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1970s Popular and Handsome TV Actors

A star struck kid of the 70s, Glory loves reminiscing about the world of 70s TV entertainment!

Now we know these men aren't teen idol material, but boy, do they look good.

Now we know these men aren't teen idol material, but boy, do they look good.

Handsome Actors

This page lists but a few of the 1970s most handsome television actors who were busy working on weekly series of their own or busy making guest star appearances on popular shows of the time period. Most were not teen idol material and had little if any write-ups in the usual teen magazines like Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, Super Teen and more. But just because teenage girls weren't swooning over them doesn't mean they weren't talented, nice to look at, and fun to watch.

A page this size can not list every 70s TV actor who fits into this category, and I am sure I have missed quite a few, so please don't be offended if your favorite isn't listed. It is possible he might be on the companion page to this one, 1970's Male Teen Idols.

Ken with his co star in Mayberry, RFD, Arlene-Golonka

Ken with his co star in Mayberry, RFD, Arlene-Golonka

Ken Berry

Ken's original intention with coming to Hollywood was to be a song and dance man, but he was disappointed to discover the era of the big movie musical was coming to a close. So, television seemed the next best thing and he got his first taste of fame in the 1966 TV series F-Troop as Captain Parmenter. The series lasted for two years (1965-67) and ended because of problems between the executives at Warner Brothers and ABC.

Ken then moved onto The Andy Griffith Show in 1968, joining that series in it's 8th year. Ken was Sam Jones, a widowed farmer. Once Andy Griffith left the series, Ken found himself in the lead role under its new name of Mayberry, RFD which lasted until 1971 when CBS decided that it needed to clean it's schedule of "rural" shows, even though they were ratings winners.

Ken then went onto make guest appearances in many of the 70's most popular shows like Ellery Queen, Medical Center, Fantasy Island and more as well as doing a fine turn in the classic big screen Disney comedy film Herbie Rides Again in 1974.

A bit of trivia for you. When Ken served in the Army Special Services (the entertainment branch of the American military) Leonard Nimoy was Ken's sergeant and actually helped Ken get a screen test, which of course didn't ad up to a movie career, but it did get Ken's foot in the door.

Ken passed away at age 85 on December 1, 2018.

NBC publicity photo of Vincent for The Eddie Capra Mysteries

NBC publicity photo of Vincent for The Eddie Capra Mysteries

Vincent Baggetta

Like many actors of the 70s, Vincent got his start making small appearances on popular 60s shows as the decade changed, his resume continued to increase in size. till finally he hit pay dirt of sorts, by winning the role of lawyer turned private eye, Eddie Capra in The Eddie Capra Mysteries. The series ran for one season beginning on September 8, 1978 and ending on January 5, 1979 with 12 episodes. It was a fun series, and hopefully will see a release onto DVD sometime in the future.


Bill Bixby

Bill's career spanned over 30 years. His television debut was on an episode of the 1961 series Hennesey and from then on he made many guest appearances on television shows before landing the role of Tim O'Hara in My Favorite Martian in 1963. Once the series ended in 1966, Bill went on to work in some big screen films and worked with Elvis Presley in two movies, Clambake and Speedway .

In 1969, Bill would take on the role of Tom Corbett in the series, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, which ran from 1969 to 72 and then in 1973, he took on the role of The Magician (he trained as a magician to make the scenes more realistic) a show that lasted for one season. Bill would then make more guest appearances on shows like Barnaby Jones, Mannix and even a big screen Disney film, The Apple Dumpling Gang in 1975.

In 1977, Bill starred in a two hour TV movie called The Incredible Hulk. It was a ratings success and CBS decided to turn it into a series which lasted from 1978 to 82.

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Once the series ended, Bill added a number of directing credits to his resume working on episodes of TV shows like Sledgehammer and Blossom.

Bill was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1991 and died November 21, 1993.


James Brolin

In 1960, his father, a building contractor, built a house for director Henry King who arranged for a meeting for Jim with a Fox casting agent who hired him on the spot. [
His first television role was in the 1961 series Bus Stop, but you will discover that he had roles in feature films, mostly light comedies, and many, like his work in Take Her, She's Mine and Dear Brigitte were uncredited. He also had small roles in Von Ryan's Express, Our Man Flint and the Fantastic Voyage.

The 70's rolled around and found James getting lead roles in big screen movies like The Car, Capricorn One and the cult favorite West World.

But, television was also calling his name. He would play Dr. Steven Kiley on the series Marcus Welby, M.D from 1969-76 and would make guest appearances on a variety of others as well as making several movies of the week.

James still works to this day and is known now as "Mr. Streisand" since marrying Barbara Streisand in 1998.

Connelly in character from the short-lived series Paper Moon, based on the feature film starring Ryan O' Neal.

Connelly in character from the short-lived series Paper Moon, based on the feature film starring Ryan O' Neal.

Christopher Connelly

Handsome Christopher made a name for himself when he worked on the 1960s TV series Peyton Place as Norman Harrington. Once the series ended he continued to work into the 70's making guest appearances on many of the 70's most popular shows like, Barnaby Jones, Cannon, Marcus Welby, M.D. and more.

He had the role of Moses "Moze" Pray, in the TV series Paper Moon based on the big screen movie of the same name. The series lasted less for 13 episodes before being canceled. Interesting enough, the character of Moze was played, in the hit feature film by Connelly's Peyton Place co-star Ryan O'Neal.

He continued working right up to his death in 1988 at the age of 47 from lung cancer. He is buried the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California.


Robert Conrad

In the 1950s when Robert was signed to a contract with Warner Brothers, he went into the recording studio at Warner and recorded several singles. He had very minor success as a singer with his song, Bye Bye Baby peaking at No. 113 on Billboard's charts. But, most of us know Robert for his acting, when in 1959 he signed to play Tom Lopkaka on the successful series Hawaiian Eye with Connie Stevens and Anthony Eisley. When the series ended in 1963, he went back to working in the recording studio, issuing 2 more albums that didn't produce any chart singles.

Television called again in the form of the show The Wild Wild West and Robert took on the role of James West in the series that ran from 1965 to 70.

In 1971 he had the role of Paul Ryan in the short-lived crime drama The D.A. His next series Assignment Vienna, also short-lived, had him playing Jake Webster who lived in Vienna running a bar who really was working for the US government helping to track down spies and international criminals.

He found ratings success again with his role in the series Baa Baa Black Sheep on NBC as World War II flying ace Pappy Boyington that ran from 1976 to 78. He closed out the 70s with one more short lived series called The Duke as boxer turned private eye Duke Ramsey.

Robert passed away at age 84 on February 8, 2020.


Bert Convy

Bert was a singer, actor, game show host, and his career in entertainment began in the 1950s singing in a band called The Cheers , they had a hit single in 1955 with Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots. Bert would also get work in TV during the 50's with small parts in various popular shows of that time.

In the 60's he made the big screen film Susan Slade and then moved on to Broadway where he appeared in 1964 in Fiddler on the Roof playing Perchick. He then went on to appear in The Impossible Years in 1965 and he created the role of Cliff Bradshaw in Cabaret (1966). Bert also worked in short lived TV series Harrigan and Son (1960-61).

In the 70's he would become a popular panelist on games shows and would eventually try his hand at hosting as well. He also did appearances on popular shows like Hawaii 5-0 , Mary Tyler Moore, and Fantasy Island .

In the 80's he and long time friend Burt Reynolds would produce the game show Win, Lose or Draw with Bert hosting the syndicated version for two seasons, before handing the reigns over to Robb Weller for the third season.

In the early 90's Bert continued working on game shows, making appearances on TV series.

Sadly, in April of 1990, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and would die July 15, 1991 at age 57 just a few days short of his 58th birthday.


John Davidson

Born December 13, 1941 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the son of a Baptist minister.
The family moved to Brockton, Mass when he was young and eventually at age 12 they moved again to White Plains, New York.

With the intention of following in his father's footsteps and becoming a minister, he studied at Denison College in Ohio,but one day while giving a sermon about love, he realized that what he wanted to do was "sing about love, more than talk about it", thus ending his desire to be a man of the cloth.

During the 1973-74 television season, he starred with Sally Field in the supernatural comedy show The Girl with Something Extra that aired on ABC for a total of 22 episodes.

In 1974, a role on The Streets of San Francisco had him playing a character who dressed in drag in the episode Mask of Death.

In 1978, at a retreat on Santa Catalina Island, he operated the John Davidson's Singers Summer Camp for those wishing to pursue a singing career. It cost $1,600 for four weeks. I wonder if any of his students ever had a successful career as a singer after taking his course?

He co-hosted with Cathy Lee Crosby and Fran Tarkenton, That's Incredible, that ran on ABC from March 1980 to April 1984. The original title was to be Incredible Sunday.

Was given his own talk show in 1980 to 1982. The John Davidson Show replaced the long running The Mike Douglas Show for Group W Productions. Producers balked at paying Douglas a huge raise and worried about his falling TV ratings. They figured a younger and more attractive host would be the answer.

A few bits of trivia for you. John has released a total of 12 albums and in 1976, he released a single, Everytime I Sing a Love Song, went to No. 7 on the Adult Contemporary chart. In 1974, he posed nearly nude for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Clifton Davis with his "mama" Theresa Merritt in the ABC series That's My Mama

Clifton Davis with his "mama" Theresa Merritt in the ABC series That's My Mama

Clifton Davis

Davis' career spans forty years, in which he has been a songwriter, actor and minister. While in college at the Pine Forge Academy in Pennsylvania, he performed in musicals, dramas and even as the orator. When he was 21 years old, he was working as a video engineer for ABC TV, and it was around this time that he saw his first Broadway show, Apple Tree. He as so taken with play's realism that he knew immediately that acting was what he wanted to do with his life. Within a short period of time, he had quit his job and was auditioning for acting roles. He eventually won a part in the Broadway production of Hello Dolly. He continued to act and it was his work in the Broadway show, Two Gentlemen of Verona that garnered him a Tony nomination.

His skill as a songwriter was rewarded when the Jackson 5, in 1972, recorded his Never Can Say Goodbye which went to No. 2 on the pop charts. Davis admitted to coming to dislike the song as it was played so often on the radio.

In the mid 70s, Clifton starred in the comedy series That's My Mama as barber Clifton Curtis, a young single man who took over his father's barber shop business and who still lived with his mother. When that series ended, Davis continued to act and found himself in another hit series, Amen, which ran from 1986-91.

Davis still continues to act with some of his most recent work in the series Madam Secretary that aired from 2015-19.

Roger Smith

You might remember Roger from his work in the 1960s campy, gothic horror soap, Dark Shadows. He played eight different roles on the series, and admitted that at times he found it tough to keep them all straight.

But, perhaps it was his role on the series Alias Smith and Jones that brought him to your attention. Davis did the opening narration for the series, and then with the passing of Peter Duel, he was asked to take over the role of Hannibal Heyes. Davis admitted to feeling very guilty at first because he viewed this break as being because of "something good happening to me as a result of a friend's death." The series never recovered in the ratings after Duel's passing, and lasted for another 17 episodes (12 into the third season) before it was cancelled. Roger did a great job considering he was given a very difficult task of taking over and already established role. Many blamed him for the show's cancellation, but television westerns like Alias Smith and Jones were coming to an end and the series was up against All in the Family which didn't help the ratings.

Davis would continue to do appearances on television and low budge films and he regularly attends fan conventions for both Alias Smith and Jones and Dark Shadows.


Steve Forrest

If Steve Forrest looks a little bit like actor Dana Andrews who did a lot of film noir movies of the 40's and 50's that is because Steve is actually his younger brother.
He studied psychology in college, but took an interest in acting when he started to do some work in the theater department. He thought about becoming a writer and actually sold a few TV scripts, but not enough to make a career out of.
Actor Gregory Peck saw Steve acting in a play at the La Jolla Playhouse and encouraged him to take up acting. He even helped arrange a screen test at 20th Century Fox.

He was determined to make a career in acting without any help from his brother. When he was signed with MGM, they asked him to change his name, he picked Forrest, which is his middle name and the studio picked Steve for his first name.
In 1963, he was once asked by the PTA of his children's school to give a speech about violence in films and television. He politely declined the invitation because The Yellow Canary, a film he had completed the year before was being readied to make it's premiere. His character in the film was an extremely violent villain. He figured he wasn't the right person to be giving a speech on such topics.

In the 70s many knew him as Lt. Dan "Hondo" Harrelson in the police drama, S.W.A.T. and he also made many guest appearances on popular shows like The Six Million Dollar Man, Alias Smith and Jones, Cannon and more.


James Garner

James' career has spanned more than 50 years. His first taste of acting came way back in 1954, in a non speaking role in the Broadway play, The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, which starred Henry Fonda. Once the play closed, James went on to work in commercials the eventually found his way into big screen movies.

In 1957 he would play Bret Maverick in the series, Maverick which last until 1960.

James would make a number of films in the 1960s, like Move Over Darling, The Americanization of Emily,and Support Your Local Sheriff to name a few.

Starting in 1974, he would star in the successful series, The Rockford Files playing private detective, Jim Rockford. The series would last for six seasons.

Sadly, James passed away on July 19, 2014 at age 86.


Gil Gerard

His first official professional credit was a bit part (that ended up on the cutting room floor) in the film Love Story.

Gil would go on to make a living working in commercials, with over 400 to his credit.
A small role on Little House in The Prairie impressed Michael Landon so much that he cast him in a movie that Landon wrote and directed called Killing Stone in 1978.
In 1979, he signed on to play Buck Rogers in the TV series Buck Rogers In the 25th Century which lasted from 1979-81. He had initially turned down the role in the series thinking that it would be too cartoon-ish, much like the campy 60s Batman series.

Universal which produced the two hour television movie for Buck Rogers, felt that it would do well at the box office and released it as a feature film. It did reasonably well earning about 35 million dollars on a 12 million dollar investment.

In the 80's, he admitted to having a compulsive eating problem and he joined Over Eater's Anonymous.

In 2015, he was the voice Megatronus in three episodes of Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Haynes with his lovely co star Denise Nicholas of Room 222

Haynes with his lovely co star Denise Nicholas of Room 222

Lloyd Haynes

Haynes is probably best remembered for his work on the Emmy award winning series, Room 222 which aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974. He played Pete Dixon, a caring and understanding teacher who taught tolerance in his mixed race classroom at Walt Whitman High School.

Haynes, a licensed pilot, started a program called Education Through Aviation in 1972 as a way to help potential drop outs renew their interest in education. Haynes believed that kids might do better in school if it was a little more "exciting". The kids were not taught to fly, but instead given instruction on a variety of topics including weather, mechanics, navigation and more.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1986 and battled the disease for six months before succumbing to it on December 31, 1986. He was only 52 years old.


Earl Holliman

The desire to be an actor started as a kid. He wanted to be a movie star because he wanted to perform and it seemed to be a glamorous life. Years after becoming a successful actor he discovered that it really wasn't a very glamorous life at all.

His big break in the entertainment business came in 1953 with a small part in the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis film, Scared Stiff . He would go on to work in a multitude of roles including westerns, war films and dramas. He had roles in many classic films, such as The Rain Maker in 1956 for which he won a Golden Globe for his performance, Giant with Elizabeth Taylor and Gunfight at OK Coral with Spencer Tracey.

In the 1960s, Earl started to act in more TV roles, and the role that brought him his "overnight success" was as Lt. Bill Crowley the 70's TV show, Police Woman with Angie Dickinson.

Holliman never married or had children of his own and is a staunch supporter of animal rights.

A bit of trivia for you, he recorded several "rock and roll" songs for Capital Records including the cute little song Sittin' and A Gabbin'.


Robert Hooks

Handsome Robert Hooks has worked in over 100 roles on stage and TV. He broke through the color barrier that existed and made guest appearances in 60's TV series.
He continued working through the 70's making guest appearances in shows like The Rookies, Canon, Marcus Welby, M.D., The Streets of San Francisco and more.

Robert also co founded the Negro Ensemble Company, a theater group in New York City. Robert continues to work in films and TV.


Hal Linden

Hal began his work in the world of entertainment as a singer in the 1950s.
After getting out of the military, he began to act in summer stock and off-Broadway productions. His big break came when he replaced Sydney Chaplin in the Broadway show Bells Are Ringing. He would then go on to star in the Broadway show The Rothschilds, for which he won a Tony Award in 1971.

In 1975, he was cast in the role that is probably his most memorable, that of Captain Barney Miller in the sitcom Barney Miller that ran for 8 seasons beginning in 1975 and ending in 1982. The role won him seven Prime Time Emmy and three Golden Globe award nominations. The show eventually came to an end after 8 seasons as all the good writers had left to work on other projects. So, instead of hiring a new staff, it was decided by produced Danny Arnold to pack it in.

A few bits of trivia for you; Hal starred in 18 consecutive Broadway musicals that flopped! He also clarinet for Sammy Kaye, Bobby Sherwood and Boyd Raeburn bands.

Hal continued to work on stage, film and television and even released in 2011 an album, It's Never too Late containing pop and jazz standards. Way to go Hal!


Jack Lord

Jack Lord was an actor on stage, screen and television as well as a producer and director. His career began in 1949 in a film called The Red Menace. Other roles followed, but it was his work on television that brought Lord his greatest fame. He starred in the classic television series Hawaii Five-0 from 1968 to 1980.

Known as a cultured and educated man, he loved to read poetry, often doing so on the set of his series. In fact, Jack's childhood dream was to become an artist, and by age 20, two of his paintings had been purchased by the New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the British Museum of Modern Art.

When Hawaii Five-0 ended, he retired to his home in Hawaii and became a bit of a recluse valuing his privacy. It also gave him a chance to go back to his love of painting. During the last seven years of his life, he suffered from from Alzheimer's disease and some speculate that he may have been suffering from it as far back as his time on the series.

He passed away of congestive heart failure at his home in Honolulu, on January 21, 1998 at age 77.


Lee Majors

Lee's first movie role was in the 1964 film, Straight Jacket. His big break came when he beat out over 400 actors (including Burt Reynolds) for the role of Heath Barkley on the series The Big Valley which starred actress Barbara Stanwyck and Linda Evans which lasted from 1965-69.

Lee would move on into the 70's with a part in the long running series The Virginian in 1971. He would make a few Six Million Dollar Man made for TV movies, starting in 1973. But, he would get a regular role on the series Owen Marshall,Counselor at Law in 1973.

Finally in 1974, the Six Million Dollar Man became regular series, and Lee would play astronaut turned cyborg for five seasons. Lee had married Farrah Fawcett back in 1973 and she guest starred on The Six Million Dollar Man four times. The couple would split in 1978 and finally divorcing in 1982.

Once his role as Austin ended in 1978, Lee would do work on the big screen in a series of movies that didn't set the box office on fire. He returned to TV in the series The Fall Guy which ran from 1981 to 86.

Lee continues to act with some of his most recent appearances being on the series Magnum P.I., the 2018 version.


Monte Markham

Monte's career started in the middle 1960s by making guest appearances on then popular shows. In 1967, he won the role of Ken Carpenter on the series The Second Hundred Years. The plot involved an old prospector named Luke Carpenter who gets frozen into suspended animation during the 1900 Alaska gold rush, only to be successfully thawed out years later. As it turns out, he is a dead ringer for his grandson, Ken, also played by Monte. The show lasted a season.

The second series Monte starred in was the fourteen episode Mr. Deeds Goes To Town beginning in 1969. Monte played Longfellow Deeds a role that Gary Cooper had played in the movie version in 1936.

Monte would go on to guest star in many of the 70's (and beyond) TV series; shows like Barnaby Jones, Hawaii Five-O, Police Woman,The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries and many more.

One of Monte's most memorable roles occurred on an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man. In Season Two, episode 5 airing on November 1, 1974, the world was introduced to The Seven Million Dollar Man, Barney Miller. As a race car driver he was involved in a near deadly racing car crash and then fitted with bionic implants. Unable to handle his new found skills, his bionics were "turned" down. Miller made one more appearance on the series (with a last name change to "Hiller" because of the TV series airing using the name Barney Miller) in season three, episode 9, The Bionic Criminal, airing on November 9, 1975. He was never seen or talked about again.

Monte still continues to act.


Sam Melville

Sam did guest appearances on many popular shows in the 60's, shows That Girl, The Fugitive, Hogan's Heroes, The Big Valley and more. But, it is probably his role on the TV series, The Rookies as Officer Mike Danko that fans remember best.
The Rookies co-starred Kate Jackson as his wife and would last from 1972-76.

Once the series ended, Sam went on to do many more guest appearances in shows like TJ Hooker, Fantasy Island, The Dukes of Hazzard, Airwolf and more. He would also get a chance to work with Kate again, in her series Scarecrow and Mrs. King playing her ex husband, Joe King.

Sadly, Sam passed way March 9, 1989 at the age of 53 from heart failure. He is buried in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California.

Ricardo on the left as his famous role of Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island. On the right, Star Trek fans will recognize him as Khan

Ricardo on the left as his famous role of Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island. On the right, Star Trek fans will recognize him as Khan

Ricardo Montalban

Ricardo's career spanned almost 70 years, beginning in 1943, but it wasn't until 1949 that he would get his first starring role in a big screen film, Border Incident. He would go on to do many roles in films and on TV shows and even a few stints on Broadway.

In 1975, Ricardo started to do advertisements for Chrysler advertising the new Cordoba. Remember how he heavily emphasized the "soft Corinthian leather" that Chrysler used in the interior of the car.

Missed his car advertisements, well that's okay, you have another chance to remember him... as the dark and mysterious Mr. Rourke in the series Fantasy Island that ran from 1978 to 84. Each week we were treated to celebrity guests who came to Fantasy Island hoping to get their deepest wish fulfilled for the sum of $50,000. There was always a bit of a mystery as to just who or what Mr. Rourke really was as in the TV movies, he was a little darker and more sinister than in the TV series. Some suspected that he was God, while others thought maybe he was the Devil. No matter, though, the show was fun to watch and made stars out Ricardo and his pint size co star Herve Villechaize.

Once the show ended, Ricardo went on to other roles, and one in particular in 1982, was on the big screen in Star Trek The Wrath of Khan where he played Khan Noonien Singh a genetically enhanced superhuman who was seeking revenge against Captain Kirk whom he blamed for the death of his wife.

Ricardo passed away January 14, 2009.


Greg Mullavey

You might best remember Greg from the satirical soap opera television series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, that aired daily in syndication. He played Tom Hartman, the cheating spouse of Mary Hartman played by Louise Lasser. The show ran for 31 episodes beginning in 1976.

Greg was born in New York and decided to change the spelling of his surname from Mulleavy as to not be confused with his father, also named Greg, who had played professional baseball for the White Sox and Red Sox and was a third base coach for the Brooklyn Dodgers and L.A. Dodgers.

His career started as a bit of a lark, while in college, a friend at a party, dared him to to audition for a role in an off Broadway play. He did and won a the male lead in the play Ah, Wilderness! That was the beginning of a new love affair, he never used his degree in philosophy, and even gave up his plans on opening an insurance agency to become an actor.

Some of Greg's most recent work was a reoccurring role as Grandpa Shay on I Carly on Nickelodeon.

Newman in publicity photo for his TV series Petrocelli

Newman in publicity photo for his TV series Petrocelli

Barry Newman

Barry is handsome in an "ordinary guy" sort of way. His career started in the 1960s, and maybe you remember him on the soap The Edge of Night as John Barnes, for two years.

But, it was his role in the 1971 feature film film, Vanishing Point that grabbed people's attention. His character of Kowalski was a burned out, pill popping ex cop whose new job was working as a driver for a car delivery company taking a bet that he could make a run from Denver to San Francisco, driving a 1970 white Dodge Challenger in under 15 hours. He was pursued by highway patrolmen determined to stop him and his was helped on his journey by blind DJ named Super Soul played by Clevon Little.

Barry never really achieved super stardom, but has had a successful career in the entertainment business, having the lead role in the TV series, Petrocelli that ran from 1974 to 76 and making numerous guest appearances on other shows. Barry is still working in the business and his most recent work was on an episode titled Till Death Do Us Start on the hit series Ghost Whisperer .

Two bits of trivia for you, he studied in college to be an anthropologist and one day sat in on a acting class and was hooked. You might notice a small half moon scar that is visible on his face, that is from a childhood accident, he fell and had to have stitches.


Michael Parks

Michael's career began in the 1960s with appearances on many of the popular TV series of that day such as The Real McCoys, The Detectives, The Law and Mr, Jones and more. His big break came in 1966 in the big screen John Huston epic The Bible: In the Beginning as Adam.

In 1969 he was cast in the series Then Came Bronson as James "Jim" Bronson, a newspaper man who gives up his career after the suicide of his best friend Nick (Martin Sheen). In order to heal and to find some meaning in his life, he becomes a drifter, riding from place to place on his Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle (which once belonged to his late friend, Nick) seeking to experience life and to share what he learns with others.

Michael sang the closing theme song, Long Lonesome Highway which became a Top 20 hit for him on Billboard's Top 100 chart. Michael then went on to record several albums but none produced any songs that matched his first hit.

The series lasted for one season, and after its cancellation, Michael went on to have a very active career.

He passed away on May 9, 2017 at age 77.


Dack Rambo

Handsome Dack and his identical twin brother, Dirk, were discovered by Loretta Young and had a one season stint on her show in 1962. Dack went on to get a role in the series The Guns of Will Sonnett playing Jeff Sonnett for two seasons beginning in 1967.

In his late teens, a psychic warned Dack that he would be in an accident that involved a small car and there would be flames. Sadly, this prediction seemed spot on, but involved Dirk instead, as he died in a fiery car accident in 1972. He was only 22 years old and had been driving a Volkswagen.

Dack would do guest appearances on many of the 70's most popular shows and even have several series of his own that were short-lived; the first being Dirty Sally, a Gun Smoke spin off, in which he played Cyrus Pike. It lasted for thirteen episodes. The second series was Sword of Justice which lasted for ten episodes in 1978.

He would go into the 1980s getting roles on prime time and even day time shows. You might remember him as Jack Ewing on Dallas from 1985-87, or playing Grant Harrison on the day time soap, Another World from 1990-91.Sadly, while performing on the show, Dack was diagnosed with AIDS. He decided to retire from acting and focus his attention promoting AIDS awareness. He was very candid about his disease and his bisexual lifestyle. Dack would succumb to the disease March 21, 1994, he was just 52 years old.

1970 publicity photo

1970 publicity photo

Percy Rodrigues

A Canadian actor whose career really began in the 1930s when he joined Montreal's Negro Theater Guild. Work wasn't fast in coming, so he worked for the next decade or so as a toolmaker.

He made his Broadway debut in 1960 in the Lilian Hellman drama Toys in the Attic which lead to more work on the stage which eventually opened doors for him into work on TV.

Because of his deep and articulate speaking voice he was usually cast as authority figures, which helped him avoid being cast into the typical kinds of roles black actors of the time found themselves saddled with. He found work on many of the 60's most popular shows Star Trek, Mission:Impossible,The Fugitive and in 1968 he was cast as Dr. Harry Miles in the series Peyton Place.

In the 1970-71 television season, he worked in the series The Silent Force as Jason Hart. The show also featured Ed Nelson who had worked on Peyton Place, as well.

He died at age 89 on September 6, 2007.


Bob Seagren

Bob was a successful athlete in the late 1960's and 70s, winning Olympic gold medals in pole vaulting.

In the middle 70's he turned his attention to acting, getting parts in shows like The Love Boat, Wonder Woman and as gay football played, Dennis Phillips, who was involved with Billy Crystal's character, Jodie Dallas on SOAP, a role that lasted for two years.

He was slated to star in a spin off of Charlie's Angels called Toni's Boys, an all male version of it's parent show, but it never materialized.

Today, Bob has turned his attention to the world of business and is the CEO of International City Racing.


Bruce Solomon

Bruce is probably best remembered for his role as police officer Sgt. Foley in the series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman . The role was originally written as a middle aged man, but when cast in the role by Hartman director, Joan Darling, the character was revamped to fit Bruce. His character of Sgt. Foley was very popular with female viewers as he was the complete opposite of popular cops of the day like Kojak. The character was almost written out of the show, but Norman Lear's daughter, Maggie, insisted he be kept on and Lear listened to her opinion.

Bruce was also cast in Lanigan's Rabbi as Rabbi David Small who helped his best friend, Police Chief Paul Lanigan (Art Carney) solve crimes. The series was based on the series of books by Harry Kemelman. There were four TV movies featuring the characters made in 1977: Corpse of the Year , The Cadaver in the Clutter, Say It Ain't So, Chief and In Hot Weather, The Crime Rate Soars .

In 1978, Bruce was cast in the big screen film, Foul Play starring Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. You might remember Bruce's part, as his character lay dying he warns Goldie the "dwarf...beware the dwarf".


Bo Svenson

Bo was born in Sweden and immigrated to the US at age 17. In the 60's he was lumberjack Olaf "Big Swede" Gustavsen in the series Here Comes the Brides . He also had guest stints in a variety of 70's TV series such as Kung Fu ,The Mod Squad , The Rookies and he starred in the classic cult TV movie Snowbeast .

But television wasn't all that Bo worked in, he had a variety of roles in big screen films, too with his most notable as Buford Pusser. When Joe Don Baker stopped playing legendary the law man in the Walking Tallmovie franchise, Bo was chosen to take over the role which eventually led to a short lived 80's TV series of the same name. Svenson hoped that his work in the Walking Tall series would inspire people to take an positive interest in their communities, to question current practices, to get back to old fashioned values like honesty, bravery and patriotism.

He turned down the chance to play John Wayne in a proposed TV movie, Shooting Star, even though he was offered a huge sum of money. He had nothing against John Wayne, he just felt that Wayne was a legend who just should be left alone.


Lyle Waggoner

It is hard to image, maybe, but handsome Lyle was almost Batman! That's right, he auditioned for the role of the Caped Crusader for the 60s television series that would eventually star Adam West in the title role.

He would find work on The Carol Burnett show beginning in 1967 and would do over 20 episodes before deciding to leave so he could work on other projects.

His most memorable role came in 1974, when he was cast as Colonel Steve Trevor in the series, Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter in the title role. Sadly, his character would be slowly and steadily phased out during the third season and was to be totally eliminated by the fourth, which never got a chance to happen as the show was not renewed.

For those of you who care, Lyle did a Playgirl photo layout in the June 1973 edition.

Lyle passed away March 17, 2020 at age 84.


Demond Wilson

A decorated war veteran who decided to give acting a try when his tour of duty ended. He first work was on the stage doing Broadway and off-Broadway shows. He then turned his attention to television and found roles in Mission: Impossible , All in the Family as well as roles in the big screen films The Dealing (1970) and The Organization (1971).

His most famous and memorable role is that of Lamont Sandford in the classic 70's sitcom Sanford and Son. For six seasons, from 1972-77, he played Fred's 30 year old son, who, at first was an angry young black man who felt forced to work in his father's junk/salvage business. As the series went on, he grew into a responsible, mature and loving son to his cantankerous father, Fred (Redd Foxx).

After the series ended, he found work in a short lived CBS series Baby I'm Back. In 1982, he was cast, along side Ron Glass (of Barney Miller fame) in The New Odd Couple, playing Oscar Madison. This was an update on the classic sitcom that had originally starred Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. The show lasted for a season with 18 episodes filmed.

In 1984, Demond became an ordained minister and now spends his time preaching, writing books and does occasional acting roles.

Publicity photo of Ed for his role in Project UFO

Publicity photo of Ed for his role in Project UFO

Edward Winter

Ed's career began on Broadway in the 60's where he earned two Tony nominations for his roles in the 1967 play, Cabaret, and then again in 1969 in Promises, Promises.

He moved into the 70's and began to make guest appearances on popular shows of that period, but his most memorable is that of intelligence officer Colonel Flagg on M*A*S*H. He did 7 episodes over its 11 year run. Before the character of Flagg came along, he had also made appearances on the series as Captain Holloran (many viewers find themselves asking was this Flagg pretending to be someone else).

He would also play for 5 episodes Congressman Walter McCallum on the series, SOAP and his most steady work in the 70's was on the series, Project UFO, as Captain Ben Ryan which ran on NBC from 1978-79. Winter admitted to seeing a UFO in real life in 1956 when he was a radar technician aboard a C47 that was flying over Mississippi. He described it as an orange and white ball moving along at about 10,000 feet. Other crew members saw it too, but they all just chalked it up to being moon reflection.

He would pass away on March 8, 2001 of complications from Parkinson's Disease. He was cremated and his ashes scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

In Conclusion

Well, as you can see, there were a lot of handsome actors who had great success on the small screen. This is by no means an all inclusive listing, there are other actors who would qualify for this listing, too, but I wanted to keep this listing a reasonable size. I do have a 70s Male Teen Idol page that has names that would certainly fit here, too.

If you have any comments, questions, or wish to add a name, feel free to do so in the guest book provided. I moderate comments and they have to be approved before they appear. Please keep comments and questions on topic. Thanks.

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