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Celebrities: Long Hair vs. Short Hair

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Hollywood stars are known for trying out new hairstyle trends out of the blue. Here are some celebrities with short hair vs. long hair.

Hollywood stars are known for trying out new hairstyle trends out of the blue. Here are some celebrities with short hair vs. long hair.

A Celebrity's Experiment

Celebrities routinely experiment with their haircuts and colors, and many are fearless when it comes to chopping it all off. Adopting a bold new 'do can sometimes completely transform our favorite stars. From pixie cuts to lobs, long tresses to bobs, Hollywood is a breeding ground for new hairstyles. Let's take a look at those celebrities who aren't afraid to take a risk when it comes to their locks.


Halle Berry

The queen of the pixie cut is notorious for rocking her short, mussed up hairstyle. She has been sporting the look for years and wears it beautifully. Her cheek bones pop and it really highlights her stunning features. Of course Berry is gorgeous no matter the haircut, as is proven when she opts for longer, luscious locks. Recently she has been choosing to keep her hair long and not surprisingly she looks fabulous as ever. The actress truly can pull off either style effortlessly.


Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes sent the media into a frenzy when she first debuted a short, chin length bob back in 2007 during her whirlwind romance with Tom Cruise. Eventually she opted to go shorter and embraced a pixie cut that looked absolutely fierce on the star. Over time she would once again grow out her brunette tresses, but was never afraid to go back to a shorter 'do. Her facial features can easily handle an array of hair lengths, and Holmes always looks stunning regardless of the cut.


Selena Gomez

There is no doubt that Selena Gomez isn't afraid to embrace change when it comes to her hairstyles. She has been playing around with her locks for years, either with a blunt cut, lob, sides bangs or highlighted layers. The songstress looks beautiful regardless of if she's sporting long, wavy tresses or a short, tousled lob. Gomez continues to change it up and is never hesitant to debut a new haircut on social media, giving her fans something to talk about.



Rihanna is a fashion chameleon that is forever changing her hairstyles. She has rocked a wide array of colors and cuts, including red, blonde and brunette hair as well as long, curly tresses, blunt bobs and short pixie cuts. The Barbadian beauty is never afraid to take a risk and try a completely different look, whether it's through her fashion or statement-making hairdos. Fans and the media love keeping up with the singer to see what new look she'll be sporting next.


Katy Perry

Like her fellow arstist Rihanna, Katy Perry has proven herself to be quite the hair connoisseur. She has colored her tresses almost every color of the rainbow, and has never feared trying out a daring, new cut or shade. Perry was known for her long, dark locks that paired beautifully with her features. She embraced a change and rocked a bob, before altering her color on multiple occasions. Most recently, the singer went back to her natural blonde shade and chopped her hair into a pixie style that truly highlighted her cheek bones and structure.

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Anne Hathaway

Formerly known for her luscious, brunette locks that ultimately became her signature style, Hathaway chopped it off for her role in 2012's Les Misérables. Instead of wearing a wig she chose to fully embrace a change and adopted the super-short boy cut that perfectly paired with her soft feminine features. She would continue to rock the look throughout the awards season and when she won an Oscar for her performance. These days she has once again embraced her long tresses, and continues to look stunning.


Jennifer Lawrence

The talented actress has proven herself to be quite the risk taker when it comes to her hairstyles; whether it's brunette or blonde, pixie cut or long and flowing, Lawrence remains stunning. She has experimented many times with her hair and never shies away from a new look. The Oscar-winner has had choppy bobs, sexy lobs and even short, layered pixie cuts. The actress has revealed many of these hair makeovers were on the whim and impulsive, and it definitely proves that sometimes being impulsive pays off.


Taylor Swift

The pop hit-maker burst onto the country scene with long, curly tresses that became her signature 'do. She would experiment with bangs and straightened locks before making a chop and adopting a tousled lob. Within the next few years she would continue to play around with her hair, even going so far to bleach her honey blonde hue. Swift has since begun to grow out her hair once again, and has been sporting a heavy bang and soft blonde tone that's had her come full circle.


Julianne Hough

The former Dancing with the Stars beauty and current America's Got Talent judge is known for her bright blonde mane that she usually keeps long. However, in recent years Hough has experimented more with her color and length. She chopped off her locks in favor of a wavy, beachy lob that became her staple for awhile. Hough would shorten it up and sometimes make it sleek and straight in contrast to her curls. She has since grown out her locks and even tried out being a redhead, but went back to her blonde roots.


Natalie Portman

Any actress must be ready to take on a new identity and style for the sake of the craft. Natalie Portman has proven time and time again that she doesn't fear major transformations; she famously shaved her head for her role in V for Vendetta. Throughout her impressive career Portman has tried many cuts and colors, and even famously sported a pixie 'do. Whether she keeps her tresses long or opts for something edgier and short, the Oscar winner knows how to work any look.


Emma Watson

Emma Watson is beloved for her role as the loyal and determined Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter film series. While making the films she kept her soft brown hair long and voluminous, but decided to switch things up when the films were completed. One of these more daring moves saw the actress go bold and cut off her locks in favor of a darker, wispy pixie cut. She would sport the look for awhile, before growing it back out slowly and rocking a choppy lob in the process. Watson has experimented with the color since the chop, but has since kept her hair long and flowing.


Miley Cyrus

Former Disney darling Miley Cyrus shocked the world when she said goodbye to her signature wavy main and debuted a bright blonde pixie cut. The edgy 'do was a stark contrast to her formerly wholesome image. The singer embraced both a style and musical change that garnered much media attention and spotlight. Though it was quite the hair transformation, Cyrus was able to pull off the more wild and fun look and truly gave people something to talk about. She has since returned to longer blonde hair, but remains both a hair and fashion chameleon.

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