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Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney's Zodiac Compatibility

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Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney’s wedding in October of 2019 is something the internet still has not fully recovered from. The couple are one of the few unproblematic, genuinely happy pairs in Hollywood, and their fans are holding their breaths, hoping they will remain together and in love.

The pair were first spotted together by the watchful eyes of paparazzi in June 2018. Things moved pretty fast from their casual walk; they were seen together later in June of that same year in Italy sharing a candle lit dinner. Their relationship for the rest of the year seemed perfect as they both attended the premiere of The Favorite together in September 2018.

Then in January 2019, they moved in together, showing how serious they were for one another to the world. Only a month later, they were engaged! That is right, Maroney popped the big question in February, and Jennifer was photographed wearing the engagement ring that same month.

And that is how the beginning of their beautiful love story went!

Jennifer Lawrence is a perfect Leo. Born on August 15, 1990, she has the right balance of sensitivity, humor, and charisma. She is unique in nature, and she's not afraid of being herself. Judgment from others does little to discourage her, and as a Leo, she is known for her boldness.

Meanwhile, Cooke Maroney was born on July 3, meaning his sign is Cancer. Cancers are loyal, imaginative, and tenacious. They are known to be deeply intuitive, but they can also be insecure at times and pessimistic in their views.

When it comes to their compatibility in terms of their signs, the predictions for these two and their relationship is that their union will grow in time. They will face many trials when it comes to their marriage. They have to be patient, because it will take time for them to adjust to one another in every aspect.

Let us look at some of the aspects of their relationship in depth.

Trust Between a Leo and Cancer

Cancer and Leo are the only two signs who are not ruled by any planet, but instead ruled by the lights in the sky, making them very interesting as a couple. Leos like being the center of attention. It is said that Leo’s are born to perform, and in Jennifer’s case, this fact holds true, as she pursued a career in acting from a young age. However, this particular quality in one that a Cancer does not care for. This difference between the two does not mean that trust will be an issue in their relationship, but it does mean it could be hard to do. If a Cancer feels like their partner is interested in the spotlight, more so than their relationship, their insecurities may get the better of them and they will loose faith in their partners. So it is best that a Leo takes precautions and makes a point of being honest with their partners, to avoid any future issues.


Communication Between a Leo and Cancer

Cancer represent a subconscious mind, while Leos are the complete opposite, as they represent conscious minds. This means their views on certain matters will also oppose each other’s. They will find themselves drifting apart as they start to discuss issues where they do not see eye to eye, as none of them are particularly argumentative in nature. Leo’s, as they are ruled by the sun, are used to everyone circling around them, and paying attention to their every word. So, when their Cancer partner does not do so, they may easily get annoyed by this. And likewise, Cancer’s prefer to converse with people who are more willing to listen as well as talk.

The best thing for a Cancer and Leo couple to talk about is things they both are unfamiliar with. That way, they can learn about new things together, and they will have common topics to converse on.

Emotions Between a Leo and Cancer

The emotions of these two signs are truly beautiful. Both Leo’s and Cancer’s represent forms of love. Cancer, is a water sign, and the love it represents is motherly. They represent family bonds, and the love those bonds hold. From this you can tell that when a Cancer loves you, it may not be the most passionate form, but you know it will last forever, and be magical.

Meanwhile, Leo’s represent first loves, excitement and joy. They remind you of your younger years, summer loves and college life. When they decide to love you, their loyalty towards you will never waver. They will love you fully and completely.

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While they both have large capacities of love, the problem arises when they have to make a connection. Leo’s love to make big gestures, when they feel something strong, they want to shout it from the highest rooftop, and make sure everyone knows. Cancers are not like that, however, when they love someone, they want to be with them, and only them. They prefer to create a bubble of two, and keep their love to themselves. Cancer’s want to see the love their partners have for them in their eyes. This can cause issues, as a Leo will feel as though their Cancer partners are trying to tie them down, or are ashamed of their love. Meanwhile, a Cancer may doubt the sincerity of their Leo partner’s big gestures. The two signs have different opinions of what love is, and will struggle to find a middle ground.

However, if they really do love each other, whatever their definition of that term may be, they will find a way to make their relationship work, as none of them take love lightly. They will not let the other go unless they believe their relationship is not worth fighting for.

Cancer and Leo’s Values

Just like Cancer’s and Leo’s have different opinions on topics, they also have different values.

Cancers, like the love they represent, value things like family, stability, tenderness, and emotions. Honesty for them is extremely important. They value someone who wants something permanent, and logical.

Leo’s, once again, are the opposite. They value passion, energy, and initiative. They want someone who is always looking for a new adventure, like themselves.

So, when it comes to values, you will find a Cancer and Leo finding it very hard to find some middle ground.


Cancer and Leo’s Shared Activities

Here is one aspect of their relationship in which Jennifer and Cooke will not need to be similar to get along.

Leo’s, while they enjoy adventure, they will also gladly sleep for most of the day, with no problem. They also love being cared for, things like breakfast in bed, and having someone else do their chores, and who better to do that than a Cancer? Cancer’s love caring for others, and doing things to make them happier and their life easier.

Conflict may arise, however, when it is time for them to go out together. When you think of places to find a Leo, you will probably imagine at the top of some mountain, or some valley. Somewhere new, and adventurous. Meanwhile, Cancer’s are not into traveling or exploring. When they go out, it is too see those they love, friends and family. Or, if it is with their partner, then on a romantic walk, or to some fancy restaurant. They do not like getting their shoes dirty, and hiking is a big no no.

Cancer’s like going out to places that are secluded, where they can enjoy a day of intimacy with their significant other. Leo’s, on the other hand, want to go somewhere with people, where they can be seen, and be in the spotlight.

While a Leo could comprise in this situation, as, at the end of the day, their Cancer partner just wants to spend time with them, which certainly makes them feel special, they will feel a bit bitter over their lack of social attention.

In conclusion, both these signs, although they have some of the biggest capacities for love that could ever exist, with a Leo having one of the warmest hearts, and a Cancer’s emotional flow, sharing this love with one another is where they may find difficulties and challenges.

They are both unique, beautiful individuals, capable of doing whatever they put their mind too, and with some of the biggest hearts over there.

From paper view, a Leo and Cancer is the most uncommon match out there, and one of the last ones anyone would ever imagine existing.

However, this should not make anyone worried for our Golden Couple, Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney, for as long as they are committed to making their relationship work (And if they marriage certificates have anything to say about the matter, they totally are!) it definitely will. Because having different opinions of love, in abundance, is a lot easier to work with that having a barrier when it comes to loving, and not being able to.

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