when they announced they were taking a break. However, this did not last long, as in February 2018, they were back together again and made their red-carpet debut at the Global Ocean in September 2018.

Then of course, there was the big engagement announcement that almost broke Instagram in February 2019, on Valentine’s Day, when Katy posted a picture of her and Orlando Bloom with the caption “Full Bloom."

Their wedding was set for some time in 2020, as Katy has expressed her desire to take things slow and not rush through the engagement.

People who follow the couple are obsessed with their relationship, how in love they appear to be, and cannot wait to see the wedding. Until that magical day, however, most of their fans are eager to see how compatible they are in terms of their zodiac signs, to see if they are destined for a long happy life together or not.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom’s birthday is January 13, which makes him a Capricorn.

Capricorns are described as people with strong work ethic, and who are practical, sensible and level headed. They are serious, and do not tend to joke around or waste time on meaningless thrills and adventures.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was born on October 25, making her Scorpio. Scorpios in nature are extremely passionate about things that they care for, they are full of depth, and think with their heart over their head. They are one of the most misunderstood signs, often mistaken for being a fire sign, as they have passion, power and drive.

Zodiac Compatibility

In terms of the stars, their relationship is perfect. It has the right amount of electric chemistry, and understanding to keep them together for a long time. However, like every relationship, there are ways in which they will butt head, and not be compatible, giving them challenges they will have to overcome to remain together.

Like the fact that while they will fall in love fast, it will take them time to find the trust and courage to commit to one another, which explains why the pairs relationship had been so rocky previously, with their break ups and other relationships, before they made their way back to each other in February of 2019, hopefully forever.

Scorpios are water signs, meanwhile Capricorns are earth signs. An earth sign is more practical in nature and down to earth in most matters. They do not concern themselves with material possessions.

Meanwhile water signs usual act with emotions not logical thinking, making them the perfect match for a practical earth sign, as they will most likely find balance with each other. Orlando will be there to help Katy and show her ration when she is over emotional and thinking with her head, and likewise, Katy will be there for Orlando to make sure he won’t let his head stop him from following his desires.

Scorpios are fixed signs, unlike Capricorns which are cardinal signs.

Although Capricorns are not known to be romantic in nature, due to their goal-oriented personality, and ability to plan and conduct events with organization, they can certainly arrange a beautiful day to spend with their significant Scorpio partner.

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Even the simplest gestures do not go unnoticed by Scorpios, no matter how generic they may be, as Scorpios are always touched by any gesture. This is more reason why the relationship works well, as they do not ever fight about not having enough time together. Scorpios never pressure their partners into showing big gestures, and likewise, a Capricorn will try its hardest to show their partner they care for them.


Relationship Features According to their Zodiac Signs

Let us look in other aspects of the relationship between a Scorpio and Capricorn.


While a Scorpio and Capricorn will find it easy to connect physically with one another, they may struggle with deeper connections. Finding a spiritual and emotional connection with each other is no easy process for either of them, and it will take time, and more importantly, a lot of effort. Effort that both Katy and Orlando must put in equally, and plentifully, not to mention constantly, or they will find their relationship will weaken easily, instead of get stronger.


Both the signs are connected to Pluto, meaning they have similar characteristics, like their drive towards things they love. As they both share similar connections to the dwarf planet, Pluto, it means that they understand each other, and hence, find it easy to be supportive of one another. As time goes by, and Katy and Orlando get to know each other better, we will see their bond become even stronger, as they truly see each other and feel supported and safe in their relationship.


For a Scorpio, one of their greatest hardship is finding the ability to trust another individual, especially someone they love, as they find it hard to give their heart away. This hardship becomes even bigger if they have been hurt before, as they build a barrier around their emotions and find trusting someone even harder. This is why for a Scorpio, a Capricorn is the best partner, as they are the most honest partners out there. They are unproblematic in nature, and are always steady in a relationship. When they commit, their loyalty never wavers. This is why for a Scorpio, a Capricorn makes the perfect match.


Capricorn and Scorpio are most known to be stubborn in their beliefs on topics they are passionate about. This means that a disagreement between the couple could last for years, and never be resolved. However, this fact will not affect their relationship, as they both have deep understanding for each others thoughts and opinions, and respect each others views.

They are not the kind of couple to laugh together, or dance around their living room during the late night. Their relationship is more likely to flourish based on dark humor, rather than light teasing and jokes.

They understand each others preference for silence, though, and do not have to spend every minute together conversing.


Both Scorpio and Capricorn are weary of emotions, and are not comfortable with things like emotional contact, as they dismiss the Moon. At the beginning of their relationship, they will be distant, and always give off the appearance of being strong hearted, with their feet on the ground. As their relationship progresses, they will find this appearance hard to maintain, but will not know how to break it without appearing weak. To stop themselves from appearing vulnerable in front of their significant other, they will put themselves in situations that are difficult.

For a relationship between a Scorpio and Capricorn to work, there needs to be a deep emotional understanding between the two, or they will find themselves distant from one another, and a barrier will form in the center of their relationship.


Scorpio and Capricorn both have a struggling relation with Venus, which makes their sense of values most interesting, especially when they are together.

Their values are based upon guilt, and feeling as though nothing is ever really good enough in this world. This can have a negative effect on their relationship, as they bring these values into it, and struggle to feel as if their relationship is enough. It does, however, motivate them to do better.

Shared Activities

As mentioned before, Scorpio and Capricorn both have large goals, and spend their time striving for greatness. They are not happy unless they are successful, and are both career minded.

They both have a need to contribute to the world, and want to lend a hand in making it a better place. This is good, as it means they both share similar hobbies, and are happy trying out new things that are constructive.

Spending time together for the two signs is easy, as they naturally work towards the same goals.

Both signs are think deeply, and do not like to take life lightly. They want all their actions to be meaningful, and do not like to waste time on things that will not be remembered. Due to this similar drive, their relationship will most likely last for a long time, as they do not mind not being together at every second of every day. They understand they have separate lives, and are okay with that.

Final Thoughts on Compatibility

However, it is important for them to find a balance between their relationship and their private, separate lives, otherwise they will find themselves too detached from each other, and due to their pride will not try and fix their gap. This will lead to a depressive life for both of them.

As long as Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom can fix this balance, I am sure they will have the most beautiful, long lasting relationship they could ever wish for!

Watch Katy Perry talk about her beau at the Ellen Show here!

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