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Classic Farrah Fawcett Posters

Glory's love of personality posters began in the 70s. This page represents a bit of historical record and walk down memory lane.

Vintage fan magazine (Tiger Beat Star) clipping, showing their write-up about her successful poster ventures.

Vintage fan magazine (Tiger Beat Star) clipping, showing their write-up about her successful poster ventures.

Cultural Icon, Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett became a cultural icon during her reign as a 70's poster queen, beginning with her famous 1976 red bathing suit pose published by Pro Arts.

In fact, that suit has been given to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History and has been made a permanent display at the Smithsonian's popular culture department. I bet Farrah never thought for one moment, that the suit she purchased at a Saks Fifth Avenue would eventually become so popular and noteworthy.

Bruce McBroom, a photographer friend of Farrah's, is responsible for snapping this iconic photo. Taken in the backyard of the house she shared with her husband at the time, Lee Majors, she wore very little makeup and didn't do much with her hair, just allowing it to flow and fall naturally.

Over the course of the next several years, she had a multitude of posters available on the market. This page attempts to make an historical record of sorts of the various poses available in the US market.

This is not a complete listing, as I believe I have missed a few during the Charlie's Angel time frame, and of course this page doesn't include the numerous posters that were released in foreign markets. I can't add any kind of behind the scenes gossip about these posters, but what I do offer up in some brief commentary that is based upon my memories and opinions.

Two editions of the same pose.

Two editions of the same pose.

Farrah as Holly From Logan's Run

Thanks to the popularity of her red bikini pose, Farrah won a part in the science fiction film, Logan's Run as Holly 6 and had three posters released of her as her character.

As you can see there are two versions of this pose. I'm not sure which was the first release, but the story goes that the first edition didn't sell well as was taken off the market. A second edition, edited a little differently was released and sold better.

An interesting side note is that the dress she wore in the film is on display at the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle, Washington.

The film wasn't a very big success at the box office and didn't receive too many positive reviews from critics, but it has gone into cult film status and even inspired a short-lived TV series starring Gregory Harrison.


Charlie's Angels

Pro Arts wasn't the only poster company that wanted to capitalize on the popularity of Farrah and of the show Charlie's Angels.

In 1976, Bi-Rite Enterprises released this poster of Farrah, Kate and Jaclyn. It has become one of the more memorable publicity posters released of the cast. It measures 23x 35 and even though I have seen the name listed at different places as "Mirror Image" and some even call it "Reflections",I am fairly certain its official title is simply “Charlie’s Angels”.

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Bi-Rite also released solo poses of Kate and Jaclyn and a nice poster from the second season of the show that featured the newly added Cheryl Ladd.


Farrah as Jill Collage Poster

This is a Bi-Rite collage poster of Farrah as her character, Jill. Bi-Rite released collage posters of Kate and Jaclyn, too.

The collage posters from Bi-Rite were never really my favorite poses and this release of Farrah really isn't all that great either. I just don't like the photos used, with the exception of the red shirt pose which has been used a lot in different magazines and such. If you look on places like EBay that sell photos, you can find many different poses from this photo session, all of the lovely. I do remember seeing at least one pose from this photo shoot in a teen magazine I had as a kid.


Farrah Flower (1977)

What a lovely colorful pose this is of Farrah. A beautiful poster released by Pro Arts in 1977 and it's the usual size, 20 x 28.

In my neck of the woods, I never saw Farrah's bikini pose until several years later.

This was the first Farrah poster that I was able to purchase at my local department store. I can remember paying $2.50 each for my posters, which to a kid was a huge sum of money. Because money was tight for me, I had a tough time picking out whose poster I wanted to purchase and because of this, my collection wasn't all that large.


Ms. Majors

It seemed that 1977 was a busy year for Farrah in terms of posters. This nice up close pose of Farrah is from Pro Arts and is catalog #14-546.

Of all the posters of Farrah released through Pro Arts after her very successful bikini pose, I am not sure which one was the best selling of those. I also have no clue as to in which order these posters were released as there were so many of them, not just from Pro Arts, but other companies, too, that wanted to cash in on Farrah’s popularity.

When I was collecting posters, as a kid during the 70′s, I lived in a small town and had very few stores to pick from in terms of shopping. So, I had to rely on Woolworth and K-Mart as my sources. Naturally, they pretty much carried the same poses, so I didn’t get a chance to see all the great posters available, of not just Farrah, but other celebrities, too.

It wasn’t until I started to research for this page, that I discovered just what I had missed. I have no idea just how many of these same poses made it into foreign markets, nor do I have any idea of the number of different poses available in those markets, either.


Farrah's Ford Motorcars Poster

Of all of the Farrah posters released this one seems to be one of the rarest to find and perhaps that was because of how you were able to get your hands on it. The copyright information on the poster states: Distributed by Ford Parts and Service Division, Livonia, Michigan so I am thinking (and possibly in error) that this was part of a Ford Motors car campaign. I remember that Farrah did commercials advertising the Mercury Cougar.

I have seen this poster for sale on EBay a few times over the years, but the sellers offer no real detailed information about it.

So, was this a nationwide campaign for Ford or only something that went on in Michigan? Did you get a poster if you went in for a test drive or did you get this nice pose only after you bought a new car? I am sure someone knows to these questions and will share with us.

A Pro Arts large poster of Farrah.

A Pro Arts large poster of Farrah.

Super Farrah

No, the title isn't implying that Farrah was a super heroine or anything, it simply means that this poster was larger than the usual 20 x 28 that Pro Arts released. On occasion they would release a door size or in this case a super size pose which was 27 x 40.

This is catalog #20-201. It’s one of the rarer posters to find. It looks as though it was taken in the same photo shoot as Farrah Flower, because to me, the shirts look the same.

A few others had super sized posters: Kate Jackson, Shaun Cassidy, Lynda Carter and I do believe Donny and Marie, also.


L.A. Farrah

A beautiful poster of Farrah, taken from a magazine photo shoot. Most of the bikini poses you see of Farrah, she is always wearing a one piece bathing suit. The story goes that she had a scar on her abdomen that she was very sensitive about. If you do a scan for early photos of Farrah, such as on Ebay, you can find several different poses of her wearing a two piece bikini, and it does appear that she does have a scar, but the photos are so small most of the time, that you really can't tell for sure, not that it really matters one way or the other...scar or no scar, Farrah was a beautiful woman.

Anyway, this is a Pro Arts release and a very nice pose of Farrah and is a Pro Arts release from 1977. It is catalog # 14-560 and the photographer is John Cahoon.


Farrah Paisley

I don't really have a lot of information to share about this Pro Arts (14-569) poster. From what I have been able to gather, it was released through Farrah's fan club, but also available commercially, although I never saw it at any of the stores I frequented as a kid. :( The copyright info states: Farrah Paisley Copyright:1977 Pro Arts, Inc. Medina Ohio, USA The Farrah Fawcett Fan Club.

If you had this poster in your collection all those years ago, how did you go about getting your copy? Inquiring minds would like to know.


Farrah Blue

There are two versions of Farrah Blue, one with her signature on the lower right corner, the other with her signature at the top. This pose is from a Playboy photo shoot done in December 1978. I am not sure which is the first edition of the poster, nor do I know why two are available.

I remember getting my copy of this poster at my local K-Mart. They were having a special, packaged with this new Farrah poster was her classic swim suit pose. I was so happy to get two posters for the price of one and was very happy that it was her first classic pose, too since I didn't have that one in my collection.


Farrah's Door Poster

In 1979, Pro Arts released this nice door size poster of Farrah and of course as you can see, it was taken from the same photo shoot as her Farrah Blue pose.

It seems as though Pro Arts didn't release a lot of these size posters (in the US) as I can only think of a handful of poses; Susan Anton, Shaun Cassidy, Cheryl Ladd, to just name three celebrities of the top of my head, who had at least one door size poster to their credit.

If you like to buy original posters off of Ebay, please be careful to read the descriptions carefully. I have noticed some dealers selling reproductions (perhaps unknowingly) of Farrah's (and others too) posters and stating they are originals and charging big prices for them. With Farrah's passing, a lot of her memorabilia, posters included, can bring some high prices, and I don't know about you, but if I shell out big bucks for a poster, I want it to be the real deal.


Farrah as Elle

I have little information about this poster other than it shows Farrah in a scene from the movie, Sunburn.

Some people are of the opinion that two men "ruined" Farrah's career, the first being her manager, Jay Bernstein, who supposedly talked her into leaving Charlie's Angels for a movie career. He hoped she would make much more money as a movie star than a TV star. The other was her husband, Lee who was jealous of the fact that she was far more popular and successful than he was and he wanted a "good little wife who was home every evening to cook him supper". I can't say for sure if either of these things are true. But one thing that is obvious is that her venture into the world of big screen films wasn't a success. Her first film was Somebody Killed Her Husband with Jeff Bridges in 1978 billed as a comedy, romance, that venture that did poorly at the box office. Her second big screen feature, the science fiction film the 1979 Saturn 3 with Kirk Doulgas, didn't fare much better.

The 1980 film Sunburn didn’t really set any records either. However, an appearance in Cannonball Run, a Burt Reynolds film in 1981 proved to be more successful.

But, she did find great success on the small screen with her award winning performance in The Burning Bed in 1984. That was when the world discovered that Farrah could act. I think this was one of the last poses of Farrah released as a poster, but I am not totally certain. By the time the end of the 70′s rolled around, there was a new poster girl on the scene in the shape of Bo Derek, who would take over the reign of sex symbol for the 1980′s, when she starred in the Blake Edwards film “10″.

In Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed your visit to the page and seeing again (or for the first time, perhaps) some of the lovely poster poses of Farrah that were released during her reign as a 70s female teen idol.

If you have any questions, would like to make a comment, please feel to do so in the guest book provided below. Please keep comments and questions on topic, and be advised that comments are moderated to filter out spam, rudeness, crudeness and other unacceptable stuff. This is meant to be a viewer friendly place and a place for all to share their Farrah memories, poster related or otherwise. Thanks for understanding and keeping Farrah's memory positive!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2014 Glory Miller

Classic Farrah Fawcett Posters Guest Book

Kelly Ann Christensen from Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas on January 03, 2020:

I think that red bikini poster of Farrah was on every guy's wall in the garage or in his room. lol

Daehawk on August 13, 2017:

I had the Super Farrah poster with the blue shirt as a boy. My sister won it at a local amusement park and gave it to me. Covered the entire back of my door.

Tom Ryan on January 06, 2017:

Great site I was actually researching the Farrah Blue poster with the 2 signatures and found your site.

Some of the questions you posted. The Ford Farrah was indeed given to Ford dealers and you got it as a promotion for test driving a Ford card. You didn't have to buy a car. So of course I talked my dad into going in and taking a drive to get me the poster. Really until Ebay, it was the rarest and most expensive of Farrah's posters.

The Paisley poster was available in stores although it too was limited and hard to find.

I'm still looking to see why Blue was released with 2 signatures.

Thanks for your site dedicated to Farrah's posters

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on September 03, 2016:

A beautiful icon who will live on...

Debby on March 15, 2016:

I not only had THE poster of posters but I also had the flower Farrah poster, Farrah doll (wearing a red Bob Mackie dress) , a Charlie's Angels t-shirt with the three in light red sequined dresses, a Charlie's Angels doll case and used Farrah's excellent shampoo and conditioner from Faberge.

Yes, they don't make stuff good anymore.

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