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David and Victoria Beckham Zodiac Compatibility

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I am a Scandinavian woman who loves to write about and research zodiac signs.

Here we will examine David and Victoria Beckham's zodiac compatibility.

Here we will examine David and Victoria Beckham's zodiac compatibility.

The Importance of Compatibility

Whether you believe in its authenticity or not, no one can deny that checking your horoscope is a fun activity. For those of you who believe in the insight astrology has to offer our lives, you might look at the compatibility of your zodiac sign with that of others. Compatibility is the crux of any kind of relationship, whether it’s romantic or platonic, a friendship or some form of love.

David and Victoria Beckham are one of those power couples that have just done phenomenally well in life. They’ve managed to build an amazing life together, while excelling in their professional careers at the same time. As of 2017, they have a combined net worth estimated at around $450 million. So let’s take a closer look at the chemistry of their relationship through the medium of zodiac analysis.

Victoria Beckham, Aries

The Aries sign forms the head of the Zodiac; it is the first of the 12 signs. The sign is symbolized by a Ram, and is attributed with the element of fire. People that share the Ares sign are categorized by headstrong and willful behavior; at times, they can be very stubborn.


Aries are able to face up against seemingly unbeatable odds, and overcome them, through their sheer will power. Aries are often extroverted people with a surplus of energy at their disposal; they pour life into everything they do, and give every project they undertake their all. This sign exudes confidence, and is always ready to face a new challenge head on. Aries love to be the best at what they do, and their drive and killer instinct inspires others to follow their example. Having an Aries friend is great because they’ll always stick up for you; they may be hot headed at times, but it’s all a part of their loyalty. An Aries may act on impulse when they sense a loved one is in harm’s way, and they won’t think rationally until later, but rest assured that all this comes from a good place. As partners, Aries are generally the most caring, devoted and encouraging people you can find.


Despite being dynamic, willful creatures, Aries do have their shortcomings. Some Aries fall prey to arrogance; they might think that their natural confidence puts them above others, or that they have the right to lead people, as opposed to them working towards achieving the respect of others. At other times, Aries may become self-absorbed, leading them to neglect the feelings of those around them. They may even become selfish to the point where they stop caring about how their actions can hurt others. This is why Aries need to be around company that keeps them humble. Otherwise, their sense of entitlement can get the better of them, leading to them acting a somewhat aggressively; behavior which is often frowned upon by those around them.


David Beckham, Taurus

The Taurus sign is the second of the 12 zodiac signs, and is symbolized by a bull. It is attributed with the element of Earth. Taurus sign holders often live in one of two ‘extreme’ states; they are either content and calm, or else they’re riled up and ready to tackle the world.


Taurus are often analytical and sensible in their approach towards any situation. They will assess whether or not something is important enough for them to invest their time and expertise in. When a Taurus decides that a project is worth their effort, then they go all in. However, Taurus don’t dive head first into a situation – they take the time to formulate a step by step plan, and then gradually tackle the problem at hand. Taurus are both cautious and patient – they are always on the lookout for blips along the way, and should a problem arise, they calmly think of a solution, as opposed to getting angry or frustrated.

Taurus people boast an aura of calmness and contentment, which spreads itself and influences those around them. Taurus are often appreciative of art and culture; they love to discover beauty in the world. They have a heart for the finer things in life, and they aren’t afraid to work for indulgent luxuries. You can spot a Taurus easily because they’ll always have their head held high; proud of who they are and what they stand for, with a self-assured, almost aggressive posture. A Taurus does not threaten the world, but it sure is ready to tackle anything it has to throw at it.


Taurus can occasionally become worked up over something, and if they are, then they are inclined towards losing their sense of rationality. Like an angry bull, the Taurus may charge head first and think about what they’re doing later. This can be a potentially disastrous and self-destructive trait, and so Taurus should work on keeping their emotions at bay at times of distress or discomfort. Taurus can also be very proud creatures, and while that can be a good thing, at times it can be damaging for their friendships and relationships. A Taurus may be inclined towards putting their ego ahead of a relationship, and apologizing or admitting they’re wrong isn’t always easy for them.


David And Victoria Beckham – The Taurus-Aries Power Combination

The zodiac combination of David and Victoria’s Tarus-Aries signs is supposed to be one that’s well above average; it is an indication that they should have excellent physical chemistry. The results of this can be seen through their exemplary relationship, and their impressive professional success in life.

Taurus and Ares have their share of flaws, as we discussed above. But they do an excellent job at complementing each other. Taurus’s sensible, paced approach to life helps them reign Aries in, preventing Aries from diving head first into risky situation. Once a Taurus has carefully assessed a situation, it can charge straight in with Aries; together, with their combined abilities, there is little that they can’t accomplish.

The zodiac compatibility of the two signs does indeed imply that they have lessened weaknesses, which can be observed in how they help one another in times of distress or anger. Aries’ strong, dominant nature is especially useful when Taurus becomes riled up and fails to think rationally. Only an Aries can match a Taurus’s power in this state, pushing them back and forcing them to eventually calm down. This allows a Taurus to once again think sensibly, and reflect on the scenario. In contrast, when an Aries becomes arrogant or selfish, a Taurus has the authority and confidence to talk sense to Aries, and bring them back down to earth.

Aries have a tendency of starting projects and failing to finish them. This is perhaps due to their aggressive, willful nature; they have stopped appreciating the value of patience and seeing a project through. In times like this, Taurus can aid Aries in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel; once an Aries’ eyes are opened to the rewards of completing their task, they will be more inclined towards finishing it. Taurus are famous for their endurance and will-power, which is great for long projects that drag on, as they never lose motivation or steam.

An Aries is naturally attracted to a Taurus’s compassionate, gentle, self-assured nature. In times of hardship, Aries can rely on Taurus to be their unwavering support; this is a big deal for Aries, as they are used to tackling problems on their own, in fear of being let down by others. In return, a Taurus appreciates the willfulness and head strong nature of Aries. A Taurus is also very grateful for the monotone loyalty an Aries has to offer; an Aries is loyal to their partner first, and asks or an explanation second. At times, a Taurus also appreciates an Aries confidence at leaping towards opportunity – especially during times when a Taurus is too cautious to take the risk, despite it possibly bearing great fruit. While an Aries brings liveliness and excitement to a relationship, a Taurus offers security and a promise of forever.

Of course, despite their zodiac compatibility, any relationship does take a great deal of work and some compromise. However, if an Aries and Taurus can adapt to each other well, then they have much to benefit from by being together. They connection they share is a deep, resilient one. These proud, powerful lovers have a special kind of gentleness reserved for one another; a softness for those they love. At times, an Aries needs space and freedom. A Taurus is mature enough to keep in mind the depth of an Aries’ loyalty, and appreciate their need for some room.

The most important trait of the Taurus-Aries relationship is their ability to pull through the tough times. While both signs are powerful presences, they too, like anyone else, can feel lost when things seem dark. However, both of them understand the need to be strong for one another, and so in times where they cannot be strong for themselves, the can be strong for each other instead. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Victoria and David Beckham’s relationship is still going strong.

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