5 Great Movies for Seth Rogan Fans

Updated on December 15, 2017
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Seth Rogan is a Canadian-American actor, filmmaker, and comedian. He has enjoyed numerous successes with his comedy shows, TV programs, movies, and stand-up performances since his teenage years. He's also well-known for his unique laugh.


In this list are five of Seth Rogan's best movies which you should check out if you love comedies and you're a fan of this charming actor. Although Rogan has appeared in many great movies such as Stepbrothers and Superbad, this list is only going to include movies where he played one of the main roles.

5. Sausage Party (2016)

Sausage Party is an animated comedy movie for adults about packaged food who live in a supermarket, keenly awaiting the day they are bought and taken to what they are told will be a new, magical place.

The movie is full of innuendos and adult jokes, as well as a bizarre but entertaining storyline. It's the kind of movie that's great to watch with your friends and a couple of drinks. It's animated, but be careful - it's not for kids!

Rogan plays one of the main characters, a sausage named Frank, who dreams to be bought along with his lover, a hot dog bun. However, chaos ensues when Frank is separated from his packaging and he has to find his way back home to reunite with his girlfriend.


4. The Interview (2014)

The Interview caused quite an uproar when it was released a few years ago, as it features the death of the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and it angered a lot of North Korean officials. Major cinema chains decided not to show it on the big screen to avoid causing further offense, but if anything, it only made the movie more well-known.

The film itself is extremely funny and well worth watching if you're into slightly offensive comedy. Seth Rogan co-stars in this movie with James Franco as journalists who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate Jong-un. Upon arriving in North Korea, they see that the stories they've heard have all been propaganda lies and Kim is actually a pretty cool guy... or is he?

3. Monsters Vs Aliens (2009)

When an ordinary woman called Susan is hit by a meteor on her wedding day, she grows twenty times her size and is inprisoned in a military base as a monster. She manages to befriend some other "monsters" in the institution, including Bob. When aliens attack Earth, it's the monsters to the rescue.

Rogan voice acts as a character named Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate, or B.O.B. for short. His quirky character is cute and he is one of the most fun characters in the movie.

Monsters Vs Aliens is really funny and full of jokes that are family-friendly yet still entertaining. Check out this movie if you're watching with children and enjoy Seth Rogan's voice acting.


2. This is the End (2013)

This is another movie that Seth Rogan wrote alongside James Franco and co-starred in it with him. It's quite an unusual film because all of the celebrities in the movie play as themselves, although they are sort of exaggerated versions of their real personalities. Celebs who appear in the movie include Jay Baruchel, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Craig Robinson.

Franco is holding a huge party at his new house in Hollywood, L.A., when strange things start happening. Blue beams of light pull people into the sky, and a gigantic burning sinkhole appears in Franco's garden. Although the theme of the movie is quite serious, it's an incredibly entertaining watch with some laugh-out-loud moments and silly comedy scenes.

It's the perfect movie to check out if you're hanging out and drinking with your friends. Again, it's not a film for children as there are a lot of sexual references and some violence.

1. Paul (2011)

Paul tops this list as my favourite movie which stars Seth Rogan. This 2011 comedy's main actors are Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, who are also well-known for their movies Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Paul is an awesome comedy where two British nerds travel to America for Comic-Con and take a road trip to see the USA's most famous alien and E.T.-related sights. Along the way, they encounter a real alien, Paul (Rogan), who turns out to have influenced popular culture over the past sixty years and is on the run from government officials who want to use him for his extraterrestrial abilities.

With numerous pop references, quality script writing, and thought-provoking "what-if" moments, it's a great film appropriate for people aged around sixteen and over. Be aware there are some sexual references, cursing, and substance use, so parental discretion is advised.

Although Seth Rogan has had some hit and miss moments in his career, a lot of his work is great and worth checking out for those who like fun movies. Chill with some beers and check out one of his hilarious comedies!

Questions & Answers

  • Which movie did not include Seth Rogan?

    They all have Seth Rogan in them. That’s why this article is about the best Rogan movies.

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