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Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's Zodiac Compatibility

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What are Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen's zodiac compatibility?

What are Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen's zodiac compatibility?

The Golden Couple

Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen were the golden couple of 2009. They announced their engagement in January of 2009 and married only a month later in Santa Monica. Over the past 10 years, most of the internet have become invested in the strong relationship between the model and NFL player, and they have one major question: Are their zodiac signs compatible?

Their Signs

Tom Brady was born on August 3rd, making his sign a Leo, while Giselle Bundchen graced this earth on July 20th, meaning she is a Cancer.


This is not the most normal zodiac combination out there, and most couples with such signs do not have long lasting relationships, which is why Tom and Giselle’s relationship is so fascinating for all those who are interested in zodiac signs.

To find similarities between the Cancer and Leo couple, that would make them compatible, we not only have to look at their sun signs, but their moon, rising, Venus and Mars signs.

Compatibility of the Sun Signs

As I said before, these two signs are extremely different. To try to get a general understanding of just how much so, Leo’s are governed by the sun, while the moon rules over Cancer’s. They are basically considered polar opposites.

While Leo’s love to be the center of attention, and bask in being in the spotlight, Cancers prefer to lead a more soothing and calm life, and live in the past. Leo’s strive in loud environments, and like to always look towards the future, while Cancer’s are more nostalgic in nature, and would rather live in peace. Their needs are extremely different in such cases.

However, while they both have extremely different preferences, it is easy for them both to adapt to each other, and find a way of living in harmony. A cancer will easily be willing to support a Leo’s antics and wild lifestyle, and in return Leo’s will slow down their fast pace to allow their Cancer partners to keep with them. Both sign’s do have one similarity, and that is loyalty to their family. So when a Leo and Cancer do get married, chances are they will put everything into keeping their relationship together, as that is what is most important to them.

Compatibility of the Moon Signs

Moon signs show how one deals with their thoughts and emotions. How they process their feelings in all situations, be it grief, happiness, or anything of the sorts.

This is very important when determining the compatibility of two signs, as how you deal with life situations show who is best to be at your side in times of difficulty.

Tom Brady’s moon sign is an Aries, as his birthday falls on August 3rd, and Giselle’s is in Scorpio. The two partners have high compatibility when it comes to their moon signs, as they are ‘opposite’.

In zodiac terminology, ‘opposite’ actually means that the signs complete each other. This is because when we talk about being opposites, it means they are six signs apart on the zodiac wheel, and fall directly opposite each other. So, when they come together, they are whole, and create a world of their own, as one.

The moon signs, Aries and Scorpio are both controlled by Mars. The planet Mars governs emotions like passion, heat, aggression, all of which are our more primitive feelings. This means that most likely, Tom and Giselle have a scalding relationship, and are not in need of any extra intensity in their life together.

Another planet that rules over Scorpio is Pluto. This planet has a reputation for being destructive, transformative, and for having recreation. This signifies that the relationship between Scorpio and Aries will be powerful, and that they will both grow together.

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Compatibility of the Mars Signs

The signs of Mars indicate what attracts you to your significant other, so it is usually a telltale indicator of whether two signs are compatible or not.

Tom Brady’s Mars sign is a Libra, while Giselle has a Gemini sign.

These two signs are the perfect match in terms of air signs, which further shows their compatibility.

Gemini enjoy mental simulation, they are into story-telling, and people who are charming and imaginative. Meanwhile, Libra’s are attracted with people of class, elegance, beauty and luxury. They like people who are sure of themselves, and a little hard to get.

Relationship Quality & Compatibility

  • Trust

The signs have a 65% trust reading as a couple. Leo’s are extremely transparent, and Scorpios are known to be straight forward and honest at all times. When these qualities come together, it means they will develop fast mutual respect for one another, as neither have the incentive to lie or deceive the other.

  • Communication Skills

Both signs have one similar personality trait, and that is being well mannered. This is good for their communication, as if a problem arose in their relationship, they are both inclined to settle it in a civilized manner, and not jump into a fight, or avoid their issues all together.

They are both passionate personalities, and Leo’s can be quite obsessive. So when they find something they both share interest in, they will most likely run the topic dry in a matter of hours.

  • Similar Values

Leo and Cancer’s have similar moral values. They both appreciate honesty, and clarity. They do not get a thrill out of dancing around topics, and prefer to deal with problems face on, no matter how gruesome they may be.

  • Shared Activities

While both Leo and Cancers may have different interests and hobbies, as they are adaptable, they are always willing to have fun together and try each other’s interests out.

When it comes to dealing with a situation, however, this is when their relationships may be tested most. Leo’s are known to be positive, and always look at the brighter side. Whereas Cancers are more realistic, and negative. They see things in black and white, and do not try to look for the best in people or situations.

For them to work together, they must find some sort of middle ground when it comes to their beliefs and opinions, as well as emotions, or they may never find a solution to their differences of opinions.

  • Emotions

Another aspect that will challenge their relationship is their emotions, including their feelings towards each other.

In most case’s one would identify the feelings a Leo and Cancer have for each other as hate, but in reality, there is a fine line between hate and love, and that for these signs, they lean towards the latter. They both believe that any emotion is better than none, so will always rush towards their feelings, and try and identify them even if they do not fully understand them.

Scorpios are known to prefer negative emotions over positive, as they believe love sometimes has to hurt. Leo’s, on the other hand, hate to admit they are wrong, and always stick to their decisions.

To avoid having a torturous relationship, the signs must work together to find a balance in their relationship. They need to work on being independent, as well as reliant. They must find the middle line between being obsessive and too dependent, but also being affectionate, and not distancing themselves, to keep a healthy relationship.


Additional Facts About the Signs

  1. They both belong to signs that are heavily fated to be together. This could have stemmed from a past life connection between the two in another lifetime.
  2. They both have a deep, and emotional connection to each other. It may not always be smooth though, but they are definitely considered soul mates, and there is no doubts in the stars that they will always be able to resolve their issues with one another.
  3. There is definitely romance between the two signs, Leo and Cancer, and not one that disappears quickly, rather one that is there to last.

Timeline of the Relationship

At first, the relationship between the couple, as a Leo and Cancer will be tested. They will not be aware of what they are getting themselves into, and it will take time for them to adapt to one another, and find a rhythm and balance. Both signs are stubborn, and do not give up on their beliefs easily. However, as time goes on, they will find their similarities, and as they gain each other’s trust, they will find it easy to make sacrifices to keep their relationship going and healthy.

After some time together, once they find balance, they will realize that they are both looking for the same thing to keep them together—unity. Once they find that, it will be a smooth ride.

The couple have quite compatible signs, and if their long standing relationship offers any indication, it is safe to say if you are a Leo and Cancer, you will be together for a long time. Much to the delight of Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen’s fans everywhere, they do not have to worry about them breaking up anytime soon and causing any trouble for their beautiful family.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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