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Celebrities Whose Kids Look Just Like Them

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While it's not surprising that many people share similarities to their parents, there is no denying that in Hollywood, celebrities and their kids are often borderline doppelgängers. Whether they favor one parent or are a mixture of both, it's interesting to see just how similar stars and their offsprings are. Here's a list of celebrities whose kids look just like them.

Reese Witherspoon & Ava Philippe

These two lovely ladies look so much alike, they could sometimes pass as twins! Ava Philippe is a complete mix of both her famous actor parents, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe. The duo shares the same bright blonde tresses, shimmering blue eyes, and infectious smile that truly makes their resemblance uncanny. The talented actress has even said she and her daughter get mistaken for one another often, further proving just how alike they look.

Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber

Iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford is known for her stunning and age-defying looks, and her daughter Kaia Gerber certainly inherited her mother's amazing genes. With their distinctive, bold brows and deep dark locks, the famous mother/daughter duo are nearly one and the same. Kaia must be extremely inspired by her famous mom, as she is following in her footsteps and taking the modeling world by storm. The side-by-side photo of a younger Cindy Crawford and Kaia shows just how much they resemble each other.

Clint Eastwood & Scott Eastwood

With their incredible jawline, smoldering stare, and strong frame, father and son duo Clint Eastwood and Scott Eastwood share a striking resemblance. Pictures of a young Clint highlight just how much a mini-me Scott is of his father. The elder Eastwood is one of the most successful actors and directors in Hollywood, and his son is following in his dad's acting footsteps. To further demonstrate just how uncanny the two look to one another, Scott even sported Clint's famous movie look, wearing a similar hat, poncho, and even cigar.

Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn

It is quite obvious that Kate Hudson is the daughter of Goldie Hawn; with their long golden locks, big bright eyes, and bold smiles, the beautiful duo look every bit alike. Goldie looks vibrant and youthful at 73, and daughter Kate is every bit as vivacious as her mother. The two have a bubbly and infectious personality and big grins to match, making the famous pair fun to watch. Their similarities are even more obvious in the side by side of a young Goldie and Kate. Talk about some good genes!

Demi Moore & Rumer Willis

Actresses Demi Moore and Rumer WIllis share many of the same features, including their dark eyes, deep black tresses, and oval-shaped face. Depending on how they dress (like in matching outfits in the second picture), the two can look exactly like twins. However, Rumer definitely has a lot of her famous father's traits in her, like his distinct jawline and mouth. She is indeed the perfect blend of both her celebrity parents.

Zoë Kravitz & Lisa Bonet

With famous parents Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, Zoë Kravitz hit the genetic mother load. Both her mom and dad are absolutely stunning, and the actress looks the spitting image of Lisa. They both have long, dark tresses that are either worn in loose waves or often in braids. The pair posed in a series of photos that truly highlighted their distinct similar features; with their chocolate eyes, prominent cheekbones, and full lips, Lisa and Zoë have an uncanny resemblance. Zoë even recreated her famous mom's iconic Rolling Stones cover, making many do a double-take.

Mariska Hargitay (left) and Jayne Mansfield.

Mariska Hargitay (left) and Jayne Mansfield.

Jayne Mansfield & Mariska Hargitay

The apple clearly did not fall far from the tree with this mother and daughter pair! Law and Order star Mariska Hargitay is the spitting image of her late mother, actress Jayne Mansfield. Though Jayne rocked bright blonde hair during her life, Mariska opts for a chocolate brown. Regardless, their faces are nearly identical. Their dark, shimmering eyes, delicate eyebrows, narrow nose, and full lips show just how alike they are in appearance. Hargitay was just 3 and asleep in the backseat of the car when her mother was killed in a car accident. She once reflected, "Losing my mother at such an early age is the scar of my soul. But I feel like it ultimately made me into the person I am today. I understand the journey of life. I had to go through what I did to be here."

Kim Basinger & Ireland Baldwin

With famous parents like Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, Ireland had a great stepping stone for her own career. The model got her stunning looks from her mom Kim; with her long blonde locks, sultry eyes, and full lips, the resemblance between the duo is uncanny. The deep blue eyes are nearly identical to Kim's, and both women enjoy a natural, soft make-up that only enhances their already stunning features.

Tom Hanks & Colin Hanks

Beloved and iconic actor Tom Hanks is the father of Life in Pieces star Colin Hanks, and boy is it obvious. The duo both sport the same dark, curly hair, small shaped brown eyes, and round jaw. Their stare is almost identical, and the resemblance is all the more present in older photos of Tom Hanks. The two even shared the screen as fictional father/son in the 2008 film The Great Buck Howard. That certainly must have been a breeze for the casting director!

Melanie Griffith & Dakota Johnson

Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson has a couple of Hollywood heavy hitters as her parents: Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. While Dakota often keeps her tresses dark brown, she has at times gone blonde, making the resemblance with her mother that much more prominent. Their overall facial structure, cheekbones, and chin highlight their similarities, as do their beautiful eyes and endearing smiles. The mother/daughter duo certainly have some darn good genes.

Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli

The extremely talented yet troubled Judy Garland is the mother of singer and Cabaret star Liza Minnelli. The gifted women share many similarities and qualities, especially physically. With large brown eyes, distinct eyebrows and noses, and big smiles, it's not difficult to see that the famous ladies are related. Sadly, both were plagued by deep insecurities. According to biographer Emanuel Levy, in his book on her father entitled Vincent Minnelli: Hollywood's Dark Dreamer, he said, "Like Judy, Liza was insecure about her looks and her desirability as a woman."

Diana Ross & Tracee Ellis Ross

There is absolutely no questioning that Diana and Tracee Ellis Ross are related. The iconic diva and singer and Black-ish star both have big, voluminous curls, dark eyes, and huge smiles. Their prominent facial features and bone structure further cements how similar the two look. When hosting the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Tracee paid homage to her mother by rocking the same vintage white pantsuit and shirt her mother wore from a 1981 performance with Michael Jackson.

Blythe Danner & Gwyneth Paltrow

While you can certainly see some similar traits in mother and daughter Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow, the resemblance is even more apparent in older photos of Blythe. The two have the same shaped eyes and nose, as well as oval faces and prominent cheekbones. Photos of Blythe from the '70s show her with long, flowing hair that daughter Gwyneth rocks frequently, and they both have a natural, effortless beauty that is hard to ignore.

John Ritter & Jason Ritter

The late and great John Ritter was known for his role on the iconic show Three's Company. His son Jason is following in his father's acting footsteps, who passed away in 2003 at the age of 54. They share extremely similar features, with their boyish big grins, full cheeks, and blue eyes. Their resemblance truly comes alive when their smiles are highlighted, and it's obvious just how much Jason took after his father John.

Vanessa Paradis & Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp was born to be a stunner, with her father being the handsome and great Johnny Depp, and her mother the beautiful French model, singer, and actress Vanessa Paradis. Though you can see some of Depp in her features, Lily-Rose heavily takes after her mother. They both share the same lean facial structure and bold cheekbones, heavy-lidded eyes, and perfect pout. The side-by-side of the two blonde beauties at the same age is truly jaw-dropping, as it's almost impossible to know who is who.

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