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Classic 1980s Personality Pin-up Posters!

Glory's love of personality posters began in the 70s. This page represents a bit of historical record and walk down memory lane.


1980s Collectible Personality Pin-up Posters

Personality pin-up posters have been popular for a long time and in the 1970s, interest in them seemed to skyrocket with the Farrah Fawcett bikini pose that sold a record number of units. Since Farrah helped to revitalize the industry, it's been going strong ever since. While the 1970s gave us a nice selection of poses, the 80's also had a nice variety of pin-up posters showing off the faces and figures of popular 80s actors, actresses, musicians, sports celebrities, and more.

Let's take a look back at some of these awesome personality posters. How many of these graced your bedroom walls? Here are a few of them:

  • Kristian Alfonso
  • Fred Dryer as Hunter
  • Gregory Harrison in For Ladies Only
  • Richard Hatch
  • Don Johnson of Miami Vice
  • Brian Kerwin's Rare Poster Release
  • Brigitte Neilsen
  • Miles O'Keefe as Bo Derek's Tarzan
  • Simon and Simon's Jameson Parker
  • Tanya Roberts of Charlie's Angels
  • Tom Selleck
  • Rick Springfield
  • Heather Thomas of The Fall Guys
  • Tina Turner As Aunty Entity
  • Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune

Kristian Alfonso

In 1983, Alfonso debuted on Days of Our Lives as Hope Williams. Eventually writers paired her with Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) and their characters married, after the usual kinds of stress and strife expected on a soap, creating one of the most popular and enduring super couples not only on that show but on daytime television as well.

Starmakers Posters released this very nice poster of Kristian in 1984 and this seems to be a rare poster to get your hands on. It is catalog #2212, title Kristian Alfonso.

For Peter Reckell fans, he also has at least one poster floating around out there, too.


Fred Dryer as Hunter

Handsome Fred Dryer, is a former football player, turned actor had a starring role in the television cop drama Hunter that aired on NBC from 1984 to 1991.

For the first season or so, he was a small screen version of Eastwood's Dirty Harry, he even had his own catch phrase, "works for me".

As the series went on, this was toned down, and the show became a little bit more like a drama as opposed to a take off on Dirty Harry.

One Stop posters released this nice 23 x 35 poster of of Fred as his character, Rick Hunter is in 1985.

Gregory's poster pose for his role in the TV movie For Ladies Only

Gregory's poster pose for his role in the TV movie For Ladies Only

Gregory Harrison in For Ladies Only

In 1977, audiences were introduced to handsome Gregory Harrison when he was cast as the lead in the television series Logan's Run, based on the big screen movie of the same name. The series was short-lived (and now available on DVD).

His next venture was as Dr. "Gonzo" Gates on the medical drama, Trapper John with Pernell Roberts in the title role. Gregory left the series in the middle of the seventh and what would turn out to be the final season of the show to venture out into other things.

In 1981, he starred in the lead role in the television movie, For Ladies Only, playing a young man who wanted to be an actor and who resorted to stripping to pay the bills until his big break came along. The movie role made him very popular with female viewers and he released several posters as his character from the movie.

In 1980, he married actress Randi Oakes (another poster queen of the late 70s and early 80s) and together they have four children.

Richard Hatch

70's teen idol has a nice pose in the release from Half Moon Productions

70's teen idol has a nice pose in the release from Half Moon Productions

Before becoming known to the teen idol realm, handsome Richard Hach worked on the 70s crime drama The Streets of San Francisco. Once that series ended, he was cast as Apollo on the short-lived sci fi series Battlestar Galactica.

There certainly was no shortage of write-ups in teen magazines and pin ups available of him, too. But what really seems odd to me with someone so popular, is the shortage of posters. Co-star and fellow teen idol, Dirk Benedict had a least three poses available.

However, in 1981, a really nice poster was released through Half Moon Productions. The title of poster is Mr. Hatch and the catalog # is 2307 and this one, when you see it listed on places like Ebay always remark about how rare it is, and I can believe them.

Sadly, Richard passed away at age 71 on February 7, 2017.

Don Johnson of "Miami Vice"


He was James "Sonny" Crockett on the super popular cop show Miami Vice that ran on NBC from 1984-1989. The show catapulted him to stardom after years of trying to make a name for himself. The show was different than any other cop drama before, as it made us of popular rock and pop music, had Crockett living on a houseboat with his pet alligator Elvis. He wore really expensive suits and usually a cotton t-shirt under the coat, imagine that, how fashionably daring he was and he did start a trend in real life. It was a very glitzy take on the life of a cop and audiences ate it up.

Of course, someone so popular had to have his share of posters, and this one, is from Bi-Rite and was released in 1986.

Brian Kerwin's Rare Poster Release


Handsome Brian Kerwin became a 70s teen idol late in that decade thanks to his work in the comedy series The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. He played straight-laced deputy Birdie Hawkins. Lots of teen magazines featured stories and pin-ups of handsome Kerwin.

Even though he was a teen idol, the realm of poster pin-ups didn't seem populated by many posters of this handsome actor, in fact, during my research for this article, I have run across only one poster released through Pro Arts from 1981. It seems to be one of the rarer Pro Arts posters out there.

Kerwin still works in film and television; one of his most recent roles was as Charlie Banks on the soap One Life to Live. One of his most recent appearances was as Corky on the series The Knick. in 2014.

Brigitte Neilsen


In 1985, Brigitte came onto the scene making her acting debut in the sword and sorcery action film, Red Sonja with Arnold Schwarzengger. Even though she portrayed Red Sonja, it was an Schwarzennger film all the way. The film performed poorly at the box office, but I suppose you could say that Brigitte's spirits were lifted when she met and married Sylvester Stallone in 1985, however their marriage was short-lived with the couple divorcing 19 months later.

Neilsen, always being rather photogenic (she had worked as a model) did several photo sessions for Playboy and released this nice beach pose by Starmakers Posters in 1988.

Miles O'Keefe as Bo Derek's Tarzan


O'Keeffe starred as Bo Derek's Tarzan in the 1980 film Tarzan the Ape Man, produced by Bo and written and directed by her husband, John Derek. The film was panned horribly by critics but did manage to earn money at the box office.

Bo gave a nice compliment to Miles saying he had one of the most perfect bodies she had ever seen, that is something coming from a "10".

Simon and Simon's Jameson Parker

A 1983 poster of Jameson. He certainly was easy on the eyes, eh?

A 1983 poster of Jameson. He certainly was easy on the eyes, eh?

Jameson made his mark in 80's television by starring in the series Simon and Simon about two brothers who were private detectives and also polar opposites to teach other. A.J. (Jameson) was the more dependable and level-headed detective compared with brother Rick (Gerald McRaney) who was more aggressive in his actions. The show ran from 1981-89 on CBS.

In 1992, Parker was shot in the arm and upper body by his neighbor. Apparently, the man had made some rather rude comments about Parker's wife, actress Darlene Carr. Parker required hospitalization for one day. The neighbor eventually was found guilty and sentenced to nine years in prison in 1993.

Tanya Roberts of Charlie's Angels


This lovely pose of Tanya is published by Western Graphics and is from 1981. Tanya gained fame as a Charlie's Angel, playing Julie Rogers on the final season of the series.

Producers hoped that by adding street wise Rogers that some of the sizzle would come back to the show whose ratings were in decline. But, while she didn't put the sizzle back into the show (some might disagree) she certainly did sizzle in this poster.

Tanya went on to become a Bond girl having a role in the 1985 film A View to A Kill as Stacey Sutton. She also worked on That 70s Show as Midge Pinciotti from 1998 until 2001, when she left the series because of her husband' terminal illness.

Tom Selleck

1981  Tom Selleck poster

1981 Tom Selleck poster

Tom Selleck starred as Thomas Magnum on the popular 80s show Magnum P.I. that ran on CBS from 1980-88. Tom's handsome face was seen on a multitude of posters from that decade include this nice release from Pro Arts.

Tom had been considered for the role of Indiana Jones, but lost out on it when his contract would not allow him to be loaned out for other projects. He was set to film the Magnum P.I pilot, which was scheduled to shoot the same time as Raiders of the Lost Ark. However, a writers strike postponed the pilot movie for six months, and he would have had time to film the feature film. But, also the role went to Harrison Ford, and the rest is history.

Tom can now be seen on the popular CBS series Blue Bloods playing Francis Xavier "Frank" Reagan.

Rick Springfield

 21" X 33 Bi Rite 1982 Catalog #15-212

21" X 33 Bi Rite 1982 Catalog #15-212

Rick began his career in the US back in the early 70s being a teen idol and having some write ups in teen magazines. He also had a hit song on the charts, too, Speak to the Sky went to number 14 on the Top 40 in 1972 (some sources state 1971).

He even got a chance to star in his own cartoon series through Filmation called Mission: Magic!and it looked as though he was on his way, but things sort of crashed career wise and he was left to support himself taking acting roles while still working on his music.

When 1980 rolled around, Rick released what would become his best known and most popular song, Jessie's Girl which was his first, and so far only number one song.

Of course, with his popularity it was only natural that he get to have several poster releases. The poster featured is published by Bi-Rite in 1982 and is 21 x 33.

Heather Thomas of "The Fall Guys"


Lovely Heather Thomas gained her fame as Jody Banks on the popular Lee Majors series The Fall Guy that ran on ABC from 1981-1986. Once the show was canceled, she sought treatment for substance abuse.

Being a beautiful blonde it seemed only natural that she would venture into the world of pin-up posters. She had a multitude of poses available including this nice white two-piece bikini pose from Starmakers.

In 1986, Heather was struck by a car while walking across the street in Los Angeles and suffered leg and knee injuries. Doctors thought that the actress would require amputation, but after a month of treatment, including a series of operations and plastic surgery she was cleared to leave the hospital.

Tina Turner As Aunty Entity

1985 Tina Turner Beyond Thunderdome  A Starmakers poster

1985 Tina Turner Beyond Thunderdome A Starmakers poster

Tina Turner made a huge musical come back in the 80's with hits like Better Be Good to Me, Private Dancer and What's Love Got to Do With It.

She even got a chance to star alongside handsome Mel Gibson in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome as Auntie Entity.

The featured poster is on Tina in her role as Auntie. It measures 22 x 32 and is a Starmakers release.

In January of 2013, Tina applied for Swiss citizenship and in October of that year, she officially signed papers at the Bern Embassy relinquishing her US citizenship.

In July of 2013, she married her long time partner, Erwin Bach. The couple had been together for 27 years.

Vanna White of "Wheel of Fortune"


Vanna was everyone's favorite "letter turner" on the game show Wheel of Fortune starting in 1982. When the show went into syndication her popularity soared and she was featured in many gossip and fan magazines of the day.

She was so popular that she got to show off her acting talent in the 1988 TV movie Goddess of Love portraying the goddess Venus. Critics and audiences weren't at all impressed with her skills, though and her acting career was short-lived.

Of course, someone so popular as Vanna just had to have a poster or two to their credit and the pose shown here is from 1986 and published through One Stop Posters.

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