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Jennifer Aniston: Fashion Icon and Stylish Red Carpet Actress

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Are you a fan of Jennifer Aniston?

Are you a fan of Jennifer Aniston?

Talented and Beautiful!

There are few actresses in Hollywood that are as beloved and admired as Jennifer Aniston. She has entertained audiences in both movies and TV shows as well as being the face of numerous brands. Her life has been lived through the lens of paparazzi and gossip magazines. All the while she has managed to remain classy and respected through whatever life throws at her in a most public manner.

Most people still regard her character on Friends as her most iconic role. As Rachel Green, she built her career and became one of the most beloved actresses in TV history.

Friends catapulted Jennifer into numerous movie roles. My favorite movie she has starred in will likely always be Office Space, in which she played a waitress burdened by her uniform flair. It was a supporting comedic role in a hilarious cult comedy.

My favorite role that she has played was the nymphomaniac dentist in Horrible Bosses. Up to then, that was a role one would never expect Jennifer to play. It was raunchy and over-sexualized. She proved she could be seen as something other than the sweetheart.

She received her best reviews in the movie Cake. She played an astringent woman named Claire Simmons who struggles with chronic pain. The movie received mixed reviews but her performance was widely regarded as award-worthy.

Jennifer Aniston in "Horrible Bosses."

Jennifer Aniston in "Horrible Bosses."

Fit and Toned

Genes may have played a role in her movie-star good looks, but Jennifer certainly doesn't take her physique for granted. She is photographed often at her various workouts. Her shapely legs are obviously the result of a rigorous exercise routine.

It is well known that she enjoys yoga. Also likely is her participation in other exercise classes and fitness routines. She definitely keeps herself and her body in great shape.

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Promoting Her Projects

I will always tune in to see Jennifer promoting her latest projects on the various late-night and other talk shows. She is always a gracious guest that is funny and personable.

She enjoys appearing in stylish outfits that show off her fabulous sex appeal namely her sexy legs in high heels.

Famous Late Show Appearance

Beautiful on the Red Carpet

Few actresses are Jennifer Aniston's equal on the red carpet. She seems to enjoy showing off her gorgeous legs and fabulous figure in the best designers have to offer. She balances her beauty and sex appeal with class. She is a red-carpet favorite.

Jennifer Aniston red carpet glamour.

Jennifer Aniston red carpet glamour.

Top Acting Awards

Best Lead Actress in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical


Golden Globe Awards

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series



Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series


SAG Awards

A Few Facts You Might Not Know

  1. Her godfather was acting great Telly Savalas.
  2. Despite winning the role of Rachel, she initially wanted to try out for the role of Monica in Friends.
  3. Her highest-grossing movie is "Bruce Almighty" where she starred opposite Jim Carrey.
  4. Rotten Tomatoes lists ‘The Good Girl’ as her top-rated film.
  5. She was considered for the role of Rose in ‘Titanic'.
  6. Fashion-wise, she is said to prefer heels to flats, particularly wedges. “Once I find a beautiful wedge, I will never, ever, ever let it go.”

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

One of the most distinctive things about Jennifer Aniston has always been her hair. Her hairstyle on Friends even got its name from her character. The "Rachel" was a style that thousands of women copied during the '90s. The cultural impact of the hairstyle remains despite the fad having faded a couple of decades ago.

Her hair remains one of the most envied in Hollywood. Thankfully she seldom cuts it short these days. Her hair is long and full and is styled in beautiful waves.

Jennifer Aniston golden wavy tresses

Jennifer Aniston golden wavy tresses

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