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Celebrity Plastic Surgery: The Good and the Botched

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Liberace had a cherubic face when he was younger

Liberace had a cherubic face when he was younger

Plastic Surgery of the Stars

Liberace was having botched plastic surgery before it was in vogue. In the 1970s many celebrities were 100% natural. The only cases of plastic surgery were with the aging stars from the classic movie era, and the obsessive sex symbols, although those operations were absolutely taboo as far as discussion goes. A small percentage of stars would secretly have a subtle operation to hold onto their fading looks or to enhance their near-perfect sex goddess image.

Not as we see today, where by far most of the celebrities have had a few tweaks by the time they reach fame, and continue to make adjustments throughout their careers.


But Liberace had several facelifts that were obviously not done by the most skillful surgeon that one could afford. It has been noted that Liberace could not even close his eyes after one of his eye lifts. He had to sleep with his eyes open for the remainder of his life.

Liberace's obsession with surgery was most definitely unique in the 1970s and when he began a relationship with a teenage boy, Scott Thorson, he promptly had his not very skilled surgeon perform a number of operations on his mate that would make his young lover look more like himself. The young lover ended up with a cleft chin and bulbous cheekbones one decade before Michael Jackson made his strange feature-altering surgeries famous.

In later years Liberace could not close his eyes

In later years Liberace could not close his eyes

Megan Fox Looks Totally Different

Megan Fox is all over the board when it comes to surgery. She has had plenty of minor and subtle surgeries that have transformed her face drastically. The photo on the left shows Megan after approximately seven minor surgeries and on the right with around 10 surgeries including Restylane lip injections. She definitely improved her face overall, but in the photo on the right she does not necessarily look better, she is just starting to look different.

After everything had been done a number of times, the results ceased to be all positive and the star has begun to look like someone else entirely.

Megan Fox plastic surgery

Megan Fox plastic surgery

Madonna's Major Transformation

The photo above shows Madonna before any plastic surgery. As you can see, she had a rather flat and completely unsculpted face. She was a cute girl at best who began posing nude and generally doing all she could to gain attention in the world of music and film. After reaching a level of notoriety, Madonna began to change her looks routinely with makeup, diets and minor surgery.

At one point Madonna was masquerading as Marilyn Monroe and slimming down drastically, but as she aged, it was becoming obvious that Madonna had no real classic beauty and desperately needed a talented surgeon, in my opinion. Her gaped teeth were becoming exaggerated, and her skin was becoming lined. Madonna was soon being compared to a witch every Halloween season.

Madonna in the '70s

Madonna in the '70s

Madonna Had Good Plastic Surgery

Madonna may be inarticulate and not very bright in general, not to even mention the fact that she is one of Hollywood's biggest hypocrites, but she knows her face and she knows how to pick a good plastic surgeon. I guess we all have our talents.

Madonna's face never looked so good. Her cheeks are now high, sculpted, and well elevated making her look almost as exotic as Bo Derek. She had a full facelift with cheekbone implants and although many stars have had bad results with cheek implants, Madonna's results are fabulous. In her 20s she had a rather plain face with no special features to speak of, but now, in her 50s, she has the type of bone structure that the beautiful stars of the 1940s possessed.

Madonna's facelift and cheek implants

Madonna's facelift and cheek implants

Holly Madison Had Everything Done

Best known as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend in the 2000s, Holly Madison is another example of good plastic surgery. She looked like a very plain girl to begin with, and after a series of surgeries such as a nose job, lip and cheekbone enhancement, breast implants and a first-class makeup job, she looks like a Hollywood beauty of the 1950s.

Holly Madison's Plastic Surgery

Holly Madison's Plastic Surgery

Suzanne Somers Facelift

If Suzanne Somers had any plastic surgery while in her prime it could have been a minor nose procedure and maybe a little breast enhancement, but besides that, she was very natural as far as glamor girls go. She has in more recent years jumped on the plastic surgery bandwagon and those crow's feet, laugh lines, and overall shapelessness of face are all a thing of the past.

Suzanne needed something done, but the route she took was a huge mistake.

Suzanne Somers before surgery

Suzanne Somers before surgery

Suzanne Somers: Stem Cell Facelift?

While Suzanne Somers does have a more sculpted face, and her wrinkles are much less noticeable, she looks very artificial and un-like her old self. Many believe that Suzanne has had stem cell implants in her face instead of traditional surgery. A source stated that Suzanne mentioned that she would like to go to another country and have a procedure that has not been approved by the U.S.

This would be a stem cell facelift in which stem cells are injected into the skin. The problem is that the surgeon cannot control how much the tissue will grow. This would explain the over sized lips and chin.

When a procedure is not approved by the FDA there is usually a good reason for it. Never go to another country to get cheap or banned procedures or you may end up looking like this. If the good old U.S. A. doesn't approve there must be a reason. So much for the liberal Hollywood assumption that Europe has the right idea.

Suzanne Somers Now

Suzanne Somers Now

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery

Marilyn Monroe's first class plastic surgery is a perfect example of what surgery performed by a skilled surgeon can do for a star. Her plain Jane nose and country girl jawline were reworked sometime in the late 1940s to give her a more classic appearance. It worked out perfectly.

Marilyn is loved for being the innocent, and practically brainless blond, however, the reality is that she was planning her career and persona with the same intensity that John D. Rockefeller built his fortune. She understood the importance of physical perfection and was willing to undergo plastic surgery to improve her looks at a time what few celebrities were submitting to the knife. Marilyn Monroe had total control of her career and image up until the last five years of her life when she had lost herself to the point of hopelessness.

Marilyn Monroe before nose and jaw surgery

Marilyn Monroe before nose and jaw surgery

Marilyn Monroe: Nose Job & Jaw Reshaping

After her surgical enhancements Marilyn looked simply stunning. Her nose was narrowed, bobbed and matched to the rest of her features to perfection. Her jawline was less protruding and slightly more squared off.

Marilyn Monroe after plastic surgery

Marilyn Monroe after plastic surgery

Beautiful Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. When one is used to stunning all in her company it must be devastating to watch lose cherished looks fade. Presley has undoubtedly had a number of surgeries, many speculate that her minor operations to keep her looks up began in the late 1960s, and others believe she waited until the 1980s to begin undergoing regular plastic surgery operations and dematologic treatments.

She looked exquisite well into her fifties and then everything changed.

Priscilla's minor touch ups kept her looks youthful and pristine until she went overboard.

Priscilla Presley before surgery

Priscilla Presley before surgery

Priscilla Presley: Too Many Injections

Looking overdone and out of proportion, Priscilla has made headlines over the past five years for having too much or bad plastic surgery. The fact is that her surgery is not bad and she had not had too much. The reason for her distorted face is simply an overuse of injectables which will fade away by themselves provided she leave her face alone for a few months or as much as a year and a half.

After the barrage of questions from reporters about her distorted looks Priscilla claimed that her face was injected with motor oil. A number of experts have stated that such a thing could never have happened and if it had, the incident would have made headlines all by itself. She has been going to a doctor who is willing to inject as long as she is willing to pay, and its up to Priscilla to leave her face alone.

Over-injected Priscilla

Over-injected Priscilla

Ann Miller: Nerdy Girl in Search of Stardom

One of the earliest botched noses of Hollywood has to be Ann Miller's. She wore the obviously worked, undersized beak long before it was a familiar sight on the screen. Ann was a beautiful girl but it was hard to see her as a beautiful pin up girl because her beak gave her a nerdy girl appearance that naturally made one see her as the ugly duckling. Ann and her mother had the goal of stardom and were willing to take all necessary steps to make it happen. It is hard to come by photos of Ann in her pre nose job state because she had the surgery so early in her career.

A young Ann Miller, pre-nose job

A young Ann Miller, pre-nose job

Ann Miller's Botched Nose Job

Because Ann's dancing was exquisite and her charisma spelled femme fatale she simply had to fix her nose so that her face could move her to super stardom as the sexy, beautiful dancer.

Unfortunately things did not go smoothly in the operating room and Ann was left with a nose that was too small for her large cheeks. It was also slightly misshapen and had a dent in one side.

Ann Miller (left) and Ginger Rogers

Ann Miller (left) and Ginger Rogers

Ann Miller Makes Do

Although her nose looked surgical and it was in no way a good nose job, her overall look was improved by simply the elimination of her dorky, large honker profile, and it did help her career after all.

I'm sure that Ann would do it all over again if given the chance. Even if the ideal natural result failed, she was able to wear an artificial piece over her nose to hide the dent and take stunning photos. Ann Miller understood and worked glamor throughout her Hollywood career.

Ann Miller, post-nose job

Ann Miller, post-nose job


casey oneill on July 13, 2019:

madonna looks too plastic

casey oneill on March 10, 2019:

I will never understand why Madonna got a bad facelift

casey oneill on March 10, 2019:

shes over injected madonna

casey oneill on March 10, 2019:

too much of plastic surgery is bad too much can melt madonnas face

Natural Naturals on July 24, 2017:

I will never understand why women continue to get any form of plastic surgery.

Most of them resemble some sort of circus clown after the surgery. There's absolutely nothing natural looking about the change. From weirdly shaped lips/cheeks, to ridiculous eyes that hold an unnatural slant. While there are exceptions - I do not find women's breasts appealing after implants. Again - fake looking is not natural looking, thus rather disgusting and freakish. I have no respect for these women whom clearly have been brain washed by their PR rep./friends/or who knows...

McKenna Meyers on July 25, 2015:

I think it's sad when celebrities in their 20's -- so young and fresh-faced -- have multiple surgeries and ruin their natural good looks (Heidi Montague and Megan Fox). Bruce Jenner had " bad" plastic surgery in the 70's that destroyed his handsome good looks. Everybody wondered why such a hunk would want his nose thinned, etc. Now we know!

Hendrika from Pretoria, South Africa on August 30, 2014:

It goes to show, choose your plastic surgeon carefully! I think having a little work done can be good, but the celebrities fall into the trap of wanting more and more, Cher being a very good example

H on August 26, 2014:

This is terrible.

Casey oneill on July 23, 2014:

She's 55 a unatural 55

Alfreta Sailor from Southern California on June 04, 2014:

Looking at some of these after pics, you can see why it's called "Plastic" surgery. Very good hub. Voted up, interesting.

Glenda Goddard (author) from Arizona on April 10, 2014:

Thank you all for your comments. Yes, plastic surgery can really improve ones looks and self esteem but when it does not work out as planned, the results can be pretty devastating..

Luvtoo Write from Chicago, IL on February 17, 2014:

I knew about Liberace, but Suzanne Somers having done that to herself is a tragedy. My heart goes out to her.

John Hollywood from Hollywood, CA on December 20, 2013:

Love the story and the page - 4 stars!

- Mr. Hollywood

FullOfLoveSites from United States on December 18, 2013:

Well, there's nothing wrong if you want to improve your looks but too much surgery makes you ugly indeed. And it depends on the surgeon if he's really really skilled.

Casey oneill on July 12, 2013:

Cher had good plastic surgery who are you kidding madonna had horrible surgery and looks like a freak

Alecia Murphy from Wilmington, North Carolina on June 20, 2013:

I never understood why people get plastic surgery unless it's medically necessary. A deviated septum or an accident? I understand. But why mess with your natural features? Sure some of these celebs did okay with their surgery but it could easily go the other way down the road. Not to mention it doesn't help when you get so much work done you can't make natural expressions.

Interesting hub.