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Emeli Sandé: Top 15 Things She Wants You To Know

Billy enjoys music and trivia. He likes to share his interests with readers.

Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sande

Emeli Sande

Emeli Sandé

  • Real name Adele Emily Sandé.
  • Born 10 March 1987 in Sunderland, England.
  • English mother and Zambian father. Brought up in Alford, Aberdeenshire.
  • She speaks with a mild soothing Scottish accent and, based on various interviews, here's the top 15 things she wants you to know.

Growing Up

"I remember at four or five I used to just sing all the time and when I got to seven my parents started noticing it. From a really young age I decided I wanted to be a musician."

The World's Introduction To Emeli

First came to public attention after she featured on Chipmunk track Diamond Rings as a featured artist.


"Nina Simone was the first person I heard that made me want to be an artist. Then as I got older : Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell and old school influences. No rules, any genre forming my own style."

Growing Up In Scotland

"I grew up in a very small town. We were the only mixed race family in the village. Big news when we moved in. For me I felt very different and I felt very disconnected to the community. Nobody like the same music as me, but we were a big part of the community."


"I was 7 when I wrote my first song. I was took to another world when I'd hear Whitney Houston get to a chorus and then just start flying. How do you write something where you take the audience with you like that?"

Naughty Boy

"I was studying medicine in Glasgow. While doing shows in London I met Naughty Boy. He had the connections to the open world. He kind of took what I was doing on the piano and made it a lot cooler. He got in touch with Chipmunk and I did "Diamond Rings" with him."

What Part Of Medicine Did She Study

"Brain neurology and psychiatry. I felt that was fascinating. If I would have finished and become a doctor, I would have done into that."


"My inspiration comes from what I'm experience. It goes straight into the music. I find that's the easiest way for me to vent.

When I'm writing for other people there's no set way. They may have heard half of an unfinished song or a song that's already written. Sometimes I get to sit down with the person which is really nice. You have to be flexible."

Songwriting Thesis

"I'd really studied the structure. First you have the verse then you have this part where you connect this to the chorus. From then and I thought I've got this cool little magical thing."

Magical Scientific Formula

"Initially when I Began writing songs professionally I was definitely looking for that magical formula. How do you get people to sing along. Then after trying and trying to work some kind of science out of it, it doesn't exist. The songs that just have emotion and the ones you just get all the feeling out of very precisely. Those are the ones that really connect because you're just laying yourself bare."

Songwriting Thesis 2

"When you write songs in the heat of the moment. This is amazing everyone gets excited and then you listen to it the morning after and it's just okay. There are songs that you just, even when it's just a voice memo, want to repeat it and repeat it. If I want to listen to it again and again it's a good sign that others well as well. That's when I think I need to finish this or make it bigger. It's usually just what's like ear candy."


"I loved working with Alicia Keys. That was a dream come true for me. Writing for Rihanna was really cool. We didn't get to meet until the song was finished, but it was really cool being involved in her album."


Idea Of Heaven

"My idea of Heaven is someone buying me a grand piano. If I had a room with a grand piano and I had all the time to play it that would be heaven."

Annoying Habit

"Singing. If someone starts singing I join in. They find it really really annoying."


"It's really important for me just to be myself and to do something a bit different so I don't blend in. I really just don't want to be a good voice. I think there's many of those. I think it's important that you bring something different to the table."

Alford ...Where Emeli Was Raised

Chipmunk - "Diamond Rings"